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Henry questions Arsenal over transfer policy

Thierry Henry has questioned Arsenal and Arsene Wenger over the club’s transfer policy. A lack of action in the market contributed to the dreadful opening day defeat to Liverpool, as the Gunners went into the game without a recognised striker and with two youngsters at centre-half.

The club’s leading goalscorer seemed aghast after the game in his role as a Sky Sports pundit, and suggested that Arsenal must improve in terms of player recruitment.

Questioning the messages put out by the club, Henry said, “The thing I don’t understand is, we’ve been told that Arsenal are wealthy, that we have money, that we can compete against anyone in the market,” Henry said.

“But when the season starts, we can’t compete in the market. So which one is it? I just don’t understand.”

He also suggested that players no longer view a move to Emirates in the same way.

“It seems like it’s difficult for Arsenal to attract players. Vardy rejected Arsenal. I don’t know why, but it’s difficult. Are we still the first choice in England? I don’t think so.”

Speaking more generally about what’s needed, he again reiterated his opinion that Alexis Sanchez should play as a striker in a new system alongside Oliver Giroud. The Chilean struggled as a lone front-man yesterday, but Henry believes he should play as foil to the French international.

“In general I think Arsenal need a centre-back and a striker,” he said. “If they cannot get that striker, they should play Alexis Sanchez with Olivier Giroud. It doesn’t have to be a world-class striker, but someone who can bring something different.

“You don’t always win the league with the league’s top goalscorer. I finished top scorer of the league with Arsenal and didn’t win the title.

“Sometimes you just need something different and I think Alexis can be that guy.”

Watch the video of Henry, Graeme Souness and some halfwit here.

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Most iconic player of Arsenal’s last golden period saying on television that Arsenal are struggling to attract players isn’t exactly helping the cause.

Love the guy but wish he’d shut up.


Why shut up when he is right? In order not to expose the infection? We are not 1st choice in England, not even the 3rd. Why? Because players can see Arsenal is not willing to improve as long as we have Kroenke and the other idiots, Wenger is overwhelmed, no desire, no winning mentality. Say it isn’t so!


It’s crystal clear, we don’t need a£4m/year-former-player-pundit to unveil that our transfer business is run by cheapskates!

Petit's Handbag

Which part did you disagree with?


Not much of it, it’s mostly true.

I just think Henry should be an ambassador for the club and could be more helpful publicly than he is. Think he either lacks self-awareness or doesn’t care. Wouldn’t mind his constant criticism except that he is always banging on about wanting to be involved in the club.


Ambassador? Why?
She’s not employed by the club. He doesn’t present them in any official capacity. He is not “Arsenal FC’s Theirry Henry” he is just “Theirry Henry” independent and free to express his opinions like you and I.

In fact he has more of a duty to Sky to express his honest views as that’s what they pay him for.

Wenger has enough puppets and Yes men around him to tell him everything he does is right.


You cannot fire without the ammo


He should lie right?

Easy as JVC

Henry is just like the rest of us, a bewildered fan who has every right to express his opinion. I’m glad he has done it in front of millions of people because he is just saying what the vast majority seem to be thinking. Nice one Titi!


Bewildered? I am not sure about that, he is getting paid to say that, I am sorry but he is yanking your chain.

Easy as JVC

So you believe this is not what he thinks? He was just paid to say this? Now I am bewildered.


“we’ve been told that Arsenal are wealthy, that we have money, that we can compete against anyone in the market,” Henry said.

Seems like he includes himself here using “we”, as a fan of the club just like us.

Petit's Handbag

Ambassador for the club?? He is an ex player, simple as. He gave us his best and our happiest years. It’s not his fault the current set up makes the fans miserable. Arsenal are a club studying to get an B in their exams but are capable of so much more.


This is the same Henry that turned down a job at Arsenal for a sky pundit job, legend or not we all know where his loyalties lie


He’s doing his job. He’s also being honest.

Granit(e) hard!

Yeah true, but the fact that you have your statue in front of the emirates means certain things you don’t say in public, no matter how upset you are, or how brutally true what you are actually saying is….that’s the price you pay if the club esteems you that high. imo


Utter rubbish.
That statue was made in honour of his amazing services and achievement, and was an act of unconditional love. I’m sure if we told him beforehand that there were conditions to the statue, he would’ve rejected it outright.

