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Lucas: I would have thrown you off a bridge

Lucas Perez says that his move to Arsenal is something he could never have contemplated when he was a young lad kicking a football around the streets of his home town, A Coruña.

The 27 year old striker signed for the Gunners from Deportivo earlier this week, but went back to Spain to hold a press conference to say goodbye to the club he’s supported all his life.

Having banged in 19 goals in all competitions last season, he caught the eye of Arsene Wenger who made a late move to bring him to London just before he’d signed for Everton. And the stature of the club and playing with the likes of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez is clearly something he’s looking forward to.

“It’s very exciting,” he said. “To play with the best, to compete with the best, it makes me very happy.

“It’s a challenge, and if someone had told me at ten years old when I was playing in the streets of La Coruña, I would have thrown them off a bridge, I’d have said ‘you’re crazy’.

“Moving to the Premier League is something I will remember for all my life.”

And he’s keeping a scrapbook of his time at Deportivo, having realised his ambition to play there after a career which took him round the houses.

“I keep every photo people send me, everything that comes out in the press. It’s a source of pride that Deportivo can rebuild with the money they got for me.”

What a decent sounding chap, let’s hope he can bang in the goals too.

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How can you not love this guy? Im actually glad we signed him instead of Vardy, I think his mentality and hunger will have a positive impact on the rest of the players


yes, sure you’re glad to get him over vardy


Yup, and this is what we need, guys who genuinely appreciate the chance to play for Arsenal Football Club. I expect this guy to play with pride and passion! Everyone likes a trier!


And this is what Janssen told to press about his move to Spurs.
“I would have been happy to play in Holland for a big club, but I can see the point of selling me to an English club.
It’s very simple: Dutch clubs are not going to spend £16m on a player like me.
AZ went for the highest bidder.”


And this is what Moussa Sissoko said:

“Everyone knows, I often said it when I was young, Arsenal is the club of my heart, because there were quite a few French players there like Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Sylvain Wiltord, Patrick Vieira who was my idol…”


Yes, more than Vardy he deserve to play for arsenal . He is passionate to play for arsenal unlike Vardy ! To be honest , I was angry at Vardy ,s decision . We don’t need such type of player . We need those who want to play for arsenal .


Exactly! Man is a cunt and a mercenary using the Arsenal bid to get more money:

oladele olatubosun

Am so happy we got another striker and am a die hard of arsenal fans


The Bridge on the River Perez.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Hope he throws John Terry off the Stamford Bridge.

Haha.. you sir, made my day !

True blue gunner gooner pow!

Under the bridge by the red hot chilli perez


Top attitude; Top scorer 16/17. LP9

Post January Blip

I took a lovely young lady out to a piano bar with live music and wine in London the other night. The stage was adorned with decor reminiscent of the Elizabethian bourgeoisie.

There had to have been a smoke machine in there somewhere because at times the lighting seemed to envelop the members of the audience.

Anyway, I digress. Things were going swimmingly before the gruesome revelation… She’s a Sp*rs fan.

What’s the honourable thing to do here? Bridge perhaps..?


Was it Laura Trott? On yer bike love.

Frank Bascombe

Spurs fan? All the better truth be told. Maybe that’s just me though…

igbo Amadi-Obi

Hahahahahaha. Am I thinking what he’s thinking?!


get rid of the bitch … she’ll never be heading you


… keep the girlfriend/Spurs bitch then. Coc suckers.


You know what you have to do …


I dated a Sp*rs fan a few years ago.

It didn’t work as she always complained that I finished before her.



ospina's thumb

You, Sir, just won the internet today.


LoL awesome!


I see what you’ve done there…


Complained? Why?
She should be an expert in handling disappointment.


She will never finish on top of you.


She’ll never be on top


Impregnate her with some Arsenal DNA

Trixie Bird

Get rid fella. I have a Sp*rs supporting dad, I still can’t deal with the shame!!

Oooh aaah Ray Parlour!

Was fortunate enough to watch a lot of him and Mustafi last season and I’m really excited. How things change in a few weeks. I know people are slating Arsenal for making these signings late in the day, but the market has been so tricky this summer and Valencia were bloody awkward too. They would eradicate all this nonsense if the deadline was the week before the first game of the season. So much money in football, yet so little sense at times.


Giroud scored for France, but Lucas offers a different threat. He’ll throw you off a bridge.

Askar Arslan

As first impressions go this guy is on to a winner. Good feelings about him.


