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Howe managing Wilshere’s fitness carefully

Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe says he has Jack Wilshere on a special training regime to ensure he doesn’t suffer from the prolonged period out of the game he endured last season.

The Arsenal midfielder missed most of the last campaign because of a broken leg and subsequent complications from that. And although he went to the European Championships with England, and had a good pre-season with the Gunners, Howe is taking no chances with him.

“He has not completed all of the training,” he said in an interview with BBC Radio Solent.

“We have had to manage his training time on the pitch to make sure we get the balance right between getting him fitter and making sure he does not break down.

“There are certain players who have had serious injuries in their careers that we have to manage. We have to fine-tune the workload that they get.”

Meanwhile, Boro manager Aitor Karanka has explained his loan move for Calum Chambers.

“I always try to take the best from each player and they say that in the market you can find some bargains. We were waiting till the end, waiting for the right player.

“Calum ticks all the boxes. He can play in different positions, he’s a really good player and good kid. For sure he’s going to be important for this club.”

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I’m glad that the Premier League is back this weekend. That international break seemed to whittle on for what seemed like three ice ages.

At least watching Middlesbrough and Bournemouth will be more interesting this season.


The internull break filled exactly the same period of time that we was waiting to sign new players till the perez and mustafa deal happend.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Read in the sport papers that Arsenal was considering Howe as a potential replacement for Wenger if he decides to retire. I don’t know anything about Howe other than him wanting to be cautious about playing Wilshere.


Well, if Howe get a full and successful season out of Jack Wilshire, he might be in for the next manager, at least on the short list.

Luis Boa Muerte

Tbh I wouldn’t want a new manager who hasn’t managed at least Europa League level.

There’s a big difference between squeezing the maximum out of a mediocre group of players who are probably just delighted to be there and doing the same with a multi-talented group plus the added expectations, egos etc. Not that it couldn’t work, it’s just too much risk involved for such a vital decision.

Yorkshire Gunner

True enough, look at David Moyes at Everton, looked a real talented manager, until he signed for United, where he just didn’t quite cut it


True. United could afford to recover from Moyes in relatively short order, but I fear things may go a bit more Liverpool for us if we get the succession wrong at first time of asking.


Yea cause we didnt get wenger from japan..


He had Champions League level experience with Monaco before managing Grampus, so the original point still stands buddy.

Not again please?

Great use of ‘buddy’ here. Top work.


More like if Wilshere gets through the whole season relatively unscathed we really might need to look at our fitness team and how our recovering/injured players are managed.


The possibility of a false correlation is too high to suggest it’s a problem, especially based on a far too small 1 year sample size. Who knows, Jack could go through the entire season at Bornemouth without taking a single hit, then return back to us and trip over his own door step on arrival.

If we had several injury prone players on loan and different clubs and all of them had an injury free season, then we could start drawing more informed conclusions.


Or.. you know, Arsenal are hated by official and other teams thus they go full blooded tackles on our players >.>


Let’s just see howe it pans out.


Question is; why didn’t arsenal do the same? (as far as I’m aware)


I’m sure they would have done. Howe is just making clear that he appreciates the loan deal and will try to look after Wilshere as best he can.


Because Wilshere is the lil one of Arsène, the lil darling and as an English player, product of the club, he felt compelled to play him game after game. Even if it was detrimental to the team and results…


The little darling that he ended up loaning out… right

Ditch the Blue

I like the cut of this mans jib!


Howe for England

Ducks sake

That’s howe for now….. ( For those of a certain age)

chippy's chip

He seems like a nice bloke. Perhaps a bit too nice to be able to sort out our suprjacks bad habits.

Dark Artist

Lol good luck with that Ed


Reminds me of Brendan Rodgers, who I liked. As long as he’s not too “innovative” and doesn’t try too many weird tactics, seems like a man with the right values. And he has a winning mindset and confidence, which are both keys to succeeding as a manager of a big club.


What does it say for Wilsheres on going condition if after making only 3 league apps last season and 14 the season before he still needs to be managed in training? If he hasn’t recovered by now, it’s not looking good….


I think we have 6 senior starters in midfield at the moment sans Jack. Ozil or Ramsey at attacking mid. Santi or Elneny at Central Mid (Also Ramsey) Granit or Coquelin at DM (Possibility of Granit AND Le Coq playing as well) We could have done with one more wild card in Jack likley at CM for numbers. Two injuries (which is in our case always a possibility) and we are down to 4 for 3 positions (in 3 competitions) So I’d expect we will reserve the 7th spot for maybe a young aspirant. Zelalem had a great season with… Read more »

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