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Southampton 4-0 Arsenal – player ratings

That was a big bunch of balls and when you look in the bag you realise it’s your own balls and the bag is actually your scrotum and you’re the star of Hostel 5 and some mad doctor is flaying you to make a lamp as some ridiculously beautiful eastern European woman eats your heart.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Bit harsh on Wojciech.


But a little generous on all the others.

Me So Hornsey

Thanks for making me laugh with the Szez gag.

But it’s still feels like laughing with a broken rib cage.


Happy Boxing Day all! I’m going to forget this game courtesy of some mulled wine. On to Bournemouth folks!
Cheers everyone!

David C

Mulled wine is the best. I had to watch this game with my Liverpool supporting family. The only thing we all agreed on was that Chelsea is crap.

First goal offside, 2nd goal foul, 3rd goal not a corner. We didn’t deserve to win, but those decisions were dreadful.


First goal offside? Anybody care to explain? I seem to remember it was a shot from 25 yards that bent around a few of our defenders


it was in the build up. Ball was played into an offside Long, who headed it back onto the edge of their attacking third, where after some scrappy play, it was shot into the net.


I was watching on a dodge stream and I thought one of our defenders provided the “assist”


Sooooo, were saying it was Sczesney in disguise?


Thought Szczesny was actually our best player, tbh. By virtue of playing in an entirely different country, well away from the starting XI.

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Boxing Day before the game: 9/10. Boxing Day after the game: -1/10

Shere Willpower

What? Why? How? Szczesny??

Running Coqmentary

what a massive pile of steaming dog shite.


Ha, right.

On the positive side, my lump of coal now seems like best gift ever!


Was Czech smoking in the showers too?


It was a rubbish, rubbish result. A collectively poor team performance. Hard to figure out why. I don’t buy into the whole ‘mentality’ issue that the media try to circulate. After the City game we were tipped for the title. Now suddenly we are completely out of it. We’re somewhere in the middle surely. Let’s just move on very quickly. Yes we are far from perfect, but there’s been some great performances this season. Sadly this was not definitely not one of them. We’re still 100% in this title race.


Struggle to really blame anyone, they look shattered and unsurprisingly so. We desperately need players back from injury, having almost zero capability to make substitutions for almost two months has these guys run well and truly into the ground. Hope we can limp through until end of January within touching distance, though it would be quite some achievement if we could..

John C

I don’t think they looked knackered at all they just looked shit and not up for the fight.


Wenger basically said after the game that the players did not want it as much as southampton did, and that we lost far too many of the tackles and challenges, which was our own doing. Yes 3 wrong decisions from the officials led to the first 3 goals, but that was out of our scope of influence, but that the fight in the tackle and the desire to win was in our own hands and we just did not do it. and I can’t disagree with Wenger on that. So far this season we have against the teams sitting 1-10,… Read more »

Tarquin Farquar

No surprise you gave our highest score to Ramsey. Other than one great pass he was shocking with the rest of the team. In fact he and flamini were the reason we were being run ragged. Need better than both in there if we are serious about winning league. Ramsey was never as bad as people made out and equally never as great as people made out.


Actually i agree with you about Ramsey and Flamini. Their primary job in this match was to support the defense and if possible support the attack. They were let down by their positioning, not providing options to the defenders was one of the mistakes and it suffocated the space for Ozil to run into since he was not able to drop deep to confuse his markers.


Pretty much. They were both flattened by Wanyama. He seemed to be one step ahead of them most of the match, and the few times he wasn’t, he’d just out-muscle them.


So much for Ramsey and Flamini who were beaten in midfield and unable to build proper phases of games for the attacking players?

Romford Pele

Glad to see the players are finally taking a winter break 😉

Tarquin Farquar

And also Calum Chambers a holding mid. Not in a million years.

Arsene's handkerchief



The way he, Gibbs and Ox are performing, you get the feeling they will never belong at Arsenal – not in a million years.