Funny how lucas Perez and lukas podolski both share the LP9 acronym. Hope they share the same sense of humor…



Nacho's Orange



Sounds like a genuinely great guy! Between Lucas and Santi, I reckon Arsenal would be full of smiles 😀

Now we’ve to wait for the season to restart to see him and Shkodran strut their stuff. #COYG

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

If that’s how he handled the surprise, maybe we should have gotten Diego Costa to deliver the news to him. On the Tower Bridge of course.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Of course Costa does like a nice dive, now that I think about it. It probably would end with a booking for the new man.


Looks like playing for Arsenal means a lot for this guy. Hoping he bangs in them goals and becomes a legend!


A Rambling Pete anecdote would be perfect right now.


Having a player who will savour every second he has wearing the Arsenal shirt could really add something to this team.

Everyone says his story is similar to Vardy’s but actually we have our own legend who I’d prefer to compare him to who’s a little less racist, less divey and not so inbred who also achieved way more.

None other than our very own Wrighty who was playing for non-league Greenwich Borough until nearly his mid-20s.


Wrighty joined Crystal Palace from Dulwich Hamlet at the age of 21.

Let’s just not make things up for the sake of it.


Comment:So that’s what a smile looks like Shokim.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Reply: What?


Bobby signed for is at the same age as Lucas, Wenger worked his magic and the rest is history. Im expecting a similar story – can’t wait!


And how many of us had noticed Pires before?

New guy

I noticed Pires scoring in the legends match yesterday. That alone was worth the price of admission. Only…where’s his hair?!

Also (off topic) the tabloid reports of Ozil wanting wilshere’s number 10 shirt are truly ridiculous. He is obviously talking about the German number 10 shirt that’s now free due to Podolski’s international retirement.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Petit convinced the team that it would be good for morale to donate their hair to him.


And where is Rambling Pete miss his rambling


We need to start treating ‘crazy’ people with the respect they deserve. Throwing people off a bridge is not the answer. Someone from arsenal should have a word


Never In Doubt….we build legends.


Lucas Perez, he’ll throw you when he wants

lekan daramola

I am loving this guy!!

chippy's chip


Nobody really

If only he’d cost £60 million. Everyone would be happy

Ducks sake

Why don’t we wait and see if he’s any good?
World’s gone mad. People arriving in their pants because they’ve seen a YouTube clip.


Don’t know what kind of mental midget would consider our buys ‘panic buys’. Granit. 35m for one of the best up and coming players in his position done EARLY at 35m. COntrast Spurs signing Sissoko late on deadline day for 30m …panic buy much? Holding which we bought for 2.5m versus Stones for a whopping for 47m. Granted Stones may be talented but Holding may not be that much less in quality but look at the price! Mustafi we pursued for a while because Valencia will recalcitrant with pricing. Our priorities rightly shifted from striker to Cback first when Gabriel… Read more »


Perez is of course a bit of a dark horse. I think Wenger spread his investments well. We bought wo at premium price in Mustafi and Granit. BOth are 23/24yrs which are close to their prime years but they have plenty of longevity at that age. We bought one younger player in Holding from lower league who could prove a great back pocket bargain. And there is Pereza slight gamble but one who has at very least proven transition form the wings to a more central role in a major league. I believe Wenger was looking for someone with a… Read more »


I keep watching the YouTube clips. I really hope he can adjust to the better and quicker defenses in this league. He sure had a lot of time and space in some of those highlights. He seems quick enough so it may be a speed of thought challenge.


Myth. The epl isn’t “superior” to the LA liga. All he needs to do is get used to the physical nature of the league. He has played in a more tactically/technically superior league in LA liga.


youre crazy if you think the standard below the top 4th placed teams in spain is comparable to the premier league. I wouldnt go too close to any bridges if I were you. barca and real arent too much better than the top prem sides(they are still though) athleti are as good as any top 6 prem side, and below that the standard begins to drop alot quicker than it does here. a team thats bottom of the table in spain could never usurp barca/real…. hell athletico struggle every year and theyve had two champions league finals in them. Also… Read more »



Trixie Bird


Cristian Mihalache

Love the guy already, all he needs now it is to integrate in the team and prove himself !… 🙂

oladele olatubosun

I love arsenal am proud to be a gunner fan


Have the “news” people gone on holiday?

Arsenal Pakistan!

It’s just the interlull mate

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