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AS Roma eye ‘difficult’ deal for Szczesny

AS Roma are keen on keeping Wojciech Szczesny on a permanent basis, however, they aren’t confident that Arsenal will be open to a deal when the Pole’s season-long loan comes to an end in the summer.

Revealing that the Serie A outfit have already lined up another keeper for next season, sporting director, Walter Sabatini, also hinted that the Gunners keeper would be open to an extended stay in the Italian capital.

“We are working on it and would like to keep Szczesny, but knowing Arsenal it will be difficult to achieve that,” said Sabatini.

“In any case, Roma are already covered in that role for next season. Who did we get? I would never tell you that!”

Speaking to Sky Italia earlier this month Szczesny spoke openly about his desire to return to Arsenal: “Nine months is a long time in football and anything can happen, but Arsenal are like a family to me and I’ve got to admit that if the Gunners do call me back, I would say yes.

“If a year ago, somebody had told me I’d be playing for Roma, I would have thought it impossible.

“I could see myself at Arsenal for all my life, and I don’t hide the fact that is still my dream. I owe a lot to the people there and if they were to give me an opportunity, I would play for them.”


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cech mate

Jenkinson, Wilshere and Sczesny were the players I wanted to see succeed most at Arsenal.
Because we have something in common; we have always been Arsenal fans

Hairy Arse

Jack is/was a West Ham fan growing up



Jack's little finger

‘Inter’s goal came thanks to a long-range effort from Gary Medel which saw Wojciech Sczcesny move marginally quicker than a jug of maple syrup.’

That above sadly sums up the Pole….. Not sure i’d lose sleep if he leaves for a bag of peanuts..


Saw the goal. Not his fault. Right in the corner.

Unyoke The Ox

Exactly. Some of the goals he conceded in that 4-4 game against Leverkusen were unstoppable too, but people tried to blame him for those. I hope he has a great season and either increases his value before signing for another club or comes back to be the best number 2 in the BPL and challenge Cech.


Does it really sum him up though? His main criticism is usually maturity, not slow movement. On the contrary his reflexes and quickness is probably one of his best features.


Learnt his lesson me thinks


W.S*: How much is Szcz?
D.L**: Our Szcz is not for sale at any price.
W.S: How about player swap with Dzeko?
D.L: i told you he’s not for sale.
W.S: Ok, $40m + 1.
D.L: What are you smoking there in Rome?
W.S: hangs Up.

*W.S for Walter Sabatini,
**D.L our one & only D**k Law.


And now, the least amusing comment award goes to….

Rob starr

Don’t know what’s worse, your name or your comment…


Like him a lot, physically good and a good character, despite some lapses. Loves Arsenal, keen to laugh at Tottenham.

Keep loaning him to Roma until we need him to replace Cech, assuming he keeps improving and is a suitable replacement. Sell him if not.


And remember, he was Golden Gloves, tying with Cech, in 2013/14. Father a very good keeper despite being a tool.

Great potential.


He’s still young as a goalkeeper. He’s getting lots of playing time at Roma who are a decent side so hopefully he’s working on ironing out his mistakes.

I’d like to see him back and challenging Cech in a year or two.


He’s old enough that he needs to start delivering on his potential.

He’s already cost Roma multiple points this season with bad errors. He’s not a bad keeper, but he’s a long ways off being Cech’s level. He still is very much showing that tendency to just commit a complete howler out of nowhere and gift the other team the game.

I like the guy and I hope he gets his head under control but sadly he’s not showing much evidence of progress this season.


Though Roma keep picking him and want to keep him.


It’s not exactly a secret. You can watch the errors yourself. Some of them are ridiculous. Worse than Southampton on New Year’s day stuff.

Roma keeps picking him because a) the alternative is a 39 year old De sanctis and b) he is obviously a really talented keeper, he just keeps making ridiculous mistakes. Garcia is trying to believe in him in the hopes he comes good. I hope he does too. I think every Arsenal fan does. But it’s just silly to act like the ridiculous errors he’s made this season so far are anything but ridiculous errors.


Which is why I hope he’s ironing out his mistakes now with this run of games, gets close to that level and comes back and challenges Cech in a year or two!

Arsenes Banter

I can’t believe some people want him to go or just don’t care. Maybe I’m a bit naive in thinking this but this guy does seem to genuinely love this club. He’s not a bad keeper at all, and has done well for us in the past. He may have a few mental issues (concentration and attitude etc) but those will be remedied with time and he could well turn into a top class keeper to back up and even rival Cech in the coming seasons


Jack Butland is a goalie for the future.

David C

not sure why this got thumbed down. He has been very good this season. Is it because of the team he plays for?

the only sam is nelson

I think we’d all love to see proper, authentic gooners like Szczesny and The Corporal being successful with the Arsenal, it’s a real buzz for fans to feel that sense of connection.

Although on the other hand, it’s not as important as being brilliant on the pitch. After all, God himself was named after Dennis Law, although at least Law had the good grace to send United down into the old second division to save himself from eternal damnation.


Take him home


no chance……mad szczesny is ours!

John C

A good keeper but you notice what he’s missing when you watch a player like Cech on a consistent basis. Considering that Cech probably has 4-5 years left at the top end of the game it’s difficult to see what future Szczesny has at the club.

Szczesny occupies the level, like a lot of recent Arsenal players, just below top class and whether he has the ability and personality to make the quite large step up remains to be seen.


The way Damian Martinez is sweeping in the championship, i don’t think we will ever see Szczesny in a consistent role in the future. Maybe he will backup Cech for a year and then leave. and that is kinda Sad 🙁


Roma need 2 keepers next year, as de sanctis will retire or leave.

Wenger's love child

Is this his way of saying good bye? No… No… No… It’s up to you now W.S, all you have to do is become world class for Roma this season and you’ve done your part. Also, don’t leave it to anyone else. Comeback home


This loan probably makes it a lot easier to keep Szczesny as a #2 next year. He won’t feel entitled to the #1 spot since he’s been effectively demoted to #3 now.

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