Granit(e) hard!

Utter nonsense. What is being called for is a bit more public decorum, and sensitivity to the potency of your criticisms for negative PR to the club, and this is not too much to ask, from someone in a unique “niche” in the honor history of arsenal as he is?…other legends do it, and they don’t even have their statues erected in front of their club’s stadiums The point is there is a moral obligation that comes with being a revered and honored legend of the club. that needs to be balanced thoughtfully with the “requirements” of his highly paid… Read more »


He has shown sensitivity in the past when he has defended Wenger and believed in Arsenal to win the title and prove the doubters wrong, and I remember that being the case with a lot of ex-Arsenal players, but after some time they find Wenger is impossible to defend.

I’m sure he still loves the guy but his decisions and the way this club is run by cnts is something no one understands.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Your arguments are not Granit Hard, buddy.


So we give him a statue for his dedication, talent, commitment, value, etc…

And expect to LIE about how he feels in a public forum where he is being paid to give his honest (and pretty experienced!) opinion??

Give it up mate!


Sorry – ‘and expect HIM to lie’…


My point is Henry says Arsenal its home I’m an arsenal fan I love the club! And I’m sure all them things are true but all them things are true of me to! But I would of took the coaching role as I was already a very wealthy man instead of bad mouthing the club of a lifetime for a few million quid.

That’s the good thing about the comment section, you can leave your opinion

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Here are some of Tony Adams criticisms of Wenger. Compare to Henry:
”No disrespect to Arsene, but George’s coaching ability, defensive structure and technical ability, for me, is far better.”
”He has got a great offensive unit, but I think he is neglecting the defensive side and I think that’s where the problem lies.”
Tony Adams criticises Arsenal’s playing style and calls for new wage structure at the club.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Its funny that working as a pundit those two don’t usually go together.


Don’t shift the blame on to Henry. He is now a full time pundit and has to call it as he sees it. The blame for this lies squarely with Wenger and the manager team (Gazidis et al). I think if you’re honest with yourself you’d agree that “playing for Arsene Wenger” or playing for Arsenal cannot be a draw for top players as it once was. Also consider the ages of many of these new stars…24-29, from their late teens onwards, Wenger hasn’t exactly been a winner or created many winning teams and so the draw of the name… Read more »


We’ve never been first choice in England though. Always been someone else with more money, or more prestige, in the case of Man Utd.

What we have had going for us, is a different way of doing things, and some truly outstanding players over the years, which helped lure others in.

Statue of the fella outside the stadium and he’s happy to take the money to talk shit about players, manager, club on Sky Sports. Not having it that he’s above criticism, regardless if some of what he says rings true.


Having a statue outside the stadium is irrelevant. Henry didn’t choose to erect that, the club did.

David C

maybe we could have saved the money and bought a striker, haha


What kind of logic is that? well, he can ask for it to be removed…

All I can see here is Henry all sudden being idolised because he said what people wants to hear.


What kind of logic is that? well, he can ask for it to be removed…

All I can see here is Henry all of sudden being idolised because he said what people wants to hear.


H – perhaps you, as did I and many millions of others, marvel at Henry’s genius on the field. And when you look back the many highlights reels of his career, the true standout moments, the reasons we truly lifted him from loved to legend… was his mercurial unpredictability… the fact that whatever we (and more often that not, his opponents) expected him to do, however tight the corner he was squeezed into or ridiculous the angle on goal was, he managed to do something no-one expected. Dreamed about, yes – expected? No. So take a mo and consider that… Read more »


We might as well have stayed in Highbury and won the league title a couple of times in the last decade!


Of course honesty is the best policy when your a pundit he’s calling it how he sees it ! That’s fine! But Arsenal wasn’t a bigger enough draw for him either !! He turned a coaching role at the club to be a pundit.
You can’t have it both ways !
I love Henry as much as the next fan but his loyalties didn’t lie with us! That’s not even an opinion that’s a fact. He gets more money at sky! Majority of the pundits talk shit and he’s know different.


He says ‘we’ every time. Observe. The man still cares, don’t criticize him. He didn’t say anything wrong.


Arsenal have been cursed since Henry handballed it for France against Ireland … replay the game FFS. If ever we needed a striker and centre back this is the time. Arsene must buy or lose his job. He will. Buy that is. Soon. Very soon. Fuck Manure.


