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Ox: Flamini has ‘smashed it’ in 2015

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has nominated Mathieu Flamini as Arsenal’s ‘man of the year’ for 2015 in a tongue-in-cheek tribute to his entrepreneurial teammate.

The French midfielder has made headlines in recent weeks – and earned plaudits from NME – after revealing he’s invested millions of pounds co-founding a geo-energy company GF Biochemicals that commercially produces levulinic acid; a synthetic substitute for oil that could play a role in slowing climate change.

Oh…and he also secured hero status at the Emirates by bagging a brace against neighbours Sp*rs in the Capital One Cup.

Joking, not for the first time, that Flamini appears to be on his way to world domination, the Ox told Arsenal Player:

“My man of 2015? I think it has to be Mathieu Flamini. Everything that has been going on around this guy lately…he’s just smashed it ain’t he?

“I don’t even know what he’s doing but I’ve always said, I think you can go through the archives, that Mathieu Flamini is taking over the world from within the Arsenal dressing room. He’s proven me right.

“Also his two goals against Tottenham Hotspur were just unbelievable. That was a great moment to be a part of.

“Obviously, for him to score two goals like that in the derby…I mean I think he was our holding midfielder on the day.

“He’s scored a rebound from one of my shots in the first half, I don’t know what he was doing up there but it was a good finish. And then the volley was just a great goal.

“Every time he’s been asked to play he’s done a great job for us coming on and being the quality player he is.

“And obviously all that stuff with his business, he’s just unbelievable. So Flam is the man of the year for me.”

Flamini, whose record of never losing a Premier League game at the Emirates still stands, certainly appears to be a popular figure in the dressing room.

As has been well documented, he’s not only a fave of the Ox but also besties with Mesut Ozil; a burgeoning relationship that appears to be doing the German international no harm at all.

An end of year tip of the cap to you sir.


As an added bonus, here’s an interview by Sideline Football where Flamini talks about his involvement with GF Biochemicals.

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Tom thumb

I just get a mental image of him in a lab coat going around signaling hand gestures to his workforce like he does on the pitch,what a man,he’s got my vote for sure

Nasri's missing chinbone

Only him left on that video.

Welbeck's hi top fade

What a man!

Welbeck's hi top fade

He’s a man, a man’s man, a ladies man *wink*, and most importantly an Arsenal man.


A genuinely better option than some of the absolute wank the other top teams have thrown money at. (See Fellaini, Fernandinho, Fernando etc)

Dial square

Underrated in my opinion..not sure why.

Andy Mack

Probably because he came to us on a ‘free’ and far too many fans think a player can only be good if he costs a lot.


I’m certainly a fan but I do sometimes worry that he’s a little gung-ho and could be a touch more disciplined. Maybe I’m a victim of the confirmation bias Tim S about yesterday.
Still probably number 1 on the list of squad members I’d like to have a point with.


I like it when he’s rough. We need that from time to time. He’s the brute we need against the likes of Stoke. He does also possess skill as a footballer though. And in between staving off the worlds future energy crisis he services one of our royals.

There is a lot to like and admire about Flamini!


Love the flam. Hope we keep him around. He may not be a technical genius but he is certainly useful and very likeable.


The next element in the world will be flamium
It combines well with ox to form the equation below.

fl + ox -> Ar 2 tot 0


Sp*rs fans would be furious at that if they could do math or read.


Flamini wo-o-oh
Flamini wo-o-oh
He went to Italy
He came back on a free

Ronnie Pickering

Well he definitely wins goal of the season absolutely hands down for me . Until Giroud belts the winner in from 40yds against Barca !!!!

David Hillier's luggage

Is there a link to the video? Arsenal Player isn’t particularly intuitively designed.


Happy New Year Blogs by the way.


You didn’t mention that he also hit the Greek post.

David Hillier's luggage


bims lay

Tip of the hat to you my friend, the arsenal “pointer at things”, and the 1st (and only) member of the arsenal billionaire player’s club. Anybody that scores a brace against the spuds remain a hero of mine for life, regardless of whether he was supposed to be there in the first case!(lol)…who cares?

Seriously though, i agree 100% with the earlier comments that Flam is underrated, and is a very decent player that dosent get as much credit as he deserves……..who else in the squad can play as a false DM?


You just know that the “Flam” will end his Arsenal career with a PL winning medal in his pocket…it’s written in the starts you old Flamster!!



Vladimir Petrovic.

He may not have the engine of Coq or the vision of Santi or the hair of Arteta but he encapsulates all there is that’s good about playing for Arsenal. Gives 100% all the time and is willing to go the extra mile. I see Mr Gabriel taking the baton after Flam. I expect he’ll be gone at season’s end after Coq is back up again and with the possible signing of El Nino this window.


And they say we have no leaders in the squad. I mean lets be frank, he isn’t the world’s best DM but he is still a very good player and better than most deem to give him credit. Like Per and Giroud he is the lightning rod for unfair criticism even when it really isn’t his fault. People will nitpick at him where they will turn a blind eye to their favs. Flamini is a useful option to have for us as a back up and he is doing a fantastic job at the moment. He held ship against Olympiakos… Read more »


The other thing is all this bleating about DMs. Melo, MVilla, Capoue. Have they been that great as advertised by media? Are they playing for top clubs? Many get on the bandwagon (I’ll admit I have myself) but truthfully most of the prescriptions to our DM ‘issue’ have not come good. Cabaye. Did he make it at PSG? Schneiderlin working out at United. Some would practically without thought have anyone but Flamini. They want an inexperience Chambers, or Elneny never mind he has to settle and make a step up from a lower league. Wanyama is another they keep harping… Read more »

Bank of friendship

A true pro.
No sulking when not in side.
Always get 100 per cent.
Unlike some others.

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

Spot on Bank of Friendship.

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