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Wenger: Sanchez ankle ‘not too bad’

Arsene Wenger says Alexis hasn’t been included as part of Arsenal’s travelling party to the United States as he’s still recovering from the ankle injury he sustained in the final of the Copa America Centenario. The good news is that he’s on the mend.

The Chile international was subbed in the second half of the final and had to watch from the sidelines as his country beat Argentina to win the tournament. He later posted a series of images showing off gruesome swelling to his foot.

Speaking to Arsenal Player after the pre-season friendly with Lens, the boss touched on who would and would not make the plane to LA, including fitness update on Alexis and Gabriel.

“The players who won’t make it are the players who went very far in the European Championship, such as Ramsey, Ozil, Giroud and Koscielny.

“I left Gabriel behind today because he has tonsillitis and is infected. He cannot travel.

“Alexis will not go [to the States] because he had an ankle injury. That is not too bad but I will leave him behind as well.”

Whether his ankle is fine or not, Alexis isn’t expected to be part of Arsenal’s squad for the start of the season as he’s still on holiday.

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As long as he doesnt say “he’s 2 to 3 weeks away”…


Whenever Alexis returns, all I hope is that he actually wants to play for us and that we can give him enough encouragement to make that the case. Whatever about who we do or don’t sign this summer, if we lose Alexis and Ozil next summer we will be right back where we started 3 years ago.

kampala gooner

He could use the time to properly freshness from the grueling season and Copa America


Wenger: “Not too bad”
Sanchez: “Bring it on”
Ankle: “Nope”


“Leave him behind”.. Knowing Alexis he is probably sprinting up Ben Nevis with both his Golden Retrievers on his back right now

Lord Bendtner

Plz someone hold him down with chains. I can totally see him showing up with a fake moustache and beard and saying”It is I, your new signing now say let me play gaffer old chap let me play I say!”

A Different George

I certainly hope Alexis rests, but it would be worth the risk to hear him say “let me play, gaffer old chap.”

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Not surprised by these comments. Can’t imagine him going “Yeah well, Sanchez is properly fucked, guess we are even more deprived of forward options than we already are…” and then approach any club to sign another one. We are behind the 8 ball with negotiations already with our well-documented desperation.

Andy Mack

In Alexis own words, ‘Tis but a scratch’ ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKhEw7nD9C4


Our team v the mugsmashers is going to be gash

Stewart Robson's therapist

Hope to see Alexis back soon as possible. But aren’t we ignoring the biggest football news story of the day? Namely, that Lionel Messi has taken our boy Aaron as his style icon.


Sorry..off topic, but is Messi allowed to play for Barcelona given his tax fraud?

Stewart Robson's therapist

I imagine they’ll find a way around it.


The moral of all this is that we’ll be lucky if we don’t lose against Liverpool in the opener, unless a couple of top signings aren’t made of course.




Only a flesh wound!

But he needs an extended break… i think we’ll need to chain him to the bed.


Our team v The Mugsmashers will be just fine. Not our best 11 when everyone is back rested and healthy but that does not happen much anyway.


Won’t Liverpoo be missing a few players anyway, for the same reasons as us? Didn’t they have a player or two make it to the Euro semis or final?

Lee Meade

Wenger go out and find a couple more like Alexis and Arsenal will stand atop the football universe. The shame is that more of his teammates don’t follow where he leads.

Martin Finley

“Not to bad” in Arsenal terms usually means around 2-3 months. But since this is Alexis he will probably just will his ankle into getting better by the power of his mind and be back in time for season kickoff.

Vincent Kompany's Forehead/Jamie Vardinho

It’s not ideal, but I think he should miss 1 or 2 opening games. His Copa exertions are enough to rest him during pre-season but combined with a gruesom ankle injury it’s even better.

Ozil and especially Sanchez have been overplayed before to the detriment of their fitness.

Vincent Kompany's Forehead/Jamie Vardinho

not better, preferable to rest him for longer*


Ozil and Sanchez aren’t the only ones overplayed though. Koscielny, Giroud, even Cazorla at one point was overplayed.


I’ve had an ankle like that after a break a couple of years ago. Takes ages for the swelling to disapate but I guess they have 24 hr massage etc. Get well soon young man, we need you. ?

Miguel Rexroat

Wenger has said the injury is not too bad but also confirmed that Sanchez will not travel with the rest of the squad to California for our pre-season tour of the United States. “Alexis will not go either because he had an ankle injury. That is not too bad but I will leave him behind as well.”

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