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Welbeck boost as striker returns to training

The Mirror report this morning that Danny Welbeck has returned to full training.

The striker has missed all of pre-season due to a knee complaint that kept him out of the end of last season and the FA Cup final, but he’s been cleared to resume training ahead of the new season.

The knock-on effect of that is Arsenal sanctioning Chuba Akpom’s loan move to Hull, but Welbeck himself faces a fight to get back into the team.

With Arsene Wenger now using Theo Walcott as well as Olivier Giroud up front, the former Manchester United man will have to bide his time a bit, but take his chances when they come.

Having joined on deadline day last summer, Welbeck scored scored 14 goals for club and country last season, but will be aiming to improve on the 8 he got for the Gunners – including that Old Trafford winner that helped us on our way to an FA Cup triumph.

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Dat Guy is back! COYG

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Welbeck’s got a battle on his hands to get some playing time, competition for the front three spots is something fierce.

Clock-End Mike

I think we’ll see Walcott, Giroud, Welbeck, and probably the Ox too, rotating, sometimes starting, sometimes coming off the bench this season. Keep them all fresh and all scoring, and we could have a great season.


Also that South American guy we signed last season…what’s his name again?

Gudang Pelor



The guy’s name is Wellington Silva. I have seen his videos on YouTube and that guy is skillful, plus his crosses are on point and he can score goals too. I wonder why nobody is talking about him yet.


welbeck is well and truly beck…… now for some more goals in addition to ur incredible work rate


He is at the right age to kick on. Fits very well into a flexible front three, can play across the front line.

Hope he does it, fast, strong but needs to improve his finishing.


I feel this is the year he will work on finishing, and get better at hold-up work and we will see the learning curve – the type that sharply divides opinion. I do not expect him to make a big difference or breakthrough this year – maybe last quarter of the season or next season is when i expect to see a recognizable difference.


His hold up play is already excellent and that is why he has been used a CF for England with success (glad it’s underlined that Welbeck scored 14 goals for club and country). As others have pointed out – Welbeck possesses flexibility almost unmatched in the team. He can play on the left, he can play on the right and as mentioned at CF. Like The Ox and Walcott he has afterburner pace and skinned several defenders last season. His defensive efforts to regain the ball are second only to Sanchez. All the talk about Walcott and Giroud is one… Read more »

Tshaka the gooner

This year we need more than just energy and pace Welbs….its all about goals goals and more goals. This is your 2nd year no excuses


Teh welbz will deliver. I am only worried because he didn’t have a pre-season so will need to gel more with his mates.


Teh welbz will deliver. My only worry is that he has not gelled with his mates due to a lack of a pre-season for a second year running.


One reason why the red-nose is so successful is because he always poach players from other EPL clubs. I believe Wenger only performed this deed once (Sol Campbell) in his entire career? So you can imagine my joy when wenger sign him. He may not be prolific in front of goal, but he is a beast in his defending and hustle. And in a way, I always feel that he was the equivalent of Arsenal’s Ox during his tainted days with the cunts (both young direct players that burst onto the scene at around the same time). P.S: Getting Gallas… Read more »


Arteta, Chambers, Welbeck, Cech were all bought from PL teams. What are you on about?

ospina's thumb

Calum Chambers


Teh welbez beez back


i didn’t know he got up to 8 for us, regards to the fact he joined on deadline day and its his first season with us and with the team and he played most of his games on the wings, even with his injuries he had.

i see welbeck as valuable and important to us this season as the Ox. Yes, he’s still young and not considered a world class by many, but the lad has got the potential. he just needs to improve on his finishing. good luck to him and arsenal this season



and boy! that picture is everything. welbs passion and excitement and most of all, ozil and cazorla (two of the three main engine to our attack this season, besides alexis). dope picture


Bang on…its a fantastic shot.

Thierry Bergkamp

Good news. Now with some improved finishing, hopefully he can grab 10+ goals in the league and some big CL goals


Goals please. Train hard and put them in


A front three of Alexis, the Ox and Dat Guy has so much potential, all make runs and work hard. Welbz just needs a tad more consistency and composure in front of goal… But onwards and upwards.


if he improved on his finishing he would be be better than Theo and Girioud

Thierry Bergkamp

If Giroud improved his speed, dribbling and finishing, he’d be better than Aguero


speed cannot really be improved much!


