Saturday, May 25, 2024

Report: Man City 2-1 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Starting XI: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Coquelin, Ozil, Iwobi, Walcott, Alexis

Subs: Ospina, Holding, Gibbs, Elneny, Oxlade-Chamberalin, Lucas, Giroud

Manchester City mounted a second half comeback to defeat Arsenal 2-1 at the Etihad.

Theo Walcott gave the Gunners an early lead, however, Arsene Wenger’s men fell apart after the break as goals from Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling sealed the points for the home side.

First half

After the late disappointment on Tuesday night it was imperative that Arsenal made a quick start at the Etihad. And we did, scoring with our first attack.

Bellerin, given the ball by Cech after a dangerous cross into the box, bound up the pitch and found Alexis Sanchez five yards outside the City area. Walcott, sensing an opportunity, darted into the area and when the Chilean fed him a delightful reverse pass he took a touch to control before calmly slotting past Bravo. It was a decent finish under pressure from Pablo Zabaleta for his 11th goal of the season. (1-0)

City came back strong. De Bruyne picked out Sterling who threw himself at the ball but could only head wide. Yaya Toure could do no better when a set piece came his way. Given our recent record in the air, we dealt with the danger well.

Arsene Wenger’s men kept their shape and stayed compact to restrict the home side from working intricate play in dangerous areas. The game plan was obviously to allow the home side possession and then to try to break fast once the ball had been retrieved. That said, with an early lead to protect we didn’t go about turning the screw.

It wasn’t until the half hour mark that Cech was forced into a real save of note and it was a strange one; the keeper acrobatically diving to prevent a Gabriel clearance that had cannoned off the back of Bellerin’s head from flying in the top corner.

Arsenal picked up the tempo again. A short corner found Monreal who picked out Walcott whose header went wide. Soon after Bellerin flashed over on the angle. It was to be the last of our attacking intent before the break, perhaps conscious of what happened in the dying minutes of the first half at Goodison Park – we looked a little nervy.

Second half

Having worked so hard to protect their lead, Arsenal threw it away inside two minutes of the restart.

David Silva played the ball over the top of the Arsenal defence and Sane, who looked to be offside, found himself one-on-one with Cech. The Germany international slid the ball home at the near post. On the touchline Wenger was apoplectic at the missing flag. (1-1)

The previously muted Etihad crowd suddenly found its voice as City penned Arsenal in looking for a second. Cech had to be quick off his line to stop Sane from grabbing a second. Sterling and Silva fired wide from long-range.

The Gunners were all over the place at this point. There was no structure to our play on the ball as passes went awry all over the pitch. Off it, we kept losing challenges.

Cech made another decent stop to turn a deflected De Bruyne effort around the post. Just after Sky flashed up a stat that revealed Cech’s 33 passes were the most of any player in yellow – it said a lot.

Moments later City got the second their dominance deserved. A long ball from De Bruyne found Raheem Sterling who took on Monreal, cut onto his left foot and fired low past Cech at his near post. (2-1)

City hit the post as they looked to kill the game. Things continued to go badly for Arsenal as substitute Oxlade-Chamberlain, on earlier for Iwobi, had to go off injured. Elneny joined Giroud, who replaced Coquelin, on the pitch. Both did more complaining to the referee than anything else.

Finally, we started to play again, albeit tentatively. Walcott should have done better when he looked for Giroud but instead sliced high and wide. Into stoppage time and we’d still not had another shot on target since taking the lead. Somewhat pathetic really.

The defeat sees us drop to 4th in the table and nine points behind leaders Chelsea. It may still be early in the season, but that’s a big gap to close down if you’re hoping to win the title.

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Clear from the first minute of the second half that City have figured out how to press our midfield. Clear that our defence is struggling to get the ball out of our box. Clear that we’re up against a side which hates fighting for headers. Giroud and Elneny stay on the bench till the 75th minute.

Arsene Wenger doesn’t know how to use this team and he doesn’t deserve to be Arsenal manager any longer. We are going to lose two amazing players because of it.

Mein Bergkampf

Report: Baby and bath water to be thrown out.


