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Wenger: Alexis always says he’s ok

Arsene Wenger says that he’ll assess Alexis Sanchez on his return from international duty, and that the Chilean international always says he’s ok to play even when feeling pain or injury.

However, the Arsenal manager was encouraged by what he saw during Chile’s 3-1 over Uruguay in which Sanchez scored twice.

He believes if the club’s joint leading scorer this season was really injured, he wouldn’t have been able to score those goals.

“I know him so well, like all my players that I observe every day, so I will be able to see if he was playing with a restriction or not,” he said.

“But the first goal he scored, he ran from the halfway line – if you are really injured with a hamstring you cannot do that.

“He always says he is okay! It is a very difficult one because I am sure he will come back saying he is alright.”

And he says he’ll have to make a decision based on what Alexis says and what the assessment from the medical staff reveals.

“What I will consider is the risk of injury, because he played while recovering from a hamstring injury,” he continued.

“I’ll consider the way he feels as well. On that front, you depend on the honesty of the player, how they feel and how they recover.”

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Arsene's zip

When ever there’s an injury story about Alexis, I think of this:


It’s just a flesh-wound


A mere scratch.

Ponsonby gooner

Rest him. With a front four of Giroud Ozil Ramsey and Walcott we should have enough firepower to take on a united team that so far look v underwhelming. I know going to old Trafford is always difficult and without alexis we won’t get the fluid movement which has been so effective this season but let’s not forget that Giroud and the above are tried and tested. They’ve put on winning runs before and beaten big opponents. If we can’t go into the big games and get a result without alexis that’s a pretty fundamental flaw in our squad. I… Read more »


Who plays on the left in that front four? You’re putting an awful lot of faith Ramsey and Walcott, who are hardly the slickest and most reliable with the ball (and neither would enjoy being deployed on the left), plus Giroud radically slows down our game. We can win with him, but it won’t be the free flowing, fast game we’ve been playing for the last few months. All three are good players, but they need balance in the team to really shine (as was pretty conclusively demonstrated by our bad run in the middle of last season), which means… Read more »

Ponsonby gooner

I don’t think the result will hinge on who plays in left midfield. The point I was trying to make is that we’ve delivered without alexis before and we can deliver without him again. I would say the key factors that will determine the result are whether the players that do play can hold their nerve in what will undoubtedly be a hostile game at OT, and whether Andre mariner adds to his shambolic refereeing resume.


Can we win without him? Sure. Does playing without your joint-best player significantly lower your chance of winning? Hmm let me think.


Official manure twitter posted an 8-2 tweet to mock despicable can they be now?

so will alexis play or not?


Moronho probably insisted on that tweet. That’s his sort of classnessless right there.


If we were also a crass club I’d say Arsenal should tweet £500m only buys Thursday night football or something more’s 4am here so my mind is not as sharp as Alexis.

Bergkamp 3:16

So did my ex till I found out she was shagging the bloke next door. Moral of the story, Arsene, he’s not okay.


Wenger is unlikely to start Alexis on Saturday (unless he will then rest him midweek), but he isn’t about to let Jose Mourinho know that now. Is he?

Arsene McLovin

“I know him so well, like all my players that I observe every day, so I will be able to see if he was playing with a restriction or not,”

Did anyone get that dig at Moronho who obviously doesn’t know his players (that’s who Smelling got further injured) oh Wenger you sly dog you 😉


Are you an editor for The Sun? It’s that sort of shit they come up with to piss Mourinho off and get him to see red. Lol


Mourinho sees whatever shit the sport press makes up and doubles it with his own made up shit, he doesn’t need extra help.

If anything I’d say he’s the one that instigates and feeds the whole malarky


Can’t believe we haven’t beaten that mob away for over a decade… And that’s taking into consideration of some very substandard post Fergie teams.


Not including the FA Cup game of course with Nacho & Welbeck on the scoresheet and ADM seeing red.


And with Mourinho in charge we’re at least assured a moral victory…

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