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Wenger praise for two special forwards

Arsene Wenger has praised Joel Campbell and Olivier Giroud after the pair contributed this week to a famous European victory.

Giroud got his first Arsenal hat-trick while the Costa Rican forward was instrumental in the win with a brilliant assist for the second Arsenal strike.

The Arsenal manager was quick to give props to Campbell who is making the most of the chance afforded to him because of injuries.

“He shows slowly, game by game, that he has the talent to do it,” he said.

“If you look at his numbers since he played, you look at the number of goals he has scored and the number of assists he has given, you can say it is much better than people think it is.

“The other night, the ball he gives for the second goal absolutely shows that there is something special in him.

“On top of that I think he is a guy who puts his body on the line for the team. He works really hard. He is not only a player who shows talent but he is a guy who puts a shift in for the team.”

And on Giroud, Wenger said, “If you look at the number of games and the number of goals, you have to give him credit. He’s not only a goalscorer, he’s a guy who puts work in for the team. I think he’s among the best strikers in Europe.

“I believe recently he has come back with an improved game and with his finishing. Wednesday was one of his best performances on all fronts, I must say. If you look at his record, I believe he has special qualities that are difficult to find.”

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Sanchez Welbeck Joel Campbell Olivier Giroud Walcott – You have to think could be the most formidable front line in Europe just behind MSN and BBC and to an extent the PSG one.

How Wenger has put this together should be commended.


71 goals, only 3 pens. Works for all his goals. People don’t give Olivier enough credit. Yeah he’s a different player to Aguero etc, but he’s quality nonetheless. top performance from him this game, hope he can keep it up!


The three Pens number is one that’s really bothering me for like no reason. Normally I can remember goals and assists in low numbers like that, but what were the penalties that he’s scored other than Olympiacos?


Never mind, I found it. Fenerbache away and Southampton home in 2013/14


A few years ago it would have been the obvious and brilliant combination to play Giroud and Walcott together in a 4-4-2. I’m sure both of them would have been a very potent combination.

David C

don’t forget his size defending set pieces and his ability to stay fairly healthy (except for the freak injury last year trying to block the ball).

I’ve always loved Olivier and I’m glad more fans are coming on board. it’s not his fault he is not as flashy as Henry/Dennis.

Should be doing an essay

Personally, I find it hard to see why OG attracts so much criticism from the fans. Something I often hear used against him is the way he reacts when he misses chances, I would always prefer one of our players to show passion on the pitch and Giroud does that. There is no other striker in the world I would rather have playing for Arsenal. He fits the team ethos and system perfectly, and after the likes of Adebayor and Van Persie, it is so nice to see a striker who seems loyal and committed to the cause, giving his… Read more »

Ozil's eyes

At the biginning of the season who thought Ox will be behind Campbell. Ox needs some psychological coaching he’s got the ability and he’s capable. Only God knows what’s going on in his head.


“Must try harder. Must try harder. Must try harder. Must try harder.”

I dig Ox, and he’ll get there. He’s stuck in a tough loop at the moment though.

Goone's Farm

“Ox – and I know you read my comments, Ox. This is your chance to shine, Ox. Grab the bull by the horns Ox. Be strong as an… Carry that yoke. Gore things. Paw the ground. Snort. Terrorize the left back. Score. But don’t give the ball away. Be Ox-like.” I may not be a licensed psychological coach, but I tried.


He’s experiencing what Ramsey went through before he exploded onto the scene. Just need that drive and consistency. Come on Ox!


i think maybe, his game has become predictable. He is a talented player, he can pass, dribble, shoot and has the stamina to get up and down the pitch. When he burst onto the scene, he was terrorizing defenses with his direct running with the ball and readiness to shoot from distance. But now that teams know these qualities of him, maybe he needs to show his broader game. maybe he doesn’t always need to run with the ball, because more often than not, teams seem to be showing him down blind alleys. Like so many other players, his game… Read more »


Well put!

Tenzo (Theo's secret lover)

He tries too hard. Like a dude about to get his knob wet for the first time fumbling with the condom. The window to impress is short, and if he feels that if he doesn’t take his chance and perform, it might be another extended period before he gets another shot.




Are speaking from experience?




Very gratified to see Campbell seizing his chance. He looked so good at the 2014 WC but it seemed as if he’d never reproduce that kind of form in an Arsenal shirt. Really good to see him quietly staking his claim on the first team now that the injury gods have thrown him a bone. A little worried about what this will mean for the Ox but I guess that’s a good problem to have(?).


Campbell reminds me a bit of Coq very much out of the picture then seizing his chance when it presented itself. Have there been hiccups for sure however I can think of a few teams (namely one in Manchester) who could use a player like him

Me So Hornsey

Love Campbell’s work rate and defensive dligence. It’s just awesome to behold.

Also isn’t it great that HFB is finally getting the credit due rather than that ridiculously overrated ‘one-of-their-own’ up the road.


He is smashing. We have made him world class in my opinion. Improvement he has made since joining is not to be scoffed at.

Realistically given another 2 years he could well be chasing down god Pires and Co for no of goals scored.


Take a bow Arsene!


Blimey! I thought the HFB had a hair out of place in the photo…but it was just a rivet, of course!


I also thought HFB was holding a chicken drumstick……but he isn’t.


Meanwhile, Ramsey in the background…

I imagine Giroud is saying “This guy needs some help” to the cameraman.


He has everything for a CF his size. His hold up and link up play is quality. It’s just the chances he misses. I think he’s up there for most clear cut chances missed. My sense is that he’s slightly improving.


71 goals and only 3 penalties is nothing to scoff it. That’s actually very impressive indeed. Still think he is utilized best when coming off the bench but everyone has to be fit & firing for that scenario to play out. Just lover how Giroud, Campbell, Coq & Hector have really taken their chances when the injury gods reared their ugly heads in to give these guys the opportunities. To an extent, Monreal has done that as well. Ox, Jack, Chambers and others on the fringe should take inspiration from this. Hopefully Flamster steps up to the challenge as well… Read more »


Wow that picture at the start of the article..#gayforgiroud


The injuries seem to be a silver lining for Arsenal. We can now see the talent of others in the team – and especially as they rise to help the team- Campbell, Monreal. A healthy competition.


We are going on top of the table today or Maureen will be sacked Monday. Can’t wait COYG

chidi mbabie

Weldone lads

Zuhair ul Haq

He’s now got 2 goals & 2 assists in 10 appearances this season, and given his growth in confidence, I see those already decent numbers increasing.

Bendtners Dad

Delighted for Campbell. Most of my time following Arsenal there’s nearly always been a Campbell in the team, it just feels natural. Was genuinely nervous for him early in this spell when he played a through ball to Ozil who was deliberately 5 yards offside. But his increased work rate and the vision of his two assists bode well for the future. Onwards and upwards


Really hoping the rest of our squad players can raise their game and seize the chances when being given the chance to play. I’m talking about Debuchy, Gibbs, Ox and perhaps even Chambers…


Giroud is like fine wine, he matures well with age. remember the stop start career of the dutch skunk until he finally had a fully fit year and started banging them in for us. Giroud is a hard worker and strives constantly to improve. He came in with little reputation at 12m and has improved himself steadily over the seasons. He can get better now that he has hit the 50 goal mark. This is the organic improvement we are talking about. Not everything is about buying a ‘world class’ player, sometimes you make world class and that’s what we… Read more »

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