Really poor performance overall, especially in the second half – we just looked so jaded, like we had nothing left in the tank. What I will say is though, football played at this elite level is won an lost by fine margins. Right before the end of the second half Monreal is flagged offside just as an Arsenal player scores what would of been our second goal. 5 minutes into the second half a City player breaks clear of our back four from an offside position and scores the equaliser. Another key game inside 7 days which was rife with… Read more »

David C

Both their goals were offside, but we just looked flat again. silva totally distracts Cech on the second. We sat back trying to play on the counter too early like the Everton game.

DB's first touch

I feel that the moment Silva sticks a foot out towards the ball, he becomes “active” under the offside rule and agree that the second goal could have been ruled out because of that. I say “could” because its not often you see that kind of situation called by the officials. The first one was clearly offside and didn’t even need to see the replay to know that that was the case.


The rule needs to be re-re-visited. To me they have to consider it offside when a player is in any position that MIGHT cause an opposing player to distract their attention, thus affecting play and outcome.

It’s one thing to have a gassed striker walking back from an offside on the other side of the pitch, it’s another altogether to have one cutting between the lines and moving for the ball. Regardless of whether Cech knew is was a Man City player or not there’s distracting movement there.

Va va voom

Sanchez dummy and dink over the Kepler the other day was just as offside but did we care? No. We’re we good enough today? No. Did they pin us back like relegation strugglers for most of it? Yes. Did we have any time of sustained pressure? No. Does Gabriel need to start when Holding looks more comfortable and confident? No. Do we need to save Elneny for the African nations cup and knacker the ones who will be here next year even when they aren’t considerably better? Are Ozil’s and Sanchez unchangeable even when they look flat and tired? Is… Read more »

Aussie gooner

People are so concerned about losing Ozil and Sanchez that they forget that they play a part in our results too.

This is not an attempt to defend the manager. But both players, especially Ozil could have done more in the last 2 games

cazorla's smile

I am trying so hard to stop myself from dissing Ozil. But for someone who is supposed to be world class, gets brushed off the ball all the time, goes missing, is mentally unclear if he is a midfielder or an attacker. Yes he’s scored a few goals this season.. but it has all been about sanchez.. ozil’s been missing a lot


It’s easy to call out a few players who didn’t live up to expectations in this game. But I don’t think that is the real issue here. What I have seen in the last couple of games is a general softness about this team. It’s absolutely criminal to be up 1 nil at the half and come out playing like a soulless team!


Guess Wenger pissed off the physiologist!


Ozil isn’t a player that wins you the league though. He’s never been. He doesn’t have that kind of drive. To be fair, very few players in world football do. If the definition of World Class is players with that kind of drive and talent, then literally you’re talking about maybe 10 players in the world, Alexis being one of them.


I like Ozil end of. Stop it!

gooner of Oz

Really? Just try to imagine how shitier we would be without them last couple of seasons. There you go

cazorla's smile

ummm.. still fighting for fourth, I’m guessing. Oh yeah, two FA Cups!!

gooner of Oz

Not saying we achieved anything but the few good things were mostly from these two individuals. To say Sanchez could give more in his Arsenal years? If anything he deserves better team mates and a better manager.


I’m not sure what more Sanchez could have done but I see your point with Ozil.

Fireman Sam

Ozil moving away from the ball for that Everton goal – said it all

Wizard of a player but often shirks at critical times


I don’t think there are any player in the PL who could have done more to help us than Alexis…

Aussie gooner

My point was more aimed towards Ozil as sanchez has at times carried us this season. But people on this blog are pretty precious when it comes to Ozil so didn’t wanna single him out.

Matt P

Ozil went missing again, but our problems were much wider/deeper today. I watched Ozil carefully today. He didn’t get much service, and he tried hard to make something happen in the last ten minutes.
I’m not his biggest fan but I thought he was far from our worst today.
Our back 7 were poor today


I think we were killed in midfield.

1. Xhaka and Coq are good – but interceptions, tackles, physicality are only one side of controlling the midfield. And unfortunatelly none of them are especially good at holding on to the ball in tight situations (like Modric, Iniesta or Santi)
2. With Toure, DeBruyne, Sterling, Silva – We had no chance to have enough time in midfield to try to build up attacks.
3. That’s why our defense was under pressure all the time.


Fact: Neither Ozil nor Sanchez will ever be dropped for tactical reasons. The former maybe needs a rest, as the second halves of the last two games have shown.


