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Ramsey delighted with performance, backs Wales to progress

Aaron Ramsey would have every right to feel a bit sorry for himself this morning. Having played brilliantly and got two assists to help Wales into the semi-finals of the European Championships, he also picked up a yellow card which will rule him out of the clash with Portugal.

Instead the Arsenal midfielder is backing his compatriots to cope without him, and continue a remarkable tournament for them in the final.

Speaking after last night’s 3-1 win over Belgium last night, Ramsey said, “Now we have to beat Portugal. I am sure it will sink in before then that I will not be playing – but I will be right behind my team, cheering them on and kicking every ball.

“I will be right in the mix of it, so hopefully they can do it.”

And on his performance, in which he stood out during a great display from the Wales team, he said, “It was up there with the best performances of my career, especially on the stage that it was.

“I wanted to stand up and be counted, so I am delighted I was able to help my team and grab a couple of assists that meant we won quite comfortably in the end.”

Let’s hope Wales can do the business in the semi-final, and Ramsey gets a chance to make history in the final game of the tournament.

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Brilliant game from him but pretty blatant and stupid handball… Gutted that he won’t be in the semis where Wales will really miss him.


Go Rambo! Keep the good work for the club as well…..hopefully


Blatant? I personally thought it could easily have been could have been considered a “natural” position. He was throwing himself forward in an attempt to block the ball, and it’s quite hard to do that with your arms by your sides.

Sure, give the free kick, but I felt the yellow was harsh. The only silver lining is he definitely won’t miss the final, when they get there!


Brilliant team performance. Each player playing for the team and one other. Wish England played like that.


Since he was moving his hand away from the ball, the decision was most certainly very fucking harsh and not “blatant”.


Dont (some?) of these tournaments have a rule where the yellow cards are all wiped off just before the semis? Seem to recall it from a WC or something…


Only if the player is on one yellow, so they can still be in the final.


I believe they’re wiped out After that match. So if he’d have got through that one he’d be in the clear.

But it’s too many matches of accumulation in my opinion. They should have cleared after the previous round. Down side to that is, yellow in quarters and one in semis could have some missing the final. Damned if you do,

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I’m crushed for Ramsey personally that he’s going to miss the semifinal of an international tournament, I doubt he’ll ever get that opportunity again. I’m also disappointed because I’d love to see Wales knock Ronaldo (plus 10 people Ronaldo allows to be acknowledged as his compatriots) out. How the fuck are they in the semis? They are so trash, their games have been the most boring of a mostly boring tournament. Look for that small-country mentality to continue as they do fuck all and wait for penalties.


Agreed. It’s starting to taste like Greece’s win in 2004 🙁
C’mon Wales!!! For the love of good things in football please knock the Portuguese out of the tournament.


Just saw the highlights as I missed last night’s action, and I’m devastated that he won’t be walking out with his team for the semi. Ramsey was incredibly precise with his set-pieces and final balls. He’s gonna miss a once-in-a-lifetime shot at the Final but that preening mannequin from Portugal will be there? Fuck that.

Beezus Fuffoon

I genuinely can no longer tell which of Aaron’s quotes are real and which ones have been fabricated by Mr Blogs anymore!

He's got no hair but we don't care...

And I’m delighted all our rivals are strengthening their squads while we think about signing 19 year old strikers from South America who will score the goals to win us the league.

Seriously, just sign a striker and centreback before pre-season starts and certainly before the utterly tiresome bollocks of deadline day.


Am getting a impatient too but looks like we just have to wait … doesn’t help that we waited all summer last year and nothing happened in the end.


We don’t need to sign anybody: we already have enough quality to finish fourth next season.


And you don’t really need to bother to comment as your posts are more predictable than Arsenal finishing fourth – something that has actually ‘only’ happened 6 times in the last 12 years, whereas 99% of your posts are pessimistic and more importantly, uninteresting.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Didn’t we finish second this year? Lol


Yes, I too am disappointed For Ramsey, but he seems to be keeping his head about it.

Jamie Vardinho

What makes you think its that easy???


Ramsey, Joe Allen and Bale were on fire last night. Now that’s the Ramsey we love to see. Quick passing, give and go, all over the place and end product. I’d like this more next season please.


He did a job for us, second half of last season. Basically playing as a DM or sticking him out on the right. Wales is more set up for him, they give him a lot more freedom and they play a lot quicker which clearly suits him. Perhaps we should look at adjusting our style of play too, I don’t think Ramsey is the only player that could benefit from a change

Stewart Robson's therapist

Wales fans have made Aaron feel loved. Why can’t Arsenal fans do the same? The vitriol this guy receives is appalling.

I long for the day that Gooners finally realise that constructive support is the best kind of support, that they should be encouraging a struggling player or team and not grinding them down.


