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Flamini: We have to cope with injuries

Mathieu Flamini has bemoaned the spate of injuries to teammates this season, but says it’s part and parcel of the modern game and that the Arsenal squad will have to cope.

With Tomas Rosicky, Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Danny Welbeck already sidelined, the Gunners lost captain Mikel Arteta, as well Francis Coquelin for 3 months against West Brom last weekend.

It doesn’t make life any easier but Flamini says they’ll just have to get on with it.

“Of course, it’s never easy but it’s part of the game,” he said. “The season is very long, it’s always like that, and you have to face the problems and the injuries.

“But to win titles, you don’t win it with 11 players, you need 25, and everyone has to play a role during the competitions. With such competitions and so many games, you need everyone ready.

“But sometimes you have to face reality, and injuries are part of football and part of the title race.”

Flamini may be called up to deputise again for Coquelin this weekend when Arsenal face Norwich.

Current Arsenal injuries

Francis Coquelin – Medial ligament damage

Mikel Arteta – Shorn calf

Theo Walcott – Rampant vein-grubbers

Danny Welbeck – Jizz blisters

Jack Wilshere – Pulsating gooch

Tomas Rosicky – Grizzled flange

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Yeah .. Billion dollar Man is correct.

Also … he could just buy us what we need .


Just what exactly is a “Pulsating gooch” ? Being half way around the world I’ve obviously missed something in the local lingo! 🙂

Mesut Aussie

Reminds me of a girl called Clare in 2nd year uni..

Arsene's zip

The gooch is the bit between your balls and your arsehole. I’d imagine if it was pulsating it would seriously hamper ones ability to play football.


So John Terry is a gooch

Zorro in the Box

That’s called a barse.

Rip Van's Winkel

I got one of their albums on E-bay.


Are you telling us you’re actually familiar with the other six terms?


Stop pretending that you never got Jizz Blisters…

Green gooner

Damned recurring jizz blisters.

Mesut Aussie

There’s some awful injuries blogs! Sounds like welbs needs to amend his prematch routine or post match celebrations a bit… Jizz blisters indeed..


Ox tooo!!!

Sanogo for Ballon D'Or

Dammit welbeck…stop using the incognito mode so much :/

Scott P

Those ailments got rather spicy rather fast

Man Manny

I just want to watch Ozil, Cazorla and Sanchez play; especially Ozil.
I feel sad when a match is winding down. Watching these world-class artists paint intricate patterns fills me with joy; especially Ozil.


Hope Flamini has another trick up his sleeve – something that will make even Diaby a regular!


No tricks; he cut the sleeves off…


“Jizz Blister”.
My new favourite insult.

You’re all a bunch of Jizz Blisters 😉


Welbecks, Wilsheres and Rosickys injuries sound like things you might get after some S&M session


I can hear the cry of super injuction from here.


Watching match of the day and listening to the CUNT makes me want to strangle him.


Champions league highlights not match of the day.


Would be funny if United draw at Wolfsburg a

Ozil's eyes

Do us a favour and buy us a new club Doctor. I’m told Eva is available


That won’t help Welbeck’s jizzing


Didn’t Chelsea manage last year with just 13 players or something?


Because all of them were doped and didn’t get injured.


Incorrect: Past couple seasons Chelsea did two crucial things very well, first/ they’ve made some brilliant signings and had a very well balanced squad. Second/ fundamentally perfect preseason last year is what guaranteed title for them. Their preparations were well timed and well balanced intensity wise. On contrary, this year the moaning one became complacent( and improved his arrogance) therefore his squad only Bowie starting to show signs of life, and I believe they will start picking up few extra points that might just put them in top 5 in EPL come the end of the season. Regardless, what Chelsea… Read more »


Flamini should just invest in a company that ensures only ryan shawcross, chelsea players, and of course spuds get injured.


Pulsating gooch almost sounds enjoyable

Canuck Gunner

Hmm, those don’t sound much like impact injuries, so obviously must have something to do with our training methods. Jizz blisters and pulsating gooch sound very preventable. Can’t afford to keep having these same injuries every season.


Thankfully we were spared the heat maps.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

The other night I met this girl in a trance club… still can’t get over my pulsating gooch and it’s been 3 days 🙁

Gudang Pelor

You better go see a doctor mate.


Was watching the highlights last night on ITV. I knew Roy Keane was a twat but still surprised how bigger tosser he is. The guy is a complete moron

Naija Gunner

Blogs please am lost here…..what on earth are these out-of-space ailien injuries? lols.
How I wish sp**ds, chelshit and stoke city players have them more!


It’s also called a “taint”….taint your balls and taint your arse. Cyclists know it taint fun the first rides after time off. Regarding the Flamster….kick arse and take names Mr. Flamini, some of us realize you have much levulinic acid left in your tank!

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