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Arsenal 2-1 Everton – player ratings

We went top of the league with a hard-fought 2-1 win over Everton this evening. We had the chances to make it more convincing, but after the efforts of Tuesday night it was inevitable that we’d struggle a little bit as the game went on.

We stuck it out, rode our luck a little bit, and took the points we deserved.

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Going from Champions League to the Premier League, we go from one of the best refereeing performances of the year to one of the worst. The one incident that left me really annoyed was the shirt pull on the Ox by, I think, Barry. Instead of going to ground or pulling back, expressing his disapproval to the ref, he carried on, like any good football player should. Now in any game, a shirt pull like that is a yellow card, no questions asked. But no, in the Premier League apparently all is forgotten if play goes on. The ineptitude of… Read more »

Si in Galway

a bit OTT. Yeah that was bad, and Deulofeu should have been carded for diving/petulance, but other than that I thought he had a decent enough game. We’ve had SOOOOooooooo much worse.



Mr. G

Deofeiu is a divingncunt.


Coquelin was visibly pissed with his yellow. But him and santi in the middle carried on like men today. Their partnership is the MOTM for me.


Mike Dean would’ve booked Giroud for pulling Koscielny’s shirt after his goal.


The passion was terrific though. Had he known it was to be the winner he would have uprooted the goalpost.


Believe me, I was as annoyed as you were with that decision. Particularly when Barry’s first actual yellow came on yet another pullback, which he obviously shouldn’t have had the opportunity to make.


Ozil and Cech the best imo
The OX is starting to really worry me

Wenger's Waterbottle

The Ox is playing like a player trying to prove himself. He is trying to force shots to show he should be starting. I felt like Rambo did that a lot in the beginning of the season. Wenger will have a chat with him and he will look better come Tuesday.

Me So Hornsey

I would expect that chat’s already happened. He’s only 20. Still very young. So here’s hoping the expected run of games irons out the anxiety from his play. He just needs one good game.


He’s 22…


time flies so quickly..

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Time doesn’t fly as fast a Deulofeu when he sees a chance to dive.


I think the Ox is just missing match sharpness. He never quite seems sure what to do with the ball when he has a choice to make and when he has the time to make that choice he seems to be picking the wrong one more often than not. Looking at Mr. Consistent Nacho Monreal, he said as much that for him, if he’s not playing week in week out, it takes him a lot of time to get back to his best, I think the same is proving to be the case for the Ox. I’m not worried about… Read more »


The kid is unpredictable and he’s a nightmare for defenders. He needs the same patience Fabregas, Walcott and Ramsey got. Everyone’s got valid concerns but given the right tactical and physical training the Ox is gonna be a beast. Another point about the negativity regarding Oxlade-Chamberlain; if we’re not good enough to absorb mistakes by our young players then we’re no better than mercenary clubs like City and Chelsea. John Stones will be a star as well but he was tackled by Giroud for the free-kick that led to Koscielny’s goal today. We need to keep building up quality young… Read more »

A̶R̶i̶d̶d̶l̶i̶n̶g̶N̶a̶m̶e̶ Ceched Out

Think Santi was right up there with Ozil. He had a beautiful assist as well and was top notch with his passing including a few lovely balls to Ozil himself.

Giroud was brilliant too. Not just the goal, but his hold up play was absolutely fantastic and he created space for and got the ball in to the path of many of our players.


If he was trying to prove himself why was he not retreating at full speed , only did that when Barkley was close to goal. Id buy that argument if it was early days Sanchez.


As blogs says, he got a lot better in the second half. I’d probably have given him a 7 but he does need to improve. Ozil was sensational today, my MotM.