Monreal had a good game. Wow. Good game. But no one person can save a team…


4 fucking nil. Wft? A bad result would have been a draw or a one nil loss – so what the fuck is this? Boxing day ruined. Beer + loss = miserable.


Displays like this goes to show why nobody other than Arsenal fans (yep, us) feel they are in it for the title. Arsenal and Wenger will NEVER win the title with a threadbare squad like this. Hector and Joel looked out of their depth once again like they belong in the reserves. As for the subs/bench strength, who are we kidding? But once again, I hope the players put in an extraordinary effort and try to compete for the title, at least for Wenger’s sake.. Whatever he is, it is the least he deserves in his final season – that… Read more »


Bonus Rating 10/10: Christmas pudding at team lunch


After five minutes I was wondering why they had such a big Christmas lunch, it was evident that they were not up to speed within a few minutes of the start of the game



Dan D

Performances like tonight are why I’m so consistently inconsistent with my comments on here.

Just when I think we’re going to win the league we throw up that tripe.

So tonight I’m back in the, we won’t win the league corner.

Title winning teams don’t follow up great wins against title rivals with meak and pathetic displays like that against hard working, limited opponents.

They wanted it more than us tonight, and that has happened too many times for us to win the league.

Thanks boys, merry cunting Christmas to you too, you total fucking bunch of…

Little Tripoli

Stoke 5 Arsenal 0

Little Tripoli



Came back pretty good, though, didn’t the lads?


Thankfully this is the time of year where drinking to forget is socially acceptable


Everyone looked a bit shit, end of.

Arsenal stars across the universe

And you all thought the Sheffield Wednesday game was bad! Can’t blame the kit this time though! Referee aside we were poor and we seem to give up so easily. This was though far from a tactical masterclass from Saints, just followed a well known tactical blueprint for beating us of physically bullying and harrying us and did it well with the help of a criminally lenient ref. West Brom all over again this season. This has been happening ever since our encounters with Bolton in 05-06. We will never win the league unless we are able consistently find a… Read more »


Cech really couldn’t do much on the first three goals, first was a wonder strike, second was a wide open player on the back post (that resulted from a horrible pass up the field by Walcott), third was a thumping header from 3 yards out thanks to Camberlin totally swicthing off. Only could really have any blame at all on the 3rd one. We really need to get Sanchez back quickly and hopefully an early signing in January to bring some spark to the team. I know everyone is dead tired from playing all the time and have to turn… Read more »

Steve McSween

Time for some horrible positive shtick…it’s not the losing that separates winners from the pack but how the respond to losing that shows you what they are made of


If logic works, Cech is caught smoking in the showers, then Ospina comes back to the team (having the best statistics of the league), the defenders improve drastically… and I suppose Arsenal wins the league (?)

Jung Beans

The team looked tired, actually. There was no zip, no drive, no push. I’m hoping there will be a change for Bournemouth on Monday.


I didn’t realise before that Koeman is a cunt.
Set out to disrupt by both foul and fair means. One tackle by cunt 2 (wanyama) was a leg breaker on Ramsey, ref, (cunt 3) gave a foul , no card , not even yellow.

Doesn’t excuse our insipid performance…….


What on earth did Koeman do?! Think he’s a thoroughly decent bloke and a very good manager. Let’s not direct anger at the wrong people!

Titty Camara

Nothing at all. But don’t forget all new Arsenal fans believe that every other team should also tippy tappy the ball around and never make a tackle.


Welcome to Arsenal Cech. Normal service resumed


Had a bad feeling before the game but did not expect that kind of performance. Disappointed that we never looked like getting back into the game at any stage. With all our injuries in central midfield we just seem to have no options to change things there when it’s not working.


