Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Atletico defender latest to be linked with Arsenal

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Arsenal are trying to persuade Atletico Madrid to part with 21-year-old defender Jose Gimenez.

It’s claimed the La Liga giants are holding out for a fee of £40 million which makes us automatically think it’s a load of guff. Earlier in the

Earlier in the summer, it was reported that Gimenez was still sulking at being overlooked for the Champions League final with Real and that he could move as a consequence. Something of an overreaction if you ask us.

While we’re not inclined to believe this rumour at all, it’s interesting that a whole host of centre-backs have been linked with the club in the last few days as negotiations for Valencia’s Shkodran Mustafi stall. 

In addition to the Uruguayan international, Southampton’s Jose Fonte, Bayer Leverkusen’s Omer Toprak, Fenerbahce’s Simon Kjaer have all been mooted as possible targets.

We’re tossing some wet poo at this one.

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I can’t think of any CB that is not linked to us at the moment. This will keep on going till the end of the transfer date. So for the sake of mankind, just pay the asking price and sign Mustafi. And then hopefully a striker pls

Godfrey Twattschlock

Not far off the mark. If this plays on for much longer even fucking Debuchy will soon be linked with us.


Normally we get linked to everyone till we dont sign anyone. However, the last time the start of the season was this negative we ended up signing Ozil out of nowhere, lets hope this summer will end more like that rather than how last summer ended up (although im loving me some Cech).

High berry

Nothing would surprise me anymore even Johnny Evans and Balotelli is possible with this management ????


Maybe a ploy to get Valencia to drop their asking price. And then when they don’t budge and after the transfer market closes.

“There was no quality in the market.”

Yes there was. We just didn’t want to pay what the market was asking for it.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the delay was down to the timing of payments rather than the fee. Valencia would need the money now but we never pay a lump sum in one go. Payments are usually made over a few seasons.


total farce..21,no experience, 40 million fee slapped, why in the hell would any one consider even reporting it.

Granit(e) hard!

Why?…To click bait or his agent using friendly media to create “artificial momentum” for a better deal for his client


Because he looks like a future star, and we all know how much wenger loves that!

Mario Silva

Dude he’s a starter for Atletico and played in the CL final this year. Not exactly inexperienced.


I hope we have a striker lined up. It’s worrying that we are dragging our heels to sign a defender!


Porcelain pebbledash


And now the counter-attack ‘report’ of ‘Pool being interested in Mustafi. It’s all beyond silly now.

Quite frankly, if these are negotiation tactics via the media it’s all looking amateurish and like the negotiating parties on both ends should be handed their papers.


40m for Lacazette, 25m for Mr Mustafi, then move on and play some winning football please gents.


I would say £ 60M for Mahrez instead of £ 40M for Lacazette and sell Walcott to cover the difference.

My reasoning is, Lacazette will add 5-8 goals on Giroud return, so around 25 goals for the season. However, Mahrez will improve that right side by the same 5-8 extra goals plus the additional 8-10 assists. So overall about 15 goals and 15 assists from the right, which will be a massive improvement to the contribution from the right by various players last season.


Unfortunately Mahrez just re-upped his contract.

I bet it has a release clause now though, so he’ll go somewhere next year.


I like the idea of Mahrez strutting about with Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell to sort out the re-up.

Though I think we should employ Omar to handle our side of any future transfer negotiations.

Yoki Rivero

FFS! Just pay Mustafi’s fee and get it over with.

These links just makes it even more painful everyday you wake up and no signing is announced.


I really wouldn’t mind him. He’s young but not completely inexperienced, I’ve seen some solid displays from him. Rumour has it he fell out with Simeone due to his work rate thus losing his place as a starter. He can be a little wayward sometimes but nothing that couldn’t be coached out him. I would certainly prefer him over Gabriel.

Having said all that, someone’s having a big laugh with his price tag.


I can’t wait until this stupid ass transfer window closes. I hate all the bullshit. A long time ago I decided i liked the team with the red shirt with white sleeves. I really don’t care who we sign because it’s not like I’m going to jump ship and support anther club. Let’s just get on with the football. I’m a gooner win lose or draw.


Wow, my hat’s off to you good sir!




