Sunday, January 23, 2022

Campbell: I’m ready to become a manager

Sol Campbell says he’s in negotiations with a club on the continent as he looks to secure his first managerial appointment.

The ‘Invincible’, who last year attempted to make the shortlist to be the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London, completed his UEFA Pro-Licence with the Welsh FA in May and is now eligible to coach and manage at the elite end of the game.

Speaking to The Times, the former England international hinted that his decision to look abroad is rooted in a lack of appreciation for his qualities here in England.

“I am in active negotiations and we will see how things pan out over the next two or three weeks,” he said.

“I am waiting for someone to come back to me. I will have to see the proposal. I am probably recognised more in Europe than my own country. Players and managers understand and appreciate me more. You can’t be king in your own country. Sometimes you have to go away to come back.”

Campbell makes no bones about his grand ambitions for the future, adding that he’d will not rule out taking an international position should one become available.

“I have the skill set for that now,” he added. “International football is a big cup game. I have always had confidence in my own ability.

“I might surprise people, I might upset a few people, but I will always push the boundaries.”

“I have a five or six-year plan and eventually I will get a top club. Everyone has their own destiny. Mine is to lead a top team in Europe and then, who knows, England. I am ready for it, for all the challenges. I was like that as a player; head down, committed.

“I have been through everything in life. Managers have to have that in their locker — humility, the psychological side, the fitness side, knowing when to put the arm around a player or to kick them up the behind; the brains, the patience. I have the fire in my belly. My mind and soul are ready.”

Arseblog News waits with baited breath to see if this mystery club offers Campbell a position. We’re curious to see how he gets on in the fishbowl that is top-flight management.

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Mr November

I really hope he never makes it to Arsenal manager. I loved him as a player, but I can’t stand him as a person.

I'm Sol Campbell

But he’s Sol Campbell….

David C

was about to say the same thing!

I wonder which former Arsenal player is the opposite: a great lad, but not so great player? Maybe Eboue, haha.


Fair play to Sol, it’s not arrogance when you can back it up

Ox in the Box

To be fair, even though he can come around as very self-centered, he is also obviously a smart man with a strong drive to succeed. Why else would he choose Arsenal over Totts if that weren’t the case?


Because he’s a fucking Tory and can stay the hell away from the club, thank you very much. I’d even back Spurs to share the same rhetoric on politics alone, given their social demographic.


Frank Bascombe

Can see you’re clued up about Arsenal Football Club then mate.


The board and their Etonians are one thing. The fanbase is something else entirely.

I'm only making plans for Nigel

do you mean that “greedy Jews” are more likely to vote Tory? If so, first that’s blatant racism even if you try to dress up the lingo, and secondly I’m not sure that really represents the values of the club, or the vast majority of fans. Twat.


at the end of last season I was beginning to think AW and Jeremy Corbyn were quite similar: purist, elderly north londoners with no chance of winning anything. Thankfully, both have changed


Fuck you, Labour cunt.

DB10's Air Miles

Leave it out, this is football ffs.
Show some class!


anyone else got the push notification and thought joel campbell had lost his mind for a second?

Wenger's Economics Degree

Yes, before the picture loaded I was so confused!


same here

cazorla's smile

hahaha.. yessiree

Harish P

Yep. The News Hound should have clarified that in the title, really thought Joel was ready to give up playing to make a point to Wemger or something haha.


He’s saying all the right things. Will definitely make a great leader. I really hope it works out for him. Top bloke


It will be interesting – certainly from a man management perspective I don’t think he’s the sort of person you’d want to piss off!

Godfrey Twatschloch

Because he’d accuse you of racism?


He should go to Dutch or Belgium league to begin with, where the pressure is not that much. Maybe just maybe he can be sucessful.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Christ, read the headline and for a mad second thought “Wow that sure is ONE way of getting in, Joel. Fuck replacing Walcott when you can replace Arsene!”


I can’t see it working for Sol, just as I couldn’t see it working for Tony Adams. They just seem slightly wacky…sorry, both great players but something is not quite right with the pair of them.


He blinks weird. Great player though.

Lord Nicki B

Well, if he takes over, what better man to take over from Wenger and continue to keep the scum finishing below us.


Anyone else find sol to be a bit weird?


He’s an odd character and has a reputation for being flaky and unpredictable…but the Mourinho is a sociopath so I guess anythings possible. All the best big Sol, will be backing you either way!


As a young boy dreamed of being a baseball.

Bennacer and the Jets

I am clin-ton!


humility!!? Reaches for red pen

Godfrey Twatschloch

Race card pulling moaner! By all means be a manager but not at Arsenal.

Cliff Bastin

Remember when he was their captain but decided to come over to the proper side of north London and then went on to win lots of trophies not to mention go a season unbeaten?

Magical Mister Mustafi-lees

This all sounds very TGSTEL.




Thought it was Joel Campbell for a sec. Haha.
It must be frustrating not getting a chance to break into the first team but surely too early too retire.

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