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Video: Thierry Henry interviews Arsene Wenger

As part of the 20th celebration of Arsene Wenger’s reign, Sky sent Thierry Henry to interview Arsene Wenger.

The club’s leading goalscorer quizzes his former boss about the ups and downs, and the highs and lows of his time at the Arsenal.

via @Arsenalist

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Great Arsenal guys with statues.

Fat Tony

Moh on AFTV was right that when the stories about bribery and corruption come to the forefront, I was not and am not a least bit worried, not even for a moment, that Arsene Wenger has been involved in any such misconduct. Even though I have been mixed in my support of his reign over the years, I know he has been a very classy manager and he has certainly deserved a lot more successes than he has achieved.

Arsene's Handbreak



How can you not love this man


Which one?


The subject of the interview I presume.


Arsene’s reaction when Thierry tells him that he has subbed Bergkamp more often than anybody else! “HOH!” 😀 Love it!

Gudang Bedil

I can only see respect and respect from both of them. Damn media.

Lord Nicki B

The absolute respect evident on Titi’s face. Brilliant. And that Sp*rs fact thrown in.

One Arsene Wenger. Cmon Arsenal!

Kenyan Gunner

Most goals it had to be sp*rs LMAO


Arsene has a bit of Dumbledore in him.

Ozil's Eyes on Wenger's Hot Thighs

Albus, Mithrandir, Arsene, Mourinho……. The odd one out?

Vincent Kompany's Forehead

If I could thumbs you up x1000 for giving Gandalf’s Elven name I would.

Nerd respek


The love I have for those two people is unreal.


Quite amused at the initial answer to the most substituted player.

And Thierry still addressing AW as Boss. 🙂

Thierry Bergkamp

I thought Wenger deserved more than 12 mins.


I love the fact that he’s still referring to him as “Boss” even though he’s there as a reporter for Sky Sports. His respect for the man is obvious.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Love this so much <3

Godfrey Twatschloch

“Thank you, we’ll push, we’ll have a go”

David C

I have to say that these 2 fine gents made me fall in love with footie! I moved to London (right near Arsenal) the year before the Invincibles and had never really followed footie before while living in Canada. I was just swept up with this team, the characters, the coach, and the way this team played. Remarkable stuff indeed! I was at the parade after the Invincibles won and haven’t missed watching a game on the tele since. I really do hope Henry is involved in coaching Arsenal one day, he’s really knowledgeable about footie and seems as obsessed… Read more »

Frank Bascombe

Footie… Deary me.


Henry is the reason I started watching Arsenal. But I have stayed for the boss and eventually fell in love with the club. Arsene is a huge inspiration to me in my personal life. What a classy man. I am thankful to have seen you manage the club I love boss. Hoping for another 10 at the least. And Titi wonderful questions, specially the jab at the Spuds. Lol. Love you both.


Mine was Pires; the way he glided along the flanks. Amazing.

Trixie Bird

You need to watch a bit of Liam Brady.

Fat Tony

Another 10? I know love is blind, but…

Pires' Left Foot

There are moments in life when you need to step back & see the larger picture. In the hub-hub of daily life, you tend to miss the forest for the trees. It struck me today when ‘The Boss’ said that 20 years flew by that I realized that I have been wedded to Arsenal for exactly those 20 years. Sure, I have been infuriated on more than one occasion by his decision making (most notably his subbing of Pires in the CL Final). But Pires’ recent interview & this interview he granted Thierry made me realize how lucky we are… Read more »


was going to like your post but 49 unbeaten likes is just perfect


It’s weird watching two Frenchmen conversing in English as they naturally launch into French!

Looks to be a very fun interview in a relaxed atmosphere. Obvious respect between them.

When Wenger said he’s a dreamer, and always looking for the next perfect match… just imagine the pressure on his team. Thanks for 20 years, Boss. Waiting for another PL title!

