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Valencia waiting for Arsenal to meet Mustafi price

Valencia are waiting for Arsenal to meet their price-tag for Shkodran Mustafi so they can put an end to the ongoing ‘will-he, won’t-he’ transfer saga.

The German has reportedly agreed personal terms with the Gunners, but having quoted a price when the initial enquiry was made, the La Liga side have yet to hear anything further from North London.

The Mirror report that the player is training alone, in a kind of limbo, as he waits for the deal to be finalised.

Having lost Per Mertesacker and Gabriel to injury, and seen new boy Rob Holding and Calum Chambers anchor a defence which shipped four goals against Liverpool, it’s hard to understand why Arsene Wenger hasn’t pushed to get the deal done as quickly as possible.

Valencia are looking for around €25m for the 24 year old who was part of Germany’s World Cup winning squad. It’s a very reasonable price in the current market, and with a trip to Champions Leicester on Saturday Arsenal’s defensive need is urgent.

Yesterday there were claims the price-tag was too high, forcing Arsenal to explore other targets while they keep money aside for a striker, but there’s no good reason why this would preclude any further purchases given the club’s bank balance.

Given that it’s now Tuesday, and there’s apparent radio silence between the clubs, it might be a case that Holding and Chambers are again pressed into action at the King Power Stadium on Saturday.

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Not to worry, I’m sure it’s because we’re trying to hijack Senderos’ move instead.


Do we still have Sol Campbell’s number?


The reason why Adams rejected us for China is because there is a clause that requires him to step onto the field when the need arise…..


Forget Adams, we need someone younger, Pascal Cygan would be perfect…




He doesn’t really want to do this, does he? What he wants is a fit Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Chambers and Holding. In Arsene’s mind this is what we potentially have at the club and that’s what he planned for. Absolutely no way in hell he’d be looking if Gabriel hadn’t been injured in my opinion.

Troy McClure

You are correct sir. In his mind, having 2 senior players (kos and gab) + 2 junior players (holding and chambers) is enough. But as we have seen, it isn’t enough.

It’s a question about misplaced priorities. Wenger thinks the clubs money is his money. And unfortunately he’s not a big fun party type, buy rounds of drinks for everyone, go to the casino and let it ride fella. More of a stay at home with a bottle of wine and a rental movie fella.

4th Place

Is it wrong that I read your comment in Troy McClure’s voice?


Hi, i’m Arsene Wenger, you may remember me from such failed transfer attempts as Gonzalo Higuain’s Bogus journey and 5 whole weeks of the Luis Suarez show.


Fair enough, but Per’s injury may have hastened Wenger’s succession planning for him. There are still some questions about Gabby long-term so signing another class CB as an immediate/soon to be replacement has become necessary. Holding and Chambers are longer term and may or may not come good.

Accept that ball playing, tactically aware, strong in the air CBs cost good money now. Pay Valencia 30m plus add-ons and be done with it (half now and remainder season close).


If we had Kos & an injured Varane or some other top CB, I would understand that thinking. But honestly, Merts is a great player but is ageing, slow and coming off a knee injury. And Gab is not proven enough imo. I like him, I want him to do well but we really haven’t seen him act like a top CB.

Injury Crisis FC

Hasn’t Wenger been saying for a while now that he’s looking for a defender? I seem to recall him saying this even after Holding was bought.


He could have gotten Ashley Williams for 12 mil and still had the budget for a striker.


Exclusive: Arsenal will sign a striker and a defendrer in the next five years!


Lying bastard! Make it TEN!!!


Has anyone actually seen Mustafi play for his club?

I’ve only seen him the odd time for Germany and he’s always looked pretty ordinary to me, not particularly fast or physical.

Just wondered if anyone could say if he’s much of an upgrade on Per, or whether he has what it takes to partner Kos as our first choice for the next few years?

TR7 > CR7

¡Hostia, joder, hijo puta!

¡Vamonos Arsene!


