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No Champions League football for Sanogo

One of the proposed benefits of Yaya Sanago’s loan move to Ajax was the fact he’d be getting Champions League football.

Sadly, that’s not going to be the case. After an 84th minute introduction in the first leg of their drawn qualifier away at Rapid Viena, the French striker came on in the 71st minute but couldn’t help prevent Frank de Boer’s side going down 3-2 to the Austrians.

It means that Ajax will play in the Europa League this season rather than in Europe’s premier competition.

Domestically, Sanogo will be looking for his first Eredivisie appearance when Ajax kick off their new season at AZ Alkmaar on Sunday.

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Ant Lester

I really hope Sanogo’s form/luck takes a turn for the better. Feels awkward at the moment. Fingers crossed for him.


You just never know. Players can always change their careers around like The Coq.
They just need to work hard where ever they go


He’s practically the same age as the Ox. Feel like he’s gonna need to show something this year or that may be it for him. On a totally unrelated note, think the latest video Arsenal have put on their youtube channel is absolutely fantastic (‘photobombing Arsenal fans’). Keane and the like can moan all they want but as far as I can see we’re the only big team that engage with their fans in any way (see the poor Vietnamese chap who waited for hours to see the City players to be totally ignored). That kid that burst into tears… Read more »


That level of interaction is amazing but to be honest it’s the kind of thing I expect from Arsenal. To give you an example, my dad and sister are Chel$ea supporters(painful I know). A couple of years ago we did a joint trip to both stadiums. Whilst in the chav store my sister asked me to take a photo of her at which point one of the sales ladies totally freaked out saying “NO CAMERAS! YOU CAN’T TAKE PHOTOS IN HERE!” She was unbelievably rude and my sister visibly upset. A couple of hours later we were at the Emirates… Read more »


At Chelsea your experience always comes with extra cunt!

Podolski Sklep

Especially if it’s your teammates wife’s….

David C

I have an older friend who is a cancer survivor. He randomly met Liam Brady one night while visiting relatives in Ireland or England (can’t remember where now…). He told Liam that he’d never been to a game before and that he was delighted to meet him. Liam hooked him up with 4 free tickets in a box. That’s how you treat your fans! Legend!


Indeed! One of my good friends comes from a long line of Chelsea fans, and his granddad gets his haircut at the same place in Cockfosters as Wilshere. Went in one day and while waiting sat talking to Jack for about England’s future captain and fantastic prospect Josh McEchran. Obviously had no clue who Wilshere was (was about 2010 pre-breakout) but he sat chatting away and listening to everything my mates G-dad had to say. Think all he said was ‘I played against him a few times, he’s really good’. Don’t give a toss if he has a few cigs… Read more »


Well, Campbell also went to a weak league, scored goals in Champions League and still it did not enough to his development. I think it was mistake to loan Sanogo outside England

Don Cazorleone

i don’t think it was so much the competition that informed the loan, so much as the coaches he would be working with

Rohith J

He needs to stay off injuries and actually play football. That’s what I am hoping for.


Absolutely nothing seems to go right for this lad….I’m still a little bewildered why we bought him at all.


U don’t know why we bought him because things are not working 4 him at the moment. If he was banging in goals week in week out u would have said thank God we bought him


@Posession: I am pretty sure Wenger bought and brought him to Arsenal because he was by far and away the best young talent striker from France at youth level. I think he has stupid stats from those days, prolific goal scorer. The Boss probably (correctly, may I add) thought he is going to be a beast!
I really hope he succeeds and becomes the WC Striker we ‘apparently’ need. When he played v Munich he did well indeed….
COYG I am just itching for the season to start!!! Had we lost the shield I would probably feel much different…


I reckon we bought him for the following reasons:

– he was free

– he’s got an amazing goal scoring record at youth level – logic suggests, the hope is he can replicate that for the Arsenal first team

– if he doesn’t, he can be sold and that’d be 100% profit.


That’s a shame. However it’s not all doom and gloom, my spurs supporting friend tells me the Europa League is just as good as the Champions League. “It’s still a big European competition” he tells me every year.
Bless him.


Spuds… Always a source of comic gold.


Bless his heart, indeed.


I doubt he will be a starter for champion league, but he should be starting some games in europa league as there are more games available for rotation. In that sense, this might actually be a blessing in disguise.

It may not have the wow factor of champion league but there are indeed some good quality football being played there and it is actually quite gruelling to win it all due to the numerous fixtures that need to be played.

luca james

If Sir Bergkamp can’t teach him how to turn all that running into goals then no one can


That’s Bergkamp the god to us mere mortals, sir.


He’ll still get to play in the europa league. I just want Le god to work his magic on him.


Not the end of the world, regular game time is all he needs, (and a couple of decent coaches)


Europa League is better for his development. Can you imagine Sanogo playing in the CL against the likes of Bayern? I didn’t think… oh wait.


Well, he will play in the EL if they do win their playoff.


I hope he doesn’t do a Diaby and have better luck with his career, good luck Yaya.

Mark Hughes

You mean have his ankle shattered in an assault by a thug who no longer plays football?


does it really matter? as long as he significantly improves as a player then it’s all good


He has what it takes but he needs to show it now. I honestly think he can do better than Giroud and welbz if he gets game time( a chance to improve)


Who knows he just may come good soon


I wish he gets as much game time as possible, he is a strong physical presence just needs the confidence of scoring goals and that will put him on his way.

the american

not everyone can burst onto the scene with such fanfare and majesty as the chosen one aka mr. right aka The Jeff…and maybe europa league is better in the long run. It’ll be a respected european competition that ajax have a good chance of going far in. a deep europa run could be better than a group stage exit in the CL for yaya


But confused. if this was the first leg ,isn’t there still a chance they could qualify ?

Merlin's Panini

Wow! When was the last time Ajax weren’t in the Champions League? Ah well, Europa cup might be a decent stepping stone for him still. It’s still European football, just a bit more easy going. It could well give him the confidence he needs if he can bang a few in in that competition.


He done his back in and that was it really all the best to him at ajax


Will never be arsenal quality


Ridiculous to pass judgement on a young player. The fact that he has been taken in by Ajax should tell you he has good qualities that they feel can be developed. He will be under pressure at Arsenal from Akpom, Iwobi and Jeff. However he brings a different asset in size and height to the equation. Considering Giroud’s age, he could fill as the muscle option we may need at very least over short term. This particularly as the striker market is in flux at the moment with one generation getting older and a new generation set to reveal itself… Read more »


He should be given more time and he will come out the best, my thinking.


Ajax coach Frank de Boer always praised the Frenchman for his performance but his brother Ronald does not see any real quality in Sanogo.

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