Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Gazidis talks about summer spending, and well …

Ivan Gazidis has talked about Arsenal’s transfer intentions, and has hinted that the club will look to the lower leagues to find players, in much the same way that Leicester did.

The Premier League champions plucked players like N’Golo Kante and Riyah Mahrez from relative obscurity in France, the Arsenal Chief Executive has highlighted that as a potential market for Arsenal.

Speaking to ESPN, he said, “Leicester identified players from the French second division, so maybe there’s talent that we’ve been overlooking. They did their talent identification well, they had great unity within the group, as well as quality.

“It wasn’t built on money. It was built on the great fitness work they did. It was built on all of these other elements. I think that’s going to be a continuing trend within the Premier League.”

Arsenal have spent £35m on Granit Xhaka, but the Swiss international remains the only signing of note so far this summer.

Gazidis, despite the fact that Arsenal have more cash at hand than any other club in world football, and are flush like everyone else with an outrageous amount of TV money, still played down the club’s spending power.

“We’re making progress in what is a fiercely competitive world, against competitors that have the capability to spend far more money than we do,” he said.

“We’re doing it by being very, very disciplined; spending money where we believe it makes a difference, but also giving young players a chance and believing in ourselves and our values.”

Is that a sign that the club aren’t willing to use the money they have to sign players to make the team truly competitive? It may just be playing it down as we try and act in the market, but seasoned Arsenal watchers will be somewhat worried.

Still, don’t worry, the fact that the Premier League is more competitive now is a bonus for us because that means you can get away without massive spending. At least it seems like that’s the implication when he talks about how more teams than ever are potential title contenders.

“I think it’s fantastic news for the Premier League, I think it’s fantastic news for fans of football,” he said.

“And I think it’s good news for fans of Arsenal because I think the keys to success will be how well you do things, and not just about financial firepower.”

Is there a ‘deep sigh’ emoji? Because I really want to use that now.


That’s as close as we can get.

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And some Arsenal ‘fans’ wonder why there is such hostility to Gazedis and his toupeed mentor.if we do nothing and all our rivals the opposite and this goes belly up like we know it will, last seasons protest will be but a taster of what comes next March.

JJ's Bender

You can call Arsene many things but he is definitely not follically challenged!

How dare you!


I’m sure he meant Kroenke

JJ's Bender

…and don’t quote the word ‘fans’ when we simply have a different opinion to you


I’ll use it just as I chose. And I’ll do so because it is entirely appropriate. ‘Fans’ as in “Arsenal fans”. As opposed to those who give every indication that they are primarily fans of either the Clubs owner ; or one of it’s employees.

JJ's Bender

Because there are so many who support The Arsenal because of Kroenke….?!

Brilliant observation


I’m a big fan of it’s football kicking employees. I like the older fellow on the sideline too. He seems nice.

'fans' ?

Rob67…don’t you realise that it’s only the ultra-positives who have the right to question other people’s love for the club because they have a different opinion ?
Surely you know by now that saying anything remotely negative about the club / manager / players (no matter how reasonable it may be) makes your opinion redundant…….


To be fair, he’s damned no matter what he says here. If he tros out the old “we have tons of money” line, he gets crucified for that. If he says “we can’t compete,” he gets crucified for that.

What he says doesn’t really matter here, it’s what the club does. If the club had just signed Higuain or Lacazette and he said those same things everybody would be happy about them.

Stuck on repeat...

He could try being more honest than continually the conflicting nonsense he keeps repeating year after year.

Fully understand that it makes no sense to say we are flash with cash & desperate to spend it. But the flip side is stop promising to invest when there is a clearly a reluctance somewhere.

This shrewd game of playing your cards close to the chest, is slightly less believable when pretty much everyone already knows what cards you’re holding (have cash & need a striker).


You know what he could do? Buy Icardi/Lacazette/aubameyang and then say “Oh we had to plan and build the club carefully to get here, and didn’t spend a rich owner’s money”. Think everyone would be happy with that.




Welcome to Arsenal FC Ltd


Has he just figured out what we already knew???
(where does he think Kos and clichy came from???)