I think most Arsenal fans are supportive but they arent as vocal as the ones that criticise everything


and those who are supportive just get shut down by those who toxically criticize everything. Ramsey has always been an amazing talent but a majority of Arsenal fans have never fully embraced him, especially when he struggles, which paradoxically is when players need the most support.

Andy Mack

I think you mean ‘a minority of Arsenal fans’. The majority supports him but (as you mention) aren’t very vocal about it.


yes 🙂

Jimbo Jones

I’ve been out in France following Wales and was fortunate enough to get tickets for the quarters in Lille. What an incredible game and Something really hit me and that was rekindling a love for international football: football untainted by money, the transfer merry-go-round, agents, shirt sponsors and pretty much all the things which are ruining the club game. I had a bit of an epiphany having felt and witnessed what it is to be a ‘supporter,’ where every man, woman and child, backed the team. There has no criticism, no whining, and unconditional support. I’m not just talking about… Read more »


It’s the cost of not having won the league for so long, there’s a lot of people who have got used to getting their satisfaction as an Arsenal fan by being negative, not positive. I thought it was going to lift a little bit when we won the FA cup (and then won it again), but unfortunately it hasn’t. There’s basically a solid 15% of the fans who have been so poisoned and embittered by the lack of success that I’m not sure there’s any way they’ll learn to actually like watching Arsenal again, unless we win the treble or… Read more »

Andy Mack

I agree but I think it’s less than 15%. More like 5% but a very loud 5%


Not won the league in so long?……….. Sp*rs – 55 years since, West Ham – never, Liverpool – 25 years, City – 40 plus years between titles, Chelsea – 50 plus years between titles…….. Perhaps a little less biased punditry may help clarify Arsenal’s achievements and potential for fans.

Mr. G

Ramsey’s performances in this tournament remind me of two seasons ago when he was almost unstoppable. As a Welshman I may be ever so slightly biased but I think he’s been the standput player of the tournament and I am absolutely gutted he’s missing the semi-final.


it’s gonna be really, really tough for Wales to win the semi without him. But not impossible.


No Portugal have only won one game so far and that was in ET


Portugal is terrible. Wales deserves to be there much more than they do. Even without Ramsey if you look at performances in this tournament Wales have to be the favorites.

No. 8

And for some reason they have Portugal as favourites. I saw how Wales got through qualifying getting results against Belgium. I saw how much of team they were and I saw they were 85-1 to win the euros. So I backed them each way because England were something like 15-1. This country is a joke at how it has blinkers on. Football is a team sport and so much surrounding the game seems to somehow forget that fact…

dr Strange

Feel for Ramsey but really happy to see him getting back to top form. Long may it last.

On another note. BFG has a movie in the theaters. 🙂


Ramsey plays really well and yet certain “rags” give him average ratings!!! He was one of the top performers and deserves an 8 or 9 out of 10


That’s because they’re tossers


Bashing Arsenal and stirring up gooners is both easy and good for business.


I’ve really grown to like Bale since he left Spurs. The guy keeps getting better and he seems a real leader who carries his team to the next level. Unlike his club teammate who sulks all the time and blames his teammates. I’d love to see Bale signed but that’s almost obviously too far at this moment. One can dream eh.


Leaving spurs certainly makes him a lot more likeable

Cliff Bastin

Sign Bale as our striker!

Jamie Vardinho

Great player, wanker hair. Doesnt suit his pasty veneer. Hey, fair play to him and Wales though, go Cymru???

John C

Wales play a system and style that suits his game, we don’t. We should sell him whilst we have the chance.


He’s still worryingly mentally fragile.Visibly shaken by missing the next game while playing last night.


Are there any other “mentally fragile” players who can propel their underdog team into the last four of the European Championships out there? If so let’s sign ’em up please.

Jimbo Jones

Horseshit sir


Most players would have been devastated at missing out on such a big game due to a card (and a pretty bullshit one at that) Often even have been in tears on the pitch.

Only a robot would show nothing, but everything Ramsey has done shows the exact opposite; his mental strength.


We should buy this blond chap?

Nasris wallet

Robbie savage?


No not him.


Rambo had a good game. His game seems to suit Wales more than Arsenal. I guess that kind of performance is what Arsene sees every day in training.
Still not sure where his best position would be in our starting 11 if everyone is fit. I guess this is why Arsene gets paid the big bucks.
Wales vs Iceland Final!

Andy Mack

The issue is that the opposing teams all think they can beat Wales, so they play a more open game.
Whereas most of our (AFC) opposition are happy with a draw so they play a much more defensive game.

Me So Hornsey

Spot on. Ramsey excels when he doesn’t have to worry too much about defensive responsibilities and also when the opposition isn’t obsessed with defending.


Nicely done Blonde Welsh Jesus. Hope you get to play in the final!

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