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Wenger on the highs and lows of social media

Arsene Wenger says it’s his job to maintain a healthy distance from some of the emotional judgements aired on social media, especially when the media incorrectly make them out to be the view of the majority.

While the Frenchman accepts that a more connected world is positive, particularly the knowledge sharing that has fostered a more informed football crowd, he knows first hand that attacks made on his integrity are something he just has to endure, even when it’s difficult to accept.

Interviewed by beIN Sport during the Interlull, the boss opened up on how he feels about social media and it’s relationship with the beautiful game.

“It is a good thing that people are better informed and can exchange their opinions,” he said.

“What is a bit difficult for us to take sometimes is that the opinions are very emotional, very categorical. Sometimes they are taken by the media as if they represent the majority, that is not the case. You have to take that with a distance.

“Overall I think it’s true that people are better informed and that they have more knowledge about the game. They know sometimes why you make the decisions because they know some details.

“For example, you take off a guy who plays well after 60 minutes and of course it’s normal that people are not happy with the decision. But sometimes it is because you know he had a bad hamstring and you should have already taken him off at half-time. After 60 minutes the physio tells you ‘he’s in trouble there’ and you take him off.

“Of course, people are not happy but that’s easy to accept because you know that’s a normal decision.

“What’s more difficult to accept is the attacks on the integrity of people. That’s part of it [social media], we have to live with it. There’s a lot of positives but some negatives that go with it as well.”

With the financial gap ever-widening between fans and players, the boss also touched on why it’s important that his stars respect the man on the terrace even when relations are strained.

“I teach them [the players] to respect them [the fans]. I feel that respect and humility are part of the values we rate highly at our club. I believe that classy behaviour is to respect people who support you. That’s part of what the club is about. The respect that the players show to the fans is absolutely vital.”

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Too many ill-informed w**kers on social media but everyone is allowed their say. Does make for a heightening of emotions both up and down. Lots of it is best avoided in order to keep sane.


The problem is “everybody is allowed their say” and “i am entitled to my opinion”.
People mistake those phrases to mean “i am entitled to say any shit i like”

chris b

agreed. and it seems like some people think opinions and facts are interchangeable.

I'm only making plans for Nigel

But people are entitled to say any shit they like…that’s how free speech works!


And they also need to be prepared for an appropriate (and sometimes inappropriate) response. Having freedom of speech means you also need to accept the consequences of what you say.


Yeah its not just on social media though is it?

Fans chanting ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ to a manager who has guided his team to Champions League qualification every single season for so many years…

Are they well informed?


Absolute Class. This man deserves to be rewarded – with at least 3 major cups for all the stick he had to endure for a dozen years!

Theo's Wall-cot

Such a classy gent. I hope that the Old Trafford crowd don’t dish out the grim chants that have done the rounds in previous visits.


again, sage words of wisdom, from ‘the man’


Absolute legend.

David C

I think Wenger’s point are spot-on. I love the Arseblog community, but some people on here exaggerate wins and losses much too extremely. The hate for some players, ex. Rambo, goes too far.

It’s a crazy new world we live in and I think we’re all still figuring out how Social Media and the Internet is really changing the ways in which we live/communicate. Donald Trump is basically Internet comment sections incarnate and he went on to win the election in US of A…I totally blame the internet for that. Oh, and racism.

Stringer Bell

That’s interesting. On arseblog I dont see much hate for Ramsey but a lot of people who think he is not good enough, me included. Your comment is an example of what Arsene is talking about I guess.

Hank Wankford



Not good enough for what though. To be in the starting 11? Maybe, form dependant. To be part of the Arsenal squad? That’s some team you’re building there on PlayStation Soccer.


I fucking love this man!!!! After the spud game had the pleasure of having a brief encounter with him. Despite having 4 other people in his car he still stopped for the fans and was signing things, taking pictures, etc until a steward came and intervened. This man is such a humble guy and the players should learn from him by showing their integrity and class to represent Arsenal Football Club. #OneArseneWenger


AWesome & ACE by name and awesome and ace by nature. Love him! AW1 <3


There’s someone who has a lot of self belief and confidence. His words are a 101 how to for all premier league players, his actions are setting the standard for the club and fans.


Mourinho has half the class that Wenger has in his scrotum.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Not even that much. He has no class at all.


You could multiply Moronho’s class by infinity and it would still be zero, because zero times anything is zero.

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