Agreed. Still wouldn’t it be better if we had a better team and actually won something. Losing to Pool hurt like hell! Whose fault is it that our signings aren’t done yet, when almost all clubs have already assembled their teams? Areene with his double talk. The market moves at the end of August, the market is fair since EPL has more money, the market is crazy, players need time to adjust, players need to have proper preseason, etc.


Are we really that cheap that 5mm euros is what’s stopping Arsebal from buying Mustafi? Just seems absurd to haggle over an inconsequential amour of money for a player Arsenal clearly are in dire need of. Endless frustration this summer in the market.

Armchair Expert

You lost me at Daily Mail


Can’t remember ever reading anything true in there


I have a feeling his name won’t be the last one before the transfer window closes….

Rectum Spectrum

so because arsenal are dallying over the $25m euro asking price of a 24 year old german international CB entering his prime, we’re instead being linked with a 21 year old whos just had a breakthrough season and would cost $40m.


Wandile Siwani

Old man Arsene Wenger taking us for a ride. The man has lost his midas touch and has become a liability. The sooner he goes the better. Following the club has become a trauma, thanks to his miserly behaviour in the transfer market. Youth alone has never won championships. Arlene Wenger please save us the pain…spend that money …its not yours…the team is bigger than you old man.

A Different George

However–there is a forward at Atletico we might want. Here’s my plan:
hurl every possible abuse at Diego Costa, in every way possible, so he wants to go back to Atletico. Then they sell us Griezmann.

If this doesn’t work, at least we will have hurled every possible abuse at Diego Costa.


I wouldn’t waste my time hurling abuses at that fat, cheating, ugly, mo’fucking cunt.

Thierry Walcott

Fuckin’ excellent!!


Big money. On that basis what must godin be worth? You have to admire pep and citehs willingness and ability to just get deals done if it’s what they want. If only……

Stuck on repeat...

Um…yeah…So we’ll baulking at paying 25m for one defender, because we have to save money for a striker… & before you know it we’re linked with possibly paying 40m for a different defender?

It’s all off the charts. Both our ineptitude as a club to actually make a purchase (or two as our needs may be), & the idiocy being shown by the media when covering this.


Please can someone explain why Wenger thinks you get better deals at the very end of the window? Surely the selling club holds all the cards and the price goes up? Does anyone actually know why he prefers to operate this way????


I guess if the selling club is desperate to sell and have no other interested parties, they’d drop their price. But, in our case, we’re desperate to buy, so…


I do tend to think there’s two separate markets right now – markets dealing with English teams and market dealing with other teams. Currently, no one in the Premier League HAS to sell. So the prices are definitely going to stay high for a Mahrez, Payet, etc. However, for other teams, they run the risk of losing out on that sweet, sweet PL cash entirely if they string it out forever. I see the potential for some prices to come down towards the end of the window here. I do not think it is worth the trouble it in the… Read more »


A lot of player movement has to wait for other clubs to get their replacements lined up. The longer those take, the longer it takes for the move to happen, and the selling clubs don’t want to be in our boat – over the barrel because they obviously need players. Welbeck was a bargain and in Ozil’s case a rare available talent because they were out of favor, so when the selling clubs decided they had their squads they cashed in at the end. We’re much less afraid of doing early business now when it works, but a few of… Read more »


I’m losing hope and faith in our management. All the other large clubs are in the distance laughing at us.


I can play center back Arsene! I won’t cost much ! I got only a wife and daughter to feed.I am a veteran but I can speak french so Kos can understand me!


Struggling to get excited about this club

Sideshow _bob

Lol we’re not ready to pay 25m here and these people are linking us to a 40m rated 21year old ?


I won’t be at all surprised if Mustafi does end up at Liverpool or Chelsea, they need a defender and will act quickly if he’s interested. Jist imagine the bile if we lose out. It’s looking more likely we could as this drags on. The player himself must be pissed off we won’t pay the asking price?


I’ve seen him play several times and he’s just what we need that’s why i ‘m sure wenger won’t get him.


I think at this point, the actions show a difference to the sentiment that we want to win trophies. The whole idea of moving to the Emirates was to give us the platform to compete with the top clubs on a more consistent and sustained basis. Since that move the reverse has happened. Now the club say that actually we can’t compete whilst earning more from the premier league than any other club last season citing rising prices as a factor whilst dismissing the profits they make on the other hand due to the influx of money. Now it’s obvious… Read more »


Fed up with all this transfer bullshit. Will be happier when it is 1st September.


