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Report: Roma drop Szczesny for smoking

According to a report in Gazzetta dello Sport, Wojciech Szczesny was dropped by AS Roma at the weekend after the keeper was caught smoking in the aftermath of the Italian side’s 6-1 Champions League hammering at the hands of Barcelona.

Yep, you read that right. Caught again. Allegedly.

As has been well-documented the Pole put his Arsenal career in jeopardy last season when he lit up at St Mary’s after a New Year’s day defeat to Southampton. He was subsequently frozen out of the first team before being loaned to Roma in the summer after the acquisition of Petr Cech.

Since arriving in the Italian capital Szczesny has demonstrated impressive form – so good that Roma have spoken about keeping him permanently – and spoken openly about the stupidity of the behaviour that’s seen him earn a bad reputation.

It’s not clear where Szczesny was caught indulging in his latest cigarette – it’s suggested a teammate was also involved – but it is obvious that, if true, he’s a been bit of a plonker taking such a risk when he knows Arsene Wenger is keeping close tabs on him.

With veteran stopper Morgan de Sanctis in goal Roma lost 2-0 at home to Atalanta to compound a terrible week for Rudi Garcia’s side. It remains to be seen whether Szczesny regains his place for next weekend’s game with Torino.

UPDATE – AS Roma are claiming that Szczesny was dropped for ‘technical’ reasons. Hmm.

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April fools right ??!!

Ah Dios mio, the boy needs help.

Corona X

I had to check the calendar too!
Man, what a plank he is.

Richie Growling

Returning to Arsenal is now a pipe dream


Stupid bastard.

Xavi's DNA

Career going up in smoke.

Man Manny

This guy is his own worst enemy. He stands the risk of watching his career go up in smoke.


Somebody needs to talk to him. The boy caffeine his head at the moment.


Caffeine isn’t in a ciggie.

You for coffee.

Ramsey the phoenix

No, good goal keepers need to be a bit wild even crazy. If he performs well, his boldness will serve him well in the future.

Merlin's Panini

Cech isn’t wild or crazy. Just awesome.


Neither was Seaman

Corona X

He did sport a ponytail and moustache, though.. 🙂

Tom thumb

I don’t know whether to believe this or not,I’ve been caught out with stories here before.
But if it’s true,what a bellend.


I wonder if his Dude Where’s My Car alias is Jonny Potsmoker or Smokey McPot?

Probably neither because it was a cigarette.

Toby Moss

It’s mentioned half way through an article in an Italian tabloid, simply saying “reports say”. Not too sure how reliable it is, even if it makes logical sense.

Corona X

That’s why Blogs drew a joint in his mouth, not just a cigarette 😉


Apparently Szcz and the teammate were only caught as a member of staff could hear Easy Skanking being sung in the car park.


Of course, one should always be mindful that there are two sides to every story, and journalists are known to be economical with the truth at times, but given his history I’m mindful of the old aphorism ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire.’ Especially in young Wojciech’s case…


sexchezney bad! i kick his biscuits.

Dan Hunter


Rohith J

Why is this such a big deal? Especially considering he’s a GK?

Corona X

GK or not, he’s a professional athlete, and an idol for a lot of youngsters. And people in those two categories shouldn’t smoke (publicly), period.

Toby Moss

By the looks of it, he’s not trying to smoke in public, he just sucks at doing it privately.


You have me in tears!


Because he’s an elite footballer athlete, not a freaking bouncer!

Jack Wilshire

Yeah I agree, what the big deal?

Yours truly,





Hmm all the best seems to be at it
This is how the whole story should be seen

Ozil's eyes

We can have him back. We desperate for bodies I’m sure can move better and quicker than Geroud


“Arsene Wenger is keeping close tabs on him.”



for the benefit of our international readers, a “tab” is a british slang term for a cigarette…


South African too. In fact our slang closely resemblance to the queen’s. Off for a pint then

Arun Satyarth

Smoking is one thing. Getting caught time and again makes it look deliberate or maybe he is indeed an idiot. Does he have no idea what that silver coloured thing on the door called lock is meant for??

kez wants wenger out

I really don’t like his attitude. Although this is just a rumour I can imagine him doing something like that and also I was shocked to hear him say “It was beautiful to watch” after letting 6 balls past against Barcelona. It’s a keepers nightmare and all he says in the interview after the game is “That was beautiful to watch!”… Like wtf?


That’s his problem right there, he was watching goals go in. Do something about it you idiot, your the goalkeeper, your job is to stop them.

M Theobald

I can understand getting the bollocking for smoking in the changing room, but if he’s done it in private or in a public smoking area, what’s the problem? He’s hardly the first footballer to smoke


Charles Manson was hardly the first cult leader to kill someone.

I am not sure what your point is. Professional Athletes are paid an enormous premium to forego normal vices and preserve their bodies as best they can through training and diet.

Having been warned, fined and dropped by Arsenal you would think he’d learn his lesson. But he is acting like a 12 year old.


Super Tom

Don’t see him having a career here honestly

No way will he (or anyone) be replacing Cech in the next 5-6 years and I doubt he would want to be a backup for that long.

Super Tom




There’s something chronically wrong with this guy. All the attributes to become a great goalie, but the brain of a 15 year old.

Him and De Gea started out on the same level, but now Look at the difference.

Done defending this moron, Martinez deserves his chance, not this kid.


You clearly cannot take the ghetto out of Sir Chesney

Naija Gunner



Don’t want this dick back at Arsenal. If I had that talent I’d NEVER waste it like that.


Szczesny is clearly jeopardising his career if this happens to be true. Grow up man -_-‘



Fucking hell Szczilk Cut


No way is he smoking that spliv with his gloves on! 🙂


Really hope this is just some kind of an Italian windup. Roma have been struggling lately and Arsenal fans wouldn’t believe it but the loss of Gervinho is being touted as one of the major reasons for their slump. Shez did get dropped this wknd but don’t know if it was to shake the team up or if he got caught smoking again. Really hope it wasn’t the latter. If it was then he’s a true plonker!


He’s almost as bad as Jacky boy, its a good thing he’s only a keeper.


If this is true I don’t think Arsene will consider him a “keeper”.


Roma was keen to keep him not too long ago. Could this be a ploy to get us to sell him?


Read/wrote this whilst smoking. Couldn’t care less if he smokes so long as the ball is kept out of the net. This prissy “he’s a role model” mindset is out dated; we live in an age where information is readily available for kids and its up to them and their parents to make the right choices about their lifestyles. If they want to smoke they’re going to smoke, not because Szczsney does


Or the fact that we have TV shows like the Mad Men. However. There are coflicting reports on what actually happened. So let’s wait for the truth. He might have benched cuz he let 6 past him. We all know what the Italian media is capable of.

Abou Diaby Institute of Medical Science and Technology

I’m sure Pirlo smokes and he’s an outfielder

Although, to be fair, I’d probably give him a pass too. It helps that he looks like a Renaissance-era merchant prince.


What an absolute plank this guy is. It doesn’t matter if he is a role model or not, Wenger said don’t do it as it will affect his career and he found out the hard way that it did and yet this complete idiot goes and does it again. Deserves everything he gets. I personally don’t want him back at our great club. If you’re committed you will make it just like bellerin and coqelan if not you will end up like this plank.


poor shez. always beaten by a lucky strike!


According to the standard, complete with quotes from Roma’s management, it was for ‘technical reasons’, not smoking.

Blogs, pls verify!


Story has since been updated

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