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Wenger: We should have taken first half chances

A clearly deflated Arsene Wenger faced the BBC after Arsenal’s drab 0-0 draw at Sunderland. Here’s what he had to say…

On the performance…

I think our first half was very good but we couldn’t our chances. The second half was much more difficult. When you play Thursday and Sunday you can suffer a little bit in the second half. We created less but we still could have scored. In fairness, they were dangerous as well on one or two occasions. They fight for their lives. We should have been in front in the first half.

On Mike Dean’s decision not to award penalties…

I think when the guy is close to the ball and does not make a deliberate handball it’s not a penalty, on both sides.

On Wilshere returning…

It’s his first game, it’s good for us and good for him.

On Arsenal’s Champions League hopes…

It leaves us having to win the next game, as always. We fight against teams who fight not to go down. We know what the Premier League means, it means we have to prepare for a fight again next Saturday [against Norwich].

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Same old same old , we’ve got another year of this unfortunately

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Shud have taken chances, sure … but above all you shud have signed some players who could take chances when you had the chance.

While we are at it, you shud also have signed some players who could defend while you had the chance too, and u shud have signed a proper holding midfielder while you had the chance.

Anyway next season you will do exactly the same, not sign anyone of any quality and come end of the season, you will be ruing how no one took the chances.


C’mon Arsene it ain’t rocket science. Since Santi has been sidelined our team looks, well frankly, like shit. Now all your quotes about “the goals will come from all over the team” have come back to haunt you like Banquo’s ghost. Play Campbell, Wellbeck and Iwobi. Ditch Walcott and Giroud and at least we’ll see players who look like they are trying to win.


I can only read “should” spelt wrong, once or maximum twice before I hit the “thumb down”…;-)

Moral high ground

Crap. Please let Leicester win the title and we come 5th. Maximises pressure on the manager. Not treachery to wish this just a sad state of affairs driven by an unsackable, unaccountable employee. Ridiculous that a true fan like me should be driven to this.

Proff Gooner

Unfortunately, wishing for him to go in 2016 is the same probability as seeing pigs fly…. Not gna happen!

What we need to do is continuously put pressure on Kronke to invest in a top class striker, instead of just one or two games.

And if he doesn’t purchase a goal scorer then he officially will have fallen on his sword as he has been saying for the last couple of months that we haven’t taken our chances.



Third Plebeian

Coming in 5th will make absolutely no difference to the board or Wenger’s contract, especially since the new TV money has made the CL money less important. The goal now for this board is that Arsenal avoid relegation. As long as Wenger can do that, he’s got a job for life!


You are not a ‘true fan’ you are ridiculous.


‘True fan like me…’ The arrogance!

Kevin from malta

I see the point here.. not that we don’t finish as high up as possible per se, but to put the club into a situation where we can’t keep pretending that what we’re doing is working – it isn’t and the problem hasn’t been ‘big enough’ to do something sizable to fix it..

of course, when I say ‘the problem’ I am refering to not winning the league… maybe it’s not that big of a deal in the higher achelons of the club’s heirarchy since a top 4 finish is good for business.

Patrik Ljungberg

Arsene, you are an intelligent man. Do the only reasonable thing and reture now. Do not continue this devaluation of your name and our club.


He have made the club as it is right now. If not Mr. Wenger, there would not be such a huge fanbase to declare that it’s “their” football club. Especially lots of negative comments comming from fans abroad. I am thankfull for finding arsenal just becouse of mr. Wenger. And i just wish him more sucsessfull next season. May his last year of contract be the ending note of his legacy. In Wenger we trust! Fan from abroad


Cannot argue with that. There isn’t a true fan that does not wish his last year at the club to be a successful one, but it’s more than reasonable for fans to demand change, even if he wins the league next season.

Patrik Ljungberg

I have been a “fan from abroad” for forty years now. The club was ours before Arsene entered the scene. It was ours during his good and bad years, and it will be ours also when he is gone.

Dan Gunn

Reture? Wow. So a genius like you can take over?


How did this personal abuse from Dan Gunn not get moderated?

Patrik Ljungberg

It takes one to know one, Mr. Gunn. 😉

Patrik Ljungberg



Already making an early excuse in case we fuck up against Norwich. Time’s up buddy.

Stringer Bell

Isn’t playing Sunday Thursday Sunday the same in recovery time as playing Saturday Wednesday Saturday. Lame lame excuse Arsene


Worse than that.

