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Elneny: I have Wenger’s confidence

Mohamed Elneny says he’s pleased Arsene Wenger handed him his first Premier League start against Sp*rs and believes his performance repaid the trust of the manager.

The Egyptian international was arguably Arsenal’s most composed player in a frantic first half at White Hart Lane and went on to complete 75 minutes before being replaced by Olivier Giroud.

During his time on the pitch the 23-year-old completed 33 of 41 passes (80% accuracy / 9% above team average) and recovered the ball on ten occasions; second only to Aaron Ramsey.

“Arsene Wenger has confidence in my abilities and the abilities of all the players…we had a good game against a strong opponent,” Elneny told beIN Sports after the 2-2 draw.

“I wanted to prove that I deserved a place in the starting line-up, and I think I earned my place today.”

With Francis Coquelin suspended tomorrow evening there’s a good chance Elneny will retain his place in the centre of midfield for tomorrow’s FA Cup fifth round replay with Hull.

Going into the game, Hull manager, Steve Bruce, says he’s pleased to have so many fit players to choose from. Like the Gunners, the Tigers made a whole host of changes for the first game and are expected to rotate again on Tuesday.

“We’re in a very good position where I’ve got 21 outfield players and every one of them is fit, which is going to help us over the next eight to 10 weeks,” said Bruce.

“Some of the squad are desperate to play. People like (Shaun) Maloney and Nick Powell in particular. It can only do them good, so in that respect we will be making changes.”

He added: “There’s nothing like a cup run. We’ve got Watford in a quarter-final here on Saturday if we get through.

“It can only be a good thing. The league is our priority, there’s no question about that, but let’s go and enjoy the cup tie and make a real good fist of it.”

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bims lay

We need to field a strong team and put them in their place now….enough of this nonsense!


What we need to do is focus on the league. None of this fourth place nonsense this year.

Tarquin Farquar

Er horse, stable and bolted spring to mind!!


Rumour has it Elneny´s cousin works in a South London garage..
Tooting car man.

Arsene-al fan

Not that bad, given his Egyptian origins, though you have been buried (entombed?) so far.

Take your coat and ‘walk like an Egyptian’.


Tough crowd on here today!

Why not

Well as an egyptian myself. The jokes themselves are a bit tame and to be frank the same garbage your average drunk at the pub tells you.

Bob Davis

He played well against Sp?rs. He’s got some good stats so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do over the next 9 games. Hope he plays against Hull tomorrow night!

Arsene's zip

There was a moment in the 1st half where he got the ball just outside their box with a bit of space…. I really wanted him to twat it at the goal, but he laid it off to Alexis.

Unyoke The Ox

He was on a twatting fest on his debut, sometimes when there was a better pass on. Perhaps, Wenger told him to ease off a bit?


We’ve already got to him and worked that shooting instinct right out. Come on now, we’re the Arsenal, some things just aren’t done.

Crash Fistfight

To be fair, we usually coach the ability to shoot out of players within 6 months of them being at Arsenal, so it’s no wonder they don’t think shooting is a good option.


It’s likely he had strict orders of a defensive and midfield control mindset for that match. His previous outings he was popping up in the corner a couple times, once or twice in the box, and yeah, it looks like he can put a boot through it.


Good to hear that. Elneny’s performance was good. I hope he would be given more chance to establish himself. i believe Coquelin must have learnt his a vital lesson on Saturday. His behaviour these days on the pitch is deplorable. I hate when he throws tantrum to referees for every decision that goes against him, instead of walking away and ignore the ref. Wenger should have noticed this behaviour and dealt with it. lets hope it doesn’t happen again.

Gudang Pelor

In the contrary, I think one too many meek good boys in the squad, we need some one with fire and rage on the pitch, something Keown-ish. Though that red card lasr weekend was avoidable. I saw Gabriel playing with the same grit and I like how Mesut tries to impose himself to opponents, you clearly can see he hates losing.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

You made me remember Koscielny staying quiet getting mauled by Costa. Is that what you want ? Not me, what happened to Kos that day anyway ?


He was too short?


My thoughts exactly. When Dier pulled back Giroud and everyone surrounded the ref, Per came over pushing them all away!? I’d have pushed him back and told him to wise up, that’s exactly what other teams do and they get the rewards for it with the favourable decisions. Yes, it’s morally objectionable but what’s the saying about nice guys finish last? How often have Barca in the past won a game through simulation and their whole team surrounding the ref? If even the best feel like they need to do it, surely we should every now and then when we… Read more »

He is Well Beck Now!

His behaviour has been spot on. He has been our best performer since he has been introduced in the first team. He has had one mistake in the whole season. We need to cut him some slack.

Getso gunner

I trust Elneny to solidify our midfield


That’s cute that Elneny thinks playing well will result in being rewarded with future starts. Unfortunately the manager he plays for does not believe in meritocracy. Just ask Joel Campbell.


I genuinely thought he was very poor and offers little in the games I’ve seen so far. That might sound harsh but if you are near the top of the league at the start of the new year and only buy an unknown of midfielder for £5mil that would start for any of the top 4 you’re seriously lacking any ambition. I hope I’m wrong about him but doesn’t look up to standard.


Leicester have proved that you don’t need to spend millions to succeed. How much did Mahrez cost?

bims lay

really?….then you are in the minority because many, myself included, including the ‘ tv pundits’ (yeah, i know) has been full of praises for him on his pm debut…..i think he is a good buy!

