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Wenger looking for LANS boost

We all know that having players come back from injury is like a new signing.

This time around Arsene Wenger hasn’t said that, per se, but he’s hopeful that when we do get the likes of Tomas Rosicky, Danny Welbeck, Jack Wilshere, Francis Coquelin and Danny Welbeck back there’ll be a positive effect on the squad.

Asked it he was planning any more signings following the signing of Mohamed Elneny from FC Basel, he said, “If you give me the choice, I would prefer to have all my injured players back and go into the end of the season with everybody available.

“Welbeck for example, has been out since April last year. I’m confident that I won’t find a better player than Welbeck on the market today.

“At the moment we are at the beginning of January, we are in a strong position in the league and we have qualified in the Champions League – you can say we have an easy draw!

“We are still in the FA Cup so overall we are still in a position where we can make our season a fantastic season.

“The fact that we have players coming back from injuries will help, yes.”

We can’t wait till we get Tomti Welcoqshire back either.

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It’s a shame that it’s the same players again and again that are LANS.


LAOS ;_;



Who needs Van P*rsie when you've got Giroud

Your coat, sir.


The finest China is the most brittle.

Neils Scruggs

Sanchez has barely missed any time since coming to Arsenal.
Santi has played more games than any other Arsenal players since arriving.
This is Coquelin’s first time with a long-term injury.
Not positive, but I don’t believe Welbeck missed any time before this long-term injury.

But yes, Tomas and Young Jack are often injured.

N1,N8 and now N11 Gooner

Good words Neils. I say victory through harmony and the vocal miseries should pipe down.


I think Welbeck had a bit of history with injuries, truth be told, but your point is valid.


Wait, your post is unintentionally highlighting the fact a lot of our currently injured players also have a history of playing a high amount of games (Coq has basically been rampant and playing most games since he came into the squad too).


I hope that Welbecks return, will be Coquelin(esc)


“This time around Arsene Wenger hasn’t said that, per se, but he’s hopeful that when we do get the likes of Tomas Rosicky, Danny Welbeck, Jack Wilshere, Francis Coquelin and Danny Welbeck back there’ll be a positive effect on the squad.”

So, we have cloned Welbeck in the meantime indeed.
Should have done Alexis instead.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

LVG wanted out and let go a guy who cannot be found on the market today. Poor january market or some talent Wenger can see and LVG was blind on.


If we get the type of contributions that Wilshere and Welbeck are capable of we’ll walk away w the title..


If he can get the oh so Welbeck total of 8 goals a season in the 17 remaining league goals that would be great.

Goone's Farm

Slating his goal tally isn’t really fair, specially last year. He only had a consistent run of games as our main striker for a couple months while Giroud was out, and his injury kept him out of the last part too. Keep in mind that he had to adapt to a new team, I’m still hopeful he’ll come good.

Thierry Bergkamp

Why so many red thumbs? Is that not true?

Arshavin's Left foot

I hope they all get back soon and let’s kick the arse outta the DNA wankers.


I’ve given up any hope of having a fully fit squad to choose from. We should assume that on an avg couple of players will be in recovery and plan accordingly.

Ofcourse we wouldn’t know which department will be hit but Wenger likes play the squad members in different positions.

Use the full squad size i.e. a registered set of senior players taking up the 25 places.


It’s terribly cliché but some of those folks have been gone so long they really will seem LANS – especially as we’ve been doing pretty well without them so far.

On another note, I guess Wenger’s “very busy” in the January window means one player in & possibly one out? For once though, I agree with him, he’s really not going to find anyone better in January than the folks on our injured list.
[Get your shit together Shad!]


Tomas, Danny, Santi, Le Coq, all knees. Jack, bone/ankle. Shad can’t do anything about those. Considering they’re 5 out of 6 injuries right now coming out of the Holiday madness, I’ve got to give Shad a giant gold star. Alexis is the other, and that I’d attribute to Alexis being overeager and Wenger taking a gamble.

Look at Liverpool and all the hamstrings they’ve got going- now THAT is a Manager & Trainer problem.

Phil Collins

God, I can’t wait for Welbeck to be back. Long term, if Wenger can work the magic he so often has with strikers, I’m still really optimistic about Welbeck as a centre forward.

Then again, I inflict suffering upon people for monetary gain, so what do I know?


