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Wenger hails ‘important’ Koscielny after Leicester draw

Arsene Wenger says the return of Laurent Koscielny provided Arsenal with defensive stability as they took a point from Champions Leicester in the 0-0 draw on Saturday.

The French international was Arsenal’s highest rated player after the game, and his performance alongside Rob Holding at centre-half was imperious.

For a man just returning from his summer break, it was one in which he had to dig deep, but the manager was keen to praise the man who skippered the side.

“We look a different team straight away and he gave us stability against a team that attacks very well,” he said. I think he was very important.

“I saw that we were a bit too young and I have no real solution at central defence at the moment. In fairness he had a big back problem yesterday when he came out of the training.

“We came with 19 players and this morning we decided that he could play and I think it saved us this point.”

Speaking about his decision to leave him out of the side last week, Wenger continued, “I think, should I have taken a gamble or not? But because we lost already two defenders, if I lost another one for two or three months we have a massive problem.

“He was not ready. He had only four days training and it is too short after having four weeks off. I think he was very brave today.”

So, just back from his holidays, with a back problem (you could see him grimacing at times), and he played like that. Hats off to the man, but let’s hope the manager can do what’s necessary so we don’t run him into the ground too early in the season.

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Good to have bosscienly back. One of arsene best signings ever. Now go get a cb as good as he is/Close to his level and defence is sorted out for this season.

Mr Gooner

“…if I lost another one for two or three months we have a massive problem.”

We already have a massive problem


All hail the Cielny!

We dont care. What does it matter if we have one of the best defender, playmaker, winger and goal keepers in the league, We wont win the title with shitty tactics and incredibely stupid spending that leaves massive holes in the team. I love kos but he could be winning titles considering how talented he is. 5 points off the main challengers before the season has been barely kicked off his beyond unacceptable. We want change.


It’s Wenger’s last season unless he wins the league


It probably won’t be though. If we finish fourth (very likely). He’ll then be able to say 16 other teams would like to be in our position right now.

Al Gilmore

You do realise that being 5 points behind any team is an irrelevance after two games. The league is played over 38 games playing each team home and away. We lost at home to a team that will (despite Saturdays result) challenge for the top 4. A game we could’ve been two up in. We then drew away to the Champions. Meanwhile Man U manage to beat Bournemouth and Saints. It’s hardly a signpost to greatness is it? Citeh beat Sunderland with an OG. Chelsea were fairly lucky in both of their games. If we were leading by five points… Read more »

Perry S.

the voice of reason amongst a sea of armchair warriors. thank you.


the more we should not have lost to liverpool if they are considered a title challenger this season!

It doesn't matter what we think, feel or say.

Waiting for the usual ‘judge me at the end of the season’ bullshit after we sign nobody and drop even more points than we have.

Getso gunner

But He need a strong support from foot to head


Imagine Kos playing for Real, Barca, Bayern… He’d be hailed as the best central defender in the world. But he just plays for Arsenal and is ignored by the so called specialists. BUT INCREDIBLY HAPPY AND PROUD HE IS WITH US ! All hail the Kos!


It was said pep wanted him at barca and bayern, he is so underrated on the ball.


It doesn’t get said enough, what with all the focus on “spend da fucking money”, we have deeper problems. We could have messi and suarez in this team and wenger’s tactics would still confuse them. Now I know it was wenger that introduced us to the tippy tappy side, but he seems to have derailed. The football just ain’t entertaining anymore. That’s my real issue with wenger. Then there’s the frustrating 70th minute substitutions. Ozil and giroud come into that game 10mins earlier and we could have won. Even when we had the denilsons and bendtners, you could rewatch an… Read more »

Ponsonby gooner

Back problem? Hmm……..


Wenger just needs to go and the sooner the better – a decent defender and striker could and should have been purchased by now but for his stubborn attitude!!! Roll on next season – I am cheesed off with this one already!!!


Kos just came from playing with a title winning side(le bleus) albeit they didn’t. But he knows they were close.i doubt he feels the same with us at the moment

Bob Davis

Such a great player. Read the game so well against Leicester. He’s following in Tony Adam’s footsteps as one of our best ever centre back. A great mentor for Holding. I hope his back holds up or we’re really fucked!


Things have been so frustrating the last few seasons that I actually do expect us to run him into the ground without signing anyone else; and then when we are back to an inperienced CB pairing there will be a comment from Arsene along the lines of how “we have been a little bit unlucky with defensive injuries”.

I really hope I’m wrong, but it just seems like the norm for us nowadays.


inperienced = *inexperienced


It’s sad, because Arsene has achieved so much for this club and delivered a sustained period of success that appeared to create the foundation for us to compete with the best in Europe. Now it increasingly feels as though what success we do achieve, is despite of Wenger’s management, not because of it.

Dave Gooner

Everyone else noticed how important he is during the loss to Liverpool Arsene. You know, the first game of the season for everyone else?

Gooner from Zed

Two things continue to convince me that Wenger knows. Firstly regarding the point made by @dayjahvoo does not really hold water. Conte at Chelsea made 70 minute substitutions and ended up winning the game.know one is pointing out that because he’s one of the shiny new toys of the league. That was against Watford by the way. Secondly, a well respected football pundit ( by myself included ) , Garry Neville & he’s brother clearly demonstrated that management and couch management are two totally different worlds. Moreover, everybody agrees that Koscielny is one of Wenger’s greatest finds . a player… Read more »


What are you talking about dude?

Conte made a 70th minute substitution in one game, we have been waiting for the 70th minute in how many seasons?


Why Sanchez up front and Walcott on wing…………is it not the other way around?


Ok then……heres another,

Why Chambers played and played and played when he first came and then out of favour?
Is it gonna be the same with Holding?

Neil #2

Worrying that he had to dose up the Kos on painkillers and play him yesterday. That never works out long-term. If you’re not planning on getting the striker, just splash the cash on a defender Wenger (or at least get Fonte in fast).


I’d like to see us add to the defense, but it is looking increasingly unlikely as the window’s end draws nearer and nearer. Any signings made today will not be ready to start by the weekend and will be subs at best… so likely Kos and holding again, and for the future as Valencia are taking us for a ride over mustafi, and no other decent players will fall into our self inflicted budget to spend.
I’m not against holding/chambers partnering kos, but it’s a lot to put on our number 6 if we’re expecting him to play all season.

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