Friday, March 1, 2024

Video: Alexis Sanchez – “Goal”

Epic, short showcase for one of our best players – Alexis Sanchez!

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Alexis sanchez baby ..
Alexis sanchez ooo-oooh


Remember when Alexis played for other teams?

That was shit.


The first time I was ever grateful to Alexis was back in 2011. We’d just lost pretty much all our good players and had to play Udinese to get into the Champions League; he’d just left Udinese for Barcelona. Sliding Doors moment there; I’m not sure we could’ve overcome them if they still had him; then 3 years later he signs for us.


As that little soccer pundit over on BT sports says……
Him an Ozil are “second rate”


Michael Owen lost any remaining right he had to comment on football ever again, after THAT comment! How much must you have to hate Arsenal to say both Mesut & Alexis are second rate?Mesut I can understand because the media and pundits have had it in for him from day one (who cares when us fans can see how awesome he truly is) but Alexis, after the last 2 seasons of his career, guy basically carried us single handedly up until Christmas??? What are they smoking over there in the BT Studios


How often does Ozil put performances in like that?
An exceptionally talented player, and at times a joy to watch, but you’ll be hard pressed to convince me he’s delivered consistently enough so far in his Arsenal career.
I hope he finds consistency and some more goals.


You seem to lack consistency in regards to paying attention to what goes on on the pitch. Ozil is one of the hardest working midfielders in the game. Like any other player, when the team is having a bad day he can have an off day himself. But, without a doubt, we are a significantly better side with him on the pitch. I really, really don’t enjoy watching us play without Ozil.


Alexis and Mesut bored the hole off me on Sunday.
Michael Owen?? He entertains me!


Michael Owen one good goal for England and….errrrr….there was that…errrrr no it wasn’t – it was that time he….errrr, no not that….errr….actually no that was it really…whaaaat a cunt.


When he scored our third on Sunday my screaming woke my wife up! She was on nights if you were wondering…


Michael Owen walks up to a woman in a bar and says “Would you like to come home and sleep with me?” The woman looks him up and down then says “You’re a little forward, aren’t you.”


Santiago Munez footage ?


Lee Dixon was on the commentary on the stream I was watching and as Alexis was being subbed off the other commentator said “that’s 6 goals in 8 days for Alexis, not a bad return”
Dixon replied “I did that once, in training”
Then added “but everyone was away on international duty so I was training on my own” ???


Lee Dixon cracked me up all throughout! He’s a fantastic addition to any commentary team.


I didn’t believe in God until Now!

Shwoooooz Caproooz

Michael Owen is the Adrian Durham of commentary.. Frankly though, dunno who is more worse.


Media pundit logic. 55m for De Bruyne is money well spent. 42.3m for Ozil isn’t 36m for Martial is money well spent, 35m for Alexis isn’t. It affects the more simpleton fans too. 61% on BBC polled prefer Martial to Walcott never mind Walcott had two assist and cost us a mere 15m quid. They will run with the narrative that Wenger has failed in the market. Really? Did Chelsea and Moanrinho land Stones cause his defense looks shit. Is there another striker beyond fat Rooney at United? Is Bony really ‘World Class’ if Aguero is injured? Did we not… Read more »


Yes, I agree with you 100%. The press know exactly what they are talking about.
Too bad they are actually suffering from chronic mental torpor in regard to truth and honesty in regard to sport.


Now the Liverpool dominated press will be harping on about Jurgen Klopp…assuming he doesn’t go to Chelsea instead.

He’s the fellow who did very well in his first couple of seasons in a league he knows well then lost to Wenger in CL despite being a tactical genius and ran off when his team slid down the far easier Bundesliga rankings.

Oh well, maybe they can up tempo “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to rock and roll anthem at very least.

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