Goone's Farm

No I totally agree with people believing in Welbeck. The boy is 25, he’s been playing for top Prem teams for 6-7 seasons now and his best is definitely yet to come. If you consider that Giroud first made the switch to England at 25 and turned out to be such a solid performer for us throughout, hitting his peak on 2015 and still growing from strength to strength, there’s no reason Welbeck shouldn’t be given the same opportunity. He definitely has the talent, physical attributes attitude to succeed. I’m very encouraged by the prospect of the player we’ll have… Read more »


I really do miss welbeck the most. Hope he’s waiting man useless so he can do the wonders against them.


No, I won’t be buying any more players.

Abou Diaby Institute of Medical Science and Technology

Jack’s got those new adamantium plates in his ankles though. He’s bulletproof now

Can’t wait to have that little bulldog back on the pitch

Lord Bendtner

I’m not as excited about welbecks comeback as I am for Wilshere. That is because Giroud is killing it. And Wilshere has this aggressiveness to his play that you know when he comes back he’s gonna come back all guns blazing. And I want to see that Wilshere, can’t wait for his return!


It is unrealistic in a sport such as football to have your full team healthy throughout a campaign that is why quality depth in the squad is so important. We have it on the wing, have it in the back, have it a striker (though of course this does not mean we have proper quality in all areas, that is a different argument), but the two areas I think we’ve really lacked are DM and attacking mid. Yes we have bodies, but nobody to really step in and come close to the job that Coquelin did and that Ozil is… Read more »


Schneiderlin. But it’s all academic now.
We’ve done ok without coquelin, just about. Elnenny should step in now, so lets see.
Against Barcelona for instance, two could play at the base of midfield if both are fit.
I often wonder, if you have two sitting midfielders, doesn’t it free up the attacking players a bit more, compensation for one less attacking player? And one of the two can always get involved, since we really don’t have cattermole type cloggers at the base of midfield.


So with Wilshere, Arteta, Santi, Rosicky and Coq out of the midfield, we sit top of the league.
Can someone’s explain how this makes us lacking in midfield please?


Great all these players are coming back but this is The Arsenal! Lovely depth in squad first week of Feb and then more injuries, we will be in the same situation as we have been the last few seasons. 2 player short

Kirk the 70s pin up

Is elneny available for champs league? Probably been discussed over and over but I have yet to see a formal yes or no


The heights we could reach if we had a fully functioning squad for a couple seasons.


I believe Elneny is available for Champions league. I do agree with Arsene though, who, in the positions where players are injured, is firstly, available, and secondly good enough for Arsenal? Sanchez? Santi? Welbeck? Who can we sign presently that is better? Wilshere, well I’m not 100% sure he is a guaranteed starter any more, not due to ability, far from it, but we are playing a certain way due to his absence, we have adapted, and frankly it’s working so far. I believe Arsene stated that he wanted to build the team around Wilshere. Sadly, he is unable to… Read more »

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Totally agree about the Welbeck comment, can’t wait for him to come back!…BUT he’s bloody injured and his return date is shaky at best. Please boss, sign a striker.


Gimme all the hate you want, but Welbeck will be a valuable asset to the squad later this season. I love the lad, just for joining us from ManUre last summer. A proper proper lad, this Wele.

canizares's targarian locks

By ‘gimme hate’ do you mean actually engage with reality and accept he was gash last season, consistently missing sitters?

is it recognize or recognise?

Although I am a daily reader of this blog and news site, I rarely comment on the articles. It is with a strong dose of self-satisfaction that I feel compelled to break the fast and hit the keyboard. The LANS articles inevitably stoke pessimism amongst the fan base. The greatest moments of football, or any form of entertainment, is watching the hero overcome conflict and emerge victorious. In the worst moments I view AFC’s injury crises as catastrophe – in my best I admire the resilience of our squad and the emergence of fringe players… if football is about glory… Read more »

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

I saw a stats that proves only Aguero is the most prolific striker ahead of Giroud since 2013/14 season till date. If so, then we are giving Giroud less credit than he deserves.

Yes., Piers Morgan and John Terry are cunts!

And pls… I can’t keep quite on this any longer.. What does LANS means??

I know, I know… I just need answers. Thank you!


Like A New Signing


like a new signing and yes, we are giving Giroud less credit than he deserves.

Joel Carter

Man City are winning… but John Terry scored an own goal!


And an offsides one, the cunt

Third Plebeian

that when we do get the likes of Tomas Rosicky, Danny Welbeck, Jack Wilshere, Francis Coquelin and Danny Welbeck back there’ll be a positive effect on the squad.


Apart from Coquelin, all those names are synonymous with Diaby. A few nice cameos in any given season, but no reason not to buy another player in their position/s.

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