Not many comments till Ozil cops it. Didn’t sign him or Sanchez for that point to sit in their own half all through the second half to defend. Can see why Gary Neville had a disastrous coaching career. Couldn’t see the obvious.


Ozil could have been subbed, team result comes first. Culpable – Arsene


May as well have been subbed along with Alexis and Theo. No real intention of using them in the second half

Little Maestro

The injury to Ox caused a tactical problem. If that didn’t happen, maybe Ozil comes off for Perez. Elneny did spark the team a little. I thought Xhaka was poor.


Aussie I am concerned about losing Ozil and Sanchez, not over concerned about losing someone else when their contract is up at the end of the season. Oh wait how silly of me more likely they’ll go and he’ll stay. This is the first time I’ve really been down on Arsene but I’m sick of the same old shite!


No player is irreplaceable. Just look at Ozil and compare him to De Bruyne, I’ve never seen him go missing in a game.

At the minute I’d take someone like Koke ahead of ozil. Everything needs to be going perfectly around him for him to deliver. The fans aren’t unreasonable and there’s no agenda, Sanchez never gets any stick because he gives absolute 100% every minute.

Bitter Pill

Wish I could thumb up this comment twice. For someone looking for a new contract and a significant payrise, Ozil has been piss poor recently. Never grabs a game by the scruff of its neck. His ghost impression on the pitch in the last two games has been absolutely fantastic.

Fireman Sam

Exactly. I’ve loved Alexis from day 1 – he always gives max effort

Ozil, not so much. I’d swap him for De Bruyne in a heartbeat


When the Ox was being brought on, I was hoping it was for Ozil!


Xhaka lacking in quality – can be excused since he’s still adapting. Ozil lacking in commitment – cannot be excused, not the first time! Alexis Theo Hector Coq looked motivated, but the rest hardly seemed to give a shit. In moments like these when we are trailing, we send in Giroud hoping he wins a few headers and holds the ball. But all he does is hold it up like a 3 year old and goes tumbling. PATHETIC. This is why Ollie has a lot of haters, not cos of his lack of pace or quality, but his inability to… Read more »


I agree with most of that apart from Giroud. He played 10 minutes and you have singled him out. Otamendi is a very good header of the ball and unbelievably strong. He only had a couple of headers to contest and he happened to lose both. The damage was done earlier and by others.


True, agreed. But this wasn’t the only instance I pick him out. With his physique, you expect him to battle it out like a Benteke or a Lukaku at least especially with his experience, but he simply doesn’t cut it!
That’s what annoys me the most. Giroud would kill the league with half of Sanchez’s effort!


Two games started, two sub appearances in the champions league. Two goals score
Zero games started and 10 sub appearances (169 minutes) in the league. Three goals scored.
I’m pretty happy with that and although I wouldn’t start him at the moment he can argue he is unlucky not to be playing more


I do not think you expect to win the league with Gerou’s efforts.


Agreed. It’s a collective team loss. The manager is at the top of the pile.


Agree with most of what you said except about Giroud. When the ball is kicked up field how many players do you see around him to receive it besides Man City players. Giroud is coming on for balls in the box yet still for the past few games how many balls are even crossed for the big man. Our top scorer last season because he was getting some service. When he scores is usually from pull backs and crosses but nada. The wingers are not at it and the midfield tend to send searching balls to the wing.


What’s worst is City were there, ripe for the taking. I mean we’re talking about a centre-back pairing of Otamendi and Kolarov – just laughable. We should have been able to rip them apart, but instead we decided to go for a carbon copy of the Everton game – sit back and wait for them to bring the game to us because, of course, we are so good at holding onto a lead. However, most of all, I’m disappointed by the attitude of the team. No will, no determination, no passion, no effort and the scoreline reflected that.


Heads visibly dropped after their equaliser. It was embarrassing to watch really. The more city players pressed, the more they realised see our composure evaporating. Chaka is a decent player but is seriously lacking under pressure. It forced Coquelin to try things he’s not there for like dribbling. Which he really shouldn’t try.

Lord Bendtner

Spot on there. That describes it for me exactly as well:
‘Feeling embarrassed to watch us play’ – honestly, it leaves me speechless. this is not a winning mentality. this was the mentality of a just there to make that champions league spot team. absolute crap really.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Of course Arsene blameless again!!!!!.


