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Chongqing Lifan confirm Adams arrival

As has been widely reported over the last few days, Tony Adams has taken up a coaching role with Chinese Super League side Chongqing Lifan.

The legendary Gunner had been tipped to coach Arsenal’s under-18s alongside Kwame Ampadu after undertaking a five-week trial following Thierry Henry’s high-profile departure. For whatever reason, it appears he was not offered (or chose not to take?) the position on a permanent basis.

Adams had interviewed for the managerial position at Danish side Brondby earlier in the summer after drawing a line under his time as Sporting Director at Azerbaijani club Gabala FC.

The 49-year-old has previously managed Wycombe Wanderers and Portsmouth.

Chongqing Lifan unveiled Adams at a press conference confirming a link-up with La Liga outfit Granada. The Chinese club’s owner, Jiang Lizhang, is also the majority shareholder at the Spanish club and owns a stake in NBA franchise Minnesota Timberwolves.

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first time I heard the name of the club I spent approximately 17 minutes determining whether it was a play on words or not


A shame but he’s still Mr Arsenal.


He’s “Captain Chongqing” now.


At least he did choose coaching over just (talking) to earn his money.

Rozza the samourai

Mr Arsenal did choose big money over U18 assistant coach with Arsenal. Why this is any different from Henry’s case?

Bould's Eyeliner

It’s different because coaching in China doesn’t require you to mouth off on Arsenal on a weekly basis.

John C

It’s a very worrying trend that’s emerging this summer with the number of times the club has been publically rejected. We know for certain that Vardy, Henry and Adams have all turned down the opportunity to come to Arsenal and for some reason, which I all think we know, players and coaches alike don’t see their professional life being enhanced by joining the club. When you can’t convince someone like Adams to join the coaching staff after he’s stated he’d be happy to make the tea, we must not only be showing a lack of ambition but even worse, actively… Read more »


I think you’re massively overthinking at least 2 of those decisions – and even then I can pick apart all 3 for you. The Vardy thing was a very confusing one, but to put it simply (and my take on it) he’s a big fish in a small pond. If he stepped up to The Arsenal and didn’t make it, ultimately he would have been found out for what he is – a very good player, but someone who isn’t going to win you the Champions League. Henry was asked to choose his coaching role over Sky, one which I… Read more »

John C

So Vardy’s a big fish in a small pond you say? Leicester are the Champions, not Arsenal so we’re a downgrade, we clearly didn’t do enough to convince him he’d be better coming to the Emirates. If he seriously thought he had a genuine chance of winning the Champions League with Arsenal he would have signed in a heartbeat make no mistake. As for Henry, why would remaining at Sky be preferable to becoming a coach and help him achieve his long term goal of becoming a manager? Again whatever we’ve said or done has turned him off pursuing those… Read more »

Kev S

Henry chose to get paid £4m a year sitting on a comfy chair and talking rather than being coach-it’s not hard to see why. If you think Henry should have stayed and continued his punditry on Sky you’re not really thinking straight. No other person is working as a coach and a pundit, even if they are club legends. Only have to look at Man Utd – Scholes and Giggs started punditry as soon as they left the club, probably because they weren’t allowed to do both at the same time. So I don’t see why Henry should get special… Read more »

Rozza the samourai

Luis Fernandez from France was pundit in France and coach of Guinea.


Wow, I completely forgot about that major footballing powerhouse that is Guinea!

John C

It is hard to see why, Wenger is on double or triple that amount so as far as earning potential goes it would have made good sense to quit Sky if it was only down to money. Plenty of people take the short term drop in wages for longer term financial reward. As Grimandi, the bit part squad player, said there are plenty of ex-players at the club, who are they? Other nonentities like him? Very few with an affinity to the club and successes like Henry and Adams, 2 genuine club legends who are allowed to walk away far… Read more »

Arsene Wenger's Secret Lovechild

Okay, for a start: It’s not worrying because we have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Money, lack of ability or experience for the role, inability to deal with the pressure, building up to the pressure of bigger roles, not wanting the same scrutiny as Gary Neville (etc.). Secondly, he’s on half the wages of Wenger for, what,1/40th of the overall football experience? I’m not going to equate that to non-playing days but, suffice to say, there is no justification for Sky paying Thierry his astronomical fee aside from his glowing playing career and the audience that his reputation procures/trust… Read more »

John C

For a start they turned down the U18 position, hardly a role under great scrutiny. Wenger’s on I believe £12.5m a year although i know a lot of people think it’s £8m, i believe the first figure is the correct one, which would be more than triple, and he doesn’t have 40 times more football experience does he? Maybe double, without the first hand experience of different techniques Henry picked up from playing under managers like Guardiola and in different countries, which would certainly broaden his experience in many ways. But i don’t think you employ guys like Henry or… Read more »


how do you know it was Adams that turned down Arsenal and not the other way round?

John C

Well lets that him out of the discussion then, does that make Vardy and Henry’s decisions to turn us down ok?


What is so hard for you to understand, John C? It wasn’t possible for Henry to keep both jobs or roles, if you like, without a conflict of interest situation developing. Maybe, you should name another full time manager who is a full time pundit. Cannot? There; that’s why Henry made the choice to stay with the more lucrative Sky role. As for Adams, after suggesting he would do anything, including serve the Tea at the club, to get a role with Arsenal, isn’t it obvious he went for more money if he now got an even better role with… Read more »

John C

What’s difficult for you to understand that Arsenal has lost it’s standing and prestige to the point where probably our 2 most important players of the last 30 years and a leicester player would rather go somewhere else but Arsenal. If you think thats a good sign thats your business, i think it isn’t!


He’s 49? Damn, that made me feel old. I was still thinking of him of as a fairly recent Arsenal player with lots of time to get into coaching and managing.

Rozza the samourai

Couldn’t see him around Wenger. He wanted Wenger’s job so much.

Thierry Ennui

Wow, just arrived – that was a long flight!


Good luck in Wales cap.

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