Having been at the game, this is my 2 cents. Cech had a rare clusterfuck game. He was very shaky but i dont think he should have been left on. Bellerin is having a dip in form some young players get. He seems to keep checking back inside or stopping instead of bombing on using his delicious pace we saw before. Koscielney sold per short tonight. He slipped over 3 or 4 times including before their second. This exposed pers lack of pace and made him appear much worse that he was. Since when do we play everything from the… Read more »


To be fair to Kos, and believe me I know he had a mare tonight, he was taken out by Long in the lead up to their second. Yeah, we were shocking, but there was an offside in the lead up to the first, the second a foul on Kos and the third wasn’t a corner. We still should have defended better but the officials were very poor. Need a major reaction on Monday. Hope we have enough in the tank to produce it.


You have mentioned a subtle point – this playing from the back trope which we seemingly abondoned in favour of “Cech-hoisting-Giroud-chesting” was back on show last game.

This made Koeman’s tactics look spot-on – no real pressure on CBs in our half but pressure on our weak MF. No wonder Per, Kos, Flam, the useless Ramsey were all shouting at each other all game and the so-called passing game never entered their half.


Awful. We (barely) turned up with a strangely lacklustre and complacent attitude and seemed to just give up after we shipped the second. Surely it was inevitable that the corollary of all the attention that Özil has been receiving in the press was similar attention on the pitch. We just can’t afford to have him taken out of games like that! Felt Cech could have done much better on the second two goals. An off night by almost everyone.

Time for a drink or five and to rekindle hope for Monday …


? No comment 🙁

Freddie 8

4 and 6 was prob late from feasting christmas on the other side of the sea…
PS. maybe #6 whorst match in a Arsenal team…

Arsenal hurts

Cant type enough fucks to describe this performance…


Ok. So Arsenal was bad. Just as bad as Southampton in fact. But when a team scores three goals after cheating and referee mistakes they might look good. So blame Ramsey and Flamini. Or the Arsenal attack. The first goal was a wonderstrike after a Soton player was offside. The second was scores after a trip by shame long on koz. How could koz track him back lying face down. It’s all Ramseys fault. Has to be. And the third goal was a clearcut corner? Nothing wrong with the referee. Ramsey and Flamini sucked and Soton was Great? Right? Or… Read more »


We got beaten fair and square. Ramsey and Flamini were utterly dominated today.


Ok trez. Prove it. Post a clip when There is not offside before the first goal. Post another clip to prove koz is not tripped by shame before the second. Just do it, give me some proof or shut up. If I don’t see any proof I’ll asume you’re just another arsenal fan.


Ozil, Ramsey, and Giroud were marked (and fouled) out of the match, well played to them. Looked to me like the Gunners were all afraid of getting kicked and injured (with the way S’hiteton were playing, easy to see why). Anybody know how many yellows Flamini is on? Thought for sure he’d be up for a bit of turnabout, but it never seemed to happen. Ramsey finally woke up as to how this match was to be played when Wanyama tried to put him out of it. All in all the Officiating was an abject failure and set the game… Read more »


All fair points and valid excuses but tell me, did we really create anything of note yesterday? Did we get going in an attacking sense? Did we even look like we wanted to win? That is the key issue here.

When you are listless, that too away from home, very often the Oppn. senses this and they, one way or the other, make you pay for it. That is what happened yesterday.

Glasgow Gooner

Likely underestimated this opposition for the 2nd year running. Next time we will surely hammer them.


Everyone deserved a 3 at best. Very very disappointing. We’ll not be winning the league anytime soon. No grit and determination, no winning mentality.
You’ll see people justifying it by saying leicester lost and what not.
Team is scared of going top.
3rd place as usual i guess.


One of the worst things about this result is the Wenger hokey-Kokey that’ll follow. I have to give credit to Southampton’s tactics, but what was so shocking was the players lack of response when we were being outplayed. Not a single one showed up, except maybe Ramsey, but even he threw the towel in when no one else around upped their level. I think I’ll have another beer or 5 now.

monkey knees

Sadly, we all knew this was coming…

canizares's targarian locks

on what planet was Kosc as bad Mertesacker?

