Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Surgery rules Welbeck out for months

Arsenal have confirmed that Danny Welbeck has undergone surgery on his knee after his long-term injury problem reacted badly to an increased training regime.

The striker hasn’t featured for the Gunners since the draw with Chelsea on 26 April and had been expected to return after the international break.

A statement on Arsenal.com reads: “The striker has been working throughout the summer to recover from the injury sustained at the end of April.

“It had been hoped he would avoid surgery but after increasing his training workload, the injury to his cartilage did not respond as well as hoped and the decision was taken last week for him to undergo surgery by a leading specialist in the field.

“Danny is now expected to be out for a period of months and everyone at Arsenal wishes him well.”

In light of the failure to add to our attacking options during the transfer window this news comes as a serious blow. We wish Danny the best of luck in his recovery, he’ll no doubt be looking to get back to action after Christmas to give himself a chance of playing for England at Euro 2016.

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Sanogo to do a Coq this season

Proff Gooner

Knowing Wenger, he’ll promote the fact we signed a player in the attacking department already….

Get ready for Adelaide to be promoted like fuck.

Wenger, I love you to bits but you’re taking the piss out of my life!!!

Forever (sobs) COYG!!!

Man Manny

Arsene is stuck in the lean-years mentality I am afraid. How can he claim to still have the hunger for the big trophies and yet act like a man who has no room for more? Shocking!
This man is becoming indefensible by the day.
I don’t see him surviving the backlash from AST and the media if this season goes pear-shaped as expected.

Just Keeps getting better

Actually it’s more like Akpom to do a Coq. Oh wait Chubs is injured too? well this is cheery…


Campbell, surely?


Now the quotes about not wanting to bring anyone in who doesn’t improve the squad look kinda bad. A signing of decent quality is better than a player on the injury table.

chippy's chip

I wonder why this wasnt announced before window shut… blind faith.


I suspect we were trying hard to land another forward (some truth to the Benzema and Cavanni stories) and we didn’t want to tip our hat that we were desperate. Hence the announcement right after window closes. Too bad for Danny – he would have had plenty of opportunity between now and Xmas. Fingers crossed for health of Theo and HFB.


Supply and demand. The supply was already shit and people here want to increase the supply side? Come the fuck on. Wemger lied in a press conference and your parents lied about the tooth fairy. Grow the fuck up. 50 million for Cavani, a less handsome and less scorey Giroud. We have a more handsome and more scorey Cavani already. If we spent 35m on some kid from Ligue 1 with a dozen goals in a season you’d all be sooking so here we are, 35m saved and the result is the same. COYG!


God – “Somehow I don’t seem to like arsenal”

Gudang Pelor

Err….but he did play for us some times ago.

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

When did Eric Clapton play for Arsenal?


Your name. Brilliant.
Your comment. Not so much.

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

OK. I probably deserved that.


So we are back to the injuries and net spend argument 🙂


This is not the first time that the club has released such a devastating injury news right after the window closed!

Wenger indeed is a stubborn man to keep taking on the injury gods!


In steps The Jeff.

Man Manny

Thought all the sacrifices of the lean years was to help us avoid having to fall back on 17 year olds now that the finances are much better.
Arsene has no excuse putting this team in this position to be honest.
I am beginning to believe that we need a change of approach as a club. Either the manager changes his approach or he bows out honourably. This season could have been so different but here we are with a weaker strikeforce than last season. Who saw this coming? Sad; so sad.


fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk oooooffffffff


Hopefully Indosat can play there.

Le Jim

Indosat and Cash Reserves to be battling it out for third striker behind Giroud and Theo


Nahhh I’m the first striker

2015-2016 = the year we've been waiting for

Fair enough but do you mind changing your username please?


Nope.. How could you forget our precious “”Own Goal””? He is going to be player of the season.




We at least have Own Goal to fall back on


Until he gets injured…


In the words of Marge Simpson, “I guess at times like this, all you can is laugh.”