Do. Not. Take. Peter. Cech. For. Granted. He saved us two points today. No chest pounding. No hey look at me. Cech allows us to lose the ball in bad spots and still not give up goals. It’s weird. He’s slow as molasses, but his postioning is perfect and he anticipates well. And, of course, he’s long with long arms. As Blogs noted one or more of the Arsecasts, Cech goes down in stages. Yet he stops the shots. Today was a close run thing. We didn’t score as many as we should have. We didn’t defend consistently. Cech saved… Read more »


yeah, i think his general awareness has to improve. I mean, consider Ramsey and the Ox, Ox has almost all the qualities that Ramsey possesess with the added bonus of pace and dribbling.. but the one area where Ramsey is winning his selection over the Ox, and on the right wing, no less… is the tactical awareness and intelligence of the game… the positioning of yourself, and team-mates.. decision making… but these are qualities that only come with age and experience, so we can’t be harsh on him… he still is a great talent… I mean, THAT pass for Alexis… Read more »


It was meant for Giroud but mishit and overhit too far. Luckily, Alexis anticipated it and almost turned it into a goal. Not hating but Ox’s basic passing leaves a lot to be desired and is way off the level required.

Once again, anybody noted how Ox got 80 mins despite having a shit game? Also, some applauded him off! If that was Gervinho, he’d have been abused and subbed off at half time. I guess being British has its benefits…

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You are making an assumption that the pass was misplaced. I think you’re wrong, but even if you’re right it was always a percentage pass because from his point of view he had two players in line in front of him. One or the other was sure to get it.


The Ox is going to need to talk to Ramsey before long.

King Henry XIV

Amidst another great team display, the Ox showed a poor show…so poor that it shows.
Perhaps now it’s time for him to stop ranting oon video off-pitch and focus more on his training.

Gunnersaurs's Lover

Özil is a genius


Anyone have any clue what position Flamini was playing?
Think Wenger said just go on and do whateva the f*ck you wana do! Haha
Arsenal’s very own Messi.


Maybe, but I thought he moved Ozil onto the right for ox and played flamini in a central attacking role, which is why he was getting shots off.


Ozil passed to Flamini first – with intent too as if to say “Here bro, have a taste too”


agree with Whysogenerous, i think he wanted to play flamini in the middle of the pitch, but also in forward areas, so he can really press the the everton defence and midfield, with coquelin-cazorla more than capable of covering in behind


10. For making us believe!

Arsene Wenger's Zip

10 likes for you.

Arsene Wenger's Zip

Oh damn.


Played well in general. The Ox really needs to learn how to stay switched on mentally, both on defense and when attacking. If he can improve his footballing brain he’ll be a great player, but if he can’t he’s not really going to make that step up to the place where he can start for a top team like Arsenal.


Ha ha at you Mourinho, specialist cunt.Gunners on top, what more can a man ask for!

When Diaby kicked racism out of football...

If only I was to know which blue c*nt gave you a thumbs down…


A tangent but I have theory on who gives downvotes when Terry/Mourinho et al are called c*nts – I think it’s American fans. Not because they have any fondness for Chelsea, but that word is REALLY BAD here in the states. I consume so much British media that I’m kind of desensitized but maybe not all are. So I think it’s just about the word itself and not about trying to defend those c*nts. Just a thought.


I hope Chelsea keeps on tumblin’ down the table!


I don’t get the bonus rating

Si in Galway

diving scores


Barkley should try out for the England diving team

Getso gunner

Gabriel/Cech men of the match


Anyone else looks forward to the bonus rating Arseblog gives out at the end? Couldn’t stop laughing at the diving scores! You’ve got a knack for creativity Blogs!


Bonus rating: Gerard Deulofeu 9.9 : 9.5 : 9.6 – Priceless.


Arsenal last 4 games : WWWW
Chelsea last 4 games : LMAO

Scott P

That stands for

Wenger in and out

The OX is under pressure to perform I believe he needs a few matches to click.
I have faith in his abilities.

But @Blogs again, why does the season average remain the same?

Good game, Ozil is world class and shame to whoever hates on Giroud.

Wenger in.


Ox is under no pressure to perform. To me Ox is an established substitute right now and i hope he works his way into starting games by improving his overall play. Luckily for him everybody else is playing well so that should help take the pressure off a little bit.