Olivier's 6Pack

Walking in at 630am – half carted – I just had them feels that it was going to be a bad Arsenal day. We just didn’t turn up. Rambo gets a lot of stick but only he played with his heart on his sleeve today; here’s hoping Shitty and City draw and we pop some cherries.


Who gets dropped and who starts monday? I assume Ox, Gibbs, Chambers, Gabriel come in for Campbell, Monreal, Flams, and Kos. Honestly though, we need the reinforcements that are currently injured. You know the boys are exhausted, and probably told Forsythe to play ‘Hide and Go Fuck Yourself’ after hearing the Alexis news earlier this week.


Start the Ox? No offence, but I would start Iwobi ahead of the Ox any day.


Ok, we were poor, but referee (all of them) had a horrible game. One of the game where nothing went for us. We are unlucky to have to cope up with so many injuries ; At the same time, we are lucky that this still is a very very open league with Arsenal still one of the favourites to win the league! Glass half full / half empty? Still need atleast a midfield re-inforcement. We have 3 players from Southampton, can do with getting a decent one to slot straight at midfield. 😉 Not a good result by any strech,… Read more »


Ok, we need a central midfielder. If its a stop gap or a longterm replacement for Arteta/Rosicky/Flamini’s places in the squad is not really important, but he needs to be a) good and b) you know – injury free. However the position were we really need to improve quality vise is on the right side of attack. While Campbell is better than many thought, he is surely not as good as people thought the Ox would be. And with our first choice right winger – Welsh Jesus – used centrally this is the area where we need to improve the… Read more »


Will still win the league!


Champions don’t get beat 4-0.

John C

Not sure in the same season though, we’ve already lost 4-0, 5-1, and 3-0 to a championship side this season and it’s not even the new year.


Only one of hose results happened in the league. The others are irrelevant when we’re talking about being champions of the league.


No offense but trust Blogs to find lame excuses like this.

Let us see what he comes up with, come end of the season. But thanks to Arsene, he already has one: squad depth.


Course I do.

Been supporting Arsenal all these years after all, haven’t I? So, like you, bound to know a lot about excuses 🙂


The players look complacent and tired. Soton simply more aggressive and fit, our players couldn’t cope with it. Just a bad day in office then. Hope there are 2 or 3 rotation in Bournemouth game. Look forward to see Gabs starting as he will add more energy in the back four.


Oh Santi where art thou? We missed the little Spaniard tonight, as well as Sanchez’s dynamism. Wouldn’t mind seeing Chambers on for Flamini tbh and Theo starts from the center again.

Crash Fistfight

I think it was Santori saying that Santi will be missed more than people would think. It’s these games where that is true – so many times there was no pass on for the two centre-backs because of the Southampton press, with nobody in midfield able to turn away from the pressure and start off attacks.

Arsene Knows

Awful performance and result, fuming, all the posts said it all, we need more quality players, nothing on our bench blah blah… However, I remember looking at the stats at half time, we had all the play, nearly 70% of the ball, 200 more passes, 4 corners to their 0 and they had one shot on target, I thought at the time that it’s just not our day, a total fluke which looked a worldy which seems to happen a lot to us then they get that outrageous 2nd goal when long should have got a 2nd yellow that was… Read more »

Dai Bach

Let’s not make excuses about the ref – could have been 7 actually – Van Dijk and Long had goals disallowed with calls that could have gone the other way and Long hit the post.


Dreadful The entire team were lethargic and in a stupor. As mentioned, complacency is our main enemy. The repeat melt downs are worrying. Just when you thought the team has turned a corner, we have another Olympigreb. At a goal down half time, we should have done the simple thing, tighten up at the back and clawed back the next goal. Instead we were so flagrantly open and leaked another 3 goals which frankly Soton deserve and you could see coming a mile away. The frontline registered very little up front and the build up play was slow, not incisive.… Read more »

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