Sunday, March 3, 2024

Debuchy and Giroud start, Alexis in squad: Arsenal v West Ham teams

Here are the official line-ups for today’s Premier League opener against West Ham.

Arsenal: Cech, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Cazorla, Giroud.

Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Gabriel, Arteta, Walcott, Alexis, Chambers

West Ham: Adrian, Tomkins, Reid, Ogbonna, Cresswell, Oxford, Noble, Kouyate, Payet, Zarate, Sakho

Subs: Randolph , Collins, Poyet, Nolan, Jarvis, Lanzini, Maiga

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Alexis in the squad is absolutely hilarious, but totally predictable.


I like to think he wasn’t picked, they just turned up at the ground and there he was.

Le Jim

Slept at the stadium overnight to hide behind the dressing room door and yell “SURPRISE” when they all walked in.


I had a friend at an old job who was fired over the phone via voicemail on Friday night and then turned up for work on the Monday. Nobody questioned him.

Being a 6’3” bodybuilder probably helped his case but some people you just can’t say no to.


Alexis will play some part today. Mark my words!


Alexis has volunteered to be one of the ball boys??


All of our ball boys.


Yes he will come on on 70 minute mark when we will be leading 3-0 to up his match fitness and score a couple 🙂


You’re right. But for the wrong reasons though. Fucking hell. I hope this is a wake up call to sign some one up front


You’re a prophet (or time traveller).



Arsene: Alright alright Alexis, im keeping you on the bench, ill play you the second half, sheesh..


I hope bellerin is ok

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Yeah that’s a really, really interesting call by the boss, unless Bellerin has an injury. I mean, Debuchy looks like he’ll be pretty good for us if he gets a run of playing time without some fluke injury. But on the other hand Bellerin has also been great and is younger. It will be interesting how he handles this, I assumed with Bellerin starting in the Shield vs Chelsea that he was the No. 1.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

By the way, who was the asshole for Stoke who slammed Debuchy into the boards and injured his shoulder? He never got any punishment for it, right?


Arnautovic. Same guy who had his name and number with “champions league winner” stitched onto his boots when we left Inter despite playing no part in the match, possibly not even in the squad. Twat.

Luis Boa Muerte

Also said to a cop who pulled him over “shut up, I can buy your life”. Vile piece of shit basically


Yeah, what’s happened there? I must have missed that. Am sure Debuchy will do great, but wish I knew this before I did my fantasy football team… damnit.


Already ahead of the Spuds and just about to go ahead of Chelski hopefully!
Where is Bellerin?

Gunner in Canada

Bellerin has a thigh strain, that’s why he is not in the lineup.

gunn cabinet

Sanchez. “Yo professori, I train at beach? so I play, no?”
Wenger: “Maybe…”

It maybe that Wenger has seen the slip-up of the chavs yesterday as a very good chance. and i agree. so alexis will play when really really needed.


If we really need Sanchez to beat West Ham then things aren’t looking to bright for our title hopes…

chippy's chip

About h.t. then.


Not personally convinced with santi on left, or ramsey, whoever may start there. Or ozil….ah fuck it, they will all be okay wont they?! Gd solid 2-0 to start season. Just hope we can deal adequately with there 3. All quite mobile and tricky. Gd luck boys!


will be the ox out left, ramsey out right, ozil no. 10 and santi in centre.

palace gunner

Todays game is just a tester but of course the first of a pr london derby it is interesting to see who on the bench coyg

Man Manny

Not even the manager could stop Alexis! Meanwhile, no Bellerin in the squad; any news?


I hope Bellerin is OK.



Gunner pundit

I really think Arsenal will win the league this season. With our Arsenal of weapons teams like west ham can get gunned down left right and centre.


This should be a walk in the park.
Guess this is how we’ll line up for most part of the season

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

No surprises.


Bellerin must be injured to include Chambers over him in the squad. For 2nd match in a row Wenger is bringing three defenders on the bench, though Gibbs of course has been used at outside mid before (as he was last week) to protect a lead). Glad Chamberlin got the start as we can bring Walcott and Alexis in to turn up the tempo against a likely fatigued West Ham in the 2nd half.

Eric Irish gunner

3-0 to the gunners, giroud first goal

Austin Gooner

You’d have to think Bellerin has picked something up in training not to be included in the squad at all. Debuchy against a side like West Ham might’ve been the right call anyway, but hoping Bellerin’s ok.


He might just have been ousted out of 11 by debuchy, and Arsene thought of other options on bench. What do i know. Theres many internationals not even making bench. Gd times

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

West Ham have a 16 year old kid making his debut in the starting XI today.


Reece Oxford

Cliff Bastin

GREAT I left him on my fantasy bench thanks a lot wenger.


What the duck.
Bring back Ospina

chippy's chip

Was thumbed down big time a few weeks ago for saying oooospina finished season as No1 and should start this season as No1. A horror show from the chavski reject/spy confirms it.


well, glad to see nothing has changed


Can anyone tell me what Pet-a-Cheque was doing for that free kick? Follow the money back to Russia and you’ll get your answer. Is it any coincidence Chel$ea drew yesterday, then Cech does that, I ask you?