*cue sobbing*

Podolski Sklep

More Marge:

“If wanting a couple of signings to offer extra options in attack and midfield and provide injury cover is lame, then I guess I’m just a big lame.” (edited slightly)

Randy Pan the Arsenal Fan

You don’t make friends with salad


relax, we can always bring Yaya-DontNeedNoStriker-Sanogo back

A̶R̶i̶d̶d̶l̶i̶n̶g̶N̶a̶m̶e̶ Ceched Out

I know that was a joke, but we can’t even do that.


This sad really…


Eloquently put dear fellow. Take solace fellow gooners with the fact that Van Ghoul spent squillions for a teenager and we have the Jeff and Joel.


April fools!


September suckers


We’ll announce his return just in time for the January window.



Midwest Gooner

So much for LANS. We’re really gonna need more out of OG now. And it would be nice if Giroud found his form too.

Podolski Sklep

I don’t want to slate the manager but from my (admittedly ill-informed by comparison) view, putting the entire burden for goalscoring on Giroud feels like bad management. Not because OG is incapable of scoring but because he now becomes the lightning rod for Wenger’s failure to sign a striker. On the balance of the last few seasons, his skillset has proven diverse but one thing he isn’t is an ice-cold finisher (last week’s wild slash at goal is a perfect example). Every time a chance goes unfinished from now, people will get on his back because he’s the only option… Read more »


The fact that OG can mean both Olivier Giroud and Own Goal is rather delicious.

Diehard gunner

OG = Olivier Giroud
OG = Own Goal
Which of our strikers were you referring to??????

Midwest Gooner



Yep. They knew he needed surgery before Tuesday but realised there would probably be riots if no one was purchased with this knowledge. So instead they tell us after. Now they will announce his LANS return just in time for the Jan window. It’s a joke, it really is. We may buy another DM in Jan if Coq doesn’t perform (but I hope he has the season of his life) and that’s it. Campbell needs to step up now or we must sell him in Jan and Theo needs to score at least 10 goals in all competitions by Jan… Read more »


your timing comment is a little conspiracy theory, but I totally agree with your Coq and Theo comments.


I certainly don’t appreciate the lack of transparency related to injuries, but I think it’s far more likely that they didn’t announce this so that clubs we were negotiating with would not be aware that we were short numbers and thus couldn’t use the situation to raise their asking prices even further.


In the meantime Gooners, keep paying the highest ticket prices in world football.


I think it’s time arsenal fans revolted to get ticket prices reduced. How less would arsenal earn if they reduced it by 25%? I kinda understand arsenal not spending much this window but having huge cash reserves and yet charging these rates is kinda ridiculous. Especially since we’re not regular title winners


The problem is that there is no issue in selling out. Your logic is sound, it’s painful to see ticket money go straight to the bank, not to be spent. But the ticket prices is a supply/demand thing where there is a definite limited supply which the demand is greater than. No change will come until the stadium is less than 80% full and ticket prices would have to go up considerably for that to occur. Fact of the matter is Arsenal is one of the top 10 most popular clubs in the world now, and that demand is a… Read more »


Still, why let the facts get in the way.


Oh god….here comes the D & G crew…..that we didn’t sign anyone knowing that he was headed for surgery…..


No matter how much of a postive spin you try and put on it, the D&G crew will be absolutely spot on though, won’t they.


and you guys just put a spin on everything?

Not winning any major trophy at the end of the season? “Injuries, can’t be helped”

Not signing any outfield player? “None are better, no quality out there…Arteta most experienced and best backup ever.”

Bad results against unexpected teams? “Accident…”

Stringer Bell

Well said jiminy, don’t forgot someone actually stated the cost of running the ground and how we have to pay 200 stewards each game. John Terry Michael Owen and Dan carter spring to mind.


Please help me see this as positive news!!!!


The Ox will play more. Only positive I’m afraid.


But really, who didn’t see this coming?

Complete mismanagement.