Antispuds returns

Great interview. But TH forgot to ask the essential questions we’ve all been waiting for:
-Is he going or will he sign that thing?
-the Perez situation?
-why did he sold Lord Bendtner?
-what happened to Sanogo?
-who told him about Mustafi?
-will he ever grow a beard?
Amongst other valid questions


TH doesnt work for the daily mail.


I have supported Arsenal for 50 years but I have learnt more about life than about football from Arsene Wenger!

I think most importantly, that you can be a decent honourable intelligent man and still be an absolute winner. Indeed a more beautiful winner. He has given me the confidence, indeed the obligation to win well and win decently.

Thanks Arsene, you’re up their with Aristotle, Buddha, Jesus and Abraham Lincoln.


Loved that interview lol I am sure he referred to the blue plastics in Manchester as Man S***y ?


Pure class.


Such a pleasant interview. The Roger Bennett interview was excellent as well; caught that last night on NBC Sports. Some great questions followed by incredibly candid and profound answers. It’s funny, there are lots of highlight reels of our favorite players (justifiably so) but what I have yet to see that I would most definitely watch is a compilation of some of Arsène’s most profound statements, no matter the running time. It’s easy to ignore an individual’s intelligence when it mostly revolves around answering questions about how some troll wants to beat him up but when given the opportunity to… Read more »

Fat Tony

There are not enough words out there to describe what he has done for this great club, I can’t imagine that one day I’ll wake up to watch my beloved Arsenal without Arsène on the touchline. 🙁 He’s a true legend and will always be my idol. #OneArsèneWenger

Austin Gooner

Wonderful interview.


Not that I’ve not had my frustrating times with him, but my respect for Mr. Wenger just multiplies the more I hear him…. what a man!!

One last trophy boss (maybe a Double, perhaps even the CL), that’s all I’m asking for…

You’re the gent, boss.


That was Brilliant!


The respect that a legend like Henry gives Arsene.

And some people won’t even applaud Wenger for 20 MASSIVE years building the club.



Bergkamp, Vieira and Overmars drew me in when I was a kid…… but then slowly but surely Wenger’s love and respect took over once I started to understand “football”. The Arsenal I know is all Wenger’s magic. Compared to any other managers in the world, past or present, off the field you can argue that Wenger is the best manager in the world ever. I can say that with confidence and will briefly explain first. To start off you have to look at what he brought to the league in terms of nutrition, training regime and buying cheap foreigners etc… Read more »

Wenger admirer

As a self-professed admirer, I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you very much, every word of what you say is true, especially about the playing style – that is the greatest legacy he will leave behind, and it’s going to be extremely difficult to maintain that culture under a different manager once he retires, I’m afraid.


the question i want to ask is why did you sign C.Y. Park?


I am a Canadian Gooner and it was Henry’s play and Wenger’s influence that initially attracted me to Arsenal. I have intense man love for these two guys and this club. We are so exposed to hockey, baseball, and American Football in Canada and it used to be difficult to access real football over here. That is changing now and more and more people are realizing what they have been missing. For those of you who have been fans your entire lives, I can’t explain to you the regret I have for not having found Arsenal sooner.


Does anyone know how Jack’s Fairing at Bournemouth. It’d be nice if arseblog does a piece on his performance so far. I really hope he comes good. Watched his clips on YouTube tho. He seems to be better with every game but you know how unreliable these clips are


And yes I suck at puntuations


And keeping to the subject at hand and spelling… 😉


Its striking how Wenger’s saddest day in his 20 year’s of managing Arsenal coincided with the day Arseblog called for Wenger’s sack. 7amkickoff even called it a watershed moment. Goes to show how bad Wenger felt about that ignominious defeat as well as most of us. What a top Man.


Love that Bergkamp comment…..Wenger just oozes class, doesn’t he. Much like most of his trams over the years.


Used most: Patrick Viera
Subbed most: Dennis Bergkamp*
Scored the most goals against: Spurs

*We’ll assume this was because the game was already won 😉

Great set of snapshot stats there, interesting that the Boss thought he had subbed Theo the most!

Great interview, can tell that there is still a great deal of affection between the two of them, and rightly so!

Here’s to “keep on pushing, and having a go”.

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