What the heck are you raving on about?


look up your history … Henry accidentally cheated, Arsenal have been cursed ever since. Its the French connection … and I haven’t smoked anything for four days, four fucking days. I’m off the weed until Arsene spends over $60m.

David Hillier's luggage

Irish fans need to get over that handball. No one gives a shit about it.


Mate – I don’t know what you’ve been smoking but I’d love to know where you bought it!


I not only agree with him ..
I find myself agreeing Graeme souness !!

Heh at the “Halfwit”


Now that Titi isn’t at the club, I’m hoping he pulls no punches when he criticizes us. Maybe that’ll give us more insight as to what’s not working. UTA.


Plus, hopefully it’s not totally naive to hope that maybe – just maybe – someone like Arsene will listen to him. Just maybe.


Thank you! No doubt will be discredited by Wenger…


Not just Henry, the whole world except Wenger, Kroenke n Gazidius is questioning Wengers tranfer policy. Pathetic. Why doesnt he just commit suicide to save the club.


Well that escalated quickly.

Bring Back Seaman

Diplomatically I would say: Arsenal are no strangers to Mangers dying while in post – but I don’t recall hearing or reading it benefitting us before.
what makes you think it will now?

Realistically I want to say:
Your a Moron making comments like that. Its a football team, a sport, a business. And none of that is worth the cost of a life.

You should probably go reflect on what you said and rethink you life.


the thumbs down was probably from vishnu.

Mr Gooner

Evidence 1

Why Henry can’t coach Arsenal and work for SkySports.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Calling Jamie Redknapp a halfwit is still off by about 50 percent.


But 100% excellent.


He clearly still loves and bleeds Arsenal and has spoken many times of his desire to return. I do begin to wonder if the stuff regarding turning down that Under-18’s coaching role last month has anything to do with the fact that he now sees himself somewhat at odds with Wenger, or at least his philosophy and style, and wants to be part of the *gasp* next manager’s plans. Interesting times for our club, to say the least.


Thinking uneasily about this ‘trend’ (if one can call it that): Henry is one of a number of really classy ex-players who have expressed their readiness and desire to be involved in the club: Pat… (who went to Citeh); Arteta (same); and Henry… we are indeed a special club and part of that ‘specialness’ seems to me (as a supporter since ’69!) a no-brainer to leverage those players’ experience, passion for us and deep entrenchment in our culture into the current squad and dressing room. Could it be that there is room for only one legend on the front porch…… Read more »

John McCormack

Didnt even get that annoyed yesterday. Expectations have diminished to the point where I wont descend into a three day depression at a home loss. Not good

Easy tiger

Agreed, few years ago i wouldnt haven slept. Yesterday i slept like a baby. I dont know which is worse?


It’s shutting up that is exactly Arsenal’s problem. Wenger shuts up, the players shut up, the fans shut up and nothing changes


Nothing Changes without Change


Wenger is the problem and we couldn’t do anything about it he isn’t the owner of Arsenal fc so he leave in peace


Kroenke and the LA Rams sucking up all his money are the problem. He won’t let Arsene spend. That’s the only reason for this fucking bullshit.

Le Jim

It’s an absolute debacle for our squad to still be lacking in positions where we’ve been demanding quality for years.

As for the famed internal solution, Alexis isn’t the guy to play up top. Besides Theo’s three minutes of action, those two were absolutely invisible yesterday


Hard to disagree with any of this, sadly


So were does the best playmaker in world football play in this new formation of his? Answer at Bayern/Madrid/Barce with Sanchez if things continue. (I kid…not really) Its not a mystery why Big players wouldn’t move here. If i had the talent I probably wouldn’t, even as a fan. The club doesn’t even look as ambitious as West ham for pete’s sake! You know its bad when history proves the dutch sunk right. Smh Thank you for everything Wenger, you are forever a legend, but this relationship is as dead as my parent’s after my dad eloped to africa and… Read more »


A 3-5-2 would still have Ozil as a playmaker and also have Giroud and Sanchez up top.

Not like many teams haven’t tried a 3-5-2 successfully in recent years, ask Conte.

Would be nice if Wenger at least tried a whole new formation for once, just once, to see if it works. Instead he will just stick to the same 4-2-3-1/4-4-2 (the latter for when we are desperate) and fit everyone in somehow, come what may.


