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Wenger promotes The Jeff to Arsenal first team

Arsenal have confirmed that Jeff ‘The Jeff’ Reine-Adelaide has been promoted to Arsene Wenger’s first team squad.

The 18-year-old joined the Gunners this time last year from French side Lens and made an immediate ‘Pele-esque’ impact in the Emirates Cup against Lyon and Wolfsburg.

The midfielder went on to make his professional debut in the FA Cup win over Sunderland in January and has been included in the squad for the US-hosted games against MLS All-Stars and Chivas de Guadalajara. We’re looking forward to him making Drogba cry later.

#Jeff has been promoted to the first team #ArsenalUSA #Arsenal

A photo posted by Arsenal Official (@arsenal) on

News of The Jeff’s promotion – announced by the club on Instagram – comes at the perfect moment for Arsenal fans panicked by a recent lack of action in the transfer market. As we all know he’s so damn good that we’ll no longer need to buy a striker or a centre-back.


On a more serious note, we’re disappointed the club’s social media team missed the opportunity to caption the announcement ‘Jeff’s on Airplane’. Shame on you guys/gals.

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Really excited him to play tonight, hope he will get some chances throughout the year as Iwobi did, but with the number of players in the squad in that area going to be tough to get him much time this year.


He is going to be one of Arsene and arsenal gems if he can avoid injuries, he is more mature and skilled than when Fabregas was his age.

John C



Fabregas was possibly the best young talent under our academy. At Zelalem’s age, Cesc had already displaced Vieira and had scored his first goal for the club.

Of course, Gedion can still reach greater heights but Fabregas was a once-in-a-generation talent.

Tom Gun

Sorry mate – wrong guy! Zelalem and The Jeff are not the same!

Along with Hector, they would make a formidable trio of youngsters:

Jazzelalem Jeff and the Fresh Prince of Beller-in!! 🙂


Yeah like that, lovely gag.

Perry S.

You’re mixing up the players in discussion here. The Jeff and Zelalem are two different players. The player promoted here is the Jeff, and he’s far better than Zelalem.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Cesc had already displaced Vieira ? Where did you get that ? Fabregas had massive talent at very young age but that statement was a sacrilege.


Cess never ‘displaced’ Viera – rather, he was his understudy, learned extremely quickly and then, when the great one left for Juve, he stepped into the rather large boots in the midfield.
28 March 2006 – Viera returned to Highbury (RIP) for the first time, with Juve, in a CL clash… that’s when, for me, Cesc came of age – he comprehensively outplayed Pat!


Whatever one may think of Cesc now… when he was ours, he was truly ours. And he was pretty damn good!

kampala gooner

The he went and sucked mourinhos cock.


Erm No. Fabregas was as mature as any player I’ve seen at that age.


League title is ours now

Evang. Simon


Vincent Kompany's Forehead/Jamie Vardinho
Yorkshire Gunner

Want a serious petition to have The Jeff called out on the intercom when he scores rather than his ‘actual’ name


This is what I miss. The banter used to be just whack ‘with dem Woolwich lads’ a few years ago. We’re too morose all the time now. We’re far better than we think we are, and someday soon we will strike GLOORRRYYY! For now I just wish we have a more-enjoyable less-whiny time following the club, through thick and thin.

And yes, play pay the copyright of 12 pounds something cents to use the original clip whenever The Jeff enters the arena, Arsenal.

Paul Kenny

I think we may be able to get enough on the RW from Jeff, Ox, Joel and Possibly Rambo (Depending on CM works out) for now at least.


Blogs…your puns are too notch. Just another reason I start my day with your stories. I’ll give the official site a pass though…doubt they have ever heard of Jefferson Airplane. That white rabbit turned grey ages ago. #oldasdirt

A Different George

I thought it was a pretty Slick pun.

A Different George

One might almost say Graceful.


You just made my day.

Vaseline Gang

He has only been promoted as a scam to get fans printing his very long name on their replica shirts. I can imagine this will cost a fortune to do with the current cost per letter, thus earning more ranch money for Lord Stan of Kronke.

Silent Stan

This is why I won’t give funds to Arsene to shopping. Jeffro is like a new signing!


Bout time!


Why is there a picture of Rashford when talking about Jeff?


Judging on previous encounters it would be Drogba making our Defenders cry. Just Saying.

Happy for Jeff anyway.



Stan Kroenke

Lots of midfielders. Alexis, Walcott, Elneny, Xhaka, Ramsey, Wilshere, Özil, Cazorla, Ox, Iwobi, Jeff, Campbell. It goes on forever. Will we really sign another one i Mahrez?



Santi Claus

The Jeff


All hail the jeff


Wonderful! Just like a new signing!

In all seriousness, though, I’m very excited to see what this kid can do. Hopefully he gets game time in cup matches and maybe some league matches where the game is put away.

Ebukah Joseph

Yea he’s really good. Great potential. I was hoping I could’ve seen more of him last season. Unfortunately he was injure for our last FA cup encounters, which we still successfully Watford!
And oh, I love the sacarsm here! Shame on management that the fans are now united about what’s needful and they still won’t bulge.

Art Vandelay

Cesc was an amazing talent at 17 and he’s pretty fair now. Obviously there are many differences between him and The Jeff but for my part, the biggest is that Fabregas plays the game standing still… The Jeff, moves. If he continues as he began, he’ll outshine the Catalan.


