Friday, June 14, 2024

Sp*rs 2-2 Arsenal – player ratings

Not the result we really wanted, but under the circumstances you have to be happy enough with a 2-2 draw after the mess we put ourselves in.

Here’s how the players rated.

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the american

with le coq suspended it has to be ramsey next to mo with joel on the right for our next game in the prem, no?


Coq is suspended for the game against hull in FA cup.

He’ll be back for our next league game.

the american

slipped my mind the suspension carries over to the domestic cup games, sentiment about the team selection remains though


Dropped points, but good positives: great spirit, a good new lines up, Alexis scoring, Ramsey back to the team’s preferred spot, and weirdly maybe some momentum. Feel for Cambell, but he’s a great option late in the game and ego free.


Coq: Barcelona – poor positional discipline and hauled off. United: caught extremely high and I’m amazed more wasn’t made of it. Today: more poor discipline possibly cost us a historic win.

I love the coq, but I can really see how we can upgrade in his position.


Not a single player in the world that doesn’t make stupid mistakes. Let’s be mad at Coquelin for today’s. But the guy’s been ace for us. A little perspective, please.

Fireman Sam

Well done Welbz and the boyz


I fear my love of the Coq may be ruined forever.

Goone's Farm

How long until Coq turns into the new Per or Arteta of the team? We seem to have the most kneejerking fanbase in the PL. Every player makes mistakes learn to have some perspective.


There’s mistakes and there is making a ridiculous needless challenge in the NLD when we are pushing for the title.

I believe we win today without that mistake and three points would have put us right back in the mix.

It was a bloody awful mistake.

Goone's Farm

I get the anger, it was an awful mistake.

But ultimately, a draw whether it’s down to a missed chance against a midtable team or a rash tackle leading to a redcard in a NLD cost us the same nbr of pts.

To say that all of Coq’s impressive performances are no longer appreciated because of this mistake doesn’t seem very sensible to me.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

No time to think if you do not have cover. On the Spur of the moment, you give a bad tackle -no pun intended- but that happened to Coquelin.


He made one mistake in 15 months. Fuck off you fairweather bell.


One day one or more of his children will make an awful mistake and he’ll stop loving them too. He’s harsh but fair.


You are spot on Marge, I’m a fairweather fan. When I was in the north bank in 1987 supporting an average team going nowhere, I was fairweather. When I emptied my bank account to make sure I was at the champions league final in Paris I was fairweather and when I fly 4000 miles twice a year to see my beloved Arsenal at the Emirates, I’m fairweather. Coq has been one of the positives over the last 18 months, but he fucked up royally today. If you disagree I’ve no issue with that, but the abuse isn’t necessary.


Bonus rating: Alexis 10/10. Not taking shit from that cunt Lamela and his cunty hairdo.


Haha .
Lamela , Danny rose , haweeee kaaaaayn

Those three in particular , very cunty

Jamie Vardinho

I don’t know much about Lamela, but he has a real cunty face and haircut, looks like a dirty bastard.

That pathetic action as if Sanchez decked him, I reckon that’s what Pochettino had a word with him about.


I’ll watch the game now. Just because of that.

Son of Nippon

Sorry JV, voted you down as I don’t like your name 😉


Cagey at first, we were tactically on point until the sending off, and then we fell apart. Was at a very low point when they scored their second but super Sanchez has kept our title hopes alive. COYG


I’m sorry but there weren’t any real title hopes in the first place.


Just cant look past Coquelins stupidity. Boy did he mess up. Red card seems like a common denominator for Arsenal in big games.

Theo Walcott's touch map

Noticed Elneny doesn’t have a picture yet. Can I recommend this one?


Our Coq had a quick rush of blood to his head and slid in too quickly


Only to hauled out looking messy..


Look again at the replay of the second yellow to Coquelin and you will realize that Harry Kane simulated the sending off.


By the look of upcoming fixures for Spùrs we are in good position. .considering that they haven’t yet gone anfield and Stamford Bridge. ..and they are yet to host united.

Its a good draw after all.


