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Debuchy left out of France squad

Mathieu Debuchy’s mood won’t be improved by the news that he’s been left out of the France squad for the upcoming internationals.

We head into another Interlull after this weekend’s clash with Man Utd, and having lost his place to Hector Bellerin at Arsenal, the French international hasn’t been selected by manager Didier Deschamps.

When he has played for the Gunners this season, his performances have done little to suggest Bellerin’s place is under threat, and that’s been reflected in his absence from the France squad.

Debuchy has already gone public with his displeasure at his current situation. With Euro 2016 on the horizon, he revealed discussions with Arsene Wenger back in Septemeber, “Even though I didn’t play a lot last season, in my head I thought I’d return to the starting lineup after my recovery. But at the Community Shield against Chelsea, Wenger chose him, [Hector] Bellerin.

“It was a surprise and a disappointment. Let’s say it crossed my mind [leaving]…but I want to be at Arsenal and to regain my place.

“He told me nothing was gained and that there’s a lot of games over the course of a season. He knows I’m worried though because there’s an important deadline at the end of the season.

“It’s a must to hold down a first team place. It’s clear. To be effective on the field you need game time. In the long-term, if this situation continues it could become tricky.”

So he’s gone from first choice for club, and country at World Cup 2014, to back-up at Arsenal and out of the squad entirely on an international level.

Let’s see how he reacts. Laurent Koscielny hasn’t been selected either, due to his hamstring injury, while Olivier Giroud is one of the forwards selected by Deschamps.

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Hope this wakes him up from his slumber and get back to his best.


January exit.


Strange to think France don’t have a place for our Coq either.

just telling it like it is

Our Coq is too big for them anyways


I am not too surprised. I know his Arsenal career has been stop start due to his injuries. But this season he has looked fairly poor when he has been given opportunities to play. I think part of being a professional footballer is you always need to be on your toes, keep in shape, and stay positive, because when you are on the fringes and you get given an opportunity to play – you have to take it, otherwise the gaffa is going to think even less of you than he did before. Take Flamini as a prime example, he… Read more »

David C

and bring Jenks back as cover or use Chambers?


I’m hoping he can be used as CB vs United. Mertesacker on the left side of central defence will be under pressure from both Martial and Depay.


Right*, not left


Doesn’t make your point any better I’m afraid.


He did a job when we needed it but Mertesacker and Gabriel are far better CB’s than Debuchy.


We need to have @stillberto ‘s latest column on arseblog posted here


He’s probably done his cause more harm by playing than not, this season!

Runty Wilson

To be fair he looked pretty rusty (a bit like Chambers this season at times), but he definitely needs game time to improve. Game time is hard to come by when you’re not playing of course.


The direct link to the blog for those who suffer violent nausea when on Metro’s website.


He just need to accept fate made possible by his two horrendous injuries last season. Work hard and tomorrow might be his day


Deschamps obviously watched the Sp*rs game!!


Bring back the corporal i say.


Needs to stop his whingeing in the press and start improving his performances on the pitch when given the chance.

Man Manny

Debuchy is paying the price for being Bellerined.


why are we discussing this? Debuchy is a professional player, he had play time and Bellerin has clearly shown he’s capable of far more than Debuchy, hence the result. If he wants to get back to the lineup he just needs to prove us all wrong and work harder. If he wants to leave, well there’s the door.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

To be fair, he has bad performances because he was injured and hadn’t played for a long time. Plus, not having game time to adjust compound the problem. Walcott wasn’t good when he came back from injury. That’s the way it is in football. I remember the performance Debuchy put in when he was used a center back. If he can repeat that, then Mersacker should stay on the bench.


Disappointed in Debuchy, pushed aside by a teenager and unable to fight back sufficiently, even speaking about his interest in exploring a way out of the club rather than knuckling down and wrenching back his position. Sounds like a bit of a weiner to be honest, never had much of a challenge at eternal flops Newcastle and now he is in a stronger club he’d rather find an easy way rather than fight. He should be smashing Bellerin in training, roaring primordially into the London night sky and eating some raw meat with his steamed broccoli and pasta to make… Read more »


Kiwi Gooner?




Hahaha *roaring into the roaring primordially into the London night sky*


Me too!


Funny how sometimes ago the easiest place to get into in our starting lineup is the wingback but now you have to go an extra gear to play there. He would be wishing he was a striker or a defensive midfielder atleast he would have gotten a fair opportunity with wenger rotating the striking position


He needs game time to recapture his form. Unfortunately, he’s not likely to get a lot given how his recent performances contrast with Hector’s. I hope he doesn’t leave but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.


Jenks back next year, then Au Revoir, Debuchy.

Titty Twistah

He must be so jealous of Bellerin, able to play with Coq all the time.

The Silent G

Quel Surprise?

Nigerian Kanu

Debuchny was never a fantastic player. He’s always made those errors especially his knack of being found everywhere on the pitch apart from RB. It wasn’t obvious before to most cos he had some pace left to recover. Now, well we know it all…


Flamini must be disappointed to have been left out after his Brace.


It was earned

Alexis The Beast Of London

Hopefully this would give him a nudge to really get back to his best. To be honest the only thing he has over Bellerin right now is experience.


I like him as back up to Hector and pushing Bellerin as well but he will probably angle for a transfer in Jan if Bellerin keeps his place. Any chance we can get Jenkinson back in Jan should Arsene let his fellow Frenchman depart?


Full season loan from what I understand so, no.


Simply put, he’s not match fit. Physically or mentally.

Mesut Ohno

So we paid £12m for this 29 year old not willing to fight for his place, injury prone, can’t defend cry baby & missed out on £7.2m, 22year old who really wanted to join Arsenal, Serge Aurier.

Another fine job from Wenger.


Was a stupid signing to begin with. If only we had spent the 12m on a ST or a backup DM. Martial was available for only 19-20m at the beginning of this window.

Although Wenger strangely (and wrongly) believed he wasn’t available at all. Transfer strategy is so mismanaged.

Martin Finley

Been out quite a while now with 2 injuries in close succession so he is probably very rusty. But only himself can do the work required to get back up to speed. Cant expect to just be handed back the first team place like its your birthright. Sometimes I do feel that Wenger is playing favourites when he keeps playing underperforming out of form players when there are alternatives on the bench who maybe deserve a chance to prove they can do better. But in this case I think he got it right. Debuchy need to prove himself the better… Read more »

Gus Caesar

Flog him on the cheap to the Gooners retirement home (West Ham) in return for for getting Jenks back early, then ask Jenks to get his Dad to sing the backing vocals to Total Eclipse of the Heart to the squad which raises morale so much that they storm to the league title by Easter. Job done, easy this management lark.

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