I wouldn’t fancy a 3-5-2 considering the quality and quantity of our centre backs! A diamond would work better though really you’d want a more mobile striker than Giroud for that kind of formation


Another amazingly incompetent summer. Willing to throw the 1st game in order to save a few quid on transfers. Or so they thought. Lacozettes price has probably just gone up after he’s hatrick yesterday. Nothing afc do is making sense anymore and there’s nobody at the club to question or put pressure on change.

Bob Davis

Henry’s employed to make controversial comments. He’s clearly frustrated and so are the fans who pay out thousands to watch a team that has been badly prepared. If Mahrez wants to leave then he has to put in a transfer request. I hope Wenger brings in some players this week. Leicester won’t be easy.


He’s paid to make controversial comments but nothing he said there was controversial


i am worried about our “mental state” if we lose to leicester

Dave Gooner

I would be more concerned about our woeful unpreparedness.
Lots of players played at the Euros and still manage to show up for their clubs in reasonable shape. Our poor pet lambs are either too tired, or falling down.
What’s going on lads?


Clearly, it defies logic that Sagna 33 years old played the whole 90 minutes including extra time for Man City whereas Wenger deemed the younger Koscielny, Ozil and Giroud too tired and unfit to play for Arsenal. AFC need a new manager with fresh ideas of modern day football, sadly Wenger is too set in his ways and AFC won’t progress whilst Wenger is still the manager.


The answer to that conundrum is that we pay for our lack of rotation.

Sagna and Zabaleta played almost totally equal games last season whereas AW plays our best players into the ground.

Hardly surprising they’re knackered – they have a manager that doesn’t understand sport science!


Stating the obvious really and its hard to disagree.

This inaction every summer just makes absolutely no sense. It’s become almost a cliche that we’re eternally two players short of a title challenge.

Even financially its pretty dumb, spending money to win the league would pay for itself and more in future sponsorship deals etc.

Hank Scorpio

I think we’re all at a loss. This nonsense about only signing quality & then making no signings to address our obvious deficiencies defies logic. Invariably we sign nobody which means we rely on the same players who aren’t up to it or are chronically injured to improve or are hoping that everyone else will become shit. Inaction means that the gap can never be bridged. Waiting until the end of the transfer window also makes no sense. Surely this gives selling teams less time to find replacement players making them less likely to sell unless it is for a… Read more »


Many people have suggested a partnership with Alexis and Giroud, but this is however a rather big change to our current tactical setup, right? Should they play in a 4-4-2, and where would that leave Ozil? In a 4-3-1-2 we would drop our wingers but taking it wide and using the width of the pitch has been central to open up the tight defences we often find ourselves competing against. I would really love to read an intelligent analysis from Tim Stillman on how he could see this partnership work.


Saying exactly what every fan is thinking. I thought we can spend big on anyone? Why not tempt Atletico with 80 million for Griezmann?

But no, they wouldn’t. It will break the culture of Arsenal. The culture of showing no ambition and having an abysmal season, until the pressure is off.


Isn’t it perfectly clear why Vardy rejected Arsenal? He takes the easier choice of staying with Leicester and staying the top man with lesser pressure than playing for Arsenal. He doesnt want to take a gamble thats it. Not because Arsenal cant attract top players, thats just shit chat.


We have been link with every player in Europe but still wenger believe that there is no quality player in the market surprise that other clubs could find some..Shame on arsenal transfer policy and wenger


Can’t wait till we sign Cattermole, Schweinsteiger and Benteke on transfer deadline day.

North Bank Gooner

If I was a player I’m not sure I would want to go to a club where “fans” like some of ours continually slag off the playing staff, and call for the managers head after anything but a win.

Hard enough as a fan to see the fanbase so divided, Gooners shredding each other online for a few “thumbs up”, and actual fighting in the ground between the factions.

How must that look to a player?


Not sure anyone is blaming the players on here or anywhere else.
This is entirely down to wenger and his arrogance and stubbornness.
4 years we have needed a quality striker 4 years !
Players being played out of position. Wengers fault. Lack of investment wengers fault. Poor tactics wengers fault. Wake up mate. Fans can only take so much. This is not only about 1 poor result on Sunday it’s about years of underinvestment and underachievement.

