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Leicester 0-0 Arsenal: By the Numbers

I have a wedding to run off too so this will be a short By The Numbers brought to you in the classic style with one twist.. I’m also going to highlight opposition players if they do something I think noteworthy. Ok?


2 – Blocks by Rob Holding¹
7 – Clearances by Rob Holding¹
5 – Headed clearances by Rob Holding¹
5 – Defensive aerial duels won by Rob Holding¹ (of 6 attempted)
1 – Tackle by Rob Holding
1 – Number of times Rob Holding was dribbled
76 – Percent of passes completed (of 53) by Rob Holding³
79 – Percent of short passes completed (of 48) by Rob Holding³
90 – Percent of back passes and square passes (18/20) by Rob Holding
93 – Percent of passes completed by Koscielny¹ (tied with Jack Wilshere)
79 – Percent of passes completed by Xhaka
58 – Total passes completed by Xhaka²
9 – Ball recoveries by Xhaka²
1 – Pretty sweet, Vieira-esque, telescope-legged, tackle by Xhaka to win the ball back after he had been repeatedly fouled but Clattenburg didn’t call it¹
6 – Tackles by Coquelin¹ (of 6 attempted)
3 – Fouls committed by Coquelin¹ (of 3 attempted, tied with Mendy)
3 – Fouls suffered by Coquelin¹ (tied with Alexis Sanchez and Mendy)
1 – Crucial run back by Coquelin where he was on a yellow and instead of fouling, he managed to just stand Mahrez up and kill the counter¹
4 – Interceptions by Coquelin² (tied with Bellerin and Monreal)
2 – Dribbles by Coquelin (of 2 attempted)
0 – Number of times Coquelin was dribbled
3 – Shots by Theo Walcott¹
2 – Shots on target by Theo Walcott¹
0 – Shots by any of the Arsenal players which “really bothered” Schmeichel³
2 – Shots by Alexis
0 – Shots on goal by Alexis
10 – Percent fit Alexis looked, especially in the second half
3 – Chances created by Alexis¹ (all in the first half)
25 – Passes in the final third by Alexis¹ (tied with Drinkwater)
81 – Percent of his final third passes that Alexis completed
1 – Number of passes Alexis had to apologize for
13 – Total shots taken by Arsenal
5 – Total shots taken by Arsenal inside the Leicester box
1 – Shots in the box and on target by Arsenal (Walcott, right channel, 1 yard in the box)
8 – Total shots taken by Leicester
3 – Shots  in the Arsenal box
1 – Shots in the box and on target by Leicester (Mahrez, right channel, acute angle)
0 – Big Chances created by either team
59 – Passes completed by Drinkwater¹
25 – Passes completed by Drinkwater in the Arsenal final third¹
14 – Ball recoveries by Drinkwater¹
6 – Tackles by Drinkwater (of 9)²
1 – Gold medal dives by Drinkwater to try to earn his team a penalty but he was robbed by the English judge¹
3 – Shots taken by Arsenal after Özil came on
3 – Number of those shots taken by Theo Walcott
3 – Shots taken by Leicester after Özil came on
100 – Percent chance that Arsenal need a dominant forward
10 – Percent chance that I believe we will get one


All stats via Opta

¹ – Led all players
² – Led just his team
³ – Worst of his team


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Have fun at the wedding

Arteta Fan

Best Wenger line ever…he wondered why not much commentary about how well Holding has done…” I’m really sorry he did not cost $55 million” Wenger is a class class act!


Right? Only a little worse than the nerest he had to say “ozil is physically ready for the game”even though he is a professional and also him saying “remember we employ 600 people here” so does every big club! And my favorite “fans are influenced by the media” no ww are influenxed by performances. His comments are so condescending to the fans and out of touch with reality. He acts like we are dumb.


Nerve* he had


It’s noteworthy that you didn’t highlight anything in Mahrez & Vardy’s performances. We handled them well today. But some of Leicester’s teamwork, passing combos and counters were sublime. Ranieri’s done an amazing job there.

After two games our attack doesn’t look different from last season. Walcott having more shots than anyone else is not a good recipe for progress.


Lacazette had been dropping hints he would like to leave and now he’s scored 5 in 2, just get the man! What’s the worst that could happen? We pay 60m but only get 30-40 back if he’s not an absolute success and we decide to sell him again? Plus another 30 for selling Walcott for being surplus to requirements? Wenger says he’s willing to spend if he feels a player adds quality to the team, well I don’t agree with his cost-benefit analysis so far. We need goals, Lacazette scores them, worth every penny if he’s a success, will still… Read more »


Ibrahimovic gets ridiculous wages each week, Pogba is a ridiculous price and wages, Stones well overpriced, Man City £1bn spending ludicrous.

The 5 point lead both Manc clubs have on us after 2 games is telling!


I’m so happy for the clean sheet. Hopefully we go on a little run.
I was so sad watching Mahrez today though he would definitely invoice arsenal and vice versa.

Just hope we get a few players in to improve the most important stat… Cups won


Yes he would definitely invoice and improve arsenal

Iwobi Wan Kenobi

1-Dribble complete by Petr Cech 😉

Olawale Olayemi

100% chance we’re fucked this season if we don’t get a striker



Me So Hornsey

A much improved performance from us I felt especially defensively. Kos was a colossus and his presence flooded Holding with confidence, it was great to see.

I thought Leicester were very good and we did well to match them.

We just missed that clinical finisher up front.


1 Manager who’s got no clue


And somehow infecting his team with his cluelessness…


I know 7am will provide stats to the contrary, but if we don’t take shots from the non-key areas, we won’t create goals in those key areas either.

Teams know they don’t have to worry about us shooting from range and can thus just defend in the box, especially if they know we’re crossing to tall strikers like Alexis, Theo or Ox.


Lewandowski just walked by my house wearing an Arsenal shirt.


I remember when Arseblog was fun. Lately it just seems to have turned into a forum for people to whine, complain, second guess, namecall, throw insults and generally act like Wenger and the club had personally absconded with their wives. It just seems totally disproportional to where we are. No team, no football player, and no manager is perfect, but I’ve rarely seen a manager come in for so much scrutiny and critcism. We could sign Messi and Ronaldo tomorrow, and half the people on here would complain Ronaldo is too old and messi is too short. I’ll be the… Read more »

Ducks sake

Because every other manager in the world would have been sacked by now for repeating the same mistakes year upon year, for playing turgid football, for having a squad that is unprepared at the start of every season (not talking transfers here, just fitness and general prep), for constantly underachieving.

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