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Wenger Perplexed By Welbeck Injury

Danny Welbeck’s knee injury continues to perplex his manager: “It is bone bruising and nothing wrong at all. They have done all kinds of scans that today are very sophisticated and some of them I don’t understand at all.”

And as to whether surgery would be necessary or helpful: “They tell me no.”

The bruised bone is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Danny was originally expected to miss a few weeks but that has become 4 months without yet returning to full training. “It was a bone bruising at the start. You think that it will be quite quick.”

Arsene noted: “He is an important player for us and the fact that he is not available is a bit of a concern.” Welbeck started 27 games for Arsenal in the 2014/15 season with 34 total appearances for the club and would have been a welcome option for last Sunday and this Sunday.

One wonders if Welbeck’s somewhat indeterminate status might add even greater urgency to the boss’ recruitment drive this transfer window.

In contrast, Jack Wilshere’s recovery from a hairline fracture seems to be progressing quickly with the manager saying he was “on schedule” for an early return within another 2 weeks which would be 4 weeks earlier than many estimated.

With Arsenal facing Stoke on September 12th after the International break, it is likely both players will be viewing that has a potential return target. And with 6 club fixtures to be played in September and another 6 in October there should be plenty of call for their services.

Quotes via @amylawrence71 and @arsenal

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I think Welbeck has a lot of potential, i would like to see him go on a good run this season, il forever love him for that winner at Old Trafford to knock the scum out of the cup.

Eduardo Stark

I haven’t heard the word ‘perplex’ often enough. But when I do, it must be an medical enigma from London Colney. Brace yourself, injury is coming 🙁


more like bruise yourself, injury is coming :p


All our English players – Theo, Gibbs, Ox, Wilshere – have ongoing career stunting injury problems. The issue is clearly with us.

Le Jim

Yeah, I hate our racist medical staff, too.


Erm, Diaby…


Verm and Diaby say otherwise.


It sounds as if the boss is preparing the ground for an eminent attacking transfer arrival. …

..Or not….

Eduardo Stark

Brace yourself, injury is coming.
In all seriousness, it’s really ridiculous what happen om Welbz, I started to forget the last time he’s playing for us, Old Trafford didn’t it? We should get some great orthopedic specialist to solve what’s wrong with his bone bruising stuff. I guess our medical team is competent enough, but surely there is a doctor who can treat it better?

Andy Mack

What makes you think they haven’t been consulting ‘some great orthopaedic specialist (s)’?

Le Jim

Get Wel, and come beck soon! Ha….
That was good, wasn’t it?


Good enough but not carlsberg

Big Chief from Antarctica

Hope Welbeck recovers soon. He’s the closest attacking player we have who comes close to the speed of Walcott and the physicality of Giroud. Plus, occasionally, he has the swagger to show off some technique.

Man Manny

All Welbeck needs is a bit of calmness in front of goal and he will score goals aplenty. Every other thing – skill, pace and strength is in place. I so badly want him to do well and I think he will. Still only 24 I think.


I agree- he just seems to choke or snatch at shots. As we’ve seen from Walcott and Ramsey, when they calm and gain composure (and are fit) the goals start flowing.


Now where’s that fool who found this knee injury “normal”

Bould's Eyeliner

Here I am! And I still do. Bruised bones can be quick injuries to recover from, or severe enough to last awhile, especially when it’s at a sensitive joint like the knee. And really the only thing you can do is keep your nutrition good and stay off it. It’s a very troublesome thing.


And I’m the other one. My ortho said scan showed compression fracture, which can look much like a very deep bone bruise. Rest. Took quite a while to feel good.

Getso gunner

Is Arsene indirectly telling us to expect a new striker before closing the transfer window?



Possibly not.


I hope we don’t make the mistake we made last season with us buying Gabriel in January. If his injury means he is unavailable for long periods, now is the time to buy a forward.


This is certainly the first time we have been perplexed by an injury.


Why would anyone want to be back in time for Stoke? You may as well take a hammer to your shins and save yourself the trouble.


We should get Mou’s medic. If that lady could keep John Terry fit, she’ll keep anyone fit


And she’s fit too


She’ll keep my “widow maker” fit.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

A few years ago Wenger was accused of having bad eyesight….”I didn’t see it”, but Mourinhohoho reportedly called her a son of a bitch during his touchline rant at her.

“Son of a bitch”??? Is he fucking blind?????


Shad my arse

Holiday inn doctor

My completely uninformed medical opinion, but I can help but think maybe it’s a micro fracture knee injury? I hope not, happened to a few big name bball players and they were never the same athletically – Amare Staudamire, Chtis Weber.

Sadly done quick googling does show a link. Fingers crossed it’s does not evolve into that. Its also weird that this type of injury/surgery hasn’t popped up again in bball in the last 5 years


You’re mistaken. Microfracture is actually a type of surgery, not an injury. It’s meant to ease the symptoms of cartilage degeneration in the knee. They microscopically fracture the head of the tibia in order to stimulate stem cell production, which is supposed to reverse some of the damage. Problem with it is that the risk/reward of the procedure doesn’t usually make sense. Plus that type of injury is only common in basketball and other jump athletes. If we start hearing that word around Welbz, it likely means he’s got a congenital defect in his knee so let us hope we… Read more »

Tshaka the gooner

Forget about a new world class striker we need a world class medical team.wenger should consider signing Eva Caneiro

Indie Gooner

Who is the Arseblog news pup? Allen was the hound. Not THAT Hound but Arseblog News Hound. Who is this new addition? Intern? Diaby? Mr Blogs is this what Park is doing now?




Well that’s Welbeck Wilshere Rozza, if anyone else like Walcott Ox or giroud get injured we are buggered again 🙁


Yeh, he’s not the only one.


Some of his best moments have come playing wing where he can get the ball and dribble past defenders into the box. Going to be tough for him to get a consistent run of games this season (even before the injury) unless we suffer two or more long term injuries to our attacking players.

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