Some of you dudes haven’t seen him play since the last preseason and you’re already making sub bold claims and scouting reports. Lol


On a really serious note, does it answer the “do we need a wide forward or an actual center forward” question?
When Mahrez and Lacazette were linked, I honestly thought it’ll be one or the other. We could possibly have our answer.

David M

alright…lets not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s not get all England esque on our young guys and let them develop as they should. I hope the Jeff gets some action, but if he is thrust in too fast it is because haven’t filled the void from outside and right now we are crying out for some legit class in the final third

My name is Jeff

I’m here!!!


Instead of giving the Jeff a new number, can he simply have “The Jeff” where the number should be?


Really happy this guy has been promoted, and I can’t wait to see him in action. Although this is totally unrelated, I feel it’s the only opportunity I have to air my frustration with the way this club is run. It seems more and more that the Board and CEO have no clue what is going on at a football level and are totally bewitched by Stan Kroenke. I’m usually a staunch advocate of the club but Gazidis’ recent statements are bewildering. What on earth is he smoking? More and more it seems that he and the rest of the… Read more »

Tom Gun

Wenger didn’t sign Bergkamp, that was Bruce Rioch!

I get your general point (and certainly your frustration!) but Henry cost 11m in 1999 when we sold Anelka to Real Madrid for 22.5m and Inter bought Christian Vieri for 32.1m. Wenger has bought fairly big in the past but we were never able to compete with Manure in the good old days before the oil and steel takeovers. While Utd paid 30m for the likes of Ferdinand, Rooney, Veron, Berbatov, our transfers never went above 15m.

Andy Mack

I agree but 11m was big money for such a young player that hadn’t done well at Milan. Probably more than Martial cost ‘in comparison’. However AW had worked with him before, so he knew the quality was there.

Jack Kelsey

My guess is that Kroenke is the spectre at the feast here, and, being silent as he is, Gazidis is his mouthpiece. That’s why there’s now such a contrast between Gazidis’ earlier ‘we shall soon be able to compete with Bayern’ utterances of a couple of years back and his obvious backtracking on that in the last few days. In all probability what’s behind this is that Kroenke has set a ceiling on transfer fees, which Wenger has to abide by, and which puts players like Higuain etc out of reach. After all, we all know Kroenke isn’t bothered about… Read more »


So that’s it then: Iwobi to striker, and the Jeff gets his place in the wide left rotation. The league is ours.


Don’t sleep on The Jeff, the homie is FRIGHTENING


This is a bit left field but why don’t we try Jeff upfront? After hearing Conte talking about Loftus-Cheek could be a CF, I think the same can apply to The Jeff. He already has a good physique, just needs to learn how to run off the ball. For all those thinking of Draxler converting to a CF, I think Jeff has a similar skill set and style of play, he just needs to improve his work rate and we’ll have a valuable LANS ready for the first team.


Iwobi is more likely to be played up top than Jeff.

Seeing as he played quite a bit as a striker during his academy years.


Jeff is a jewel and I am thrilled that arsene wenger is giving him an opportunity. He is a breath of fresh air that is so badly needed. Seàn casey


Bartley, Lansbury, and Emmanuel-Thomas all got promoted. Means very little.

Art Vandelay

Meant ‘very little’ in the instances you’ve mentioned above but meant quite a lot in those of Charlie George, Liam Brady, David Roscastle and numerous others.

Granit(e) hard!

Dude. with all due respect. Bartley, Lansbury and Emmanuel-Thomas aint no Jeff!…….there is only one ‘the Jeffffffffff! pal


Jeff is a special player with unique talent and I have no doubt that he will succeed


This can only mean that Wenger won’t look to sign a right midfieler like Mahrez and, hopefully, will be looking for a striker and a CB.


Who needs Mahrez? We’ve got The Jeff. High cheekbones and all.


I dont know about you guys but i just want Arsenal to win whether we buy players or not look at Leicester togetherness won them the league last not sure how together our team is,they say they pretty tight.Personally I think Jack Ox and Walcott have to step. Giroud needs to score 25 goals in the league. Cech needs to Cech.Kos the boss needs to show that he is world class.Sanchez and Ozil need I say more. Really impressed with Iwobi and Jeff this pre-season.let’s see how Rob holding does in the first team looks determined to succeed Win… Read more »

The Jeff Father

I believe he has a good future at Arsenal. He needs to work hard to reach greater height. Talent might bring you ahead a few miles, but talent alone won’t reach your destination. Ronaldo is the example for every youngster.

emmanuel ndiokwere

I’m delighted at this news, I’ve been expecting this forward movement from the academy. yet we want mahrez, a striker and a center back. pls Wenger make haste, so that mancity, manunited and Chelsea don’t blow us out of this world.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Definitely don’t need to sign another forward now eh Arsene/Ivan?


If what Conte threw against Liverpool last night was a prelude, I guess we might have a tough time unlocking their defence… our matches are going to be very frustrating against Chelsea, unless we find a new key!!


he is still a junior player, so it will not interfere senior players on the roster, so we still can buy other players in the position. Glad for Jeff i hope he does well later against the MLS

Jim S

You must love this one blogs.

Heard you on the SiriusXM morning show, and they even gave you a chance to talk about The Jeff. Enjoyed your commentary though.

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