I’m a big fan of Ox but seeing him out there he seems a level below the other 10 men on the pitch.

Rarely gets his head up even Koscienly is more creative, lacks end product. Today he was just there to make up the numbers.

This maybe harsh but watch the match and you’ll see.


Pretty much what I said before the game. Playin 10 v 11 for a month will taake its toll on the squad.


Feels harsh on the Ox, it did look like opening up momentarily for the shot (as he swung his foot back there was only the goalie in front of him), he did get back to defend and help push barkley wide where he had a worse angle, and it was an absolute bugger of a deflection.


I don’t think it’s harsh. Yes, he tracked back more for that goal than he has done in other recent matches but he still stayed behind his man instead of getting in front of him as fast as he could. His back-tracking always feels more for show to me than actual determination to prevent a chance/get the ball back. If that had been Alexis he would’ve been on Barkley like a Pitbull. Ox says he’s being inspired by Alexis, it’s time to show it.


Spot on. Ox is missing that determination to defend on our end of the pitch and if he can bring that to the team he will start. I have seen Ox defend very well upfront. But he takes his foot off the gas in our half. Perhaps he saw gabriel and thought he had done his part of the job. But, look at players like Alexis, messi and Ronaldo. They just wouldn’t give up. Ox has it in him to be a superstar.


I don’t know, it seemed to me that ox was just trying to shut down the inside shooting lane, which he did pretty effectively, and in fact it seemed like Gabriel, as much as I think he is a very good defender, was too slow on reacting to the cut and then shot. The blame can be distributed to many different players is the most important thing to keep in mind IMO.


Yes, there’s multiple ways to view it but what I mean is that at the start of the match Coleman made a run and Alexis didn’t stop until he got the ball back. He didn’t stop because Monreal and Kos are still there. I love that determination and I think it prevents chances/shots on goal where there’s always a chance they might go in. Every player should have that determination where they just say “this does not happen, you are not taking that shot” and I miss that with Ox, he seems to track back because he’s told to/feels he… Read more »


In seasons passed, this would have been the kind of game we dropped – especially against a feisty side like Everton. Great to see us grind this one out despite the fatigue – though if we’d converted a few more of those chances it would have been much more comfortable. Ozil, Santi & Giroud delivering some real magic, Cech, Gabriel & kos delivering two points. Love when things go right!


Oh, that bonus rating is just so spot on. Made my day.


In seasons passed, this would have been the kind of game we dropped – especially against a feisty side like Everton. Great to see us grind this one out despite the fatigue – though if we’d converted a few more of those chances it could have been much more comfortable. Ozil, Santi & Giroud delivering some real magic, Cech, Gabriel & Kos delivering two points. Love when things go right!


Erm Giroud not world class? Arsenal not title contenders? They don’t have a fucking clue what is coming their way!! Wait until Jack and Danny comes back. Aaron too. COYG


Some random stuffs for today win :
I prefer Kos – Gab as our central defender
I do really wonder, could we play 442 with Walcott and Giroud as double striker ?
I just saw a FLAMING – COQ axis… and it’s great, will they play in next league cup match ?
I don’t want moureen be sacked yet, please let him be manager of chelsea, until we beat them in the next Premier League, then he can be sacked, I really want Wenger to beat him in Premier League so bad


“I don’t want moureen be sacked yet, please let him be manager of chelsea, until we beat them in the next Premier League, then he can be sacked, I really want Wenger to beat him in Premier League so bad”


I will be in London for that match and it would be just about the best day of my life if Moronho was sacked right after it, preferably during his post-match presser while he’s trying to explain the reasons why Chel$ki lost 9-0.


Can someone explain the bonus rating to an ignoramus like myself? Thanks!


Diving scores.

Thierry Bergkamp

How many of the 15 points has Cech won for us already?


I guess 3 against manure and definitely 3 against bayern and today 3. That’s 9 right?