It’s fear. And it comes from Wenger. If we won, we would have the clear responsibiliy to make it a race. We’ll be unstoppable once we drop out of the running


Exactly, City´s shambles defence and we sit there with 1-0 lead. Just go at them FFS! They were there for the taking, yet we decide to let them play. My point of view is the order to keep going and not sit back has to come from the manager…

Little Maestro

Have to say the Zabaleta for Sagna substitution was a huge game changer. Pep.

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

1 amazing player. And 1 amazing talent.

Tommy Gunner

On a serious note though, I hope the Gundogan family are OK. I can only assume the man has died from complications arising from his ligament injury.


I was thinking the same thing. Umm the guy got injured, he didn’t fucking die. Are we honestly wearing tribute shirts to every player who gets injured now? Jesus fucking Christ the guy earns £200K a week I think he will survive.

Public Elneny Number One

Maybe the team can wear Ozil tribute shirts to commemorate him going missing

Holding Rob

Really cringeworthy. Made me think of Brazil with neymar shirts in the world Cup


And now it’s officially a typical Arsenal season. Went from “spend some fucking money” to thrashing Chelsea then we had the last players you’d want to lose get injured. But once again we got teased by Arsenal as we finished November off by being undefeated but surely enough the title chase is over by Christmas.

What’s new?

DB's first touch

not to mention the bit about increasing uncertainty surrounding our best players’ futures.


Absolutely this ^^


not sure about 2 amazing players … maybe 1

Matt P

He said one amazing player and one amazing talent. Big difference.
Sanchez obviously the former, Ozil the latter

eugene de sanker

I concur with you, after watching arsenal relapsing into their top four fight, from a championship challenging position (dropping a potential 6 points). We (arsenal fans) seem to be clinging to this clueless manager who has evidently no ideas of how to take the team forward since he won the league in 2004. Since his “feat”, football tactics have changed (five man midfield), money has filtered down to even basement teams, etc. Arsenal, under his watch have stagnated, if not regressed. There were times we are about to win silverware but gifted a trophy to our opponents (i.e. 2008, 2016,… Read more »

Mein Bergkampf

Um… Would someone tell the lads we’re in a title race… I wouldn’t mind if we got ripped apart by a quality Pep side but Citeh were distinctly average. Unfortunately we were desperately poor. Really feel let down by the commitment today.


This ^^

yaya sanogo's wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube legs

I hate to say it but Gary Neville was spot on. He was amazed how we were literally walking around the pitch and applying no pressure at all. We knew that if we attacked at all we could break them with a few passes, so why the fuck didn’t we do it?? Our volatile underbelly exposed again.

I think Gary was doing an unbelievable job at kissing Arsene’s behind. It’s also part of the managers job to motivate his team. Job not well done.

i think this is where Cazorla’s absence was really felt…we kept turning the ball over in midfield during the transition from defence to attack due to City’s increased pressing in the second half, so even when we did try to attack, it all broke down so early. The intent to attack was there once we recovered the ball, because you could see players were running up the field (e.g., Bellerin) in anticipation of the ball being played forward, but it just didn’t happen because we couldn’t keep a hold of it. That being said we were at times too passive… Read more »


I suppose you are making an observation about Santi not an excuse.

Note Pep was missing Aguero (who would be best or 2d best player on the pitch), Gundogan and Fernandinho. And they dominated us.

Who is the better manager?


We played the whole game as if we were 3-0 up. Disgraceful that these players taking home millions can’t muster up the energy to give a hundred percent for 90 minutes.


Correction: We WERE in a title race.
9 points behind chavs – not going to catch them up.

Toure Motors

Spot on. We don’t seem to have the fight for it


Yes we can.


I think we have the players. But they do not have have the belief and the motivation and that’s down to the Manager. Wenger hasn’t got what it takes any more.

His cult followers can’t accept that. But with every passing season, the evidence stacks up. It looks like another scramble – probably successful – for fourth. And Hey Presto ! Wenger is confirmed as a genius again. At least by those content with fourth.

The danger is that Sanchez won’t take that and he will leave. And if anyone thinks that is a forward step, they’re delusional.