Meanwhile we’re 9 points (with goal difference) adrift of Leicester, we need to win all our 9 games, and they need to lose three games of the remaining 9 games, having lost just 3 games of the 29 so far. Sad to say, they deserve it.


Thought bellerin struggled a bit.
Per was better than 6.5. First half save from ospina was superb


Give Gabi a bonus for rallying the troops when they really needed someone to give them a bollocking and show some balls!


why the low rating for elneny and Gibbs? These two along with Per kept us in the game. They pretty much were the difference.

Diaby at his best

I am starting a petition to get elneny’s pic up


Basically our coq couldn’t pullout


Tactically i thought we looked a lot better with this shape with elneny in the middle and Rambo in that hybrid rm/cm role. Elneny takes up far more sensible and conserved positions in the middle than ramsey and seems has a really good positional sense to make interceptions as well as showing he is very neat and tidy on the ball. That wider role suits Rambo a lot better as he can make the runs into the box that he loves without leaving a massive hole in the middle for teams to attack us as well as being able to… Read more »

Saigon Jack

Admittedly a bit biased seeing as it’s my own heart, but bonus rating 10/10 for my heart for not failing despite being at double speed for the whole game.

We’ve all seen some bad decisions in our time, but Dier not getting a 2nd yellow was criminal, especially seeing as Michael Oliver was just yards away! Incomprehensible.


And if you look at his first booking, it’s for an IDENTICAL offence, if not slightly less of a tug!!! Plus the fact that he then goes thru HFB’s legs from behind just for good measure.
Oliver is an inconsistent twat…


“…handling a little suspect at times…”? Don’t know which part of the game you were referring to but had it been Cech putting in the same shift today i reckon it would be all positive remarks with at least a 8 rating


He spilled a few shots that had my anus chewing my boxers at times.


You paint such a pretty picture.

Yankee Gooner

His anus is the real artist.


I blame Ospina, the Boxer Chewing Anus Inducer!


Gotta be better than your Boxer chewing your anus, though… I had two as a kid (Boxers that is) and they didn’t half bite hard!


Ospina yes he saved those but he didn’t catch them. In many times today Ospina bounced ball in a dangerous positions. On another day he could get punished. But to be fair to Ospina, eventhough his handling is not very good, he had a solid performance today.


I guess the rating for Ramsey was because he scored a goal. Apart from the goal, the bloke was his usual self. stinking the whole place, making sure Bellerin had a torrid time and generally letting us know he’s Wenger’s favorite.

Ramsey should have default handicap rating somewhere below below. what the hell, doesn’t matter anyway.


Ramsey is the definition of misplaced belief. He is super quality but completely lacks team attitude.

Bellerin fan

I will never stop believing that we can still win this league against all odds. Just this kind of heart and spirit is what we need. It’s not over until it’s over


I guess the rating for Ramsey was because he scored a goal. Apart from the goal, the bloke was his usual self. stinking the whole place, making sure Bellerin had a torrid time and generally letting us know he’s Wenger’s favorite.

Ramsey should have default handicap rating somewhere below zero. what the hell, it doesn’t matter anyway.


On the contrary I thought Ramsey did good today. I’m not even one of those who think he’s suppose to be in our starting 11. Worked hard but that last chance, coulda cut that ball back WTH


I kept a close eye on Ramsey in the first half, he was supposed to be on the right and spent virtually no time there

It is correct to say he left Hector exposed a lot and it is also correct to say that he gives no thought to team responsibility whatsoever

Amazing goal though and could have had another which is why Wenger persists with him I guess, and Elneny and Coquelin seem smart enough to fill the gaps.

Right side definitely best place for him

Edu's Braces

10/10 – for not feeling quite so ill when i think of Arsenal. Seriously, ive thought of nothing else since losing to Un*ted.


10/10 Gabriel for not shinning that late clearance into the top corner for us to lose 2-3. That would have been a sickening way to fall completely out of the title race. Leicester looking strong though. We have to start winning them in a row, let’s cane Hull, …. then WBA, Everton next? It’s not over till a larger than ordinary woman sings


Fuckin spurs and their stupid slow song. Have you ever heard anything as uninspiring. Spurs will win nothing. They are pretty limited tbh. They will drop points. We might not win this league but we sure as hell can’t finish behind that ball of shite.