I didn’t. I thought he was almost back


You may not have been paying attention for the last few years then. Lack of depth has always been our problem. The fear that a window will close and we have just the bare minimum and then an injury hits.

Like has been said above, they will announce his recovery just as the January window is about to open and claim its a LANS.

Seen this shit before and really tired.


I thought you meant the announcement about Welbeck’s injury. I really didn’t see it coming!


It’s worse…Sure he’ll be back for the January window LANS, & will play the games during the window LANS. But, he will get himself banjaxed the day after the window closes, & then be ruled out until some time in the summer. Predictable as the day is long.


That’s because you are a fool


Bit mean


I liked it.


Wenger said last Friday at the press conf that he would be back after the break in full training so he just sat there and lied to us all knowing he was not bring anyone in this has to be the last straw. Not supporting Arsenal now until Wenger goes because it was hard to watch the first 4 games with the hope of bring someone into to change things now we know there is no one going to save us. Will all the people that state in Wenger we trust please tell me if you still trust him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John C

For me this is the last straw.

Whilst Wenger has alway been a bit disingenuous and economical with the truth, this is the first time he’s told a provable straight faced lie to the fan’s with the full knowledge that he’s doing it and there’s no turning back.

The Emirates is going to resemble an absolute bear pit this season and he’s brought it all on himself. I wonder what the likes of Ozil and Sanchez think of this level of incompetence? this surely couldn’t have been what they were expecting when they signed?


Let me get this straight, you want the manager to let other clubs know during the transfer window that our backup striker is injured so that our negotiating position becomes worse?

Stop being childish, his job is to protect the interests of the club, not tell the truth. What does it matter for you if you found out five days later?

John C

You don’t have to lie to not tell the truth.


This is rotten. It is a very shitty move by the club. I am highly disappointed in the callous decision to time things this way. And I agree, Wenger is in for it from some if things go poorly. Actually I cannot believe the ridiculousness of the timing with Stoke right around the corner given last year’s ridiculousness. At least it’s at home so no train platform. If you decide not to support that’s fair enough, of course. But some of us will still support the club good or bad, so if you do choose not to please don’t come… Read more »


Well said. However, you also need to note the extraordinary amount that fans pay to watch a single match. Even those who aren’t in the UK. Many of us have cable tv subscriptions just to watch Arsenal and cable is still pretty damn expensive in some parts of the world.

Wenger and the management have pretty much destroyed a lot of goodwill that has been built since the FA cup win.

And now lying and pretending to have a fit enough squad? That is just wrong.


Arsenal ’til I die. Rain or shine. COYG!!!


Is it really the last straw? I hope so. We don’t need fans like you.

John C

I support Arsenal not Arsene Wenger, and he’s now a proven liar, it’s him that WE don’t need!


Fans like you lurk in the shadows waiting for any kind of opportunity to have a pop at wenger. Seriously, arsenal are run a certain way. It’s our ethos, philosophy, whatever you wanna call it. If you don’t like it, leave it. We’ve got a team that can challenge without a doubt. If we do it in the face of the absurd, unsustainable spending of the oil giants then that I’d something to be really proud of. Football is eating itself, the transfer window is a joke, fans are fickle and unrealistic and I for one would happily follow a… Read more »


Not quite. He might be a liar. MIGHT!!! As long as there is no proof of him having lied might remains.

John C

It has nothing to do with media hyperbole the fact that Wenger said on Friday that Welbeck would be back in full training after the international break, thats just a outright lie because he knew that week he’d need surgery. There’s nothing unrealistic about expecting a club with £200m of the fan’s money in the bank to buy some players to make the team better, i’ve seen enough Arsenal teams win the league to know that this one won’t. I’m quite happy to watch Arsenal not win the league as long as they give their honest and best try doing… Read more »


