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Cazorla to return early as Spain game called off

Santi Cazorla will return to Arsenal early after Spain’s fixture against Belgium tonight was called off in the wake of the terrible events in Paris on Saturday night.

Security fears over the fixture, due to take place in Brussels, have led to the cancellation of the game, as links between the terrorist attackers and Belgium have emerged.

The Belgian FA issued a statement saying, “Taking into account the exceptional circumstances, we cannot take any security risk to our players and fans.”

It means an early return for Cazorla, while at Wembley later this evening, England will face France in what is sure to be an emotional encounter, particularly for the French players.

The cousin of former Arsenal midfielder Lasanna Diarra was one of the 129 victims, while only heroic security work prevented one of the attackers entering the Stade de France during the game against Germany.

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Good news about Santi: he can now rest up until the weekend.

Am I the only one who thinks that tonight’s England v France game should have been called off? It was a meaningless game anyway, and now is not the time in France to be concerned with football.

The result will be utterly inconsequential bearing in mind the circumstances: nobody is focused on soccer right now.


Liberte, egalite and fraternite

That’s three reasons.


Perfect, in every way.


The reason is that meaningless terrorists can’t just prevent us from playing football, have drink and go to gigs. That’s life, that’s liberty. And we’ll never stop to enjoy these activities. Liberté Egalité et Fraternité isn’t only our motto, it is what we are and how we think. Not only in France, but in the whole Europe.


Yes. Germany – Netherlands will be played too, probably the match in all of history where it was least about putting one over on the other side. Several players are injured or being rested, it’s pretty clear that Löw isn’t expecting any revelations on tactics or team selection or whatever, but (provided it can be done safely, which it seems wasn’t the case in Belgium) it’s good that the match will be played).

If we stop doing everything the terrorists don’t like, there isn’t much left of our lives.

the only sam is nelson

the paradox is that what *was* utterly inconsequential – an international friendly – is now imbued with a significance and importance far beyond football, or sport. Which is exactly why it should be played.


I can see FG’s point – given how little time has elapsed since Friday, maybe it’s too soon and should have been postponed. We don’t have to stop doing the things we enjoy, just maybe delay things a bit until the raw emotion settles.

However, I see it as a great opportunity to demonstrate a) England’s solidarity with France and b) that life goes on as normal no matter what terrorists do


Thanks, Smart-Arse: that’s exactly my point. This game is just too soon. Thirty years ago, a European Cup Final went ahead after 39 innocent Italians were killed inside the ground just before the game – that was wrong too. Sometimes, football has to be put to one side. It’s disrespectful to the dead, injured and their families to be playing soccer right now. This game could have been rearranged for another day.


In the real world it would have been cancelled, there isn’t another time for it to be rearranged to, as you said it is inconsequential (under different circumstances).

It is meaningful as we will have a minute’s silence, black arm bands, English people singing the French national anthem and no doubt other shows of remembering those affected.

That isn’t disrespectful, the opposite. It is showing that the dead and injured are remembered and mourned. That’s more respectful than not being remembered and mourned.

the only sam is nelson

both points of view are valid and it’s entirely likely that amongst those directly affected, some will approve of the decision to go ahead whilst others will find it shockingly insensitive. there’s no course of action which will ensure everyone is satisfied, unfortunately.


That would be capitulating… we’ve done it already and don’t wanna make a habit of it.


As far as I know, England offered France the option of calling the match off. In addition, Deschamps offered the option of leaving the squad to all of his players. Every single one of them voted to stay and play the match. Far be it from any of us, or anyone else, to make that decision for them. If the French team wants the match to go ahead, then go ahead it must.

And fuck the terrorists, because WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO THEM.


I think it was Wenger’s fault that the game went ahead Fats! 😉


in Nigeria some people need freedom they want to be called Biafra but the world are not saying anything when the war start that people will die then UN will come out by then people have gone the blood has gone, please am begging them to do something before is too let


Meshionu yourself there. Mugu

gooner For you Chibuike in particular. Now I only comment on the Arsenal here but given the circumstances, first of all it’s so sad what happened in France. Such acts always bring a bitterness in all forms of life. It reminds me of the football fans who were blown up by suicide bombers in Uganda during the 2010 world cup finals match between Spain and the Dutch. But being Africa, sadly, the world and it’s dog don’t give a. spurs what happens down here. As for your concerns in Nigeria and cries to the UN, you probably don’t want those… Read more »

Crystal Balls

There won’t be any war.. There won’t be any new country.. you guys are chasing shadows .. wake up, continue your lives and stop dreaming other people’s dreams




Some times the best response to such a tragedy is to show strength and resolution and carry on as normal. Stiff upper chin. As for Santi, he is scoring for the national side. Hope we can get him to get on the score sheet for us too. He is such an instrumental player. Often times, people Coq stroke our DM (Perfectly reasonable to an extent) without realising what an important component the other half in Santi is. If you take him out of the equation, we may struggle in midfield. I believe Wenger needs to find a player (in lieu… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

It’s good that he’s getting the rest. The reason for it, though, couldn’t be any more upsetting than it is.

Liberté, egalité and fraternité


Just a point don’t hate me.
I know it hits you hard when it happens closer to home.
But, what about grieving for more than 400,000 dead in Syria, the killing of more than a 1000 Palestinians, the people being killed Nigeri, Burma, Iraq and Afghanistan. And the people that were just killed in Lebanon?
Don’t there lives matter? Why don’t we grieve for them?
Where is there 1 minute of silence?
Pray for France, grieve for France. But I wish these double standards would stop.
#Prayfortheworld #PrayforFrance

Merlin's Panini

Unfortunately problems in Africa and the Middle East have been going on for a long time. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t grieve for the innocent lives lost in those countries too.
When these things happen out of the blue in a country that it is not expected to the sense of shock and disbelief is inevitably far greater. When these things happen in Europe it makes the people more concerned also for their own safety and of their family’s safety. It could have been anyone, anywhere in Europe.
I do agree with what you are saying though.

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