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Storm found in Wilshere’s Bournemouth brand teacup

Jack Wilshere says that he’s disappointed not to be able to play against Arsenal on Sunday, and that he wants Bournemouth to win the game when they visit the Emirates.

Premier League rules prohibit an on loan player facing his parent club, which means Wilshere has to sit this one out.

He also, not unsurprisingly, says he wants his current team to win.

“At the minute I’m a Bournemouth player so I want Bournemouth to win,” he said as he is a professional footballer.

And on not taking part, he continued, ‘It’s frustrating of course , I’ve just got a run of games.

“But it might be a good thing in a way, just to miss one and refresh and go again.”

No doubt there’ll be plenty of outrage about this, but really, it’s storm in a teacup stuff. A player should always want the team he plays for to win, and that’s really all it is.

Put your burning effigies away for now.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Who cares? I’d expect him to say it to be honest. He’s a Bournemouth player right now and has their goals and objectives in mind, as he should. If we had a player on loan in the circumstances, then I’d expect him to say he wanted Arsenal to win against his parent club.

Crash Fistfight

I seem to remember Yossi Benayoun getting all kinds of stick for doing something similar. I can kind of understand it, but what is the player supposed to say? “No comment” would probably be the best statement.


Rather say “I want bournmouth to win” than say “no comment” and have it twisted into a saga about his first love and backstabbing his current club! 😀


Of course he says that, otherwise the lasagne he’s baked for the lads would look a little suspect.


Reprogramming Jacks brain, will be a simple matter, when he returns to us!!

That’s my wish, that we get him back………meantime I admire his tenacious attitude to turning his career around.
By the way, being on Eddie Howes radar is no bad thing during ……….super manager.


love jack! I really can see him being an Arsenal player for years to come!

Toure Motors

Really? I can’t

BFG Trucking

Really? Why not?


If Ramsey is not given a chance at no. 10 when ozil is rested this season, I feel that’s Wenger’s plan for Jack.


Ramsey is not and will never be a playmaker..always drags our play back cannot even pass between the lines like ozil, jack or santi . These 3 are our best playmakers ..ramsey at best can be used as a super sub with his energy and forward runs . He was very dissapointing against Man u and PSG ,missed Santi alot .

Win Gooner

That shows his professionism which is to be embraced. Somehow the media twists this to “he wants Arsenal to lose”!

We all have a lot to thank for Eddie Howe and AFC Bournemouth nurtured Jack back to play his best football then ever before!


As a Gooner who grew up in Bournemouth i’be always said Bournemouth winning the matches but Arsenal still win the title would be an ideal scenario.


Clearly not a Gooner.


His highlight video of the season i watched look good! SAME OLD JACK!He looks very good, should have more goals and assists if it wasn’t for the 2 he’s hit onto the post and his team mate’s he assisted hit the post. You have to feel for him he is at Bournemouth, he’s getting a lot of praise from Howe and he’s obviously not got the best pace/players around him. Check him out!


He has apparently hit the woodwork 4 or 5 times for Bournemouth this season, more than quite a few teams in total.


Plus I’ve watched him just barely push the shot wide on at least two occassions this season – empty net on one of those too!

So all in all, if he just stays healthy and on this upward trend then he will force his way into AFC’s first team next season and beyond. Just think… 1 or 2 of those woodwork shots and another open net pushed wide, on frame instead, and JW would be the man of the moment!


He would have fit in santi’s absence quite nicely..ahh such is life.


Statistically one of the best dribblers and passers in the league. No goals or assists yet but very unlucky with both. All the sounds coming out of Bournemouth is that he’s world class, can’t wait to have him back at the Emirates

sambo Him against Stoke, If he set up the chances he did in that game for us we would be all over them! Lovely little bit with Allen too. He’s still got it we should bring him back.


Jack was named after little known Arsenal centre forward Jack Summerbottom who also went to Bournemouth in 1948 for a holiday with his wife and 2 children, Harry and Edna. He never returned though having taken a fatal seizure whilst eating an ice cream despite the already sub zero temperatures at the time.


Rumbling Pete is that you? ?


This guy needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. He’s a news reporter’s wet dream.
The fact that he sees himself as a Bournemouth player suggests that he may have found his level.

A Different George

Apparently you enjoy it in the teacup.


I’m more of a Tetley man thanks.


Yes, it’s not big news but I remember even David Bentley being more diplomatic than that when he was on loan at Norwich.


If he said….

“I’m glad i am not playing. i hope the team i play for lose”

that would be news, unless it was said by cesc fabregas or eden hazard last season under mourinho.

El Piresidente

This is his squad for the season. He can’t say “COYG” and then turn up for training on Monday with his current team-mates. Meanwhile, I’d love to have Jack available for selection at the moment. With Cazorla out, we need someone who’s going to constantly make themselves available and then have the ability to get us moving forward. It would be harsh to judge after a couple of bad performances but on current form, that player is not Aaron Ramsey.


So glad we loaned jack to Bournemouth. There a likeable team.


Ofcourse he roots for his current team. What else is he going to say? I sure hope Arsenal destroy this dogshit Bournemouth side, fucking wankers the lot of them down here.

Then he lights a sig and flip their supporters the bird.


Ha. Calm down mate.


Just don’t like things being described as dog shit. Unless it’s dog shit of course.


That said Blogs, I have to say Wilshire is getting right on my pip this year…..


“he said as he is a professional footballer.” This


Thank God Jack’s not playing, I don’t like to see him lose. I support Bournemouth in every other game Jack plays for them tho!

AAAWWWWW!!! You're Hurting Me!

Why wouldn’t he want his current team to win the game? … he’s a professional player and not John Terry!

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