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Wenger: it has been a fantastic week

Arsene Wenger has praised his team after the character and desire they showed to ear their third win in 7 days.

The Gunners beat Watford last weekend, Bayern Munich in midweek, and a tough Everton side yesterday to cap what was as good a week as you can hope. And the Arsenal manager was happy to praise his players for their endeavours.

“We had a massive game on Tuesday night,” he said, “and after that it is a good test for your squad and the hand off to your players. I think we played with the right focus and desire.

“I believe that we will keep that solidarity, that desire to do well and I think we are well focused to do well and together we have improved on that front. We know that when we have the ball we can create goal chances. We went to Watford and won 3-0 and beat Bayern Munich 2-0, and beat Everton in one week.

“It has been a fantastic week. It is not easy.”

The Frenchman was pleased too at the way his side have responded to losing the opening game of the season against West Ham, going top of the table – even if it might well temporary.

“After the first game against West Ham United nobody would have predicted that. That shows that we rely on our attitude, our togetherness and our desire to do well.

“After 10 games we are there, that shows we have made some ground up. Let’s keep our togetherness and fight for the future games, that is all we can do. It is very early in the season but we are happy to be where we are.”

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Jordan Tan

Spurs, United, Bayern, Everton.

Total scalp!

Arsenal and Wenger for Team& Manager of the month?


Very well said. It indeed is a bloody fantastic week, more so of the fact with other teams dropping points around us (regardless of the outcome from the Manchester derby we will be better off IMO). Swansea away next week really is a big test, mainly because we always seem to have hiccups when things are going well. It’s been habitual the past 3 or 4 seasons. If we can put that right we really are looking at the title. Having said so Everton this week has been the sort of games we’d drop points and we have passed that… Read more »


Judging by Swansea’s recent form they are there to be had, we have so many clinical players now that we will score in most games. That coupled with the Gabmertscielny gyro and we are a scary prospect


The team seems to have developed a winning mentality.

Like Morpheus, Wenger believed when no one else did at the end of the transfer window.

Bank of friendship

Completing the second defeat on the spuds in a fortnight will finish it off nicely.


That might be stretching the definition of “a week” just a tad, but I’m with you all the way.

Alexis shots

It could have been a weak and naive week, but it’s been a good week overall.

Xavi's DNA

Wenger looks like he has taken a long stare in the mirror and resolved to do better. He”s mixing tactics up, making good in-game changes, and even visibly on the sideline telling players where to go and what to do when we seem under pressure. It’s working.

Nasri's missing chinbone

Wilshere, Rambo, dat guy, and super Tom all to return in the next few months. What a boost that will be around Christmas.


specialist in failures someone said!


And that someone is lingering in 15th, with a squad assembled in the billions. Absolute cunt.


And that someone is on the brink of being the first manager ever to be sacked twice by Chel$ki. Utter cunt.


A few posts ago we established a Chelsea Cunt Order. It went like this:

Abramovich – Cunt Overlord
Mourinho – Special Cunt
Terry – Prime Cunt
Costa – Neanderthal Cunt
Chelsea fans – Cunt Troopers


Mike Dean – Cunt Master General


Should get Sherwood to be Maureens assistant….you know to assist chelsea further down the table. (Not that Mourinho needs any help) HAHAHAHA


He’s available, Villa just sacked him this morning.


Personally I don’t mind him. Sherwood may be a bit of a dickhead maybe but Mourinho is the cunt to end all cunts.

Actually, come to think of it, even if Sherwood did badly enough by Villa to be sacked, he might do a better job at Chelsea than Maureen has this season. Give him Maureen’s job!

David C

A great week! Now I think we need to rotate quite a bit for Sheffield Wed. Please don’t even put Sanchez or Ozil on the bench, give those guys a break.

Will the team look something like this or am I putting in too many changes?

Debuchy Chambers Gabriel Gibbs
Flamini (?)
Ox (?) Campbell
Walcott (I guess since he was rested?)

Actually, when you look at our injuries Wenger is going to have play some regulars.


eduardo stark

Cech / Debuchy-Chambers-Gabriel-Gibbs / Flamini-Cazorla / Iwobi-Oxlade-Campbell / Walcott

A bit short of player atm, but some character like Cech and Cazorla would be useful to give the team a good shape


Still pisses me off to see Sagna in blue ?

David W

No. I don’t care now, we have Hector Bellerin flying up and down our wing.


A good week? And isn’t it about time? I’ve been fed up to the back teeth with maureen and his whining. Schadenfreude is a particular German sort of humour and normally it isn’t really my thing but in maureens case I’ll gladly make an exception.Looking forward to congratulating the F.A. on their fair wisdom and justice by handing the chavs a 6 figure fine and more bad news for the morose one. COYG


The bottle of Schadenfreude from my fridge was chilled and lovely. I toasted Maureen’s recent shit run and downed the lot in one go. Exquisite!


One of the joys of watching football: Watching Wenger jump happily on the sidelines with fists clenched…

Danger Mouse

I agree Aditya. Just like the photo at the head of this article. When you see the clenched fists and the little Wenger skip you know its a good day.

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