Des Lynam

That fucking slow chant is fucking shite. To be fair to them though Sp*rs fans are still waiting to evolve opposable thumbs.


Well earned point. Strong performance by the team in the face of adversity…err, stupidity by Coquelin. With that said, I’m not a fan of anything that has been developing in our midfield lately. Elneny appears to be our most composed player by far, which is really saying something. We knew losing Cazorla (and Wilshere to a lesser extent) would hurt, but my goodness. We’ve had a month or two of games now where nothing decisive has ever transpired out of the middle third of the pitch, save for the random Ozil cross when he is forced to track back deep.… Read more »


Mixed feeling here, so I cant rate ;(

He is Well Beck Now!

There was so Many positives today. It was watching a different team to one that played against Man U and Swansea.


Afterwards,Wenger said we simply refused to loose.Does it mean we only refuse to loose in the NLD? What happened to that attitude in the other games we unfortunately lost?


We made it too easy for headline writers tomorrow:
What a Coq-up!


Another red in a big game. Happens too often! Happy with the draw in the end but this was a game we should have won.

Coq au Vin

The headlines tomorrow coulda woulda shoulda been “Ramsey two goal heroics sinks sputtering spuds”… Oh Aaron, what an opportunity missed.

Gooner Inside the Beltway

Had players and manager (whose tetchiness and cautiousness clearly impacts his squad) shown the same level of confidence and determination past two games –earning the 6 points that would have come with it (to say nothing of points that could/should have been picked-up since first of the year)–this result would have been more than satisfactory. Ospina deputized more than adequately for our player of the year and Elneny added a dimension to midfield that has been sorely lacking since Santi limped off. Great to see flashes of the Alexis we know and love and Welbeck gave everything, if still a… Read more »

Martin Finley

Dont know where the Ospina haters are coming from, But looking at Ospinas career, rating and gk stats in the last 4 years he has been consistently among the top 5 goalkeepers in the world when it comes to shot to save ratio. He went the entire copa America without conceeding a single goal until they we’re knocked out on penalties. He had a great world cup to and he single handedly saved Ogc Nice from relegation in France with maybe the shittiest defense in Europe playing infront of him as he was bombarded with shots every game. Then he… Read more »


Absolutely agree, I’m a big fan of David Ospina and pleased for him today. He’s suffered because he displaced a fan favourite, but I’d take him over Szczesney any day. He’s unfortunate that he’s come up against an excellent keeper in Petr Cech, who I also really like, but he’s never said a bad word and has always been professional. I think the players have confidence in him and I’m really glad we have him.


Agree with all of this – & I am glad he’s still in the team. I do get a bit nervous about his tendency to spill the ball rather than catch it cleanly. He always seems to need a second bite to get a shot under control after stopping it. His fumble hurt us once and I am always worried that one of those spills is going to get pounced on and buried at a crucial moment.


Why does someone in our team always fuck up the hard work by others? So Coq will serve his ban during the FA Cup replay I assume. Off-topic: I’m currently supporting Watford like they are our beloved Arsenal.


Looks like we’re fighting for CL spot now


God Arsenal fans are stupid. The bile towards Ramsey makes me sick. I wouldn’t blame him if he left and when he is playing with better players who don’t waste the chances he creates he will get credit he deserves. Everyone outside Arsenal fans can see it and how over-rated other players are.

The coqs in the box

Jack I don’t like to burst your bubble but Ramsey took the goal well. Up till that point he was awful. After not much better. You clearly have a crush on him. He was doing his hair as he walked off at half time. Hollywood beckons.


Ramsey is one curious player. You’d think after spraying the ball to all parts bar a red shirt his self belief might start to wane but backheeling in from the penalty spot suggests the man don’t give a fuck. Weirdly some of his passing in the 2nd half did seem a bit more incisive but 60% is fairly shocking. I can’t work him out!


