Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Vieira: Wenger never showed me the managerial way

A few months after declaring his relationship with Arsene Wenger was ‘really good’, Patrick Vieira appears to have had a little pop at his old boss for his hands off approach when it comes to his own managerial career.

The 40 year old is currently the boss of New York City FC, an MLS franchise 80% owned by the City Football Group, a holding company run by the owners of Manchester City.

And speaking to France Football, he said that Wenger did little to foster his desire to manage once his playing days were over.

“I’m not saying Arsene didn’t give me the desire to manage,” he said. “He might have done so without me realising but he never guided me, never showed me the way.

“Maybe Arsene wanted his former players to do it on their own. I find that a bit of a shame because all those who left Arsenal and who are managers always got on well with him.”

Imagine, a manager famed for letting players find their own way on the pitch is pretty much the same off it. It all sounds a bit needy from Vieira who, not for the first time, has highlighted the lack of former players on the Arsenal coaching staff.

“It’s a bit sad to not see old players in Arsenal’s staff,” he said. “I’m not [just] talking about the first team. There’s only Freddie Ljungberg.”

A certain Steve Bould, currently Arsene Wenger’s assistant manager, might have something to say about that.

Vieira is facing a stern test in on the other side of the Atlatic, as his City side have to overcome a 2-0 lead, for which he was criticised by players, when they play Toronto FC in MLS Eastern Conference semi-final second leg.

We’re sure if he gives Arsene a call he’d be happy to provide a bit of advice 😉

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Probably because he doesn’t think you’d make a very good manager Patrick. Take a hint.


You know, maybe Arsene is just busy with his actual current staff and job? Instead of teaching you how to do your job which in no way improves Arsenal?

Dan Gunn

That is so spot on!

Oor Wullie

Classic projecting from Veira, given his own team’s circumstance.


Viera is slowly becoming an ingrate day by day


With his comments, Vieira demonstrates why Wenger didn’t develop him as a coach at Arsenal. A different kind of professionalism is needed than as a player, one which he seems to lack. At the same time, he comes across as a bit silly, in that he’s factually wrong. A number of ex-players coach at some level in our set-up, and he’s been instrumental in fostering Arteta’s coaching career, as well as Pires’ future career as whatever he’ll be. It will probably be similar with Mertesacker.

I think overall Wenger prefers working with level-headed, thoughtful types, which Patrick probably ain’t.

David C

plus Patrick threatened to quit like every summer.

I’m from Toronto and hope the boys can smash NYC on Sunday. Toronto up 2-0 after the first game!

Number 1 is Perry Groves

Particularly this ^^. Why would Wenger want to nurture someone with that kind of “Me me me” attitude?


I sounds like Viera thinks Wenger owes him. However, I thought most players owed Wenger, including and especially Viera!!

Why not

Not to mention great players from other teams regularly train with him.


And Pires is about a lot. Isn’t this the same Vieira that agitated for a move and went to Juventus and Inter? Perhaps if he had stayed he might have got some guidance.

Better to think before speaking like this. A good trait of a manager I reckon.

Scott P

Someone sounds bitter. And over what? It’s not a manager’s job to teach everyone else how to manage; it’s their job to actually manage the club!


Viara did a big Yaya Toure here.


Vieira was a great man on the pitch, but he sounds like Yaya Toure off it.

Here’s a snippet from his next interview:

“Wenger never got me a bday cake. It’s a shame really. And none of the other players ever got a cake. But especially me, he never got me a cake.”


Honestly, I loved Patrick as a player but his off field attitude always made me question him. I think Blogs posted an article in a comment section on Facebook once. It was an article of Vieira telling Arsene regarding his transfer policy that summer that “25 millions is not enough. We are not going shopping at Harrod’s.” That article was quite sickening. His job as a captain back then was to lead the team and get behind the manager. Not flirting with Real Madrid or Barcelona every summer as I remember quite vividly. And now this. He is one of… Read more »


I am with you on this one. He was a great player, but I was never able to love him quite like the rest of that group of players. Nasri, Fabregas and RVP always get a hard time for how they left the club, but there were at least 3 summers that were completely dominated by “will he, won’t he” leave headlines, at a time when us and Utd were completely dominating English football, and it wasn’t just paper talk. I also seem to remember him strongly linked with a move away after the invincibles season, and even when we… Read more »

Giovani Rampeloti

I used to like Vieira, but in these last few months…not so much

Third Plebeian

Maybe if you’d shown a little more loyalty, instead of making doe-eyes in the direction of Inter and Madrid every summer.


Vieira is becoming petty in my opinion. Seriously, he worked under Wenger long enough to understand how he (Wenger) operates as a manager. I’m sure Wenger will gladly advise him if seek for one. Or is he expecting Wenger to call him and ask if he’s experiencing some challenges in management?


This crap is becoming boring. ALL he does is whine… Move on.. wenger doesn’t talk about you and you decided to join man city anyway. Stick to you’re decision


This again? Yawn. I think Patrick needs a hobby.

NJ Gooner

It sounds as though Patrick needs a hug.

Bendtner's Ego

To be honest, I’d be happy with a “No Viera articles” policy. The negativity just isn’t needed.