Third Plebeian

The funny thing about this is that any of us should be surprised. We all know exactly how this season is going to go. Like every other season. A failure to properly strengthen in the summer, followed by one half of the season played extremely well, and the other half played with form in the toilet, smattered throughout by longterm injuries that cruelly expose the failure to properly strengthen in the summer. Repeat ad nauseum. Maybe all we have to do is learn to play the piano, feed the homeless man on the corner, buy life insurance from Needlenose Ned,… Read more »


Yep. Xhaka will be our only first team signing this summer. Live with it. ?

La Défense

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you’re wrong.


From the bottom of my heart, I wish I was wrong. But I saw this movie last year. I remember checking Twitter incessantly for Benzema updates. Even when he trolled us with his picture I thought maybe it could still happen. Nope.


While there is a dearth of striker options, we could/should easily improve our right side attack. When did Mourinho and Europa League become more attractive than Wenger and Champions League? Still, there are other possibilities like Mahrez! To be fair to Wenger he has unearthed many good and great players…but of late there have been very few Vieras, Henrys, Gilbertos. Instead, we have struggled with players like Walcott, Szcz, even Ox, Chambers – plenty of potential but haven’t been able to transform into consistent match winners. There are few success stories like Bellarin, Kos but the success rate seems to… Read more »

Easy tiger

And just time for the STR.Bastard

La Défense



great thinking Ivan ! we might drop on another Chamakh..Park Chu Young…Bendtner…Aliadiere..Gervinho..Sonogo .. No Emoji so I will just SIIIIIIIIIIIGH

Putney S.

This does sounds to me like they are trying to lower the fans expectations. Seems unnecessary, we started the summer trying to buy 29 year old possibly-one-season-wonder Vardy for 20 mil. You know Plan B isn’t going to be Griezmann…


The return of TGSTEL perhaps…..


I will postpone my “Same old, same old” comment until after the transfer window closes. Regardless, it seems we are going to leave our business for a last minute trolley dash, if at all. sigh


This is my suspicion too. If we sign a striker it will be in the last hour of the window. Just hope the fax machine is plugged in at the other end.

Bendtner's Ego

This Wenger yes-man can fuck right off.

The money is THERE.

We’ll earn more than we ever have this year. We don’t need ten £4M players, that’s the Tottenham way. Where does the money go if you don’t spend it? Kroenke dividends?? It sure isn’t going to ticket price reductions.

Buy bigger priced players who can perform. Flog the losers off to China (previously Turkey) for inflated transfer fees.

Granit(e) hard!

agree fully, plus Tottenham dont even buy that cheap any more! “unearthing gems” indeed!..what nonsense!…sounds to me like the arsenal pr machine beginning to make excuse for what they already know is going to be yet another disappointing transfer window for club and fans! I am really fed up of this perennial under investment in the squad and consequent under achievement…what is wrong with this man and spending money??”unearthing gems” from the lower leagues is a game of “hit or miss” and so it’s a game that clubs that have serious ambitions about winning the league can’t afford to play!…they… Read more »




and gloom


when things go boom, in Ivan’s lab!

Smug git



Well said that man Ivan. Give chance to youth players. Why have a youth team if you are not going to give them a chance. I highly rate the players we have.


Yeah, absolutely right. We should infact disband the whole first team and play a team comprising of U-21s and 18s. Whats the point of having the youth team otherwise?

*Note: our youth team was playing second division until last season.


Thank you! This perception our youth team is made out of future Messi’s and Ronaldo’s is ridiculous.

No doubt a product of football Manager thinking, but our academy struggles to produce a single first team player (JW10 doesn’t even deserve a starting berth) – let alone substitute the massive deficiencies at CF, RF, and CB.

Andy Mack

Didn’t we get Joel, Iwobi and Bellerin as ‘Youths’?

Andy Mack

And Coquelin…

The Great Ex-Priest Tobin

Not only will we not sign a new striker, but Ozil and Alexis will leave out of frustration in the near future as so many of our best players have in the past.