First comment is always great ??

Honestly, IM OVER IT. Still love the gunners, just adjusted my expectations, unfortunately…


yes me too, my expectations are top-4 finish ahead of spurs
and one big name signing(cech/xhaka) in a year


I see a lot of papers reporting various different fees and it’s hard to know what’s the truth. This article says €25m, which – at roughly £20m – is completely reasonable. However, other articles are saying they want €35m and Arsenal won’t spend more than £20m on him (despite articles like this saying they’d accept that offer). Either way, this is a stupid saga and we should really just pay £30m (or whatever the fee is) and be done with it. City spent £47.5m on Stones and we’re haggling over £5m. I appreciate their finances are different to ours, but… Read more »


If Arsenal think the fee is to high, I’m guessing Valencia want around 40 million euros. Arsenal probably looking to spend 30 million euros tops, and so it’s about who can stay calm as the window nears an end. If we bottle this one we really need to reconsider everything about how we do business though.


Aaaaand I just realized how I basically rewrote everything you said. I’m hung over, cut me some slack ?


You’re right but i feel the situation is bad enough that regardless of what happens here, we still need to rethink our transfer strategy. I like Mustafi a lot, he seems to be strong in the air even though most sources report his height to be 6’0. Not really Gary Medel-esque but most central defenders in England are taller. Definitely an improvement in the air over everyone but Mertesacker so I’ll be happy to see him. I’ll digress from here but I want to follow up on a comment I made about not watching games Theo starts. I watched the… Read more »

Why not

I actually think aerielly gabriel is one of our strongest. He seems to judge his jumps and runs in a way that manages to make him beat most people he is up against. Unfortunely for us he isnt the most accurate with his head. I think he wins most headers in our corners just blasts them over. I think if he solves hud positional awareness and works on aiming the ball with his head we have a dynamite defender


I read it’s £28m + add-ons. It is much more than the initial €25m but then again we have only ourselves to blame. Why would we wait until Mertesacker and Gabriel both got injured before making a decisive move?


Longer we stall (and wait for the inevitable injuries), the harder it makes it for us to strike a good deal. Valencia are looking at our injury situation right now and are playing hard ball.


If Wenger is looking for a bargin buy then he look into Nikola Maksimovic. He’s Serie A defender for Torino FC, 6’2″, ball playing CB with great vision of the game, and quick on his feet and contributes to the odd goal or two each season. €7million euros apparently is what It’ll take to sign him. Very underrated Serbian Defender.


You must have missed the news today- he went AWOL from Torino today looking towards a Chelsea move. Of course, it’s only the papers saying Chelsea specifically, so you never know, maybe we’re secretly in for him and this is all a smokescreen. It doesn’t sound like he’ll be 7m Euros though…


We have Gabriel, Chambers and Holding which are roughly the same quality. We need an established CB that can pair koscienly till per is back, or till one of our young CBs prove themselves.


We mustaf enough money.

Merlin's Panini

now try another pun but with Shkodran this time.


Apparently Wenger and the Valencia Chief exec have been sending each other private messages via Instragram to conclude the deal.

It Shkrodran in the DMs.

Allow me, best I could do.

Bob Davis

Shkodran had this all sorted out by now!

I tried!


Shkroadran a “lama lama ding dong” going on between the two clubs??


SHerlocK’s ROD RAN right up Arsene’s Clunge as he deduced the Senile Old Git was potentially collapsing the move over 20p!!!

Thierry Ennui

Let’s Skodran the pub and wait for this transfer window to blow over

Merlin's Panini

we have a winner.


Yeah, but if we buy him we will end up being so poor, we’ll have to drive old Shkodas.


With the signing of Mustafi, Mahrez and Lacazette we could actually win the league!!! This time next year we could be saying ” The Shkodran Away With It ” = “The Squad Ran Away With It!!!”


Sean Connery style


We lost Higuain over a 1m pound difference. If this hasn’t happened by the weekend and we win at Leicester it’s not going to happen.


