Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Video: Arsene Wenger post Man City press conference

You’ve read some of the quotes from the manager after the game, but here’s the video of his reaction to the 2-1 defeat to Man City.

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Fuck me. We don’t even have injuries to blame our collapse now either, and please don’t give me the Mustafi excuse, we have enough cover in that position. The players simply aren’t performing as well as they can. Is the manager to blame? Possibly. Are most of the players to blame? Probably. What can we do to solve this? Fuck me if I know. It’s just that time that comes in every season where being an Arsenal fan sucks balls and you start having an internal debate about whether following football gives you more pleasure than pain or vice versa,… Read more »


25 years of being an Arsenal fan has taught me this (despite the golden years I’ve experienced), but recently reading Fever Pitch really drove the point home; being an Arsenal fan can be pretty darn shit. Perhaps moreso in Arsene’s post-Invincible era. We’ve been up there for the past 12 years, yet every year a combination of circumstances come together to derail us, whether that be injuries, quality, bad luck… etc.etc. Perhaps I should give in now, considering Chelsea’s 9 point advantage, but I feel this year the squad really has the capability to do something special. Arsene cannot be… Read more »


Well said, amen to that.


“Arsene cannot be blamed for the squad” What? It’s his squad. Are you saying they’re not good enough? Or not motivated enough? Both are Arsene’s responsibility. But more than that, the way he got out coached at the weekend was shocking.


Best comment I’ve read here in ages. Thanks!

Terry Henry

I feel for him because his players just didn’t do enough in the second half.


Like you said, they are ‘his’ players.
He bought them. He trains them. He tells them the tactics. He motivates them. He chooses which ones are in the team. Sorry mate, buck stops with him.


Free will is an amazing thing.

Granit Coq through the middle

I’m a wenger disciple but this is the manager’s fault. Our tactical approach in big games doesn’t work. We sit back and absorb pressure. It has only worked twice since we started using this approach (vs City last year and vs United in the FA cup). Absorbing pressure is not in this team’s DNA. This is a team that attecks. Taking away their key strength during big games is ridiculous

Granit Coq through the middle


Dan Hunter

I know it feels shit at the moment, and I am a WOB, but he’s here until at least the end of the season,and internal conflict within the fanbase will not help us at all. We need to stay united and support the team as much as possible. If Chelsea can turn their situation around from their dismal start to the season, I don’t see why we can’t turn things around. After all it is not even half way past the season. 9 points is not as unassailable as it seems. If you look at the table, Chelsea have lost… Read more »

Theo Walcott is a very nice chap, but a pretty bang average footballer.

“Lions in the zoo” fucking hell !!


Imagine we had gotten Klopp or Pochettino 2 years ago, or even Conte this year. At least those teams have a playing style and a tactical plan. What could those managers do with our squad…? I’m bored of the same old shit, even when we win this year we are mostly pants. We’ve only won 3 out of 8 against the top ten, and 1 out of 5 against the top six. 1 Chelsea Won 2 Liverpool Lost 3 Manchester City Lost 4 Arsenal 5 Tottenham Hotspur Draw 6 Manchester United Draw 7 Southampton Won 8 West Bromwich Albion 9… Read more »


You go into definite Fantasy Football territory when you start thinking what X manager could do with our squad, that is something noone will ever know. If I remember correctly, Klopp was being critised last season, and a lot of fans were wondering if he was an improvement on Brendan Rodgers, while Chelsea fans were calling for Mr Conte’s head after the first few games this season. Pochettino has also seen some recent criticism. What I’m trying to say is, there is no silver bullet, look at Man U and their house of horrors, or Pep Guardiola’s recent negative record.… Read more »

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