Vincent Kompany's Forehead/Jamie Vardinho

Well said, I see them leaving soon 🙁 I can understand his logic about Leicester and their gem unearthing scouting network, but you NEED proven talent too. Unfortunately in this seasons market, you have to pay over the odds, I think Wenger is just too proud or stupid to do that. Not saying we need 6 players but look at how quickly Dortmund have moved to freshen up their squad after losing talented players like Hummels, Mkhitaryan etc. They brought Dembele (highly rated youngster), Rode, Guerrero (we were interested in him, played in Euro 2016, won it with Portugal), Marc… Read more »


Add Goetze to that list.

Vincent Kompany's Forehead/Jamie Vardinho

My bad, the most important one!

AKB(Not the one your thinking of

And Schurrle….Dortmund this time may even improve on previous teams…..and that is called ambition. Rather than pocketing the gains from selling selfish players like Mikitaryan, they reinvest to get players like Gotze and now they look better than last season

Vincent Kompany's Forehead/Jamie Vardinho



We should have tied them to new longer term contracts by now. The uncertainty of whether we will sign a striker or not has stalled them it seems and understandably so.

I have the utmost respect for Wenger and his values, but there are no excuses for not having signed a striker ALREADY. Targets would/should have been identified before the season ended by the scouting department, so why are we risking such a crucial position? We have the cash but where is the determination to get the players we need?

Dan Davidson

How about this one ? Or this one ? Maybe even this ?. Us gooners understand frugal. We don’t need the Leicester analogy. Ironic that it was Leicester who we failed to prise our No 1 striking target from! With the money in the game and the fact everyone in the prem is spending it… Sometimes you go to make that statement signing. Hiw much do you want for Aubameyang? There you go. Griezmann? £75 mill? No problem. If we don’t Ozil and Sanchez are going to walk, make no mistake. If you want the best sometimes you’ve got to… Read more »

Silent Stan

I think if we don’t sign another player we’ll still do fine and probably finish top 4. Unlikely we’ll win the league but as long as we are top 4 that’s all that matters isn’t it? Isn’t it?


Problem isn’t Wenger. As this here shows the problem lies with Ivan and the board who is controlled by you know who. And we all know his interest isn’t to see our players lift trophies.


“We back Arsene when he has a plan. We stay quiet when he doesn’t” – Sir Chips Keswick.

Sounds like the plan is similar to Chicken Little Wenger who thinks that the football world is on the brink of financial collapse every day, so better not to spend any money.

Ashburton grove 1942

Bring back David Dein, it’s as simple as that

broken red army

the man advised us against the American board and left Arsenal when even fans didnt show him respect for the years, the deals and the squad he made available for Arsene. I always see him as a wisest Arsenal man ever. never fucked around in negotations. never predicted or advised wrong and obviously he was a fan (unlike Mr. Kroenke who says he’s “amazed by fandom” as he is not one himself.) and of course as an ambitious Arsenal man he is not welcome for our owners benefits.

Andy Mack

Apart from him wanting us to play at Wembley rather than our own stadium…

Jeremy O Dwyer

I know Dein did a lot of great things for Arsenal and loved the club but he was also against the stadium move, wanted us to rent Wembley, and was the person who originally wanted kronke involved.

I’m not saying he didn’t do a lot of good for Arsenal but he wasn’t perfect.

broken red army

so you think had us moved to Wembley we’d be in a worse position now? no league title since 2004. no power to keep our legends or bring sought after players in. and the worst getting used to low standards and no ambition? and of course after rebuilding and upgrading Highbury while at Wembley was the plan.

Andy Mack

No, Dein wanted us to take on Wembley and sell Highbury.
The Board considered that and just moving temporarily whilst upgrading Highbury buy all indications from Islington council were that we’d be lucky to increase the seating by more than 10% which was nowhere near adequate. So it came down to either a new stadium or Deins favourite of taking Wembley as our home.


Dein told it like it was. When he moved too quickly for our ageing useless board they ganged up and pushed him out. Say what you will about Dein. Yes, he was flashy and a self publicist. But he had a vision for Arsenal which involved us being the biggest club in the land winning countless titles.