That Higuain bit is so not true. But then Napoli who paid the premium for him got three great seasons and actually managed to turn a profit on his sale this summer – maybe it’s not a bad idea to pay up when necessary.


Did we though? Who says? Just asking…


Seriously, what are they smoking at the Emirates?

What’s more important saving a few million or doing well in the league?

If by some miracle we’re actually challenging for the title and lose by the 3 points dropped the other day or any more dropped at Leicester or Watford well, then I’ll be quite sad ?


They’re smoking the same stuff that made them make that idiotic, embarrassing 40m+1 pound bid for Suarez.


it’s not embarrassing if we genuinely believed there was a 40m clause. if 4,000,001 triggers the clause then why pay a pound more?

having the wrong information on the release clause is of course another matter


Jesus, how many times does this need to be addressed. He had a release clause. Why would you bid more than you have to for a player with a release clause? Liverpool’s owner confirmed there was a clause and that they simply decided to ignore the clause and convince Suarez not to pursue legal action.


It’s been addressed ad nauseam and doesn’t need to be any more, so just ignore it when someone brings it up.


You’ll have to explain it in words they understand.
Imagine going to the supermarket were you see a six-pack of lets say Calsberg that you would like to acquire the labels says 5£ .

Now what do you expect to pay.. ?


The problem mate is you and I are thinking as fans. The people running the club only look at it as a business and how much money they can accumulate for themselves. They have no ambition except for lining their pockets.

Alex is an Arse man

Consulting fee for korenke


I’m sure City came in with some low offers also as that is the nature of negotiations. Only difference is City did what was needed because they wanted someone before the opening day. Arsenal didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t.


It really does feel like something is amiss at Arsenal at the moment. This kind of behavior is of course not unprecedented but it does seem ridiculous at this stage of our crises.

Are we holding out for a 100m for Messi!? So demotivating – reading an article on GNevs and Carraggrrrrs comments really does bring it home – them saying that every season we seem to start on a low, deflated fans, no positive electricity at the ground.

This is not the Arsenal I fell in love with sadly.


The longer this goes on the more confused I get. I’m as frustrated with Wenger as the next Gooner but something tells me this is much much deeper. This summer we’ve had Arsene say we have to comply with the increasing price of players, while also saying “new is just new” or whatever the quote was. Then we have Ivan say we can’t compete in the market with “bigger” clubs. All of this is surely coming from the top. Stan must be the one saying “no we’re not paying that”. I’m starting to think that Arsene doesn’t hold the key… Read more »


You’re right. The board or Kroenke don’t set aside anywhere near enough for transfers… makes you wonder where all the money is going. Surely not to a ranch or a new stadium?

Ducks sake

It doesn’t go any where. It just sits in the bank. They don’t want to take dividends, I’m guessing because they don’t want Usmanov to get any of it, and they don’t want to spend so it just sits and gathers interest for Arsenal. Not for its owner’s but the club.

Holding Rob

But also Wenger said he wants to spend the clubs money like it’s his own, being careful in the market. And gazidis and kroenke have been on the record saying we can compete financially.
They contradict each other and themselves every other month it seems. Quite frustrating as a fan

Injury Crisis FC

As Gooner_Al said, he’s probably holding face for the sake of unity(/the board.)

Ducks sake

I’m going to take a gamble and say it’s Wenger being tight. Why would Kroenke want the money to sit in the company account? He/the board would opt to take dividends surely? What good is the cash sitting in the company account to them?

Lucas Sam

They are actually taking dividends, those 3 mill for consulting. Those same 3 mill that could get our deals done…


It’s a bit telling that we’re willing to play the waiting game until the end of the window (and other negotiation tactics like being linked with other defenders) in order to save probably about £5 million, whilst every game that goes by that we’re not ready for costs us POINTS. Like blogs pointed out the other day, 3 points on opening day are just as valid as 3 points on the run-in. Does that reflect where the focus of the club is? Shouldn’t points and winning games be the top priority for club with ambition? There’s absolutely no way a… Read more »


Why oh why are we quibbling over an extra mill or so. It’s so frustrating. Who’s fault is this? Are we to blame Wenger? How can someone so bright be so mind numbingly naive??