“When you play Thursday and Sunday you can suffer a little bit in the second half. ”

But wasn’t Wenger telling the world in the pre-match conference about how a UEFA study actually showed teams that played with 3 days inbetween or something took more points overall, and how it fatigue was not an excuse?

But then as soon as we fail, it’s an excuse.


He’s starting to remind me of a career politician


So a politician. I agree though.

Hank Scorpio

I suspect those teams actually rotate players to reduce any possible impacts of fatigue


I normally have a lot of time for Wenger’s post match comments, but not this time. When Arsenal draw with lowly Sunderland and fail to score I don’t want to hear excuses when we needed 3pts as much as them. We didn’t see the fight or determination needed. We didn’t see any cohesion in our play. We didn’t really create much again either. I don’t expect him to slate our players, but he should say that it wasn’t good enough, as the performance clearly wasn’t. For the most part of this season that has been the case. Last season we… Read more »


I fear for the game against Norwich… really… at the moment Arsenal lack of everything.


Wenger said before the game that statistically a team wins more points after a 3 day gap, than a 5 day gap, so we have no excuse. And then after the game he wheels out the trusty “we dropped in the 2nd half because we played the other day…blah blah blah”

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Yep, cos we created eff all in the second half.
Flat, uninspired, no game plan.


Coulda shoulda woulda. Maybe he should be doing the same this summer about his transfer policies.

You know since he always respects his contracts.

Cyprus The immortal Gooner

In the morning he cited statistics about Thursdays and Sundays not being an issue and after the game he says we were jaded because of the same issue! Wtf?


Exactly! What the actual f*ck. I can’t even. Hes lost the plot.


For fcks sake, talk about having your cake and eating it. Within the same day he just utterly contradicts hmself. Utter, incoherent, psychobabble fucking nonsense.


It’s the typical Wenger excuse. We’ve barely created chances in the second half of games this season, it has nothing to do with playing on a Thursday. Look at Spurs, they are second in the league with excellent goal difference, and they spent half a season playing Thursday nights.


Just been seeing the protests that Charlton dished out during their game against Brighton!!! I feel for those guys but at least they are doing something to really show their disgust!!!


Yeah but remember we can’t ‘disrespect him’.


You can if you want to but why? After years of service to Arsenal he’s managed the team poorly this season. He hasn’t harmed your children or made you lose your job.


“he’s managed the team poorly this season”… This season? This season? Have you a short memory? Bar the FA Cups, we’ve been wannabes for 12 years. Remember 8-2…?


Tell you what, for your 12 years of misery, just lynch him. That’ll make everything much MUCH better.


If I give this post a thumbs up, am I endorsing the sarcasm or the suggestion that Arsene deserves to be lynched? I don’t want other people to get the wrong idea.


I was hoping the sarcasm would shine through but it’s not a given I guess.


That’s a lie because after the Sp*rs game when we let that lead slip I went on a huge 40 hour bender, showed up to work drunk on Monday, thought my boss was Wenger and called him a ****. I’ve been signing on ever since


More and more it appears that Wenger’s powers are waning and that is a sad thing to see. I think we might get one more season under him but I also think that will be it. Unless there’s vast improvement or worse, that things keep sliding then it will probably be for the best. He should be granted a send off worthy of someone who has been so loyal and done so much for the club, not leave under a shit storm of monkies baying for his blood. So no, TJ, he should absolutely not be disrespected. Why should he?… Read more »


They’ve just been relegated to the third tier. We are about to finish in the top 4 for the 19th successive year, have some perspective!


Sorry but not winning the league is unforgivable especially as the rich clubs have played pants!!! Time for Wenger to retire gracefully!!!



Alfredo Astiz, Laverenti Beria, The genocide in Rwanda, the Iraq war…

Those are unforgiveable. This is football. Get some perspective!


I am concerned that I am going to see this club in the Europa next season. which means we wont be able to buy anyone.

These guys can’t string together three wins in a row.


Shiiite questions yet again! Wish a reporter would have the balls to ask decent questions the fans want to hear


So true, I really want to see a reporter put some pressure on him as to some of the decisions hes making. They always just ask the same questions which hes already given answers to. One question I’d like to see put directly to him is why he keeps putting walcott on rather than Campbell cause im actually genuinely interested to hear his reasoning behind it. Also id like to see some kind of reaction from him about whats going on, he looks way too chilled in interviews

No. 8

Frank re Walcott question… Perhaps he is selecting him ahead of Campbell in the hope someone will buy him next season?