John C – Honestly, what would Wenger gain, lying about this? Delaying the outrage for one day (just to multiply it)? You may think about him what you want, but I’m prety sure he is not utterly stupid nor does he like to bathe in the agony of supporters for the fun of it. Someone stated it here before and I think it actually makes much more sense than the trolling scenario: if the surgery would have been announced last week, he would have absolutely shredded the ever so slight chances of signing a striker for a somewhat reasonable fee.… Read more »

John C

Arigoon, here is a quote taken from the Arsenal website by Wenger himself on Friday last week; “Danny Welbeck is progressing well. He should be available, if all goes well, after the international break.” This is a quote from yesterdays statement; “It had been hoped he would avoid surgery but after increasing his training workload, the injury to his cartilage did not respond as well as hoped and THE DECISION WAS TAKEN LAST WEEK for him to undergo surgery by a leading specialist in the field.” The second quote proves the first quote is a lie. Decisions to operate on… Read more »


Unlike you, John C, I lack admittance to the inner cordon of Arsenal where the evidence of Wenger’s lies lay so poorly hidden that you managed to unearth them. That makes me a pathetic follower who likes to be shat on. It also means I’m a coprophagist mug whose only hope is to aspire to your level of fandom where a mans honour gets questioned with so little evidence.

John C

Runkeball, luckily for you all you need is access to Arsenal’s website to uncover Wenger’s lies, i’ve even written up the quotes for you to save you the trouble to look them up. The cynic in me would suggest that the “THE DECISION WAS TAKEN LAST WEEK” line was slipped in, along with the earlier statement this summer regarding “£200M IN THE BANK”, by the Arsenal board to let the fan’s know exactly who’s responsible for the decision making but thats another matter. Now as you’ve got art of condescension and using a thesaurus down maybe you can refocus your… Read more »


Of course he didn’t tell the truth, because he’s not an idiot. Maybe he knew months ago and still didn’t say anything, that would be the smart thing to do.

You don’t tell the truth to the media unless you have something to gain. It could wait until the transfer window shut so that it doesn’t spoil any negotiations we were in.

John C

Miki, you don’t have to lie not to tell the truth


Johnny, if you don’t like being condescended the reign in the name calling. You might find that a more useful life skill in the long run.


Agreed. Fan is not the right word.


“This has to be the last straw. Not supporting arsenal now until wenger goes…”

Cool. Maybe there’ll be fractionally less whining. Peace out.


“a period of months” blimey this one really does have them stumped. But the fact that we knew about this last week makes the lack of a new shiny striker just that much more frustrating.

Anyone else beginning to think that Arsene’s life work is simply to troll Piers Morgan?


That would be a life’s work to be proud of and of benefit to the entire world.


Walcott 2.0


Ha ha ha.



A Yank

Someone really should go over to the club’s offices and move the calendars off of February 2.


ffs. 🙁


At least we signed Owen Goalez to fill the void.


Oh. My. Fuck


The statement says period of months. They aren’t even putting a time frame on it. *shiver*


Looks like we’ve found our new Diaby


Oh shush!


Even by Arsenal’s barmy standards, this is ridiculous!


Tell me this is one of those April fools articles you hadn’t posted.

I cannot even feel sad right now like who didn’t see this one coming? *Sarcastic laugh


So we knew last week that Danny will be out for months, and yet there isn’t a single player in the world that can improve a team that finished 12 points behind the champions. Absolutely brilliant. Get well soon Welbeck.


no mate, rest assure
the management is working day and night


we’re pathetic


I was previously fine with not signing anyone as I couldn’t really see anyone better than Welbeck on the market. But seriously? He’s pretty much out for 5 months with rehab now, probably half a year with getting back to form and we didn’t sign anyone? At the very least, that is very odd. Now Giroud, Walcott and Campbell are our strikers. And Welbeck was even back up on the left wing as an attacker. Call back Akpom even! But at this rate really I see The Jeff and Iwobi getting playing time. A lot of players are going to… Read more »


You mean only Giroud is our striker, walcott and cambell are wingers, yes walcott can play there some games, but he is not a striker that especially when teams park the bus against us, I hope Alexis find his form quickly because this season ease ally could be a disaster. And for sake of giroud I hope also for him to find his form and start banging the goals because he will be the scapegoat all season and it’s not his fault I will now support him much more than any season before, giroud don’t deserve bashing he is not… Read more »


I didn’t see any realistic transfer, except for Draxler. And we could use shoring up on the left. I wonder if they gave up because of his recent injuries.
And now Danny. Oh well, at least Campbell has a left foot.