Agree about the bile ,its not helpful, but to to suggest the bloke has been anything but woeful most of the season is also wide of the mark.
Having said that, i think a lot of his problems are down to Wenger, i honestly don’t think Ramsey goes out there with any instruction from the manager and Wenger clearly can’t see that Ramsey in the middle just doesn’t work yet up until today he insisted on playing him their.
I Don’t care if Ramsey thinks his best position is in the middle, it clearly doesn’t work for us

Indian Gooner

I would like to suggest here that Wenger was the only man who actually saw something in Ramsey as a winger more than a central mid.When santi was available he always shunted him to the right and he was playing decently well with the team playing great.Elneny is a new and untested player,he had to be sure of,so he kept playing with the more experienced Ramsey through the middle until today,that is until he finally lost it. Ramsey has to unterstand the team plays better on the whole,if he keeps playing there.He should do it,if he is really playing for… Read more »


If anything good comes out of this game, is the fact that Alexis scored a very important goal to boost his confidence and desire to make one final push to win it all.

Lstone Gooner

Let Coq looks a bit rusty since coming back from injury. He always plays on the edge and a tiny lack of sharpness makes the difference between a brilliant challenge and a sending off. If I was Wenger I would give severe ear pulling but slot him back in next to Eleney. Every game is a cup final now! COYG don’t let us down!!!!!!


Coq slided into hairy kunt


Our Coq needs to learn when to pull out.


Oliver’s been added to my ever-growing list of cuntish refs.

How does Sanchez get booked for doing the exact thing lamela does, but lamela gets away scot free?

How does he not send off Dier?


Theo Walcott's touch map

Bit harsh. Should’ve sent off Dier, no doubt, but by and large I thought he handled a very difficult game very well.


if you take out that 4-5 month spell ramsey had 2 seasons ago he’s been bang average since he came to the club. Needs to go in the summer. Ozil as well once again didn’t bother his hole today. He acts like he’s doing us a favour playing for us. No fucking about anymore. Walcott ramsey and ozil should be sold. That would generate the guts of 70-80m. Then use that with the supposed 75m kitty we’re supposed to have and sign reus, griezman and a proper centre half and a strong athletic centre mid


I suggest the words ‘title hopes’ should be moderated in this blog


Was good to see gibbs get the nod.. He’s pretty decent in attack.. A few positives from today.. We didn’t play all too bad..


Well done to Wenger today for putting on Giroud to try and grab the win.


It was 2-1 when he came on.. nevertheless wenger subbed right for the first time in his life today…
Took off elneny for OG when we where trailing, took off welbeck for flamini after we equalized and brought on cambell for ozil when it appeared we could snatch it with someone quicker… also theo satyed on the bench and chambers didn’t come on..


That Ospina Save with ball almost beyond the line but not yet !!!! I felt he deserves 9 for the match saving saves


At last some real fight and pride in playing for the club. There is some hope yet

For Gods Sake

Coq slid in, got pulled out when he saw red.

An Ox-sized Coq

I have to disagree about Elneny playing within himself. He always looks to receive a pass, stays very calm with it, and more importantly, plays with his head up.

Can’t really complain much about the draw, we were down to 10 men.


Whatever happened in this game it is wonderful that despite our awful form they still (bold, underlined, italics) cant beat us. Even when we go down to ten men. Its great to know their weekend is ruined.


Stupid for Coquelin to choose a slide tackle when carrying a yellow, but in all fairness to him it was hardly malicious or dangerous, and media-darling Kane deliberately left his left foot in, Vardy-style, to draw the foul (the clip on the Report page shows it clearly). Sp*rs and Foxes have drawn more penalties than any other team this year, and more than handful of them are clinical dives. Call it part of the game if you must, but it is cheating and shouldn’t contribute to the contest. Coquelin was stupid, yes, but Kane played more than a supporting role… Read more »

George Wang

Great to see Alexis and Ramsey score, we still have a slim chance of winning the title and we need these two back to form.


Thought Ramsey playing forward was much better idea as he was the one getting into the box. If we can’t keep our Coq under control we will be in trouble! Welbz was excellent and you’ve got to hand it AW for the positive substitutions. If we’d played with this heart at OT or v Swansea/Stoke/Soton etc, we’d be well clear now.

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