Nonsense, even if it was a bit old school Fabianski.


many arsenal fans wrongly think this was gonna be an easy match for us. westham are proving a hard nut to crack @ d moment but I hope we’ll beat them eventually…posted @ HT


I agree but, language, please.

like a red head Ljungberg

im relaxed as we have a habbit of coming back against west ham, hope thats the case once again

He's got no hair but we don't care...

The biggest problem we’ve had for years and certainly since we moved to the Grove is not being able to break down teams parking the bus.

Proving to be the case once again.

Now hurry up and bring on Alexis!


Well I have to say I told you so about Cheque, once Chel$cum, always Chel$cum

He's got no hair but we don't care...

I’ll be the first to say it and risk 100 thumbs down and looking foolish if we win (AND I HOPE WE DO!) but if Wenger can’t win at home against West Ham with an embarrassment of riches in the Arsenal team, he needs to leave now.

Repetition is boring.


Do we still have to wait till the end of the season to judge this team?

FA cup, here we come!!!


cohesion my ass…what the hell is the excuse now…wenger OUT


Well, this loss is good; maybe now all the DELUSIONAL Arsenal fans, 99% of all the club s fans, will understand that we need a new manager, younger, with new ideas and who is not depressed and unable to smile like Wenger.

Giroud Awakening

Such great foresight for you to say this after the game. Where were you for the last 9 months, how we’ve missed the Wenger Out Brigade


Been saying Wenger Out for 3 years at least, even after winning those child cups.


Yeah, bring in a real manager like Sam Allardyce. A man who can get those pampered millionaires to run arahnd and kick abaht a bit.


Podolski! He’s younger and smiles a lot. Bring in Podolski!

dr Strange

Absolute shit

Running Coqmentary

Completely out muscled. Cech will be a great signing for us but he set the tone with the opener. Not a good day at all.


WRONG but…we do like to make things hard for ourselves….!


Is anyone gonna tell me these players are not good enough to win the league?
But God forbid you suggest the manager be changed.


Here we go again


Have a feeling cech might still be on abramovich’s payroll


Same old shit every season.


This is classic arsenal losing strategy

-Keeper error

-Defensive error

-Young player never heard of before outshining everybody

– arsenal have all possession but do fuck all with it

-important first team player goes down with life threatening injury

-arsenal fans eating their words after speaking too soon..

– top player who might have made the difference playing less than half of the game..

Add yours


West Ham playing well and deserving the win.

Podolski Sklep

Martin Atkinson being a cunt?


Maybe he is, I don’t know the guy, but I didn’t detect any bias or unfair decisions from him. Cards and decisions went both ways as fouls were committed. I don’t see why he should take any portion of the blame for todays poor result.

La Défense

Ospina must be feeling pretty smug right now.


Waiting for match report. We’re so used to it coming right out. We’ve been spoiled.


Let the overreactions begin

BoilerMaker Gooner

1. The first goal was due to lack of communication I think between CB and Cech 2. The Ox was our best attacking player, but he shd have passed rather than trying to dribble out from the box (eerily similar to the Monaco game). Cech was culpable as well. There were some instances (most notably with Ramsey) where others were in a better position to score / do damage. I feel its better to play Cazorla through the center. Our atttacks were mostly poor crosses. We should have made more of set-pieces. This is not a moment to say Wenger… Read more »


Loving the over-reactions already. It’s one poor game (not dreadful). We are all disappointed. Get over yourselves, stop crying and jumping to ridiculous conclusions based on one performance that didn’t go exactly the way you wanted.


You must be new

like a red head Ljungberg

that mentality takes you nowhere boy


I don’t see anybody jumping to conclusions. But we are allowed to be unhappy when we lose right after all we are taking this “one game at a time”


You should check the comments above. The wenger out and giroud is shit crowd are out in force and losing their shit. It’s hilarious.


I don’t see anything hilarious about this situation


Bilic knows best


Does anyone know the name of the hotel these Arsenal team stayed overnight? I’m just looking to blame something else for this lethargic performance.


We badly need a striker. It can’t go on like this. And replace Mertsacker if possible.


I’m disappointed, but all of you lot with the “Wenger Out!” business need to relax a bit. We didn’t play well today but it is the first game, there’s so much football left to play


Jumping to conclusions like the many many on arseblog that think a goalkeeper is going to win us the league.
When the world and his wife and every football pundit out thier knows we need a top class striker.


It’s only not an overreaction if your goal is to finish in the top 4 but some fans have higher ambitions…take your wenger fandom elsewhere


delete the not

Canuck Gunner

Interesting how quickly the “Wenger out” crowd jump in. Since around January, Arsenal have pretty much been the best team in the league. One bad game and loss and it’s all Wengers fault? If the trend continues, then I’ll start to agree, but what exactly did Wenger do so wrong in this game where 100% of the responsibility is his and not the 11 players on the field?


Interesting that he started to make changes much earlier than normal and threw caution to the wind with a good 30 mins to play. It was too late by then but perhaps shows a new trend. We were poor and Cech error for first put us on the back foot. It’s not that giroud isn’t a good player but he had a coup,e of god chances and didn’t even hit the target. Sanchez shouldn’t have been put on, he was a shadow of himself. Need a positive reaction next week to get back on track


I agree with that. The one positive today was that the subs came on early and not the usual 10-20 minutes to spare.

Other than that it was pretty woeful.

chippy's chip

…the best team in europe if stats ya thing!

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