Oh yeah Leicester won the league by buying lower division players, hence we should go that way (As if we weren’t before this window) 10 PL seasons have happened since we last won the league and before Leicester becoming champions. 5 have been won by United 3 by Chelsea And 2 by city. But we wouldn’t look at their transfer activity becauselooking at Leicester is absolutely convenient for this board. This board has done nothing but brainwash some fans and make them believe we are doing great but the fact is our PL seasons have been just mediocre. I am… Read more »


United have spend every TW since Alex F left. Spending guarantees no trophy. City have a whole country supporting them financially. Chelsea have a dodgy Russian. Arsenal are spending soundly for the future.
If some of you toxic fan spend energy supporting the team, just maybe the team will win the league. I say it before and will say it again. Give youth a chance.


in contrast, we have given youth a chance severally, we have not had much success. 2 major trophies In 10 years. So why should we not change tact? why not try actual proper spending? i e 2 or 3 times in a window instead of once every window?


United spent in a transition period, expecting world class to fill in all the holes in multiple positions, not giving the team enough time to gel. They also had two very poor managers. We do not. Why not use City as an example of spending for success? They’ve won 2 premier leagues and are now top 4 regulars? Or Chelsea? Theyve won 10+ trophies since 2005.


This board is a joke. They made the wrong call sticking with Kroenke, they made the wrong call opting for a self sufficient business model because of him, and all that promise of being able to compete with the big clubs with transfers has turned out to be bullshit. We still have to spend prudently, we’re still paying off the stadium debt, if our contacts with Puma & Emirates werent struck/renewed, we’d still be broke. Wenger has been shackled down by the weight of all of this, he takes the heat for it all every season when we fall short.… Read more »

Andy Mack

Dein introduced Kronke to the club, didn’t he?


Oh Yeah?

Guess what United spending that money, playing shit football with the a crap manager still has only 1 trophy less than us. And I am comparing United’s 3 Years with Arsenal’s 10. So now, whats your point Jags?


I don’t believe you’re a real person.
You’re some kind of Arsenal troll bot from the early 00s of the lean youth years that has escaped MSN messenger to enter the real world ala Agent Smith from the Matrix.


We are not actually spending for the future. Clubs like Man city, Chelsea, Spurs were far behind us in terms of revenue. But due to the lack of success and signings, those clubs are catching up. If we are continuing this way, there will be a time when we cannot compete with those clubs.

Dan Davidson

I don’t think it is toxic to ask for a marque striker signing. It’s what clubs with ambition do!


This. So much this.

Cannon fodder

Isn’t this the same guy who a few seasons ago said we could compete in the transfer market with anybody??

broken red army

some spanking from Stan and couple of millions from that 300 millions cash reserves of the time and he’s good boy now.


This club is hopeless


Comment: I’m from Kenya and I’ll tell you all Arsenal is a big club very big the biggest here because most Man U fans here are glory hunters, most of us back here started watching premier league in late 90s early 2000s when PL started being televised . We call Henry ‘Baba’ which means Father in Swahili. Anyway here we pay to watch Arsenal since we all cannot afford cable TV. People have set up businesses , find a stall, buy a big TV , pay for cable TV, charge people like equivalent of half a pound for each game… Read more »


Eish. I’m from Kenya, been supporting Arsenal since the mid 90s and these are the facts. Arsenal does have the most fans here, but years of being also-rans have reduced their roar of yesteryear to all but a whimper. All Man U has to say is ’20’. Titles do matter, no one ever chest thumps about the FA Cup. No one pays to watch U19s either. We can hardly be arsed about their seniors. Support is not blind, you must earn and stoke it–dont give the impression that African fans are any less frustrated and just glad to have a… Read more »


Comment: I didn’t want to give the wrong impression about us, depending on where you live. Where I am, we are never silenced even by the 20 though I agree our fire has reduced!. I was just trying to create a positive mood around. We are all frustrated.

Nairobi Gooner

From Kenya too. You just spoke my heart. No glory hunter can silence me, but I must say am somewhat nervous. From the bottom of my heart I wish Le Proff would just pull a magic so we can lift the trophy with what we got- It would be so much sweeter that way. But I have had such expectations for like 10 years now. For once I wish we could just buy, not just anyone, but a Griezzman, an Auba, someone that will make the proverbial statement. Just about this season’s Jersey, only thing am waiting for is a… Read more »


This is the old rhetoric again from Gazidis. Everyone knows we cant spend like the Arabs or Russians , but we are not exactly cash strapped as some other clubs in PL. We and fans have been believing in the ways far too long to be fooled now. While I do understand he cant publicly say any names or signings we are working on , a little bit of positive outlook on signings would be welcome. Financial prudence in past years was fine, but year after year the same thing stops making sense. Its only Xhaka this year!!