How much happier depends obviously on what we do between now and then …


One of the greatest cb talents around. I hope theres some substance to this rumour, though I doubt it.

Can’t see why Atletico would want to sell him.


No way this is happening. Gimenez is probably the most talented defender his age and is in line to replace an ageing Godin.
If we were in for him, he’d cost no less than 45m. We have two young defenders in chambers and holding. Wenger will go for someone more experienced.


I’m so desperate for signings I’d even settle for a LANS at this point!


Who gives a fuck anymore


We aren’t signing anyone. What we have is what we have. The club doesn’t have the attraction it had before. I will continue to support, I love this club, but we just aren’t the club we were when it comes to transfers and star names. Other clubs know how we operate, and know how we play our games. Sooner we deal with it, the better.


A 21 year old Spaniard? Fuck me, just sign Jonny Evans if you’re being silly about it


I’d offer 50m for the 21 yo Spaniard if Evans is the alternative.


This transfer window is so boring I can’t stand it anymore. I think Wenger will line up Kos with somebody else besides him and that’s it, no other signings as anybody will cost more than he’s willing to pay.


Mahrez has just signed a new deal with Leicester. I don’t know if I am going to laugh or cry. It’s just embarrassing.


Not sure if we were ever really in for him – and if a bid was made it was doubtless way, way under Leicester’s valuation.

On another note, if you’ve been watching the Olympics it’s hard to understand why Gnabry is not being given more serious consideration.


I will ignore the “Wenger grin” …going forward! 🙁


Not that I was really expecting Mahrez to sign with us, knowing he’s probably gone for good makes me feel terrible. Time to go for broke


Fucked the dog too long on Mahrez. Well done. Sigh…shudder.

broken red army

£40 millions? that’s 20 Holdings. Arsene likes 20 Holdings better 🙁

An Ox-sized Coq

If we ever do sign Mustafi, I absolutely guarantee that we’ll fight for an “undisclosed fee” just to save face over a few million.

broken red army

“Earlier in the summer, it was reported that Gimenez was still sulking at being overlooked for the Champions League final with Real and that he could move as a consequence.”
so like come to Arsenal we will let him start the CL final? :))

Juan Cornetto

Mahrez signed new 4 year deal. What a joke.


Everything about the way Arsenal do business now is a tired and pathetic joke. It’s become incredibly boring.


Past caring


Is anybody on here happy with Arsenal Football Club’s transfer dealings thus far?
I think nobody is.
Why are you doing this to us AFC? 🙁


We’d only pay 40m in monopoly money


I genuinely have no fucking clue what we are doing as a club or a business or an institution or even an entity anymore. I’m just ranting cause I just saw that Mahrez just signed a new contract with Liecester which kinda indicates that we were never really in for him, probably just agent talk. And then I see that we are now linked with another defender. For the love of all that is good I hope the club pulls of a miracle in the next 14 days. We are splintered enough as a fan base, I for one am… Read more »


Go all out for Griezman not lacazette, he linked up super well in the Euros with Giroud.
Sell fucking Walcott and pay the asking price for Mustafi.
This is groundhog day!


I’m sure there will be a signing soon. Even a big good signing. I’m also quite sure that it will not make most of the negatives happy. Maybe 4 signings for 200£ mills would do it. I’m not sure though. After the first lost game with four new big signings It will be Wenger’s fault-he didn’t buy the right players.


Here is my prediction; end of transfer window, no striker, no CB. In fact I’m just about to put £20 on it at the bookies.


It’s football. It’s Not always about winning. When would Holding and Chambers get to prove their potential if not now. This is a crucial opportunity to see if they can step up to be top centre backs, and I think Wengers holding on to see if they will spark to life. For me it’s much more exciting to watch a load of young starlets become established players than hope that we win the league.we won’t win the league. It’s a fact. Wenger isn’t capable of it anymore. But that doesn’t mean we cant enjoy watching our players blossom.


‘not all about winning’ – YES IT BLOODY WELL IS!!!!!


Are arsenal using the fifa16 manager mode scouting system to look at these players or what…. ffs

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