Dave Gooner

Hey Arsene, have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on again?

Dial square

The only time I’ve laughed all weekend.


Wenger and the board are making arsenal look like a joke of a club no desire to improve from finishing in the top four SMH


The fans have more desire than the management!!!! Time to go Wenger


North Bank, I think you give too much credit to players who are predominantly concerned with who will provide them with the largest pay. The most upsetting thing about this entire situation is the predictability of it all. As soon as we failed to address any of the deficiencies within the squad we were always destined to lose the game. Just like we’ve done year after year. Arsene is always willing to take a chance on someone’s fitness rather than push the boat out to guarantee the best chance of success. Wenger’s optimism is his own worst enemy. Fans are… Read more »


It seems that for the last 3-4 years we always wait to get some rejected player (Ozil after Real Madrid bought Bale, Sanchez after Barcelona bought Suarez). This year is the same story – my feeling is that we are waiting for Diego Costa which most probably will leave Chelsea if they’ll buy Lukaku. I don’t know why we are more adventurous in the transfer market, look at Atletico Madrid, every year they buy 4-5 playes, sell 3-4, develop 1-2 from the academy, buy young talents from South America and they have a lot of success (1 La Liga, 2… Read more »


I can’t believe those who are criticising Henry for being critical! If you truly love this football club, then you shouldn’t tolerate the unambitious mediocrity that has set in for a number of years now. Wenger shouldn’t be there, end of story. He’s lost the magic. The lack of signings is just inexcusable! We didn’t have to get superstars. For example, Winston Reid could have offered much needed experience and quality to that central defence. Oh, but he’s an unfashionable kiwi, not an over paid and overrated English brat, and not some guy with a flowery Spanish or French name… Read more »


Add Mustard, Koscielny, Ozil, Giroud and a fully fit Cazorla and Xhaka to yesterday’s team and things suddenly look a whole lot different.

If we can a quality attacker to that, I for one would be genuinely optimistic about the rest of the season.


Mustard, thanks phone..


It’s a shame to see our great club and legendary manager overtaken by time and change but hi ho, that’s life. It is likely to be his last year so, for all the frustration, let’s just suck it up, stop bickering and enjoy some of the football. There will be action before the window closes, surely. The real concern is that with a board averse to speculation and motivated solely by profit, we’ll endure Aston Villa-esquire levels of decline post-Wenger. Keep your powder dry as it could get a whole lot worse than being a few star players short of… Read more »

Sideshow _bob

To all those guys who say Wenger is lying about us having money to protect the board. Just stop and think as to why would he do that. Just for his 8m a year? Well he can eaaily earn that elsewhere maybe even more. So no reason to lie. So yeah I blame Wenger only for the lack of summer dealings. Apparently Dein used to force Wenger to sign a few whenever Wenger insisted they cost too much for his liking. We really need someone like that. Maybe a new DOF. But it’s obviously too late now ?

Monkey Nuts

Kronke is the root cause of everything wrong with this club. Gazidis and Wenger are the over paid monkeys carrying out his wishes.


I find it commendable that Arsenal don’t pay more than is absolutely necessary for a player. Too much money is wasted on hasty decisions that could otherwise be put towards better things. I personally think it’s better to gamble on getting a brilliant player in a couple of weeks than an average player now, bearing in mind we’re stuck with that decision for a few seasons at least. I understand that these days it is important to force business through before the season starts to avoid opening game calamities. But in my mind what needs to be done (and long… Read more »

Dial square

So who is this brilliant player that we’ve been holding out for rather than signing them already and paying over the odds??


Your guess is as good as mine, though I reckon no-one up top during this window simply because of a lack of available players. Therefore, I’m hoping for a top quality wide forward instead and I’ll reserve judgement over our summer until the window is closed. Which is why I wrote that the timing of the window is the real source of the problem more than our actions in the market. Until there is a change the start of the season up to September has to be a gamble, which is a shame.

Hereford gooner

The only way anything will change is if the fans let their feet do the talking. An organised protest whereby instead of booing we just don’t enter the stadium at all. Those who have season tickets will waste £60 of their money, but it will be no more of a waste than turning up and watching that shite

Bob Davis

I agree. Lets see what the sponsors think of a team playing in an empty stadium! People would certainly notice.