Exactly. Juventas would be a good example for us. They aren’t cash rich either but that doesn’t stop them from plugging the gaps in the their team every year. Hell, they win the league every year and still reinforce.

broken red army

cant spend like Arabs or Russians?? ok Chelsea or Man City needed their sugar daddies as they werent a giant with huge fanbase. clubs like ours Man United Bayern Munich Real Madrid they “make the money” available. we are a top 5 club fan base vise and make tons of money. while City have ticket guve aways to fill their stadium we have highest prices for no reason (what do they give us back to deserve these prices??) and still we need to make more sits in Emirates. we are 4th or 5th (you can check that from a last… Read more »

Toure motors

Startling lack of ambition by our CEO. Some people would be better off saying nothing at all

Cliff Bastin

Yaya Sanogo


Why not take a punt on someone like Wilson from B’mouth (or the Man Utd one) or Rodriquez from Soton?


Do you people read what you’ve written? Wilson from Fcking B’mouth?? Rodriguez from Soton??…This club is hopeless when there are fans who have this mediocre loser mindset. FFS

AKB(Not the one your thinking of

What would happen is a Deeney 2.0….ie, overpay for bang average players……


It would be something if we even did that. Going into the season with only one striker is beyond stupid.


The contradictions of this man are ridiculous. First he wants us to be the biggest team in Europe and tells us that in the next couple of years he wants Arsenal to be like Bayern Munich (he said that 2 seasons ago) and now he’s saying we still cannot compete financially with the best. Well which one is it? If you can’t then lower expectations, be honest with the fans and just say it’s unlikely we’ll be at the top again. If we have the money, then fucking spend it or fuck right off. Getting really tired of this shit.… Read more »

glory hunter

Actions speak louder than words, we move and act like we are broke.
So maybe we are broke, nothing else makes sense
If you had millions you wouldnt continue living in a council flat, surely you would buy a house, right?

Ghost of Igor

You’re joking right?


Arsenal’s big bosses want to encrease money and decrease fans.Good luck
But know that we fans don’t need firstly singing we are big club economically but we need cups twelve years are enough we wanna enjoy trophies as our big haters Man u,Chelsea did it.
Never play with our mind.Fans need trophies, bosses need money, know that Arsenal is a club not a business company!!


I fucking Knew it. Next will be a statement from Wenger saying we are trying hard in the transfer market but must not forget to look at the “quality we have within” first. More than anything right now, I woukd like for transprency in our club’s transfer activities. Other fans get into the window knowing what to expect, and it’s because their clubs are very clear about their intentions and targets from the start. Why can’t we be afforded the same priviledge? And you know what hurts? That once again we are only 2 proper signings away from challenging. Buy… Read more »


So Arsenal will recruit from the lower leagues? The management showed just how clueless they were when they bid 40 million and one pounds for Suarez. It really is time for a change. If they had recriited wisely we could have been champions two years running. But the balance sheet is their goal not winning football matches.


What’s really scary is that our scouting to replicate the likes of Leicester has been really poor in the past 5-7 years. We’ve missed out on the likes of; Suarez (when his abilities were well known) Diego Costa (cunt, but we had the chance to sign him at an early age) Kompany (remember when we were constantly linked with him?) Mahrez Higuain Greizman (could’ve got him when we even renegotiated terms for Vela) Augbemyang Kante And many many more. In that time, almost all the youngsters we bought to be part of the first team and expected to develop into… Read more »


With all due respect, each player in that list came from different clubs so its not like any one club unearthed all those gems. Except Leister but i would argue bellerin can match both their price tags with his age.


I was making an example.
But if you like, I can use Atletico Madrid or Dortmund as examples of teams that have scouted much better than us in the past few years.
A. Madrid scouted and replaced…
Torres then replaced with Aguero, then replaced with Falcao, then replaced with Costa, then replaced with Greizmann.