Yeah exactly, if hes got a reason like that then id like to hear it cause at least it would show that some logical thought had gone in to it and I would feel less frustrated when it happens.

DB10's Air Miles

I’m wondering if this is him giving Theo an opportunity to make him change his mind about selling him, working on the assumption that Campbell has done enough to make wenger want to keep him? I’m struggling to think of any other logical reason, bearing in mind Wenger’s recent comments to the press, coupled with the fact that he must see what all of us see too… I guess we’ll find out over the summer.


Like which questions?


The bonus comment on the player ratings says it all. We are now one game closer to getting the season finished. Except that isn’t the first time in the last ten years many if us gave felt that way.

Very sad to say. But true.

Third Plebeian

God I feel sorry for Wenger. Such a class guy who’s given his all for Arsenal, and it’s just so, so obvious to everyone that’s he’s past it.


he’s not the non world-class striker missing open goals … c’mon Leicester FFS

Dial square

True, he isn’t, but he is the one who signed him, and then decided to stick by him and not sign anyone else


I would like our fans to protest in the same way as the Charlton fans against the silent Stan – this club needs dynamic direction not the current faffing around!!!


He won’t care. All of his “franchises” hate him and there were protest in the U.S.

Sad to say nothing is going to change, the fans are not even factored into the equation.

This TV money is a very bad thing for us, we just became entirely irrelevant.

Me So Hornsey

He doesn’t know what his best midfield pairing is, he doesn’t know who is best striker is, he doesn’t know who his best defensive pairing is. He stumbled upon Iwobi just like he stumbled upon Campbell earlier in the season. This is not a manager who in any way seems to have a vision, a master plan. Everything he does is reactionary as opposed to pro-active. Even the way we play is no longer as fluid as it used to be. He’s out of ideas. Arent we a counter attacking team away? If so why the fuck play Giroud ahead… Read more »


Arsene is just past it. Don’t know why he doesn’t want to do the honourable thing. Another one year completing contract will destroy him permanently. He should just leave.


Playing Thursday and then Sunday is hood preparation for next season. A Wenger masterstroke.


Time to ring some changes. Walcott – not in the 18. Iwobi – not his fault that he has hit a wall the last couple of games. Time to put him back outside the18 so he can take on board what he’s learned and reflect. Ramsey – down to the bench. Bring Campbell in to the 11 along with Welbeck at the expense of Giroud who needs to reflect also. Can we not bring back Rosicky to be in the 18 too…enough with this nannying culture. They have to feel some pain like us. Too much carrot. Time for the… Read more »

Fed up

I feel like crying seeing Ramsey playing and Walcott coming on . Why in the name of god does he persist to neglect Campbell and favour Walcott. Drop Coquelin for Ramsey, when Coquelin and Elneny have given us the first bit of stability we have had in months. Start Giroud when he hasnt scored in 10+ games.

Arsene Wenger needs to fuck off and take some of his favorites with him

Glen Helders left foot

We are sleep walking into another horrible soul destroying season if Wenger stays in charge, listen I know what Wenger has done for the club and what an amazing visionary man he was but he has completely lost what he had. With the squad of players we have and being top in January to now be on the verge of missing out on top 4 is fucking disgraceful, we have no pattern of players anymore,we are boring,impotent and cowardly shower of cunts. Wenger won’t leave, the fans really need to let him know his time is up in the last… Read more »


What’s the difference between us and Athletico Madrid?


neither of us have a ‘h’ in our name?




they have a young manager who runs about a lot and inspires brilliance … we have an old mgr who earns a lot and inspires treason … one more year and if you don’t win the league pse go gracefully


Atletico Madrid work hard to win matches.


Everyone is in Euro or Copa America mode now. If Wenger can’t motivate them…


This guy is full of excuses. Quit wenger.
You’re turning into a laughing stock. He has to step down 2016


Another game and more tactical mistakes by Arsene. Ramsey at home to weaker opposition that we have to breakdown I get, away where tactical discipline is so important use your Coq. Same thing with Mertesacker against Defoe surely Gabriel should have played. He’s not going but surely Arsene has to wake up and take stock of what’s in front of him? I just don’t understand the man anymore all those years of financial constraint finally removed at a club where he has absolute power… over the last two seasons he should have assembled a squad to rival the top teams… Read more »

Blitz Bailey

West Brom had nothing left to play for and made us look good.