Wele knocking out Man Utd from the FA Cup was sweet!


Still is…


… and always will be.

Anonymous Physicist

This is going to be a big season for Welbeck. He is not going to be gifted the amount of playing time he got last year with all the injuries, so he’ll have to show more end product in less playing time. If he does that, I can see him developing into our first choice centre forward over the next few years. If he doesn’t, we are probably going to end up buying a centre forward next summer, and he’ll get even less playing time.

Stringer Bell

I like him, great addition to the squad last year and think he will offer more this year in terms of end product. Let’s get ready to rumble!!


hope he does well this season and becomes more of a goal threat, there is potential for him to be a 20 goals a season striker.

whats happening with gnabry anyone? i am hoping he still has a future at arsenal, would like to see him back in the first team squad, iwobi, adelaide et all look great prospects, but so is gnabry, with akpom out on loan also and realistically no other striker coming in, maybe gnabry could be drafted back in , showed real potential before his injury.


Awww snap! So it’s definitive, Lord Bendtner is not coming back this summer then

Rohith J

Welbeck is a puzzling player. He’s got all the attributes for a top quality striker except for his finishing. But you always feel that he hasn’t done enough. Cannot fault his work rate though. Really hope Wenger works some magic on this boy!

When SkiesAreGrey

Welbz will definitely get more goals this season. Going to be good if he, Theo and the Ox can all kick on for Arsenal this year, can only be a good thing for England too!


Great news. Squad just got bigger

Reginald Perrin

I guess with the pre season we’ve had and new contracts being agreed it’s easy to forget about him but I’m sure he will be an important part of, hopefully, a long season.


He needs to learn from Sanchez, to celebrate his goals by taking his shirt off. Mmm, yummy.




I’ve always said that welbeck is the closest to s complete striker that we have. He has everything bar finishing. I don’t know if he’ll ever be a 25-30 goals a season striker, but at the moment we need someone better than what we have upfront.



Sorry, just felt myself being dragged down by negative repetition.


Negative or positive, its the truth. At this moment, Welbeck is a poor finisher who has not scored more than 10 in the league. Repetition or not, it doesn’t change the fact that he can not be relied on as a source of goals. I’m a big fan of Welbeck, but facts are facts.



Look above, my comment near the top is almost identical.


But with 60 odd agreeing whereas (currently) 5 disagree with you and no agreement.

Go figure…


I didn’t know this was a popularity contest?? Why should i care if your comment is almost identical??
I’m stating my views..whether or not i get a thousand “thumbs up” hardly matters to me. i could also care less if my “not too positive posts” bores you.
Just thumb it down and move on…simple.

Stringer Bell

It’s only the truth in your world. That’s what you don’t understand. Opinions are like arsholes, everybody’s got one but you don’t want anyone else’s.


Bit rich coming from someone who calls people trolls because they don’t agree with him.
Besides, unless Welbeck has scored more than 10(maybe in your imaginary world), then YES I AM SAYING THE TRUTH.
Just thumb down my comments and move on…you don’t have to reply you know.


We are concerned you have no mates on real life, just like on this forum. A small change from being unremittingly negative to being more positive will help you a lot, especially as an Arsenal fan. Same opinion but different expression will get you a lot more friends, just like us. Though you may be happier being constantly negative, like a girl.

Good luck.


Since you know so much mr soothsayer, can you tell me my age, where I live and what colour of shirt I’m wearing?? I suppose you think you’ve said something smart or something? if you only knew…
No you’re not being positive, you’re being very deluded. I’ll always remain objective and state facts.
If it pisses you off, see what I told the other guy in the wolfsburg article.
Bring facts and prove my argument wrong or just ignore me like a lot of people who don’t like my “negativity” on here.


Oh yeah…herr have a cookie. You got 60 thumbs up. You have “friends” on an online forum.
Talking like a bloody 15 year old. Keep hiding under the guise of “positivity” to hide your deluded nature.