He is a good manager, but not elite. We may have played deeper, but going forward, it was more of the same. City forced us wide today and then picked off our passes to the middle. Ozil was effectively neutered and Sanchez went full puppy dog seaching for the ball.


Begeegs he WAS a great manager!


“You stocks you stones, you hard hearted cruel men of Rome, knew you not Pompey?”
Fickle mob here again…

Little Maestro

I slghtly disagree with your assessment of an average Citeh team. DeBruyne and Silva ripped us apart and Yaya Toure showed up (for once). Our inability to keep possession was an embarrassment. Xhaka doesn’t quite seem to be up for the Premier League yet. I thought Elneny gave us some spark when he came on. Losing the Ox hurt us.

Bob davis

Same old shit. Chelsea won’t drop 9 points throughout the course of the season. Especially with no Champions League. Our season’s over. Hello 4th spot, see you in May!

Matt P

4th?I’m not that confident

Anthony Payne

You’re not wrong there. Only 4 pts behind a Man U team that haven’t lost a game that Michael Carrick has started in, and Mourinho having a better idea of what his first XI is? We need to step up very quickly and show some bottle against Albion next week.




Well that performance was just absolute trash.

yaya sanogo's wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube legs

Pathetic by everyone, didn’t want to win. same old Arsenal, don’t care. Xhaka and Ozil particularly awful.

The defense, Coq, Iwobi and Alexis were really trying. the rest were having a stroll!


Well that was fucking shit

gooner of Oz

Form is temporary fourth is permanent.

Mein Bergkampf

It is Christmas – Didn’t Jesus or God say something about going forth…?

Northern Gooner

Well I mean let’s bloody well hope so – it seems as though many of our rivals have remembered how to play football again this season…


I’m absolutely fucking furious. This should never have been allowed to happen. These cunts want to win the league, fucking show it then. Piss off Arsenal


To think this is one of the strongest Arsenal 11.. Awaiting to hear the rally cry from the players and how they are sorry for this and that and the now customary 6 game unbeaten run that will follow. Such bottlers this team is made up of. So much let downs todays. It’s not even funny anymore.


Love how you blame the players when it was clear that it was completely our manager’s fault. For instance, we couldn’t get out of our own half because of the way City were set up. Our press was also full of holes and predictable and they could bypass it easily. If I’m a player and I see everything I’ve been told to try not working, I’d be frustrated as well, particularly if every time I’m looking to the bench for answers – there are none. Frustration leads to mistakes and a downward spiral that will see the game spin out… Read more »


I know you’re busy, but can you please approve my comment? Pretty please? :))


Aren’t they as a professional, highly paid player supposed to find solutions on the pitch? Who gets credited for goals or assists? Is it the manager or the players? Why not then blame them when they perform as dismal as they did? Besides this was one of the weakest City team we have faced in years and we did the most Arsenal thing and lost.


the mentality of these players have to be questioned !!

Dan P

The players come and go but there is one constant factor in this annual groundhog bollock fest


YES! Dan, you’re right. Time for the club to show ambition. KICK Wenger mid-season. Send a message, this is NOT acceptable for our club after >€100m of investments in players, world class training facilities and stadium.

Dan P

Ramsey’s fault again

A kick in the Debuchy

I’m just glad someone could stand to get off their politically correct high horse and speak the truth.


This is getting boring…


It might not be Ramsey’s fault, but what we have been missing lately is a player who dictates the game through midfield. Ozil is not that player. Thought Xhaka was and perhaps could still be. But it is Cazorla who we’ve missed the most, especially in the big matches away from home, where possession is key. It is also no coincidence that our defence have leaked four goals in consecutive matches in Mustafi’s absence. We need the two of them back soon if we are to have any outside chance of challenging for the title. We could yet turn things… Read more »

Aussie gooner

Jeez I’m glad Ozil had the game of his life out there and really shut me up!! … oh wait, another big game passes him by

I rony

Yeah cant believe had bad he was compared to everyone else. Oh wait. They were all shite. This singling out of players gets old real quick.

Aussie gooner

I single him out because he’s the one apparently holding out for 300k a week to sign a new deal. He’s the one we apparently have to “show our ambition ” to so he can be convinced we’re good enough for him.