Hi Mr. Blog,

Do you know who is responsible at the club for negotiating this fee? Is it Dick Law?

Various sources in recent years have suggested he may not be the best negotiator in the world, and I am wondering if this is another example of that.

Also, I would assume he would be handcuffed by Arsene as to what price to not go above as opposed to any member of the board or anything?


Yep, Dick Law. And nope, Wenger only identifies the players, doesn’t negotiate or do the actual signing… that’s according to Gazidis.

Ducks sake

But I bet he sets a limit for each target.


Very well worded Denzil. Wenger has knowledge but lacks wisdom and definitely not streetwise. How is it that the club that earned the most TV money last season is so so so unwilling to spend.


Pretty sure they want closer to 30 million pounds


Doesn’t seem unreasonable …


This is slowly moving into “saga” territory considering how keen the player is, the fact we have a metric fuck tonne of money and Valencia willing to actually sell..

I get that we just won’t pay anything but their price is good value, we’ve identified him as a primary target so we must have known the price, or even allowed for a couple of million to be added on due to our needs. I do think this one will get over the line but he probably won’t make Leicester at this rate.


We threw £ 10M on Park!

I actually feel sorry for Valencia, I mean its not like they are demanding an excessive price, they are in dire need of the money and we are sitting on money…well we are afraid to spend!

Again I don’t understand why we had to move out of Highbury, face tough budget constraints and earn money that we are reluctant to spend!

Ofcourse in the grand scheme of things, it’s ridiculous the amount money to pay for Mustafi but in the football hyperbole, it’s as good as an Argos sale!

matty t.

It’s like pulling teeth. Just get it done FFS!

Lord Bendtner

I know we will end up signing him. It’s just that I don’t think its worth it to delay it so much. Not good for the team or for the players. I don’t see why we can’t afford his pricetag plus a striker


This is just baffling at this stage!


We are in a crisis,defence wise.
Going round over the price isn’t helping,its the last thing we need.
Come on,Get it done PLEASE!


Our transfer dealings are surreal. On the plus side, we’re going to give two young center backs all the experience in the world at the expense of the team. When stubbornness meets ludicrousness…

John C

Or two young centre backs who’s confidence has been destroyed

Neil O'D

Offer them €25m and a large bag of jamon Ruffles.. No sane person could refuse that!


We are just so embarrassingly amateurish at times.


What the fuck is going on? Pay up, he’s world class and wants to play for us…It’s a no brainer


Despite what he’s said I still don’t think Arsene understands, or is willing to accept the transfer market as it is now. 20 or 30 million pounds seems like a bargain with all the crazy money splashing around. Yet we can’t accept that and just get the deal done.


We never do and never did. Arsenal seem to think that the buyer sets the price, with some kind of model of valuation that the club/Wenger has, if it falls outside the mode i.e. the player is too expensive, we’re out. There were so many weird bids over the years with no follow up that I’ve come to the conclusion.


I’d love a penny for the players thoughts. He’s having to train on his own while he waits for a club rolling in money to cough up a fair price even if it is 30m. I’d wonder how much they really want me.

Big Mad Andy

Either something amazing is going to happen or we are just shit at buying players…


the latter


Too late for Saturday anyhow…. We could be 6pts behind 3 or 4 clubs this weekend.
League title aspirations over in August.
Thanks Wenger.