Some random stuffs for today win : I prefer Kos – Gab as our central defender I do really wonder, could we play 442 with Walcott and Giroud as double striker ? I just saw a FLAMING – COQ axis… and it’s great, will they play in next league cup match ? I don’t want moureen be sacked yet, please let him be manager of chelsea, until we beat them in the next Premier League, then he can be sacked, I really want Wenger to beat him in Premier League so bad AND WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE !!!!… Read more »


See above. And above. And above.

Tanzanian Gooner

10/10 for that Last minute tackle by Gabriel. And Mr 7amkick off, wherever you are, can you please analyse how many points has Cech saved us already this season in your by the numbers column. What a signing he has been!!!!

Tommy Gunner

I don’t think it really something you can easily quantify. It would involve making extremely subjective decisions on which saves Cech has made that Szczesny/Ospina would not have made. He has, without doubt, won us points this season – we’ll just never know for sure which points they are!


Just go game by game and look at his saves. Probably 3 points saved so far with the Liverpool draw and today.


Definitely more than 3. If he doesn’t save Martial’s shot at the end of the first half we could have drawn or even lost that game. The same could be said for others game but I’d say 6 or 7 so far, but as he said above, it’s difficult to quantify.


You could count the times you weren’t freaked out when Cech was outside the box. Or the numbers of times you didn’t yell “Schzesny what are you doing?”

2015-2016 = the year we'e been waiting for

As Cech was our only signing this summer, after 38 games take this season’s points total and substract last season’s points total from it.

Gooner Rises

Where is the ox that scared chelsea in the community shield


NACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE!!!????? Killed it can’t breathe!!!!!


Delefeu’s dive was absolutely disgusting. Other than that, they gave us a good challenge in the 2nd half. We were excellent again.


Doesn’t the Premier League review diving incidents after the fact now? Or was that only a proposal rather than a new procedure?

Pigeon Superstition

No. The rule is only for retrospective action against players who feign injury in order to blatantly get the opponent sent off.

At present, the new rule is limited to punishing players who get an opponent sent off by pretending to be hurt, and not those who dive to win free-kicks or penalties.


lmao @ Gerard Louganis

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

Thought Tom Daley was pretty exceptional on the wing for Everton this evening.


Dude, love your name, all credit to you if you came up with that one yourself


Ox needs to keep it simple. His bad decisions keep costing us.


How may I assist you?


I’m wondering why all of Oxlade’s errors always result in costly goals.

I’m losing patience

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

The guy is 22 and clearly low on confidence and needs to play himself in to some form. Plenty of great players have gone through frustrating periods and had a few teething problems. He’ll come good.

Like a BOSScielny

Özil is an unbelievable player.(how many times has this been said already?) His vision of the game, intelligent runs and eye for a killer pass legendary! His “assist” for Giroud’s effort that hit the bar: stuff straight from Disneyworld! How does he do that?


Hey barca we found your dna. Delafoo


If you want to make money call Ozil. He can assist u


as I mentioned before, it’s not a zero sum game with the strikers.

Both are needed and both are different tools for the same purpose – scoring

Giroud is learning to be more mobile despite handicap to speed and Walcott is learning to hold the ball better.

But both clearly play to their best attribute. Giroud plays a more physical game and his heading is indeed a potent weapon.

6 goals now. Where are the media numpties?


Bellerin – emphasies the importance of ability to rotate. Debuchy has a role to play this season and he will have to step up. Which is where Gabriel is. He has truly grabbed the bull by the horns. Ability to rotate through the main pairing in Meterscielny has been a problem now solved with the no nonsense Gabriel. Flamini – As I have mentioned countless times, unfairly castigaed last season. Clearly a much better player than many lazily characterise him. His passing and use of the ball has improved and you always get 110% from him. He’s also looking dangerous… Read more »


Ox is struggling. Ramsey had a bad patch and got a bit of stick a few years back too. I know a few (me included) tipped Alex to have a massive season and he’s not living up to expectation. Which probably makes it all seem worse than it actually is. Personally I can’t think of many young (ish) players with more potential. And he will need the experience, both good and bad, to realise it. I’m keeping the faith.