So yeah , when you’re supposed to be the best player at the club and ” top 5 in the league ” according to blogs, the bar is set a little higher.

Would be happy for him to stay but shouldn’t be paid that much money


Anyone can have a bad game. But when a player lacks in effort on such a big game it’s infuriating.

Matt P

My assessment is that Ozil has not played well in at least 50% of our games this season. Just not good enough for such a highly paid ‘star’


I rony our Aussie friend has a bit of an obsession for Mesut.

I rony

Exactly what deano said. Ozil has been brutal and I think it is fair to say that about any player. But when it comes to criticising players its clear when someone is just out to bash a player, because you feel vindicated when ozil plays bad.

Aussie gooner

I am out to ” bash the player ” because he’s a player with the worst attitude in the team. I have no other reason to bash him , I can accept mediocre players , can’t accept player who don’t seem to give a shit and then ask for 300k a week


All this talk and out of the title race in December. You have to hand it to the useless bottling c*nts. At least they are consistent.

Big boss

Looks like December replaced our annual November slump!


Looking forward to Mr.Wenger’s retirement. This inept dictator, as much as he is a benevolent one, mustn’t be allowed to continue.

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

Wenger certainly deserves part of the blame but the players deserve the majority for being so inept that they couldn’t even do the basics – run, compete, tackle, man ke a 5 yard pass. Utter shite on show bar the moments of quality for our goal. After that we switched into sleep mode and couldn’t actually do anything


We were completely shut down by meticulous positional play orchestrated by Guardiola; our goal was a fluke. The onus is on Wenger to provide the players with the tools to overcome this. And our players kept trying, but couldn’t find a way through. Nothing changed in the second half – well, not on our side as far as I could see – which means that Wenger told the players to keep at it or something. When every single attempt leads to a turnover, then you might as well give up and hope they don’t score 10. The players were visibly… Read more »


So so poor. That was a horror show happening right before our very eyes in the second half. The team look like they would rather be celebrating xmas already than being on the pitch. After such a promising run since the opening day, it all comes crashing down again. Disappointing.

Getso gunner

Back to reality, race for 4th place start


There was a camera shot at around the 88th of Alexis bending down with his fingers to his mouth as if trying to decide which club he will be joining next summer.


This. He usually sits like that, at times before that match starts but today it looked like he’s thinking to himself “I should probably fuck off, this team can’t win shit”.


he looked genuinely deflated. like we lost a final. which we technically did as this was a must win game to stay within reach of the title race… my comment was a joke but his body language was concerning.


Ian picked up on that immediately and tweeted that pic. You’ve gotta ask yourself if you were in his shoes whether you wouldn’t be throwing in the towel and looking elsewhere. Can’t say I’d blame him if he did.


That was so embarrassing. We did not appear to have any plan whatsoever and were fortunate to ever have a lead there. We had no ideas to counter their dominance in the second half. Wenger and the team should face some tough questions after this one. City are very good, but we made it so, so easy on them. Defense is their weakness, and we rarely bothered to attack.


Every fucking year under this man. We had them on the ropes, didn’t press for a second, and so predictably he gets out coached in the second half. We get battered, give up two, and then he changes the system. Fucking twat.

Go ahead and rip me, said it at the beginning if the year: We aren’t winning anything with Wenger.


Did he change his system? I must have missed that…


Yes, put Giroud on, whom is a proper target man to hold up the ball as we try to get out of our own half.

And why in the fuck did he not put Lucas on when the Ox got injured. Instead he puts Elneny on. FFS we needed two goals!!!!! Fucking Elneny who passes sideways or back 90% of the time has one goal for Arsenal. It’s fucking exhausting.

Little Maestro

Elneny brought some energy to the game that was lacking. I thought he did well. Ox injury was unfortunate. Could he have put Perez on? Maybe.


I can’t understand why many of us are still in denial that things are no longer well under Wenger management. He has given us his best but currently, his best is no longer what Arsenal needs.

Northern Gooner

Aaaaaand there goes any reasonable prospect of the league for another season. Time to knuckle down and focus on the fight for top 4 once again.

Which is getting really, really old.


Take a deep breath. We were only ever challengers for the league, not favorites. That is what we remain.

Northern Gooner

Would you say we’re still realistic challengers though?