That’s 5 truly world class strikers back to back. Our last scouted and developed WC striker? Van Persie, from the good days of replacing Henry/Bergkmap who in turn replaced Anelka. All Torres to Griezman happened within that time.

Dortmund are even better.


Liking your post is what is clueless!

Andy Mack

Why is meeting a release clause ‘clueless’? The 40m+1 was nothing to do with the end result and you’re clueless if you think it did!


Leicester story was just a one off.
We cannot hope that the same happens with us.Quality attracts quality. If this stingy system continues,bye bye ozil and sanchez.


Strangely thousands of goons would welcome vardy, Mahrez and kante this season for around £60/70m. Would they have spat the dummy if Wenger had paid under £10m for all 3 them last season?

Andy Mack

They certainly would have. Vardy took 4 years to ‘come good’ for them, whilst Mahrez took a few games and would have had the emirates boo boys on his case straight away.


From my focal point its a west of time to support this miserable team I quit from support arsenal I’ve been arsenal since I was born but for now better I watch Tom and marry


Goodbye pest.


Good riddance – you don’t even know the meaning of the word support! goon!


Comment: This bloke thinks the miracle that happened to liecester last reason will happen to Arsenal. Keep dreaming


Fact is Wenger is lacking what is tactically needed to take us from top 4 to the title. Only way to overcome that is by signing top players to make up for it.
Going into the new season starting with no new striker and two CBs who were competing to get dropped last year isn’t to cut it however hard they work

dr Strange

Sometimes I find another world inside my mind when I realise the crazy things we do It makes me feel ashamed to be alive It makes me wanna run away and hide It’s all ’bout the money It’s all ’bout the dum dum……. And I don’t think It’s funny to see us fade away It’s all ’bout the money It’s all ’bout the dum dum… and I think we got it all wrong anyway We find strange ways of showing them how much we really care when in fact we just don’t seem to care at all This pretty world… Read more »

Christopher Clark

The Emirates move has been curse, the loss of David Dien was a massive kick in the dick, and now we have a board that lies to its fans! A sporting director is needed to take care of the transfer market which allows wenger more time to figure out how zip up his jacket!

Fuck it 60,000 fans converge on the the board room and remove these fuckers from our beloved club


Spending doesn’t guarantee trophies or success. But every one knows we need a striker to at least compete effectively……oh wait. We signed Takuma. Problem solved ?


These comments from Gazidis will only anger fans. It’s already got me mad. Same crap every year. How can you have a team every year that only needs 2 to 3 additions to be a team that can challenge in the league and even champions league and all they do is get one of the 3 players. No wonder we get laughed at.


If only we used the cash reserves when £200m was worth more bang for your buck. We now live in a time where Sissokho is worth nearly as much as we paid for Sanchez.


Typical what’s new, this happens every season. This board always finds ways not to spend money on world class players and instead buying 6th class players. Honestly I don’t see Ozil, Sanchez lying around for long. Instead I see the likes of Theo sticking around for long. Fck this club as much as I love it, I lost hope. Watch this season we’ll finish below Chelsea, Man United, Man City, Liverpool and Spuds..


If other clubs have the ability to “spend much more then we do” don’t charge the highest ticket prices in Europe.


probably the highest ticket prices in the world!
Bet Wenger gets a new contract too.
I’d settle for poaching Bacca off West Ham. Messi he ain’t, but at least he knows how to score goals and is quick, and he wants to come to the PL.


Good luck with that strategy, Ivan. It has served us well winning the league of late.

Jack Tuffney

Groundhog season. No striker and a loss to Liverpool should make for a toxic start to a shit season. There’s just no need for this, we have the cash. Cunts.