So Liverpool have supposedly turned down £30M for Benteke from Crystal Palace. This shows just how silly money is right now. So here is a theory, it is clear any striker that is bought for less than £30-£40M is not going to be an improvement on Giroud (who would have thought that a year ago), and would likely be a backup. Therefore, big BIG money is going to have to be spent to get a striker in that is an improvement on Giroud. Higuain was mooted before his big money move to Juventus, as has Morata who would likely cost… Read more »


Would love that to be true.
The whole world conspiring to bring us that top striker who will win us the league.
Maybe Arsene believes in some prophecy.


Heh… There is NOBODY huge left! Higuain was the last and the other huge players like Lewandowski wouldn’t come to this club over the ones they’re already at! We ARE FUCKED! There’s only Lacazette left and he’s good but not much of an improvement on Giroud (if any) but I WOULD get him! And then there is Icardi but I believe it’s just his slut of a wife haggling for a better contract at Inter

Smashed them for 8

Joke is on them! They’ll be waiting a while


Actually, the Joke is on US! The Fans!

Jin Jin

Just sign him already!


I refuse to get wound up by transfer rumours, as thats all they are, rumours/gossip. No one actually knows what negotiations take place between clubs, players and agents.
I wish we had our recruitment sorted before the beginning of the season, but for whatever reason we haven’t. If we still haven’t got what we need by the time the window closes, then I’ll be pissed off.


You wouldst have thought that a club would do is beat to be settled and ready for when the season actually starts and sees winning the league as the primary objective not saving a few million


The guys a 24 year old German international who could play for us for a good 8 years or so…..pay the bloody money!


We can very much afford a pricetag in that egion. Plus a hefty fee for a proper striker. With the funds avlible we also could add Another midfielder if we would. It’s fair to say that Money isn’t the issue for Arsenal, it’s Wenger. He’s pushing this to the max to “save” 5-10m in the end) but if we would end up without Mustafi (and/or a striker) it would be a assive blow. We need Another CB even when BFG and Gabriel is back. We shouldn’t rely on Holding and Chambers just yet. But with Mustafi, Koscielny, Gabriel and Per… Read more »


Gabriel is garbage. He’s deplorable at defending. Per might be done. His contract is up. He’s 31. And coming back from a bad injury which will slow him up even more so. Had this not happened, Chambers was going out on loan. Wenger’s antiquated thinking and Dickhead Law’s awful negotiating are going to cost Arsenal dearly… Again.


I am unable to form a rational understanding of the situation we have progressively entered over the past ten years. To rationalise the behaviour of our club is madness! The Vardy situation sums us up…if Wenger were to turn this season around he would be the best manager in football because I tell you what he has taken us further back than we’ve ever been as a club. Before I get the brigade on my back saying he is not to blame, he is! He is a stubborn man who in a climate of change has refused to move with… Read more »

Frank Bascombe

‘because I tell you what he has taken us further back than we’ve ever been as a club.’ New to the game?

Colin hockeysocks

??? i was gonna say exactly the same . Can understand peoples frustrations but frankly hes talking utter bollocks lol


AW brought most of those players to the club, and if you read or listen to anything by any player from the Adams/Keown/Dixon/Winterburn/Bould/Seaman era, you would realise that he prolonged their careers by years. He took the club and made us challengers, unbeatable, European cup finalists, FA Cups, League Cups, League titles. I agree that it has become somewhat stagnant, but to say he has taken us backward and that this is solely his fault is ridiculous. That is why people don’t always boo or get involved in a boycott, out of respect for a man who has done a… Read more »


I’ve heard Arsene won’t even pay full price when he goes for a meal.

Frank Bascombe

He caused murders McDonalds the other week over the price of a meal deal. Claimed it was no deal at all if he couldn’t haggle. He’s got a point and McDonalds have been getting away with that one for years…

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Pathetic. Tell me any other top club in world football that continuously gets dragged through the gutter press with their issues on a price.