Challengers, sure. I’d say we’re still the strongest challengers. The distinction I want to make is that Chelsea are and have been heavy favorites. I think we will be more consistent than Spurs, United and City over the course of the season but it’s more probable that Chelsea finish on top than us.

Northern Gooner

Fair enough, I guess you’re just more optimistic than me! I have no idea how the rest of the season will play out, but I do know that we need to play *much* better than this to even cling on to a top 4 spot. I’m not even thinking about the league in light of this run of form.

Tom Gun

1 week and 3 hours ago we were top. Now we are 9 points off the lead in 4th and it looks like our title challenge is over. Fair to say we’ve had better weeks! ?


Guess December is the new November. Apart from that wash, rinse, repeat.

Beezus Faffoon

I shouldn’t have posted that Facebook update saying we were top. It’s gone to shit since then. My bad, guys! 🙁

Lord Beresford Velvet

Well that was a royal fuck up. How can we be doing so well in the first half and crumble like that in the second half. Where was the famous *mental strength* they keep harping on about. It wasn’t on display at Everton either. I suggest the team picks themselves up very quickly and starts winning again or we will be back to the fourth place dogfight.
And Ozil son, you did NOT earn your wages today


We weren’t good in the first half. We got a goal on the break before they settled and then never saw the ball again.

Crash Fistfight

But there were a number of occasions when we got into good positions on the counter attack and messed up the final ball/decision. Most of those occasions were spurned by Alexis hanging on to the ball and ‘doing a Ramsey’ – a simple pass to anyone but his ‘world-class’ boyfriend and we could’ve been in business, but according to some, the sun shines out of his arse.


You’ve turned on Alexis pretty quickly. He wasn’t good, but he was at least trying to get on the ball. More than can be said for several others.

Crash Fistfight

He can be criticised when he’s shit, thank you.

He’s been brilliant so far this season – doesn’t mean he was great today. But on the same token he’s been not wanting to pass to anyone besides Ozil for a while now.


Of course he can be criticized, but I really fail to see why he deserves to be singled out here. In the game I watched we rarely got the ball out of midfield, and many of the times we did Alexis had dropped deep to pick up the ball and turned to find weak movement ahead of him. He had a bad game, but so did literally everyone else. Choosing individual players to blame is unproductive when our problems were far more holistic.


Fuckoff with that boyfriend shit. I know what you are inferring and i dont think that type of bullshit is ok


Thanks, that bothered me too.

Crash Fistfight

Apologies if you inferred that I was being homophobic – that didn’t enter my head.

Mustrum Ridcully, Unseen Academicals

The Midfield was not working. They could not figure out what to do with the press from City. Can we have a bit more aggression and pressing on the board. City, like Everton, was ready for the taking but no one wanted to press the ball, again.

This is really frustrating. The spirit just did not seem to be there!

Public Elneny Number One

wtf was that shit? Stand around and do nothing, interesting tactic

Can't think of a name

Adios title

cazorla's smile

For a team so reliant on slick short passing and the high press… We can be pretty woeful at those.. and things then come unstuck.. there are deeper issues here.. we’ve been getting away with it.. but we’ve not looked like title winners for 70% of our games.

I rony

What the fuck does lucas have to do?!




Maybe if Lucas finds out he can tell me so I can tell Joel Campbell..

Lord Bendtner

I’m not so disappointed with the loss. But what I’m disappointed by, what I see unacceptable, is the attitude of our players in the second half especially. Oh boy our psychologist has a huge job in front of him. You could see players absolutely devoid of any confidence in that second half. Its not about world class signings, it’s about attitude. Leicester showed that hunger desire last season, that absolute I dont give a who u are I’m gonna win this attitude. Our players lacked that. And the midfield, well, absolutely in shambles. I would be so pissed at my… Read more »


what a fucking joke. what a fucking embarrassment. how can an entire team forget how to pass a fucking ball


Ozil is starting to piss me off.


What? Was? That? Three games behind Chelsea and it’s not even half way to the finish. Failed to put a lesser City team to the sword. Very weak. No excuses for the collapse in possession in the second half – we looked like Burnley. Can’t even express how disappointed I am that this was our response to midweek.


