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Guardiola: Alexis Sanchez is class

Pep Guardiola says that Alexis Sanchez is a ‘class, class player’, who is thriving at Arsenal, and who, he admitted, he didn’t help him as much as he should have done.

The Spaniard signed Sanchez from Udinese in 2011, and said that because of the presence of Lionel Messi, he might have been inhibited or overlooked somewhat.

Ahead of today’s crucial Premier League encounter which will see the two men meet up once more, Guardiola said, “He played really good in Barcelona but normally when you play with Messi all the players beside him are not at his level.

“I think the position Arsenal are using him as a striker, in front, it is perfect for him. In Barcelona maybe I didn’t help him too much because he played wide. He can do that but he is better between the lines, closer to the goal.

“In some moments he played there, especially one game against Chelsea in the Champions League semi-finals. He played as a striker and after 40 minutes we went 2-0 up but it was an unlucky game and we lost and Chelsea reached the final.

“He can play there and in several positions – left, right. He is a fighter in spirit, he is a character, he is a winner. He is a class, class player and now he is playing really well.”

Nice words, and let’s hope that Alexis can show all those qualities today, because in games like this one, he can be the match-winner.

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Don’t you fucking dare tap him up.


Get fucked Pep you cunt.
He’s our player, so keep your greeseball hands off of him, and Bellerin for that matter.

What’s so funny, is the league that you constantly scoffed at when Journos touted it as the most difficult league in the world, literally has left you with pants round your ankles. You don’t have Messi, Xavi, or The Camp Nou to save you anymore.

I hope we fucking dish you out an absolute shoeing because it’s been coming for such a longtime.

Come on you Gunners!!


It’s already begun, thru pep and the media.


It’s the barca DNA, it brings the worst out of them


But alan shearer said that sanchez isnt world class. whom to believe…

Arsenal Pakistan!

Still remember his beautifully finished goal in this fixture last season


i wish guardiola manages arsenal someday?

James' giant peaches

Arghhhhhhhhhhhh please noooooooo


Hell no.


Funny how when #wengerout bandwagon was in full force pep was every1’s dream choice and now when he has somewhat subdued start in epl everyone’s bashing my views… I for one always thought that pep’s game was based on arsene free style football but with guardiola tactics..


I, for one, have never wanted pep to manage us. He won’t pick a real challenge, and since we don’t have an unlimited budget like some teams, I don’t think him ever managing us will be a problem.


Guardiola is Johan Cruyff inspired.


Why is this a ludicrous suggestion?

He’s young, successful, attacking philosophy, and treats his players with respect. Aside from rivalry there is little logic behind dismissing him a’s an option.

Besides, half of the comment section was awash with pining fans begging for guardiola or klopp – now loyalty has been rediscovered those suggested managers are now not good enough? Farcical.


Sanchez is the closest thing we have since Thierry Henry and I really hope he atleast breaks Ian Wright’s record. Up the Gunners!


Don’t worry, guys, Sanchez will be fantastic this afternoon whatever he’ll do (even shouting like an headless chicken in front of a rank of defenders as he did against Everton) and we do know from now on that if Arsenal lose or draw, it’ll be Özil’s fault. The bad guy vs good guy again…

Gudang Pelor

Ozli’s and Ramsey’s faults. What? Ramsey is injured? Yeah, it’s still his fault.


Not only a Class player but also a Class humanbeing.

Robert Michael Shayo

Thank you broo couse you know what he gonna do this afternoon

uncle D

For the the loyalty Wenger has shown Arsenal and has managed to make the club realistically an European elite club financially and now on the field today. Those Wenger out people that say they are arsenal fans and those idiots that abuse the freedom of speech in the media to sell bets! Have some class! This whole thing is just pulling the fun out of just enjoying watching and supporting a team you have grown with. Sunday league teams fans have more fun than most of us arsenal fans these days. Or maybe am getting old!! Don’t get what I… Read more »

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