This is a completely doomed policy as Arsenal don’t have the ability to bring in players from lower leagues…train them…motivate them and turn them into World beaters.Nevermind Leicester look what Athletic Madrid have managed to do continuously over the last half a dozen Season’s.Yes Arsenal have Bellerin and maybe Iwobi to suggest that they are capable of creating talent but Sanogo,Gibbs,Bentner,Gnarby,Wellington,Denilson. ..to name but few…would suggest different.The fact that Arsenal’s “squad players” when called out last season…during an injury crisis…failed miserably to shine illustrated this point perfectly. Talent doesn’t just grow on trees it has to be found,nurtured, developed and… Read more »


Thank god i didnt renew my season ticket, sorry not paying £4000 a year for this S***,
Yes i will support my beloved Arsenal but with much less money,and BTW i think that Xshaka was a bait for season ticket renewals but thats just me lol


You didnt renew a £4000 a year season ticket?
A magical ticket that doesnt exist?

Have you been paying for the most expensive ticket and then tipping them by 100%?

The most expensive ticket is a bit over 2 grand.

Grand have a moan but Don’t make up hypothetical revolutions.


Remember Kroenke on running a team to make money?


It is possible to train well, look for obscure talent and spend money on key signings! We are in a position where it doesn’t have to be either/or. I also worry what this kind of underdog rhetoric will have on our major players- I doubt Sanchez wants to hear that he is playing for a team that consider themselves plucky underdogs

Hank Scorpio

Surely Arsene cannot be that stupid or senile or stubborn to ignore the glaring deficiencies in this squad. The toxic atmosphere at the end of last season will seem like a picnic if things start poorly this season. If he refuses to address the obvious & genuinely believes this team will win anything them his hubris will be his undoing & I cannot see things ending well. A few more weeks to go before we can declare another wasted season though. Hopefully we make some signings before then

Ground hog day

All I can say is if they will not spend the money again, I, as a season ticket holder, want my money back.
They can contact me later if they need it.
After getting 70 points last season, if we don’t buy anyone else, Arsene will have to go through hell every time we lose/tie a game. Shame to see him leave on such a note


I don’t think these are new comments?
I’m pretty sure they’re comments taken from part of an interview done at the end of last season?
ESPN are just relaying them.


They are. When he is speaking about Leicester, he is speaking about their win. He wouldn’t mention them at the end of last season. They finished just outside the bottom 3 so using them as an example would have infuriated fans even more.

Ted E.

LOL. Imagine him going: “Look what Bournemouth achieved this year with a fixed budget. I believe that’s possible for Arsenal as well”

Andy Mack

I think he means the season that recently finished rather than 12 month ago.

The Chalstrom

If you’re an Arsenal supporter, just know this board does not give a single fuck about you… NOT A SINGLE FUCK…


There’s no fucking deficiencies in the squad. Lots of football managers. Why don’t you apply for a managers vacancy. Acting like spoilt kids. No wonder Arsenal freaking struggle with clueless, idiocratic, keyboard managers as fans. If you don’t like it, go support Tottenham, Chelsea, man city, Liverpool, man Utd, plenty of clubs to chose from lads and lasses. For me, I’m going to support my Arsenal, the manager and the players. When they play shit, I will support them as if they are playing awesome. I will encourage, praise and talk proudly of the team and players that wore the… Read more »

Girouds' Hair Wax

Well your more stubborn than wenger then, supporting the club and criticising it are not mutually exclusive. Parents tell their kids off, it doesn’t mean they no longer love them. But to look at the last few seasons and not question the club is borderline moronic.


I turned down a season ticket this summer after a ten year wait because I simply don’t believe in the ambition of the club anymore. I’ve been to Highbury and the Emirates many times and now live in Finsbury Park, walking distance from the ground. I was once an excited and hopeful fan but I now realise the club will continue to find excuses not to spend money and reasons not to compete. Arsene is outdated & risk adverse, Stan is an investor and Ivan is a PR conduit for Stan. They think Arsenal have done something exceptional by finishing… Read more »

Andy Mack

Thanks for turning the season ticket down.
My mates are moving up the waiting list 🙂
Still years before they get one though 🙁

John Ryan

It’s very simple, Arsenal like any club are only where they are because of the fans…if we as fans aren’t happy with the situation then we must do something about it instead of just coming on sites like this and leaving comments that fall on deaf ears. No fans no club, fans have to stand firm and once the club sees the cash is starting to dry up they’ll see things the fans way. They don’t have to spend 150m or 200m ever transfer window, but if players are needed in areas then buy them, proven quality that make our… Read more »

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