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Coquelin: spirit helps make up for injuries

Francis Coquelin says that the team spirit at Arsenal is helping them achieve results even with a plethora of first team players out injured.

The French midfielder is one of the casualties, sidelined until late February with a knee ligament complaint, but he’s hailed the performances of Aaron Ramsey and Mathieu Flamini who have taken up the baton in his stead.

With Santi Cazorla also injured, it’s meant a new midfield partnership, and Coquelin believes that everyone pitching in to help offset the absences plays a part in recent results.

“If someone gets injured, the spirit in the squad is really good,” he told the official site.

“As soon as someone comes in, they put a shift in and you can see that even when we lose a lot of players, because the team is still really strong. That’s really good for what we want to achieve, to win the title, so it’s great to be able to count on everyone.

“The good thing is that everyone gets along with each other in the squad and that makes a lot of things easier.

“When you go to tell someone off, you do it and everyone takes it in a good way. We all want to go in the same direction.”

And he spoke about Ramini taking over from Cazcoq, saying, “It’s a good partnership. Aaron is a little bit more offensive. Mathieu was getting forward a bit more compared to what he did in the first games he played, but against Manchester City he showed a lot of discipline to play really well.

“He’s really important in big games and they both showed great quality, which is really good for the next game coming up.”

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Arsenal Fan

The Beast #LeCoq , come back soon!

Coqqy AF

Usually Spirit makes my Coq limp 😀


Don’t forget, flamini is undefeated in emirate stadium.


Long may this delightful record continue


That’s interesting, I had no clue about the healing power of booze.


I hope Coquelin’s continued absinthe isn’t causing to drink too many spirits and make some rum and whisky decisions.


That’s why you always hear wenger talk about spirit, mental strength and recovery in post match interviews.


Oh it’s team spirit that Le Coq is talking about! I thought he found other ways to keep himself happy while not playing 🙂


I love Ramini ?

Scott P

There’s room to love both Ramini and Sanfran, they’ve both been great!


Sanfran should team up with that short rapper/singer and do thong song 2

Easy as JVC

If I could pick just one of our long termers to come back early it would surely be this guy. I think his game could really bring out the best of Ramsey as a free scoring midfielder whilst also making us stronger at the back.


I love LeCoq…

Name:evil twin shark teeth

“…..which is really good for the next game coming up.”-francis fucking coquelin. Great midfielder.


One of the amazing thing about Ramsey is his runs, the equally astonishing fact about le Coq is his stature and hard-clean tackles… They must have all gotten that from the spirit. I love spirit.

Naija Gunner

The Best Coq in the Epl!


Someone needs to Photoshop some pompoms onto that picture.


Off topic but did you guys see ozil completely ignoring nasri in the tunnel.
The guy’s a legend.


That could be a classic mate. Very YouTube worthy


Looks like ozil ignored na$ri but saw the gimp wink at him – love the way he walks off and then kinda looks back as if to say “did that nump just wink at me”? Can imagine ozil going back and chinning the git – quite an art to chin a chinless wonder, but if anyone one can it’d be mr lazer guided passing himself!!!

Cliff Bastin

We’ve shown we can score even with an injured coq.


I think “Coqzorla” sounds better than Cazcoq”.

Goone's Farm

What about Cazolin?

Goone's Farm

Although it has the major disadvantage of taking the “Coq” bit out of the partnership…

Scott P

Sanfran (who knew they were from California?)

Ok… I’m all out.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If we’d picked up Florian Thuavin a few years ago we could have been fielding….

Coq au vin

Where’s that bloody coat stand?

Easy as JVC

I’ve always dreamed of a messi Coq.

Tarquin Farquar

Well said coq, you couldn’t have a word with this Kenny cunt Cuntingham who is suddenly having a lot to say claiming our bfg is weak link. Does he not have over 100 caps for Germany and currently one of best centre back pairing in league. Where do these cunts come from and talking of cunts did anyone hear carragher saying we haven’t improved the others have got worse and next year what will we do when they improve. Have I mentioned the word cunt!!

Serge Blanco

Carraghers comments exposed him as the second rate pundit that he is. No team ever wins the title where their title rivals do not under perform. I cannot remember any title race at all where the top two finished the season and everyone said how brilliant they both were. It NEVER happens. Pointless, uneducated remark from a really dull pundit. MNF does miss the early Gary Neville before he started believing his own press .


Team spirit.

Ask Chelshit.

Same team the media pundits and ‘experts’ picked start of season to win the league because of their ‘world class’ quality, large spending in transfer market and winning pedigree.

Same Special One Manager (cough cough)

Same world class Costa their season.;)


We need to buy a “world class DM” like Wanyama or MVilla or Melo or Capoue (all at struggling clubs) or for the matter Schneiderlin or Cabaye (largely anonymous where they’ve gone) Never mind hardly anyone can recall who plays DM for Leicester City. World Class? Flamini is a better player than many imagine him to be. Rammini have to find their own equilibrium with the team and vice versa. It’s not just FIFA16 putting widgets in. There are soft intangibles in player management. We are dealing with humans and aspirations. Wenger is getting the best out of motivating his… Read more »


Rammni could have easily been Flamsey They’ve found good partnership. Flamini has his weakness but he plays to his strength and he is also covered by Meterscielny in particular the Koscielny part. What Flamini did was stay extremely discipline. He was in effect Silva’s shadow and marked him out of the game rendering him anonymous. He also did not go harrying out to make challenges because he does not have the recovery pace of Coquelin. However he has improved his passing percentage and use of the ball. It speaks volumes that in addition to young players improving (Coquelin, Bellerin, Campbell),… Read more »


Having said that, we will need Coqzorla back as soon as possible. Beyond Rammini, we may have issues. Arteta is never fully fit largely due to wear and tear with age. I mentioned last season that I would think Flamini would be the more useful to keep on because he should have more legs plus he is versatile enough to cover several positions even if we should add to cover DM. But if Arteta is 50-50 with fitness, I do not see the likes of Bielik sufficient enough (particularly in experience at this point) to be plunged into the fray.… Read more »


The pundits need to expel controversial words to feed their mouths with wages.
Who fucking cares…we are going to have a proper good bash at the league this season! COYG!


We will win it. You heard it here first. x

chidi mbabie



I like Ramini, but I love Flamsey!


Surely it’s Flamsey and Coqzorla.

Gunnersaurus is my spirit animal

Meanwhile over on espnfc’s toe poke alexis Sanchez posted a vid professing his love for both his dog and Phil Collins’ “another day in paradise”. Could you be more conflicted blogs?

Vedant Somani

The nerves of coq!

Vedant Somani

Oh and Happy Christmas everyone!


Think it’s a blessing is disguise that cazorla is injured cos I think Ramsey would still be on the right. That would mean one of Campbell, Walcott and giroud wouldn’t be playing and they’re all in good form. Also cazorla wouldn’t fit into the midfield role so well without coq besides him. Ramseys ability to play, attack, defend and his motor makes his partnership with flamini work. What Ramsey fails to do, so far flamini has made up.

Bob Davis

Merry Christmas everyone! A winning streak for the second half of the season. Arsenal to win the Premier League and Sp?rs get relegated.

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