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Arsenal confirm Bellerin contract extension

Arsenal have confirmed that Hector Bellerin has signed a long-term contract at the club.

Arseblog News revealed a couple of weeks ago that the Spaniard had put pen-to-paper on new terms and Arsene Wenger dropped a big hint last Friday of an imminent announcement.

The 21-year-old is believed to have committed his future to the club until 2023, a six and a half year deal, that sees his pay increase to £100,000 a week. He last signed a deal in the summer of 2015.

Bellerin has enjoyed a stellar rise since making his debut in September 2014, scoring three goals in 86 first team appearances, becoming a regular for the Spanish under-21s and earning a call-up to Euro 2016.

The extension will put to bed rumours linking Bellerin with Manchester City and old club Barcelona.

It’s expected that fellow defender Laurent Koscielny will also sign extension in the coming weeks while negotiations are moving forward with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

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Best right back in the league….now all we need is Ozil and Sanchez to sign and the future is looking bright!!!

David C

potential to be the best in the world too!

Who is the best RB in the world? Although he was a whiny diver, Dani Alves was probably the best for a while, not really sure who is now.


Is Eboue still playing?


Eboue like right back- top tree Eboue right backs;

Eboue Alveres
Ebouensley Maitland- Niles


In terms of ability, presence and consistency I think Lahm is the best RB right now. And Bellerin has every chance to be as good if not better than Lahm. Keep his head down and keep working hard and he’ll get there. We said the same thing about Cesc but we can definitely see a maturity with Bellerin than we did with Cesc, further proven by him signing a new contract knowing he’s at the best place to develop further. Unlike Cesc who had his head turned the moment Pique mouths off about DNAs

A Different George

ESPN, for what it’s worth, says Philip Lahm and ranks Bellerin second.


Seriously the club should put in the order now for the bronze to build this kids statue, on his way to becoming a legend. I fuckin love him


Sad that most of us are forgetting Cazorla. Tbh he is our best midfielder at the moment. The previous match showed how important he is for us. He is on the last year of his contract. I’d be happy if he signed another 3 year contract.


Sorry to disagree- but unless santi is playing he’s not our best midfielder. He needs to shake these injuries if he’s going to get anything beyond a one year extension offer given he’s heading towards that age bracket.
I’d prefer we put money into recruiting Isco from our feeder club in madrid.


He is not an injury prone player. He has been at Arsenal since 2012. He didn’t have any long term injury until recently.


They don’t deserve twice as much as Bellerin, and I hope Wenger doesn’t give it either of them!




Arsenal DNA > Barcelona DNA

Wenger's Economics Degree

Was about to comment saying – Arsenal DNA.

You beat me to it.


Snooze you lose


wasn’t there a limit of 5 years maximum on the length of contracts in the premier league?


I’ve never heard anything like that before


i do hope it’s not the case, but i’m certain of hearing that in the past. also, can you remember any case of such a long extension before?


It’s a thing on Football Manager, which I assume is just because they have to stop somewhere. 6 and a half years is cracking, though. Think I can vaguely recall some 6 year deals every now and then but this is an absolute whopper. Just think, in 4 years’ time we won’t need to sell him! And he’ll be the best RB in the world, and only on 100 grand a week – which is loads of dosh but for a player that good will be peanuts.

Absolutely beaming with this.


Only on fifa

Byran Hodge

It’s a 5 year extension to his deal that still had 18 months to run, it just increases his terms on his existing deal

Des Lynam

To the Adams family theme toon…

He’s Hector Bellerin
He’s running down the wing
He’s faster than the wind
Hector Bellerin

Shwooooz Caprooooz

That’s bloody brilliant mate..


I can remember one case of a long extension, but I don’t like talking about it, as it’s why my wife left me


That was a Barca academy product we took on board and helped florish, who realised that he had some problem with his DNA and left?

I think Bellarin is smart enough to learn from his predecessor’s mistake. After he can how Cesc’s career went downhill since that move!


Whatever other frustrations we may have let’s take a minute to appreciate how bright the future looks with the likes of Bellerin, Iwobi and of course …. The Jeff!


Thumbs up for Bellerin


Surely he’s the best paid u21 player in the world now?


He’s 22 in March!


£180,000 pw… Raheem Sterling age 20 at time of contract… But that’s the world record… Hector will move up to around fifth after hazard,neymar and Phillip lahm


Can’t say I understand why some people perpetually gripe about the academy.

Given the standard in the first squad, it would be highly unlikely that many will make the grade.

We have had Jack for quite a while but in recent seasons, Coquelin finally made the step up and now we have both Iwobi AND Bellerin.

Who have City, Chelsea or even Liverpool manufactured recently?

Media nonsense as per usual…cos they will be exceedingly quiet about this.;)


Insane good news…COYG


I think it’s to do with people not counting nom-english players, which I can sort of understand because players like Coq, Héctor were brought in aged 16 rather than raised all the way through the academy. Having said that, Iwobi, Gibbs and Wilshire all are “proper” academy players which is more than any big team (which mid table clubs like Man U and Southampton aren’t) can boast

Naija Gunner

Thank you Bellarin

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