Top clubs, lower clubs, average clubs are all rapping up deals swiftly only Arsenal embarassingly drag deals in an archaic way as if we are a poor club or rather like its Arsenal’s valuation of players that’s superior to every others… Pathetic

Judith Le'Strange

Wenger says he’s going into the market and in his early days at the club he did, ut in recent years it seems the only players we bring in are dead weights that no other club would touch with a barge pole so to speak, they arrive at Arsenal already injured and sit on the bench or in the medical room and are still being paid huge amounts of money that most of us just dream of earning, and when decent players come along Wenger won’t fork out the money, and the Board and Kroenke still keep him whereas most… Read more »


“The only players we bring in are dead weights that no other club would touch…”

Hmmm is that really what you think Özil, Sanchez, Cech and Xhaka are? Wenger does buy class players, but unfortunately for us, he just hasn’t addressed the blindingly obvious deficiencies we’ve had for years.


Xhaka hasn’t proved himself class yet.
In the case of Ozil we were lucky and in the case of Sanchez whom Barca made available, Liverpool were our only competitors.
Cech chose us and he hasn’t been great.
I agree Wenger has bought many class players but I don’t care who we sign I just want Arsenal to win the title and there is no denying the fact that Wenger has failed to do so even with the money available.
I just hope this is his last season here.

Cape Town Gooner

This is absolutely frustrating. My fear now is Ozil or Sanchez get frustrated by lack of lack of ambition in this club. I really do not understand what’s going with transfer policy at Arsenal. It is really sad. I really like Arsene but we are not going to be ambitious or with the PL with him..

Matt K

It is a good price. Man Utd has paid this to Mino Raiola already and he won’t play any minutes this season for them


The ability to get something done when it needs to be done. Isn’t this one of the core things that we value in our friendships, relationships, in our work? It feels wrong to support a club that doesn’t value this notion. I haven’t said a negative thing about the club for 10 years, but this summer disappointment has reached critical mass. I’d rather have a broke friend with whom I can share both pain and glory, experience ups and downs, laugh and cry, live a little … than a penny counter whose life is a straight line. Arsenal will always… Read more »


Sorry you feel that way mate but it is true Arsenal is not properly run as football club and I blame the manager as much as other people owning and running things.


Leicester and Lyon are waiting for Arsenal to meet the asking price too.


Fuck it. I’m starting a new save at football manager. And I promise you guys, I will get the transfers done in time!


Hello everyone Long time since I logged on I wonder if the negotiator who worked with SAF is still alive and kicking. Manu never messed about buying players under SAF. They went out there, did the business. End of. And often very early in the summer break. Arsene is frightened of making a long term error in purchasing. He looks around and see clubs buying players who are not good enough for their respective clubs , or financially strangling their balance sheet with high wages. Quality ( long term) is important to him Nevertheless, the need for defensive cover was… Read more »


I hope we sign some good players, win matches and act as a title contender but if that doesn’t happen I want the fans to really show their anger.Last year’s protest made them stronger knowing the fans aren’t capable of anything.They are under absolutely zero pressure.


You must be deluded if you think Griezmann and Lacazette aren’t upgrades over what we have. Griezmann would easily score 20 for us. Lacazette is a FAR better finisher than welbeck. We need a goals!!! We need a clinical finisher. Lacazette and Griezmann are that. Tired of watching both Giroud and Welbeck(for all their qualities) do everything but be consistent at scoring goals.
How can you have a first choice striker of a big team not be able to score close to 20 for 4 seasons now?


you won’t be seeing much of Welbeck this year, I’m afraid.
Greizmann is a total upgrade… He would be a monster, but with 80mil price tag, I’m afraid that’s way out of our league. I’m sure the Chavs will grab him.

Ducks sake

Lacazette is probably an upgrade. Can’t see Griezzman playing up front on his own so we would still be screwed if Ground got injured.


Kind of shocked that we seem to be letting this deal fall apart – given the situation we’re in (created I might add by previous miserliness and dithering). I’ve been an Arsenal fan for a long time but I don’t think I’ve seen a transfer window as bizarrely handled as this one. The procrastination on Mustafi seems even more odd as the player is keen and the price reasonable. Will be expecting explanations from Wenger et al. if this doesn’t go through.

