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Bellerin included in final Spanish squad

Hector Bellerin has been included in Spain’s final 23-man squad for the European Championships this summer.

The Arsenal right-back has profited from an injury to Real Madrid’s Dani Carvajal and, having been brought into the squad to take part in some pre-tournament friendlies, will now be part of a squad which are favourites to lift the trophy in July.

It’s another step in what has been a rather meteoric rise for the young Spaniard. He was afforded his chance because of injury to Mathieu Debuchy, but has grasped it with both hands, firmly establishing himself as first choice.

He was named in the PFA Players Team of the Year for the 2015-16, the only Arsenal player to be included, and having just made his full debut for the Spanish national side on Sunday he now has a major tournament to look forward to.

Good luck to him.

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Arsene-al fan

I have some earplugs I’ll send you so you don’t have to listen to the Barca c*nts.

Arsene-al fan

And have a word with Morata.


Lets hope he stay fit for our first PL match!


I think this is what is going ot happen.
Pique : Hector you have Barca DNA.
Hector : F**k off mate (in cockney accent)


Hector: Mate, i think tt strain of DNA died when I was bought by Arsenal.

Arsene-al fan

And congratulations! A decent chance of a medal.


Great, a summer of his DNA being mentioned like some second series of Making a Murderer! Pleased for him, but let the tapping up begin!


Good luck to the lad, be great to see him play, talk about right place right time again!
And seems to have his head screwed on. An Arsenal ledge in the making, fingers crossed


Fortunately no Reina or Puyol…


That’s not a 23 man squad. That’s a 22 man squad with a snake included in it somehow.

Super Joshi

Thanks. Now I have sssssssssesc stuck in my head. Think that’s who you were talking about.

Flim flammin'

Shit, his tickets to west sussex were non-refundable


If Juanfran doesn’t make it, will Bellerin not be the first choice RB?


I think Azpilicueta will be in front of him, but not sure

Dave in Disbelief

The 4 empty slots will probably be filled by Atletico/Real Madrid players. They haven’t been added yet because of the CL final. My guess is Sergio Ramos, Juanfran, Koke and Isco/Saul Niguez will join the squad. I presume Bellerin will be 2nd choice behind Juanfran.


I really hate those dna cunts, but when you know that messi will be playing in front of you on the right hand side and you will be combining with him instead of reamsy and wilshere( midfielders ) at right wing and walcott it is tempting.

I’m sure bellering will stay this year maybe couple more but he will get brainwashed to comebacks as the seasons are going past.




Credit to Wenger – selling Fabregas and securing Bellerin in return along with a stuffed mattress full of cash.

The amount of talent those jokers have given us in return for cash and duds is pretty hilarious.

Wenga Boys

Yes, I’m with you on pretending he didn’t come back and win the prem league instantly with unnamed cunt club, thus automatically him into a cunt.

Wenga Boys

A cunt who won’t play in the champions league this season.


Love this kid like a brother.



Walcott's left footed curl

Fuck the DNA shit, I’m just very, very happy for Hector! I know some people don’t like the internationals, but they’re mainly irritating during the season. Representing one’s country must be an ultimate goal for every footballer and I Think we can all agree that Hector has the possibilty of beginning a ten year spell as Spain’s first choice right back. And I always think it stings a bit when our players are overlooked, such as Koscielny and Sagna has been in the past. Looking forward to seeing Hector buzzing up and down on the right hand side this summer.

Lula da GIlberto

Give him a couple of swabs and containers. For me must bring back with us this famous Barcelona DNA spread across an entire genepool. Splice it with the DNA of our best players and create our own super team immune from the lure of Barcelona!

Or… we could just nick more from their youth team and sell them back to them at extortionate prices to watch them fail. That, too, is a possibility.


Well deserved Hector, I know he got his chance due to an injury to Debach but let’s face it, his time was coming regardless, he’s incredibly assured for a defender so young. He’ll get better defensively for sure as well, how exciting is that!


Weirdly Spain are actually third favourites with the bookies behind France and Germany


Why wouldn’t they? Loads of uselessness in the squad tbh.. especially cesc and silva.. you’ll see

broken red army

fuck you Pique


Yes. I can’t even explain how much I detest him. More than Terry. Possibly even more than Mourinho. Wait….maybe not that much. But it’s close.

Wenga Boys

So, basically what you’re saying is that John Terry is a cunt.


You can chuck Sergio Busquets in there too


Im shocked nacho didnt get the call up after the season he’s had. South of the equator or what ever his name is from chelsea had a shocking season, isnt naturally left footed, and is a rent boy wanker.

Congrats bellerin and lets hope for an injury free euros for all of the team.

Wenga Boys

He’s going to be sick in the next FIFA! This helps because I only play as Arsenal and I’m always matched with fucking Barcelona/Bayern/Real.. Just like real life. Except that I win. Except when I lie and say that I win but I don’t win. I break stuff. Nobody cares about FIFA and I should feel bad.


Congrats Hector! We Arsenal fans are all so proud of you. But them Barca boys best leave him alone!

Cliff Bastin

His cockney accent is so brilliant I can’t picture him speaking Spanish anymore.


Has anyone read the ‘article’ on Bellerin on f365? Aparently fans believe that his defending is “awful, terrible or just plain sh*t. Some urge the Gunners to accept any big money from Barcelona and buy a ‘proper’ full-back.”

Never have heard such utter rubbish from Sarah Winterburn.

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