Bore off mate


Piss off moron.

Man Manny

Welbeck is a crossbreed of Giroud (strength) and Walcott(pace). If he can sort out his finishing, he has a great chance of being our number one striker. I just love him.


Exactly! Thats what I meant, but trust the so called “positive fans” to call you negative for stating the obvious.


Fans and supporters are by definition positive.


And we think Man Manny is positive so haven’t called him negative at all. And a good bloke. We like him.

Look, learn and get some friends.


Yeah you mean the same guy you all slagged off in the lyon match report??
You really need to piss off and go fuck yourself. Ignore me and talk with your other positive friends.
Its like you keep stalking my comments and yet I’m the one that has no friends??
You’re one deluded moron I must admit.


Apologies blogs. He went all personal and started saying nonsense about having no friends.
THAT is clearly childish. Just gave him a taste of his medicine.


My apologies. I’d love for him to behave like a fan and get people appreciating him, see past comments by me. Otherwise someone who is consistently disagreed with doesn’t appear like a fan and is a burden on the others here.

I’ll give up.


Arseblog, here is my advice from ‘Wenger shuns holiday to plot…’ direct to Trez/y. You may want to use it to decide whether you have someone worthwhile on the forum or someone that seems to want to provoke Arsenal fans (I know you have Fatgooner and Tobin as well): ‘I welcome any views that are backed up by some valid evidence and discussion of points made, even/especially if contra to my own views and they make me think. Where you would help yourself is: – never call another Arsenal fan a ‘Fucking moron’ or ‘you knobhead’. Spurs fans, possibly, Arsenal… Read more »


Blogs I always give props when due and criticize when necessary. Its not like I go around and abuse arsenal players whenever I come here. So for him to come with his mightier than thou attitude and trying to rubbish my opinions like he owns this site is VERY wrong. I am tired of getting abused for having my opinion and he went too far by making this personal.
He has no right to decide if I’m a burden or not on this site, only YOU can.
Why can’t he ignore my comments and move on like the others do?


I’ve invested the time to give advice on your comments. See above especially noting the first line ‘I welcome any views.. especially if contra to mine…’. So you understand, I have a signed Charlie George shirt on my wall, he was my first hero. Hence I’m likely to be older than you and also am likely to be better set up in life, financially, family etc. So talking like a 15 year old…? One deluded moron…? The point I made above was a continuation of that advice – I had made a very similar comment (as did Manny Man) but… Read more »


Look its simple, ignore my comments, I’ll ignore yours.
Unless blogs comes out and says “hey Trez no more comments that sound negative”, then maybe I’ll stop commenting on here and only post when we win games. Till then, I’ll keep stating my opinions; positive or negative whether you think getting thumbed down here proves how much I’m hated outside or not.
End of story.


That’s the problem some of u fans seem to have, u confuse delusion with positivity. Cuz ur a fan doesn’t mean u should stick ur head in the sand and think with ur butt

Merson's grin

Enough. The season is about to start!

Chris O.

It’s our tremendous good fortune that Arsene can literally line up any combination of Alexis, Theo, Giroud, Ox and Welbs in a front 3 and know that that’s going to create headaches in some fashion for defenses.

Welbs is a very underrated player who has a great amount of untapped potential. I love him already for his competitive spirit and his work rate, and I can’t wait to watch him improve for us.


I seem to remember a Fab interview anout how Wenger showed him some stats and video about how he had so much more time than he thought about finishing and something about being calm when upon goal.
I think that was after he suddenly started breaking the oppos net on a regular basis, …..that goal against milan for e.g.
So da Welbz could be fucking immense if he’s coached on finishing like that imo


Can see why Chupa got loaned out to hull welbeck could play a big part in the set up this season hope akpom stays though


Trez ma mate; just ignore and keep on hearing your views buddy.

We are all equal mates here; nobody is regarded as the ”Special-One” or ”The Only-One”.

What unites us on this platform is our Club; though, opinions may differ, in the end what really matters is our love for AFC.

One love Arsenal!

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