Wow, that was a shock… not! Fucking hell, how many more years of this shite, getting fucking ridiculous now. Please, please, please, please gooooooo Wenger!!! Arsenal is stale and desperately needs changed.

The board needs to get proactive, otherwise Wenger is going to leave Arsenal in a horrible mess with a shit load of players out of contract over the next 18 months. We’re sleepwalking to disaster here, just like Wenger does on the bench.


How about a ramble instead? 🙂


Don’t worry guys. We can still save this season by finishing fourth and making a tidy profit from the sales of Sanchez and Ozil this summer.


That man city goal by Sane was so cheap, damn i can even defend better.

I nilarsenal

Terribly poor 2nd half.We did not have a clue for the second time this week.
Arsene really has got to sort out the style of play in the big matches……it just isn’t working.


That was quick bloggs, did you do it at half time? Could have done!

Reminded me so much of our other trip to Manchester. NEGATIVE ? nothing more blatant than sitting on our 1 goal lead. Not hanging any players out to dry. The buck stops at the boss!


Its bad but salvageable provided we can figure out where Ozil and Walcott went for the first 30 minutes of the second half. Clearly Ox didn’t start because he was not fit while the game was bigger than Iwobi.
At least we have a run of games that can help build confidence and give some of the subs a chance.


Oh yeah. And someone tell Coquelin that we already have an Alexis Sanchez


Iwobi for me, is still better than Ox. His touches when he replace Iweobi were shits. He hasn’t lived upto expectations. It is best for Arsenal to grab the £25mil offer and let him go.


Why do we have to be behind before Giroud is allowed on the pitch?
Clearly if you are planning to soak up pressure it’s a good idea to have a player who is excellent at holding the ball up on the field?
We cannot play the same 11 game after game as though every opponent is the same.


1st half was ok but missing intent after we took the lead. 2nd half was probably one of the worst Arsenal displays in the last couple of years. So painful to watch. Dilly-dallying to the center of the pitch only to pass it back and back and back to Petr, who’d just lump the ball forward to connect with a City player. Love Özil, but his performance today was shit. What’s wrong with him? Alexis seemed to be the only attacking player who was looking to make things happen. everyone else didn’t bother to beat a man, to find a… Read more »


Couple of years? Wasn’t that long since we were last in Manchester being completely negative


My girlfriend doesn’t understand why am salty today.

Big sheezy

Maybe she should spit


Can everyone please calm down about our title challenge? We have never been more than decent challengers for the title, and are still precisely that. Chelsea are a Costa hamstring away from falling off their pace. We haven’t lost this in mid-December, but we certainly aren’t doing ourselves any favors.


Man, I wish Arsene would react quicker to what’s happening on the field. Iwobi looked knackered at 60mins and needed to come off. The Ox had that injury for at least 5 minutes before he came off. Walcott also needed to come off. He’s not got the stamina of Alexis and can only do it for 45. Looks like November came late. Very disappointed. Also really concerned about Alexis making his mind up and leaving — looks like he was really thinking about it. We’ve got a decent run after this, hopefully we can file this in the cabinet under… Read more »

Dial Square

Some of that was comical, particularly the clearances out of defence, Czech making saving rebounds off the backs of Arsenal defenders.
Keystone cops stuff there.
Let’s see some improvement.
Up The Arsenal!


Yeah, the ball seemed to weigh twice as much as it usually does for us. Cech’s kicking was abysmal, as was the everyone else’s.


Only club that can make a distinctly average city B team look like Barcelonaaaaarrggghhh.Welcome to the real Arsenal.

dr Strange

We can have all the talent in the world and it won’t get us anywhere as long as we are as fucked mentally as we are.

Crash Fistfight

But we’ve got Ceri Edwards haven’t we?!?!

As soon as we play anyone that puts us under any pressure the effects of the psychologist suddenly dissipate.


Say or wish what you will but this team doesn’t have a hope in hell of being champions. I don’t mind losing the game but the manner in which it was done was pathetic and that from a City team missing three key players. In the second half did we even manage to string together 3 passes? Our pass accuracy must be the lowest I’ve ever witnessed. Say what you will about Ozil but he was absolutely nowhere. Apart from 1 cross to Theo he did absolutely nothing all game. I made a point of watching him trot around aimlessly… Read more »

TR7 > CR7