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Bellerin makes Spain debut, could make Euros

Hector Bellerin made his full debut for Spain today, starting in a 3-1 win over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Arsenal right back played the full 90 minutes and may find himself included in the Spanish squad for the European Championships after an injury to Dani Carvajal.

The Real Madrid defender left the pitch in tears last night as he picked up in a knock in their penalty shoot-out Champions League triumph over city rivals Atletico.

It would cap a superb season for the 20 year old who was named in the Players Team of the Season for the quality and consistency of his performances.

Bellerin played down interest from Barcelona in recent weeks, saying England and Arsenal was his home, but a summer away with all those DNA loving types is hardly ideal.

Still, he can always have a word with Cesc as a reminder of how wrong it can all go.


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Now more barca dna will be injected into him. He is off.




Some kind of gay sex thing?


I am here laying at midnight waiting for the dreaded Monday and thinking how absolutely sad it is that Thomas Roskicky left us without a single premier league medal to show for his 10 years with us.


You have to say that if he had managed to play a few (hundred) more games for us over ten years we might well have won the league.

I love Supertom but i dont think you need to feel sorry for him.


Pleased for Hector, though as you say it does mean a summer spent with Barca folk.

Hopefully he simply replies with ‘dudes, not again’


At least there’s no Reina to pull a fxcking shirt over his head


Another scumbag named Pepe.


Isn’t Pepe Portuguese?


And plays for Real…


On the other hand, he is enough of a douchebag that he just might still do it…


Probably the most memorable thing Reina ever accomplished for his national team.


Well, he achieved it Barca, really.


Always found Reina kind of pathetic. Basically never played for Spain yet was front and centre of their 2010 celebrations. Didn’t play for Barca yet was desperately trying to get Cesc to go there. Maybe he just wanted to fit in?


I think he was linked there for a while when there was uncertainty around Valdes.

He should’ve put a Barça shirt over his own bloody head!


That boy is London through and through. And London is red my friends. Maybe he’ll recruit some more Spanish players for us instead of the other way around. One Hector Bellerin.


Good for you Hector! We know you are ours mate!


It’s nice personally for him to go to the Euros.

With Jenkinson injured out, guess Chambers will be RB for the start of the season.


I hope not, he’s awful at RB. What happened to him this season, does Wenger not rate him anymore?

Indian Gooner

Proud of our young man!
Absolutely deserves it..


Expected as much after seeing Carvajal limp out of the final. Happy for the lad! It’s happiness tinged with sadness that he will now be subjected to the full onslaught of the Barcelona recruitment teams seduction techniques. Let’s hope seeing Cesc crying everyday as he looks at at a reflection of his past mistakes reminds him that they are in actual fact bastards.

Sam Crow

I don’t get why Cesc would feel it was a mistake. Since leaving he’s won loads of stuff so pretty sure it’s not a good example for Bellerin wanting to stay. If he looks at Cesc he’ll probably want to leave thinking he can do the same.


I thought Bellerin and Toral part of the Fabregas deal? Is that not the case.


At least one of our Spaniards is going to Euros. GJ Bellerin!


Still can’t believe Santi didn’t make the squad. Madness.

ospina's thumb

Madness?? This is España!

I’ll get my coat.


Yes get out thumb of ospina. 🙂


Barca forcing Spain’s hand to get a better look? Hands off!

Sylent Syd

I watched the game and, unsurprisingly, Hector fit right in. Only a matter of time before he’s first-choice RB for Espana.


Bellerin and Alba at fullback for the Spaniards. Zoinks, Scoob.


All I read was

Bellerin makes Barcelona debut, could make Barcelona move.

Seriously though…stay away cunts

Red Ed

Stay Away Cunts? Do they play on the same league as Go Ahead Eagles?

Mate Kiddleton

10/10 would support a team called Go Away Cunts


Hopefully Hector will use Cesc’s example. Having to share a changing room with Gary Cahill’s Actua Soccer 2 head.

Nasri's missing chinbone

A truly great game.

Just going to run to the byline and cross the ball through the keeper into the goal. Don’t think I ever lost a match…


Real compliment for arsenal


Does anyone who has seen the new X-men movie think Bellerin looks like the guy who plays Cyclops? Just me? Yeah, probably just me.


I think he looks more like Ezra Miller “The Flash”

SoCal Gooner

6months on the job Zidane just won a Champions League.

Meanwhile somewhere in London…. 20yrs later… ??


Somebody gets injured so an arsenal player makes the list..
what irony!

Crash Fistfight

For everyone complaining about Puma’s kit designs for us I give you that Spain away kit by Adidas and England’s kits by Nike.


Bellerin would survive those cuntscutens

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