Damon Scheffer

What’s funny is that after the 2-0 loss to TFC, Vieria was asked about DAVID Villa kicking Toronto’s Armando Cooper in the back of the legs after loosing the ball. (Should have been a red and could lead to a suspension for Villa). He said he didn’t see it. Where’d he pick that up? Classic Wenger.

Fabregas' Fangs

Please stop posting about Vieira Blogs, don’t want to start despising him.


Patrick is a man with such a small heart constantly talking about not given opportunities when he already got a real job in his hand , i wonder how such a man going to take all the crap as a manager ? No wonder little guy like kean ,Neville easily managed to get under his skin .

Thierry Bergkamp

Always wanted him back at Arsenal in some sort of role, but now, no thanks.


Well he is clueless in MLS right now. He is going to blame Arsene for not teaching him how to manage a team during his playing days in Arsenal. Probably if he had shown loyality and a good attitude he might have got that. He was busy trying to jump ship every season.


Vieira, you stabbed Arsene in the back in 04-05, now you’re just trying to push the knife deeper. Go away, Paddy, we’re as done with you as you are with us.

PS – I’m from Vancouver, can’t stand Toronto FC, and I STILL hope they smash you to pieces next weekend.


With all he’s been saying lately it seem like he still hasn’t learnt the managerial way. Maybe AW saw his limitations in that respect.


Vieira showing the sort of no nothing cunt he is, assistant manager is Steve Bould, U23 manager is Steve Gatting, U18 manager is Kwame Ampadu, and we have dozens of former players employed at the club in various roles, from coaches, to scouts, to tour guides and club ambassadors. PV4 is acting like a woman scorned. Man City must be delighted that one of their employees keeps showing how hurt he is that Arsenal did not hire him. Maybe if he had not tried to force a move out of Arsenal for several years he might have been welcomed back… Read more »


So, he’s basically admitting he’s a shit manager. Good on him. Perhaps this is what Wenger saw in him managerially. Or perhaps it was a tad difficult to read Patrick’s interest in it given all the eyes he was making elsewhere. At any rate, Mr. Vieira would probably be best served hitting the management and strategy books rather than whining about it publicly. But perhaps he was asked a direct question, he simply answered it, and then it was isolated out of context as we see so often from these journos. But I’m not so sure I’m inclined to give… Read more »


Whereas Old Red Nose’s managerial prodigies have all gone on to have stunning careers???


Every comment has had the thumbs up. What a time to be alive, or there’s a bug…


I think Vieira may have missed the forrest for the trees. Wenger’s teams have all been built on team ethic and togetherness – going the extra mile for your mates, forging a bond, developing brotherhood. There’s your lesson on managing Patrick, you were in the midst of it but somehow never saw it.


Vieira’s sense of entitlement really upsets me. For the mere mortals that we are, if you want a job, you apply for it, hopefully get an interview, dazzle them with your work history and accomplishments and hop that they give you a job. In Patrick’s world, the employer should phone you and offer it to you. If you want to advance in the real world and learn something new then you approach someone nicely, ask them to help you and learn accept their teaching. In Patrick’s world you should be approached and asked if you would like to accept the… Read more »

N1 N8 N11 Gooner

I loved Paddy but don’t forget he was a small bit injured possible when Arsene bought him. Still loved singing his song though.


Self serving, self centred.
The only self he isn’t is aware.
You were a great player for Arsenal.
Were. Player. Spot the active words in the sentence.
Can all those who jump on the ridiculous “former player as next manager” bandwagon please remember this outburst from Vieira before troubling us with it again.
And that includes comments about Henry and Bergkamp.

Arsene Used To Know

Oh Vieira please shut it. I couldn’t even be bothered to finish reading his moan.


Maybe it’s because you flap your fucking mouth like this when Wenger has NEVER talked shit on a former player, even slyly, in all his years here.


I’m not going to preface my criticism of Patrick Vieira with praise for what he did for our club. After leaving Arsenal he played for two of the biggest, grandest teams in Italy and ended up working at literally the wealthiest oil-rich club in the world. When you factor in his achievements with France, he had more advantages than 99% of footballers ever have. Wenger didn’t have the advantages that come with being a world-class international player. He was a humble man obsessed with the game whose passion led to him learning 7(?) languages and coaching in Japan before he… Read more »


Stuff like this really brings out how ambivalent I am about Vieira, as well as several other Gunners. Undoubtedly a brilliant player and captain (Wenger’s most brilliant?) , and I’ll never forget his last kick for the club. And I wish *so* much that he’d ended our career with us. But this is also a guy who repeatedly agitated for moves away from Arsenal (while he was our captain!), then professed to be somehow mystified when he finally got sold to Juventus. There seem to be two classes of former Invincibles: those who have nothing but respect for Wenger, and… Read more »


Maybe you never asked, Patrick? If you so wanted to be a manager, and couldn’t follow by example, why didn’t you ask?


Everyone surprised a constant (and wonderful) shit-houser on the pitch is doing the same thing off of it.


Mayb he did try to show you, but you were too busy looking for the exit.


Patrick, You saw the man working almost everyday for nearly ten years and played 279 games under his management you fucking tit. If you couldnt learn what you needed to in order to be a manager then you should just join sky. Or itv for the international friendlies might be more your level. What a wanker. I know youll never read this because your still on mr men but if you do….. just shut your mouth and open your mind. You can learn enough from the man just by watching his interviews and shit.

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