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Giroud: It’s ‘cool’ being Arsene’s 2000th

Olivier Giroud says it’s ‘cool’ that he was the guy to grab the 2000th goal of Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal career but stressed that victory over Swansea far more important.

The Gunners kept pace with league leaders Manchester City with a clinical second half display with Giroud breaking the deadlock before Laurent Koscielny and Joel Campbell wrapped up the points.

The Frenchman’s 49th-minute header – executed brilliantly from a Mesut Ozil corner – was the striker’s seventh of the season and tees up the Gunners nicely ahead of showdowns with Bayern Munich and Sp*rs this week.

“It is cool,” Giroud told Arsenal Player. “I will be proud to say it to my family and my friends. It is nice to score three goals and not concede one so it is another clean sheet.

“We are really pleased with the second half because the first one we had trouble. We were struggling with playing our game as it was too slow. We were not playing quick enough through the lines so that is what we succeeded to do in the second half so it is nice ahead of the game against Bayern Munich on Wednesday.

“As a striker it is always a pleasure to win, to score again and I will remember the good solidarity. We never give up, even when it is tough for us against a good team. We knew it was going to be difficult but we stayed focused and we are really pleased with the three points.”

Giroud currently has the fastest minutes-to-goals ratio of any Premier League player and six goals in his last six games for club and country; not too shabby considering he was again written off again by some quarters after losing his starting place to Theo Walcott.

Well done that man. Let’s hope the newly bearded Olivier can do it again on Wednesday night in Bavaria. He’s done it before in the Allianz Arena. 


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There is only one Oliver he is called Giroud. The 2000th goal hero


If he was called Oliver he’d probably be Oliver Gerrard.

I’m glad he’s Olivier. Much more sass and suaveness for an Olivier.


His name’s not Oliver, it’s OlivIer, just like it’s not Peter Cech, it’s Petr. They’re not English, what’s next Alex Sanchez? Micky Ozil? Frank Coquelin? Sammy Cazorla? And whilst we’re on the subject Joel Campbell doesn’t sound very Costa Rican at all, I wonder how that came about. ARSENAL, THE KINGS IN THE NORTH!


Had to read that very closely before I realized you’d capitalised the second “i” in Olivier … I was thinking “who is Olivler”?


Well done to him.

Great stats too. Cue world class striker comments one way or the other.


Let’s be honest, we’re all fickle when it comes to football. It has just become that way now.

When Giroud is off form, a comment saying that we need a “world class” striker and that Giroud isn’t good enough will get 90% likes on this site, with mostly everyone agreeing.

When he’s playing well, you’ll never see such a comment, because either no one will say it or it will be hidden because of the amount of dislikes it’s received.

I’ve been guilty of swinging both ways myself, and very frequently too. It’s just the way the game is now.


The problem is that it goes back and forth match by match and becomes very boring. Some were criticising Sanchez for not playing very well in the last match. Campbell will be criticised the first dodgy game he has, if it comes soon. I understand that commentators here are fans and hence are intrinsically positive and a few are keen to be different and hence appear like trolls. But it would be great to have more people with a bigger picture of the club.

Finally, my advice is not to admit to swinging both ways on a public forum.


Ha, advice taken on board. Probably the wrong choice of words!


Say what you like about Fatgooner but at least he’s not fickle. He’s never happy with anything.


And where has he been recently?


There’s been nothing for him to moan about.

wow Arsene a triple

what’s wrong with swinging both ways?


There’s too much going on.


and very frequently, too.


The 4Chan Lord

So, in other words, you are condoning and condemning your own behavior? Genius you are.

Zorro in the Box

He did say he swung both ways…

Johnny blowfish

This headline makes Giroud sound like a groupie commenting on his relations with a promiscuous rock star!


Has anyone ever told you you’re extremely quick on the uptake?

Arse Sutra

The most underrated striker in Europe…
Our own world class Giroud……

Cliff Bastin

Needs Jack or Thomas to be back to do one of those one-touch team goals of the season

Petits Handbag



Headline makes our boss sound like a bit of a slot tbh.

I knew it!


But i bet it was cooler being Arsene’s 1st, now who was the lucky recipient of Arsenes genes….i mean genius and score the 1st goal?




Riiiight, Thanks.


Arsenal have used 21 different players in the PL. Squad depth or not?

We have conceded the least goals. Defence?

Giroud is scoring a goal a game and we have Sanchez, Walcott and lots of others who chip in. 16 goals in the last 5 PL games. Offence?

We have 6 (or 7) players that are the best in their position in the league, imo. Quality?

We are joint top. Optimistic?

David C

and don’t forget Giroud has the best mins per goal ratio in the EPL!

Same team against Bayern I would imagine.


Ozil has the best assists per game rate in PL history.

Agreed, Gabriel is the only other I would consider.


Today is Chelsea Day

1point average 11 games 15th position. 1-11-15 sounds legit. Today’s date 1/11/15.
Happy Chelsea day


GENIUS!!! Hahaha 😀

Harish P

Sheer curiosity, but how many goals have we let in Wenger’s era? And in that length of time, how do we rank with other teams for number of goals?


7amkickoff have spoil you too much 😀


We will never know what Wenger would have accomplished with big $$ to keep and acquire “Arsenal” players during the lean years. Those were also the years of oligarch buying and spending changing the structure of the EPL. We do know he is a damn great manager and even better mentor and human being. We are a better organization, our players are better representatives and people, the world would be a better place with more Wengers and less Moron-hoes. I am proud to be a fan of this team and it’s manager. PS Giroud is class, damn hard worker, fights… Read more »

Zorro in the Box

Bendtner was a bit of a blip on that record.

And on life tbh.

Zorro in the Box

Come to think of it so was Nasri.

And Adebayor.

Wenger did really scrape the bottom of the humanity barrel during those years. Compare the teams, not in footballing terms but in terms of them as people – the Wanker Index if you will – and the comparison is startling.

Can’t fill a few gaps, but there’s a Tossers 11 somewhere (meanwhile let’s go for a 3-4-3 formation):


Cole – Gallas – Santos (remember his driving?)

Song – Nasri – Jermaine Pennant – David Bentley (more of a berk than a proper Wanker)

Bendtner – Adebayor -RvP


If we follow the conventional (media induced) thinking of the average fan, well Giroud is bloody useless.

We need a World Class Striker. Even Walcott is better.



It seems Giroud has a penchant for scoring landmark goals. I remember he also scored France’s 100th WC goal last year.


The look on Per’s face after Giroud gets a good touch on that ball. He knew it was in! Like it was planned all along! 😉 🙂

Keep it up lads!

A kick in the Debuchy

I’ve always loved Giroud and everyone else is/was/has been wrong. Let’s fight about it.


No Wonder the ladies poll says he’s the sexiest!

Stewart Robson's therapist

We knew that long before any poll came out.


The HFB has been throwing his weight around impressively as well. He seems to be winning most aerial duels and holding the ball up well. Between that and the headed goals he seems to be saying, look what I can do that Theo can’t!


Great result and very good 2nd half after a poor 1st half. Campbell a nice surprise and Cech once again shows what a world class goalkeeper can provide to the team. Winning this kind of games gives hopes of a title challenge and maybe this season we can avoid the meltdown suffered often in previous seasons. And Giroud hopefully will keep his form. Fingers crossed!


Will this season hinge on our two games with Citeh?…..4-6 points and it really could be ours.

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