Beezus Fuffoon

I’m starting to think we shouldn’t go through with this deal. If Arsenal are so adamant about not paying the money for him and are prepared to gamble then I say let them. If it comes back to bite us then maybe that’ll be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and brings about a change in the way we do business.

Besides, I’d rather we pumped the money into our attacking options. Give me either Mahrez/Draxler and a new super-duper striker and I for one would take that. Just my opinion, mind!

Troy McClure

Arsenal, I want you to do one thing: Get Mustafi. MUSTAFIIIIII!

Brian wallace

Can’t we just up our price by £1.00?
It worked with Suarez….oh hang on.


Kind of shocked that we seem to be letting this deal fall apart – given the situation we’re in (a situation created I might add by previous miserliness and dithering). I’ve been an Arsenal fan for a long time but I don’t think I’ve seen a transfer window as bizarrely handled as this one. The procrastination on Mustafi seems even more odd as the player is keen and the price reasonable. Will be expecting explanations from Wenger et al. if this doesn’t go through.

Thierry Bergkamp

We won’t sign him because in the words of Arsene, “we still have to come, Jenkinson”


It seems we’d rather spend £15 million on someone who won’t improve us rather than the right price on a player who will almost certainly be better than Chambers and Gabriel.


Kind of shocked that we seem to be walking away from this deal – given the situation we’re in (a situation created, I might add, by previous miserliness and dithering). I’ve been an Arsenal fan for a long time but I don’t think I’ve seen a transfer window as bizarrely handled as this one. The procrastination on Mustafi seems even more odd as the player is keen and the price reasonable. Will be expecting explanations from Wenger et al. if this doesn’t go through.


Is it possible that they’re haggling a bit due to a bigger signing coming later? That is, if they just plop down €30M without negotiations, it signals they’ll pay whatever is asked. So, if a €80M striker is pending in the background, we might not want to look so ready to let the price be driven up because sellers know 1) that EPL money is copious, and more obviously 2) Arsenal have huge needs.

Pardon my rationalized optimism…

Frank Bascombe

I like your rationalised optimism. Think they’ll loosen these straps so I can have a fag?


I’m hoping they got whiff of a different better/cheaper/higher profile center back and are inquiring before pulling the trigger with Mustafi.

We all want signings, but when before have we known Arsenal’s transfer dealings before they are done deals?
what’s changed?


Waiting for Arsenal to meet the asking price. Good luck with that!


To those trying to rationalise the asking price too high theory, Everton just signed some 27-year-old Crystal Palace midfielder, Nigeria international notwithstanding, for 25m quid. We must be the only EPL club with designs on top 4 haggling over a few million for a German international in his prime for a critical position unanimously regarded as weak in viable depth.


Bolasie isn’t Nigerian.


This is really getting embarrassing now. Just now read that we’re looking for cheap alternatives like Fonte. Seriously Wenger WTF. Just pay the money FFS before some other team swoops in and pays the money (like Chelsea)


I do think the media including Arseblog news write/publish/rehash transfer news with no substance. Whilst I am sure Mustafi is being looked out there have been so many articles that why Arseblog comments or published every single one is strange. Is it click bait or some informed source as I doubt it’s the latter. I will just wait and see what is finalised and no one can give any credible insight into our transfer plans (if a plan exists at all). For the first time in a while I have become desensitised to Arsenal and whilst we have a few… Read more »


“I will just wait and see what is finalised.” The season has started buddy. Let’s get on it.

The ice man

Ok something must be a lie here, the fee might be much higher than €25. If not then I could not be more confused. I’m struggling to see how paying €25 for a experienced and still young defender at 24 who’s also a world cup winner is not a very much easy decision to make, when you signed a 18 year old for £16 who basically just had a good 6 months at Southampton. Playing out of his preferred position I might add, but then again what even is his preferred position.

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