Hahahahaha. No they are tears of laughter I swear.


If this doesn’t break your site blogs, nothing will 🙂

inside tip

So up front there’s Giroud and then there’s this new OG guy, and then there’s Walcott who isn’t really there, and then there’s Santa, Tooth Fairy, Spaghetti Flying monster and one of the Power Rangers that hasn’t got arthritis yet… We’re good then, carry on…


The Jeff could be called upon sooner then anticipated. Life is throwing us a jeffery, stroke the furry wall.

inside tip

that scene! :)))


Thank you thank you. I needed that seen to brighten up my day. I’m installing a furry wall in my basement, just in case Giroud picks up a knock or Theo …. no, I can’t even type it.

Loud Mouth Soup

I’m sure you meant Euro 2020.


I find the Arsenal PR machine staggering at times. If they’re not announcing new sponsorship deals on deadline day, they’re dropping bombshells like this at the most ridiculous times. I don’t know how ethical it is to cover this sort of thing up, but surely they could have kept Welbeck’s injury quiet for a couple of weeks?


It would have no doubt come out anyway with international teams meeting up.


If it wasn’t so sad for the player and us fans this would be funny. Complete and utter incompetence from the club and especially wenger. Almost unbelievable but then this is arsenal. Many fans have been brainwashed into thinking 4th place is a trophy. Many now believe that a striker is unavailable even though we have needed one for almost 3 years and that’s without having a top goalkeeper for years or a real proven defensive midfielder until an injury crisis forced us to bring back the coq from loan. Yet the move was seen as a stroke of genius… Read more »


o fuck off, I’m so gutted about this..

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

Wel… Fuck.


Even the Universe is shouting

“hahaha fuck you Arsene Wenger”


Bring back Chuba and buy Benik again ha ha ha.
Arsenal and Injury Problems – forever together.


so basically the clubs knows this the whole time and waited until the transfer over to announce it. what a tactics against fans. i guess this is why campbell was kept within the club. good opportunities for him tho. need someone to sub on if ox or sanchez feels tired or get injury (god forbidden) .

A Yank

Well, had they announced it last week, that would have put us in an even weaker bargaining position. If sellers know you’re not just desperate, but super-uber-mega desperate you’ve got no chance of not getting fleeced. In my naive mind, I like to think the club was actually trying to find someone. They couldn’t pry one of the first choice strikers away from Madrid or PSG, so they chose not to pay £56M for an unproven teen. I have no problem with that. We’re I do have a problem is that we have needs up the spine of the team… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Yep, we probably would’ve ended up paying twice as much as we did.


“A weaker bargaining position”? We are truly traumatised fans.

Your first sentence reminds of the over-reaction to Lord Harris’ statements about our transfer business. It’s just as ridiculous to speculate about our bargaining position in non-existent transfer deals as it was to worry that Lord Harris had let the cat out of the bag about our finances. As if Arsenal has ever paid over the odds on a transfer deal anyway? What a joke.

We might be traumatised by the strange way Arsenal do business but please don’t make up ridiculous excuses on their behalf. That’s the PR departments’ job.


Oh you’re privy to inside information about what transfer deals we were or weren’t involved in. Who’s the source, your imagination?


