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Wenger: We have a big handicap from the fixtures

Arsene Wenger says that Arsenal have been handicapped by the fixture list, playing two games in 48 hours as they try and keep pace with a Chelsea side who have been more fortunate – playing Saturday/Wednesday rather than Sunday/Tuesday.

However, the manager also acknowledges that this is part of the game these days, and when you sell the TV rights for huge amounts, you’re left with no room to really complain.

Following Sam Allardyce’s insistence that the man in charge of scheduling should be sacked, Wenger was asked about his side’s trip to Bournemouth coming a little over 48 hours after a hard-fought win over Crystal Palace.

“In 48 hours we go into a game with a big handicap on the fixture and I have to find fresh legs,” he said.

“In 20 years it is the most uneven Christmas period I’ve seen. The difference in rest period is unbelievable in terms of all the teams.

“It’s more we have sold the rights to TV for a lot of money so we have to accept TV chooses the games. But some teams have more luck than others.

“We are privileged in our job. We get a lot of money to play football. Sometimes it goes for you and sometimes against you.”

Three points are vital for Wenger’s side as they look to keep pace with the leaders who are scheduled to beat Sp*rs tomorrow.

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It’s cool.. I reckon chambo is up for a few this eve plus alexis is still scathing from ollies ludicrous acrobatics.. And without wilshere I reckon they’re quite tame.. Still agree though, Chelski getting a huge break is quite unjust..


It’s not as if, having been bought by a billionaire who then has thrown hundreds of millions of pounds into what has historically always been a nothing club, Chelsea are in need of any help.


Özil won’t be available and so winning will be easy! Henry said it: Iwobi is better, so if God says it, this is true! I have NO fear!


Blasphemy. I’ll wait for Bergkamp’s take on it.


For once I would like sp*rs to win. At least they would hold off Chelsea.


At least a draw so they don’t break our record


In an ideal world they would both lose.


A giant sink hole opening up beneath White Hart Lane which swallows both teams, both sets of fans and the stadium is the only real outcome that we can all truly celebrate without some form of caveat to our enjoyment.

A Different George

Draw with several red cards!


And due to another mass brawl at the end of game there will be a points deduction from the FA, for both teams.

Granit(e) hard!

If any team is going to get a poorly scheduled fixture, you can bet its going to be arsenal….#whyDoweAlwaysGetaRawdeal?

On tomorrow’s game, either way is fine with me, my heart (and soul) wants tottenshit absolutely pummeled tomorrow by chelsea…but the cheeky devil in my head wouldn’t complain if they do everybody a favour and take points off them?

James's giant peaches

Out of 20 teams we have had the 5th most rest during the festive period so not sure why Wenger is moaning?

A Different George

Because we had more time off than we needed at the beginning, then two fixtures in 50 hours. Did you really need help with that?

James's giant peaches

Pretty much all teams have played 2 games in 48hrs with the exception of Chelsea and Spurs. Did you need help with that?


How about a draw with a hugg amount of red cards?


*huge, not hugg. Stupid autocorrect.


Since huge is an actual word and hugg is not, I think your phone is programmed to autoincorrect.


Red cards galore would be nice with a great big handbags at dawn situation right at the end, that way they’ll get some points deducted as an added bonus.

In practical terms, I think I favour a sp*rs win…….sorry have to go and wash my mouth


It is vital chelsea to lose that will break their winning run and maybe their confidence and going to their next match with a pressure will be much different and it is LC away so if they lose to spuds they could easily lose to LC. If they draw I think their confidence will stay intact and will continue their run. I hate it spuds to win but fuck them we need to get back with a chance to win the league and we all know spuds will fuck it up later. But first thing first, lets win today our… Read more »


Honestly, I really do not want Mr Wenger to come up with any excuse for any other outcome apart from our expectation tonight. He should stop putting too much “tiredness” in these players head. I believe we are not an exception to this rule. These players are fucking professionals and are paid extremely well for what they do. They should dam do the needful.


They are professionals but the human body has limits.


We are talking about top athletes though, and while i’m not suggesting it’s an easy thing to do, playing 180 minutes of football over a 48 hour period, isn’t really stretching the limits of a very well tuned human body.

It’d be a different matter if they had to do it week in week out, like NBA players do.


Yes, playing 180 minutes in 48 hours is something that these athletes should be capable of – That’s not the issue. It is more the fact that it is not a level playing field for everyone. If every side was playing on the same days, this wouldn’t even be a discussion. However, we’re firstly playing away against a side who have had double the rest and recuperation period we’ve had and secondly, in the case of Chelsea who we are supposedly competing against for the title, they get 3 times the rest we have! To dismiss that as not giving… Read more »


Stateside we’re having a very similar, but more advanced (progress-wise) discussion about the NBA. Managers are resting headline players for some road matches because the data show back to back road matches in close succession lead to fatigue and overuse related injuries. The publicists, television, and away market and traveling fans are getting all in a bunch about it, because they are not able to see the marquee players they partially bought the tickets to see. When LeBron doesn’t play, and isn’t even at the stadium, people get mad. Advertisers get mad. Too many matches too close together causes injuries,… Read more »

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