Hereford gooner

The atmosphere in the ground yesterday said it all. Even when we went one up it was near total silence


Very shit times, can only see an extremely poor season coming, I truly sense the end of arsene now it really is time even for the most loyal of us, I feel I’ve stuck with him for so bloody long but I can’t keep doing it anymore. I think a season where disaster hits and we need to rebuild is almost inevitable.


I’ll admit it is slow, but what the manager said earlier about buying is basically true – Arsenal can afford to buy very expensive players, but they can’t afford to make very expensive mistakes. That’s why, I think, they are so slow in the transfer market, especially for “world class” players. If they threw £45 mil at Lyon for Lacazette, they would have A decent striker. But it wouldn’t be implausible for him to prove to be a £45 million flop. That kind of outlay on players is fine if you are Man City. A desperate, but very rich, Man… Read more »


Here’s one to fantasize about…what would have happened if the game had finished 4-1 to Liverpool?


Jesus, some people are having a go at Henry…for speaking the truth. Shows you how much of the club’s Kool Aid these fans have drunk. When the house of cards comes crashing down next summer, who will these people blame? The media for their ‘agenda’ or the people who have become millionaires through mediocrity?


I like how bipolar we are. Some months ago when we told Henry he can’t juggle between his Sky job and coaching job at Arsenal, some of you all questioned him. Then suddenly after a defeat on opening day, he has become the face of discontent, because people need whatever god to worship and follow in dire times. I’m sure you will again tear apart his opinion when we string together a few victories and he still talks shit about the club.


Good decision by Henry of sticking around Wenger. would have had his legacy destroyed too.


He’s right. We’re getting to a point where people would prefer to sign for clubs like Liverpool or Tottenham. If we carry on like this I can’t see Sanchez or Ozil at the club in 12 months time.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

What worries me is that, fine let’s get rid of Wenger, what’s behind door number one is Gazidis & Co and behind door number two is Gazidis & Co.

That scares the living shit out of me. Wenger lost it in the end, I get it, but the guys choosing his replacement and guiding the club forward never had it to begin with.


Spot on!! That’s also my concern. Arsene Wenger is only a fraction of the problem; With Gazidis and Kroenke still involved the problem will still exist.

Does FatGooner still come by here? I liked that guy.

broken red army

at least we dodged bullet for that Lacazette guy, 90 minutes into the season he’s scored only 3 three goals. noway he is an upgrade to our goalscoring machine-gun Theodor Walcott.


Yes I absolutely agree with Henry …….and I once mentioned it in another forum that AArsenal as a club has become unattractive to a lot of top level players in Europe. Somethng needs to be done and if AW cant do it .Shouldnt he give way


Agree with Henry – Souness is right on the money too. Not only have we (once again) mismanaged the summer transfer window, it’s too late to dramatically change this season’s trajectory. It’s going to be another season of “if only”!


Its got nothing to do with transfer dealings.

Wenger may have ‘mismanaged’ Suarez bid but he got it right with Ozil’s 42.3m + 1 quid panic buy.

And he got it right with Alexis 35m + 1 as with Granit’s 30m +1

Arguably he also got a steal with Santi and Cech.

He is one of the best in the business buying players.

Whether he buys enough top drawer per season is another issue.

but to say he mismanages transfers is inane to say the least.



Sanogo, Squillaci, Santos, Silvestre. Maybe he should avoid players starting with S.


Sorry but TiTi is talking nonsense. 1) We play Giroud and Alexis anyway. IN fact we play Giroud, Alexis and whoever is played on the other flank. practically when the fullbacks commit, it is 3 up front. 2) He has no more information on transfers apparently than we do. The sort of analysis he does is pulled straight out of the Sun or Metro. Does he not realise how inflated the striker market has been? Hulk went for 47m. Draxler may still be courted by PSG, one of 7 teams who have more money to spend than us. That keeps… Read more »


Sorry but SaNtoRi is talking nonsense.


Holy crap, this is getting more and more embarrassing by the day, Ornstein’s twitter:

*Arsenal yet to agree fee for Mustafi. #AFC considering Omer Toprak & Simon Kjaer as alternatives but Mustafi remains priority & keen to join

*Price the issue. Arsenal want to hold back funds for possible striker signing. #AFC transfer budget factors in fee, salary, agent commission

Come on! Holding back funds?! Arsene has lost it completely

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