It’s inexcusable that we didn’t sign a new striker especially knowing Welbeck would miss several months. We did exactly the same last year with defenders and look what happened. What is wrong with the management of this club. For those who defend Wenger and the board, how can you justify us paying the highest prices in Europe when we show no ambition to challenge for major trophies. Wenger or the board don’t give a crap what the fans think, he’s displayed so much arrogance and ignorance again it’s unreal. Nothing changers with Wenger, don’t expect us to challenge for any… Read more »

Goone's Farm

I don’t think failing to sign a striker shows a lack of ambition from AW. If anything, he’s being over-ambitious with his claim that THIS squad are title contenders. What a fucking joke.


“how can you justify us paying the highest prices in Europe”. It’s quite simple, you live in a capitalist society where the price is determined by supply and demand. The demand for tickets is so much higher than the supply that the club can keep increasing the prices every year and it will still sell out the entire stadium. If you don’t want to pay, walk away. If enough people do that, the club will have to reduce prices. Everything else is just empty talk. “Nothing changers with Wenger, don’t expect us to challenge for any major trophies this year,… Read more »


Do you know what major trophies are?


Yes. FA Cup is included in all lists of major trophies I ever looked at. Google it.


LAND – like a new Diaby NOT!
Touch wood !! Touch granite! Touch everything!

This sucks!!! I was hoping that he would be some sort of mitigation for our goal drought.
I hope he comes back sooner than later…


Might aswell use that 50m to keep owngoals banging them in then….


This is absolute nonesense. At the end of the season when we don’t achieve what we want he’ll say ‘welbeck was injured and if we had him fit we would have challenged better’, ‘giroud did exceptionally well considering he had to play nearly every game’. I can’t stand this anymore. Doing the same thing every year and expecting different results is insanity. I love arsene and everything he’s done but i think he’s done. Everyone has their time and i think he’s has come. I’m waiting for the day he leaves the club when i think we can finally push… Read more »


Jesus, AW is just trolling now.



Its as if they are purposely trying to annoy us. When Wenger was asked about not adding to squad after the window closed he replied with the strikers we had and Welbeck was one of them! But he knew all along….foreshame…….foreshame….


so we have another drama then a crisis then a twitter melt down! mean while Kelstrom has cancelled his january holiday Plans PFffttttttttttttttttt

Alexis shots

so if Walcott or giroud get injured we only have 1 striker. Oh well mybe we will just play with a false 9


Walcott is not a striker. Never was.


walcot is not a striker, was never a striker and will never be a striker…. dont ever say that again *sobs*


well now you have to seriously ask the question…what are they smoking over there at the emirates?

Danger Mouse

Bad news for sure but how bout we all take a deep breath. Is it mismanagement that we couldn’t find a decent striker or was it that there were none available. I’m sure the club knew that Welbeck might be out for months, i’m sure they would have liked to buy a backup, but you can’t grow a new striker, you can’t buy one in a striker shop, you cant make one out of plasticein. If they aint there theres fuck all you can do about it.

bims lay

Lol…you are living in cuckoo land my friend….if this isn’t mismanagement, then i wonder what is?…..lol

Paul my Dickov

To be fair who the hell could we have signed?


given our good finances:
Jackson Martinez


Gabriel Barbosa
Paco Alcácer
and so on..



David C

who are we kidding, we could probably use a charlie austin right now to back up Giroud, haha.

Just kidding, your lists are great guys!

Danger Mouse

Oh right, Yarmolenko and Zaza would have been the answer to everything. The names youre coming up with are proving my point.


Better than an injured Welbeck though.


Charlie Austin

Danger Mouse

Sure. You do realise Man U had to spunk 50 million or whatever on some kid no ones ever heard of ? If any of those guys in your list were available they’d have been bought by someone.


I understand your point but Anthony Martial is a good prospect, I think everyone that follows football even moderately closely has heard of him.


every player have a price tag (bar ronaldo and messi), and every one of them could’ve improved us one way or another. City needed a playmaker, Wolfsburg kept saying De Bruyne wasnt available, yet they got him. And as CantWait pointed out, Martial is actually a great prospect, did the overpaid? yes, but they knew they needed a player like him and they got him.