I think what he needs most is a run of games to be able to get some confidence and work through his issues (such as decision making). Certainly brings something nobody else on the squad does with such direct dribbling at at speed, but sometimes needs to choose the simple option over the complex.


Amazing week for Arsenal. Now for Dennis’ sake please rest Alexis.
Only two negatives. Injuries to Ramsey, Ospina and Arteta. Also chamberlin’s form. He is missing simple passes, sometimes when dribbling the ball seems to be stuck behind him as his momentum has moved him forwards. He needs to get to the same wavelength as his team mates which he will and also improve his decision making after a run of few games. His 10 team mates are in fantastic form. So they can carry him(form wise) for some time.


Special thanks to west ham for beating the and their fans for singing “you will be sacked in the morning”. Bliss

Dave O'D

Good performance, better result, showed good character and delighted to be looking down on 19 of the countries inferior excuses for football clubs. However and completely off topic, just sat down to watch some heroes programme about Sol Campbell, was wondering if anyone else saw it and have any opinions on how he comes across, my views lean far towards negative more than positive and was just wondering if this is me alone, he seems to have an unjustified vendetta on football over his race and the England captaincy, he seems very interested in himself and not the team, Beckham… Read more »

Flirty Sanchez

He is a committed Tory, to the point of even stating an interest in standing for them.

Great footballer, thanks for the contribution – I especially loved some crunching tackles.

But clearly “our” wanker.


“He seems to have an unjustified vendetta on football over his race”

Institutional racism is a problem throughout society and football has not escaped it, so I can’t hold it against him if he’s upset about it.

As for his his ambition to be a Tory MP, it doesn’t thrill me in light of my own political views but at least he has the ambition to try and impact society instead of just retiring and counting his money or pursuing purely selfish goals.

Dave O'D

Apologies over sentence structure and spelling etc but I’m 2 bottles of wine deep after a successful game 🙂

Bank of friendship

Hard fought three points today.
Some great results recently against top opposition
Thought the crowd have been great in last three home games against utd bayern and Everton.
Let’s keep it up.


Was a bit worried in the 2nd half as we were running too many people into the box trying to score vs keeping balance on the field and numbers behind the ball (such as why was Flamini who came in to sit along with Coquelin making so runs up inside the 6 yr box?) and only Gibbs seemed to be aware of the need to keep the ball and would work it into the corner. Nice mixing things up by Wenger with Everton surely thinking Walcott was going to play and didn’t seem prepared for Giroud’s physicality on the long… Read more »

Crystal Balls

I love it when the flamster plays as a false 9


Great win but our attacking options from the bench is thin


Seriously? Have you seen what Flamini can do in attack?


Customary hug between Per and Cech…Only today it was Gabriel


Let us take a moment to appreciate Action Ollie and this swashbuckling move to take out both Everton CBs to set up Ozil (fairly, in my opinion):

Flirty Sanchez

The past few years of football have been strange. Despite not winning the league we’ve seen a dramatic decline of all the rivals who can summon our heartfelt hatred. Man Utd: Have completely lost their sheen of invincibility. At times things were so bad under Ferguson that I genuinely believed he was offering terrible football players success at the price of their souls; examining the pallid faces of Carrick and Evans for signs of demonic suffering. Now they’re a juddering, tremulous wreck of their former selves, Moyesed and Gaaled and so far from the fear-mongerers they were. Plus 3-0. Tottenham:… Read more »


the team was exceptional today. the ox needs to improve on his end product. then he will be much better, he has the pace, skills and strength already. up up gooners!! COYG

Dave O'D

Don’t mind a thumbs down but you should at least after explain your reasons, I was asking a question, if you disagree that’s perfectly fine, just explain why, the whole reason I asked the question was to hear a difference of opinion

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