I feel like Wengers situation with his tenure at the club is like a gambler (If money were substituted for his reputation, which he being proud, wants to leave with in a positive light) who starts loosing money but is convinced he can make it all back if he keeps doubling down but instead just keeps loosing and will only leave the table if he wins all his money back (Wins the prem again) or looses everything (Gets forced out by the fans or board). I feel like hes got himself into a hole where he feels like he cant… Read more »


This season, he put his faith in the wrong players. Given how other teams did, it is a real shame that certain players did not progress while we also suffered so many injuries to the first team. Now that the money is there, he needs to be ruthless in getting rid of those not at the level required and bring in able replacements.

SoCal Gooner

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.



Gritty away point … he must spend or destroy his legacy…

chee bai loo

We need manager like klopp that can motivate & discipline our players.we have a group of talented players but lack of motivation and fire.


I get that people want to see a bit of passion on the sidelines, but you can’t prove that Wenger doesn’t motivate the players. He is one of the most consistent managers in PL history, only one to record an undefeated season. I’d imagine that takes some motivation!

He has lost his way a bit and we need a new leader. That leader shouldn’t be the one who shouts the most on the sidelines though!


“we always fight against teams that are fighting not to go down…”. yeah right, man utd away, Southampton at home etc were fighting to stave off relegation.


trust arsenal to make lee cattermore look like a world beater.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

How long have all the mighty Gooners out there know we need a striker?


Stop moaning. Stop the same excuses. Leave with dignity.

Abinibi Jones

Man, the vitriol in some of these comments… I’m as disappointed as any Arsenal fan this season, but the realities are that we create chance after chance after chance but cant convert them to goals, apart from the responsibility of buying a top striker, lets be realistic guys, Is he as shit as we’re making him out to be?? More importantly, who’s the manager we want to bring in? With THIS BOARD? Lets support the club, good times and bad, let Wenger see out his contract and I know that he’s responsible enough to leave on his own if his… Read more »


Bizarre. Why are you happy with/defend mediocrity?

He's got no hair but we don't care...

If you repeated the same obvious mistakes in your job year after year after year, what do you think your boss would do? Why are so many of us Gooners so surprised with all the anger? If this was a one-off, fine but it isn’t. We all knew we needed a top class keeper for years but no, he resisted, he backed below par ones we had in his usual stubborn fashion. When we finally got that keeper, look at the number of points he saved us. The same has happened with the striker. We’ve needed one ever since the… Read more »

DB10's Air Miles

Whoa whoa whoa, don’t come round here with your reasoned logic and rational thinking and expect to get a good response……grrrr


Wenger: “we should have taken our chances in front of goal
Me: You should have got a striker in the summer


Wenger: “Look errrrr…”
Me: “You are starting to really piss me off.”


I hate to be quoting Maureen but Arsene is a specialist in failure


The man who dubbed Wenger a specialist in failure is the same guy who implodes in three year cycles wherever he goes and leaves nothing but ashes and bitterness in his wake. Wenger’s powers have waned over the years but compared with Mourinho there’s no doubt who the specialist in failure is.


but i bet mourinho is having a good laugh at wenger and our club now


If it’s really that important to him then yes he might but he should be more concerned about his own future than the approaching conclusion of a manager who outclasses him not only as a human being but also for commitment ,loyalty and longevity. Mourinho will always be a classless cunt good for a giggle and the occasional outrage while Wenger has a precious commodity he’ll never have – respect.


I think Campbell is unfortunate that Theo is in such a rich vein of fucking form to keep him out of the cunting side, what the bollocks is going on??
Swearing rant over.


I don’t think Wenger was providing excuses for why the team didn’t perform, more just trying to protect the team from overly critical criticism – which is fair enough considering he manages them. I do think, however, that there’s only so much you can protect your team before they need to start showing they are worth that protection. It looks like they’ve already gone on their holidays and have no belief in themselves, so criticising them too much will essentially make them even less likely to care about the next match or care about what “the fans deserve”. Unnecessary criticism… Read more »


Absolutely spot on Anup. All this ridiculous vitriol against Wenger. They will claim he’s lost the plot when NONE of them predicted Bellerin, Coquelin, Campbell, Iwobi could make first squad much less were inclined to give them the opportunity. Everyone seems to know better. It’s apparently really easy to build a modest club (financially) into what we are today in income and propensity to self fund. Two FA cups back to back last two seasons count for nothing. Granted we need to punch higher and there have been opportunity wasted, perspective is in short supply. All this moaning about Europe… Read more »

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