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Szczesny unlikely to enjoy Roma return

Wojciech Szczesny enjoyed a good season on loan at Roma, playing 42 games for the Serie A side. He’ll return to Arsenal for pre-season training but spoke earlier this month about his desire to stay one more season in Italy.

“I want to stay,” he said. “It’s not all up to me, obviously. I want it to happen, and I know Roma and Arsenal are talking about it, so we’ll see what happens.

“I’m happy to have helped the team and winning the title must be the next objective for this club.”

However, Roma are on the brink of signing Brazilian stopper Alisson (whose parents are huge Elvis Costello fans), from Internacional. The 23 year old is in Rome at the moment undergoing a medical, putting into doubt their need for Szczesny next season.

Although Morgan De Sanctis is 39 and in the twilight of his career, signing Alisson means he’s likely to be their first choice next season.

Arsenal’s goalkeeping situation is also a little complicated with David Ospina likely to want a move away to play first team football, which could open the door for Szczesny to understudy Petr Cech – if that’s something he’s prepared to do.

He’ll certainly find some fans of his singing if he does.

Then again maybe Roma would like him back and I’m talking out of hole, but that wouldn’t be the first time that’s happen.

I give myself 10 poos


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Christ, we’ve entered double digits on the poo-meter and it’s not even June.


Why is he still using poos to measure those things? He should be using Tottenhams.

Merlin's Panini

but when you think about what we think of Tottenham, he’s already doing that.

Never mind

Can’t stop laughing!

Daft Aider

Ten mother-flippin poos?,
ye best make sure you flush half way through……………


He’ll have to go at it with a spatula before that thing will get round the u-bend.


Spatula? I hope you give that a good clean before using it again!


If he works hard I don’t see why he can’t supplant cech here. Cech is great and all, but there are definitely weaknesses in his game too, I definitely think Wojciech can do it if he applies himself.

The big question being of course, can he consistently apply himself?


Wouldn’t be your first typo either blogs.

Indie Gooner

I would love to see Wojciech start as an understudy to Cech next season and dethrone him to be number one later in the campaign. Cech’s not getting young you see.

An Ox-sized Coq

Except, that old dude Cech just won the Golden Gloves this year…you know that award they give to the goalie with the most clean sheets.


the award they shared 2 seasons ago?


I love Szczesny.
I also love Cech.
I’m very confused.


Don’t be confused. It is called ménage à trois



I really feel The Shezz will be better with age. More rationality. Like good wine. Well, no, not really. But yeah, an older Shezz should feature in our plans, if he likes the idea of staying around till Cech drops dead.

Tasmanian Jesus

Here Ive been looking for wine tips. Wine with more rationality is the way to go, you say?


Seems like someone is going to have to be moved on …

Perry Groves World

Elvis Costello fans.
Chapeau Blogs, Chapeau ?????

Phil Rossiter

“His Aim is True.”

Red Fred

Would love him to come back, he’s a Gooner at heart. A couple of seasons ironing out his weakneses under Cech and he could be our number one for a decade.


no … his footwork is leaden and has too many brain explosions. And his old man is a twat.


Pole voters …


Really like Szcesny. Would hate to see him leave Arsenal. Believe he will be great one day, plus I love his love for Arsenal.


Nice Elvis costello reference blogs. Time to dig out some old albums.


Lieutenant Giroud was also a big Elvis Costello fan coincidently

Third Plebeian

I think Cech can play at the top, as a starter, for at least another 3-4 years. He’ll be 34 in a few days, and like Buffon and Van der Saar, is one of those world class keepers whose instincts never leave. I bet Cech is our starter until he’s about 37/38. Anyway, who knows, but if that’s our thinking, not sure Szczesny will want to be a back-up for that long.

Third Plebeian

Also think Cech should be club captain next season, but that’s another can of worms!


“maybe I’m talking out of my hole”
All media outlets should be forced to add this a disclaimer after any transfer story. Ahead of the curve as usual blogs.

Cliff Bastin

Wait do the poos indicate whether you think he isn’t coming back or that he isn’t staying there? I’m confused

Cliff Bastin

I take this shit seriously.


1-3 poos is reasonable doubt on a story say, published in a better paper with sources, quotations and possibly inside info from Arseblog’s own little birds.
Sort of like the daily poos some of our healthier gooners with unabused colons take.
5-6 poos make the story questionable. And 10 poos is just made up dribble. Dribble like bad diarrhea.
11 poos are that club to whom it happens again and again.


Is that how much we underrate our szczs?? Any random 23yr-old from back in time could come around and usurp him?? Apparently De Sanctis was first-choice and szcz was back-up last season..


I want him to stay for one more season


He’s been the same at Roma as he was at Arsenal – occasionally exceptional, occasionally ridiculous. In general, he was good during the periods Roma were good, and bad during the periods Roma was bad. Nothing to change the general impression that is a bit of a high risk player – great when he’s good, terrible when he’s bad – which is not really what a title winning side wants in a keeper. You want someone who is good when you are bad, but someone who is good when you are good. I am maybe being a little bit harsh… Read more »


Er, that should read: “You want someone who is good when the rest of the team is bad, not someone who is good when the rest of the team is good.”

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