Dan Hunter



When I see names like Tevez and Ibrahimovic on the list of ‘people we should have signed’ it signals a clear case of SIGN ANYONE. Tevez is 31, playing in Argentina, and all the while he was at City he was homesick, if you think you’re dragging him out of Argentina, you’re crazy. Ibrahimovic is 33 and playing for PSG, how much money do you think it would take to grab him off them and what wages would it require? And for what, having to sign another striker the next year? Higuain scores every other game in Italy, and he… Read more »


Tevez moved from Juventus to Argentina this summer. Juventus was in the champions league final and won the Scudetto, Tevez scored 20 goals in that campaign. Follow the game, or atleast read a wiki page before posting on here. He wasn’t homesick in City, he had a much-publicisez row with Mancini. I think I can downvote your comments without even reading them at this point.


Oh really? Lets look at what Tevez said as to why he is leaving City: “Carlos Tevez has said he wants to leave Manchester City for family reasons. The Argentina captain helped City finish third in the Premier League last season and qualify for the Champions League for the first time. The 27-year-old, who joined City from rivals Manchester United in 2009, stated he cannot continue to live in the north west without his daughters. “I need to be closer to them and to spend more time with them,” Tevez said in a statement. “Living without my children in Manchester… Read more »


Austin could have been sign for a piss poor 15M,, he is miles better finisher than welbbeck ,been scoring for fun in league one,championship,and prove he could do it in PL with a rubbish team behind him. he is an hard working player, people say he isnt good enougth , why? i dont ask he score “30 goal a season”i m sure he can bring at least 15 goal to our team (15 more than most of our player) , and he will be happy to play back up to our team in case injuries happen 15M isnt a gamble… Read more »


I was with you up until “15M isnt a gamble when you see how much english player going for and the stupid market price”. That doesn’t make any sense.


Thanks for explaining it to me guys. Those thumbs are really doing the job. Direct your dissatisfaction this way.


15M isnt a gamble for a club who got 200M(if its actually true) in the bank,its quiet cheap for an english internationale player who turn just 26 and was the english top scorer last season ,

as for the stupid market price +++>see the price of some player like Martial,de Bruyne,Benteke,firmino,sterling,and other who got bought way overpriced

i suppose he hasnt been bought by any club because he has only 1 year contract left and Manager prefer spend ” their money ” on “exotic player”to please the fan (see ours)


I appreciate your response. A thumbs up for you. The part that makes no sense to me, personally, which I’ll state even though it seems to be an unpopular opinion is: he’s supposedly cheap for being English, so we should get him? As though him being English adds value to the purchase for us? We don’t necessarily need more English players as far as I know. If he’s 15M despite being English, then you could make the case that a cheaper non-English player of equal quality could have been purchased. That’s why I said I was with you up until… Read more »


to be honest, I feel the only reason we didn’t sign Austin is because he’s not good looking enough. I often feel that’s an important port of call for the Arsenal board when signing a player… And i’m not joking around.




Or it might be the ‘practically no ligaments in his knee’ thing.

I mean really, at that price if it’s so great, Man U, Chelsea, Tottenham even, all screaming for a striker at least as much as us – not a one looking at Austin.

Tottenham and West ham won’t even consider him? No way we want that.

bims lay

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

what else can one say to a question like that!

Paul my Dickov

“Given our finances”

A fool and his money are soon parted.



Alexis shots



The fact that he knows that welbeck would required surgery a week ago, and dont feel the need to take out 50m for cavani just baffled me. Wenger best is the past for me. We wont won the league with him


Who says PSG would have accepted any amount of cash?


Shhh you’re spoiling the narrative. Real transfers are totally like FIFA where you can just press two buttons and buy anyone you want if you have an X amount of money.


Gutted To be honest. Was hoping he’d be back soon. Wenger would have known this last week aswell. Wenger better be right about this or he needs to go & somehow I’m seeing the latter happening. Bollocks


Shit…maybe we could have done with mahrez or gomis after all…

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