Darth Wenger

There was a young man named El-Neny, already dismissed by so many, he’ll smash in a goal, stick that up your hole, your support is not worth a penny


Are you from Limerick Darth?

Alright, alright I’ll get my coat!…

Darth Wenger

You obviously don’t read the scrolling start to my films. I’m from ages ago and miles away..


I’m guessing five line poems where all the rage back then? 🙂


*were 🙁


Unknowns at modest prices like Vieira, Lauren, Lljungberg, Petit, Anelka, RVP, Toure, Fabregas. Perhaps we should be spending £50m on Torres, £24m on Soldado or £64m on Di Maria. How about Falcao, Veron, Shevchenko, Ballack?
You’re a super smart guy – ever considered management?


Elneny and Flamini or Elneny and Chambers tomorrow?

Same old Arsenal, always winning

Flamini definitely.

Play Chambers at RB to give double-assist Bellerin a rest.


I want to see Chambers at centre half. For all the teething problems he’s had (most of which have been greatly exaggerated) he deserves a chance to prove that he can be as good or better than Gabriel who has done nothing to justify starting ahead of him the last month.


Chambers at center half makes sense but who plays right back?


Flamini, Chambers, Gabriel, Gibbs
Elneny, The Jeff
Campbell, Iwobi, Walcott

with a midfield 3 of The Jeff, Iwobi and Elneny, he could show what hes able to do as a classic number 6. But we should have enough attacking threat to put a few behind him, even if we concede. And I think rests for Mertesacker, Bellerin, Ramsey, Özil, Alexis and Welbeck are really required imo.


We could give Hector a go at right back??


I want to see it, but chances are Chambers will come in at right back if he comes in at all. Doesn’t do him or us much good in the long run as that’s clearly not his long term role but it’s more a case of needs must for now.


For a first ever PL start, and that too in a NLD he really did well. I thought he was the best candidate to wallop the ball from outside the box. We need one of our midfielders to want to shoot from outside the box. It may pay off, and if opposition defenders push out to close him down, it could create gaps for our forwards to run into. I think he’s scored a few for Basel from outside the box. Once he gains a little more confidence playing in the side, he really ought to give it a go.… Read more »


…and the other plus is, that you can always see when he has the ball on telly because of his massive Barnet! 🙂

Jamie Vardinho

Gooner1981 you basically summarised what I was going to post, good points.

@ Paul, I think we need more fro’s.

Me personally I’d like to see a squad with Elneny, Fellaini, Witsel, Willian, Dante, and Carlos Valderrama as the new Manager.


Jamie thank you for your response but I feel you have missed the point as more “fro’s” (had to ask Mrs Paul what “fro’s” might be) would complicate proceedings!
Also please change your name…x


I like his simplicity, reminds me of Ray Palour. His game is full of one touch moves. I some times wish some of our players would make things simple when the occasion calls for it. Pass and move never goes wrong. Too many touches on the other hand often gets one in trouble.


I think players need to be able to judge when it is best to pass and when it is best to take someone on. But around midfield it is best to pass and find space.


to be fair anything is an improvement on Flamini, injury prone Arteta(no pace), Rosicky and Wilshere


Remember, don’t ever say anything remotely negative or critical on here, no matter how truthful it is. It’s against the rules.


Elneny will score an absolute banger before the end of the season


I’m glad we signed this lad on the cheap so we can invest all our money in signing a world class striker and a towering dm like Toure. El ney reminds me of Alex Sanchez in terms of energy to run about.


He seems an industrious midfielder with a good engine, passing range and technique. Similar description to Ramsey but seemingly far more disciplined. I think he’s got what it takes to make that role his own until santi returns. Maybe a Gilberto Silva type in the making?


Would love to see him paired with Chambers in midfield, but then not sure you put out right and give Bellerin a rest.

Think it’s also imperative that Ramsey gets a rest. He’s a lightening rod for criticism, but also an essential player for us and had to be in the infamous red zone.

steveafc forever

Don’t know which player johnny has been watching I think eleney has looked decent in the few games he’s played


I think tomorrows team will be:

Gk Ospina

Rb Chambers
Lb Monreal
Cb Mertersacker
Cb Gabriel

Dm Flamini
Cm Elneny
Am Iwobi
Rw Campbell
Lw Walcott

Cf Giroud

Jamie Vardinho

Wow! What a game of all games for the guy to make his PL debut! Brilliant match, hell, fury and brimstone! My man was comfortable in possession, great under pressure, made good runs. You wouldn’t think he is brand new to this league or the squad. I’m sure he’s no Cazorla but I’m hoping he gets a good run of games in the middle due to the above attributes. Campbell preferably on the right with Ramsey as backup. My impression of Elneny with Basel was that he was a box to box guy, but his discipline in the match was… Read more »


I think Flam-Neny could work as well. I like how he is calm and did not panic usually picking the correct option to retain possession. The Coq and Elneny can prove to be a good pairing until Cazorla returns. Put Ramsey or Campbell on the right.


Against Hull. I expect we need to consider wrapping up the result first. The partnership between Per and Gabriel needs to continue to mature.Gabriel has to be able to communicate with the BFG and they need to pick players up in the box with more synchronicity. Gabriel has to watch his body positioning too. He almost conceded an own goal against Spurs with the skewed clearance and he was culpable for the second goal of Swansea. Per made some key intercepts in the game against Spurs but has to tailor his positioning in the box with Gabriel better. I expect… Read more »


Agreed, gotta fucking win this one…COYG

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