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Bournemouth sweating over Wilshere ankle injury

Towards the end of the first half of Bournemouth’s 2-0 defeat to Man City last night, Jack Wilshere blocked a shot on the edge of his own area.

He required some treatment on his ankle, which seemed to take a serious jolt, but carried on playing.

Unfortunately, he had to come off before half-time, replaced by his former Arsenal colleague Benik Afobe.

It’s the first time since he joined The Cherries that he’s had an injury scare, and boss Eddie Howe is waiting for the results of a scan.

“Jack just had a pain in his ankle,” he said, “but we will reassess both injuries and hopefully they are not serious.”

Both there refers to skipper Simon Francis who also had to come off in the first half.

Wilshere’s injury free spell on the south-coast has been aided by the fact nobody has tried to kick his foot off at the ankle, and no teammate has broken his leg in training, so it’ll be interesting to see how quickly he recovers from this one if it is a bit serious.

Fingers crossed it’s nothing but a tweak, but when it comes to Jack you never can tell.

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Get well soon Jackie boy!


He is having a storming season, hope this injury is just a minor setback. Wish him quick recovery.


“storming season”? Ok, no wonder Arsenal is not such an ambitious club with fans drolling over such average performances…

Canon Fodder

For a man of Jack’s undoubted quality, I would say that he has had a good season but not ‘storming’. He is yet to score a goal and his assists have been few and far between despite playing a lot of games. Being in an honest and average team, I would have expected him to be their standout player for most of the games he has been involved him. He has been okay but I think that if he were back with us it would be a battle between him and the Ox. So far the Ox seems to be… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

I’d prefer we didn’t play with a handicap and started with 11 players each game.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Talent different from performance. Jack is our most talented midfielder, punto final. At least, the most talented english midfielder.


“I would have expected him to be their standout player for most of the games he has been involved him.”

He has been Bournemouth’s player of the month three times so far.


It’s totally going to be a Giroudesque fracture from blocking a ball, isn’t it? :/


Good call on clarifying the “both”. That might have been it for some of our fainter hearts.

Alan Pardew's Pears and Plum Emporium

Obviously it depends on the outcome but doesn’t it also show that the bigger your club, the more other teams want to show they can “stand up to you”. He would have got injured quicker at Arsenal due to teams having a go and the whole “Arsenal don’t like it up ’em” rhetoric.


thumbs up for the name.

Granit(e) hard!

Thumbs up for the analysis…..for me, absolutely spot on


Looked such a typical Wilshere injury – both players go for the ball, Jack comes off worse and it looks bad on the replay, now we just need the news that he’s out for the season and facing numerous setbacks.

Ozil's left foot

It looked painful on the replay. Seems like Jack needs to learn to not stretch so much for the ball with his foot hanging instead of keeping his foot strong when he goes for the ball. Personally I seem to do that when I’m tired but surely he didn’t look tired.


Get well soon, Jack!

Just curious, what do people think of a Wilshere/Xhaka midfield?


Both are quality but you don’t often see a functioning midfield with two very left footed players.

The Dream

Blaize Matuidi & Thiago Motta?


I think that could work in the the sense of Wilshere coming in for Cazorla yet at the same time I feel we need to move on from the 4-2-3-1 paradigm we’ve been stuck in for so long. Since Cazorla’s injury, the question has been who should be our midfield pairing. What we really should be asking is should we be playing a pairing at all


I believe we are sticking to 4-2-3-1 for so long to get the best out of Ozil


And I believe that maybe a mistake, Ozil needs to be more adaptable otherwise our inflexibility will cost us. Really, it already has


that may be* lol

Cliff Bastin



Last night was the first Wilshere performance at Bournemouth I’ve been able to watch so far – somewhat predictably he ended up injured. Hopefully this isn’t a serious one, from what I’ve heard and you all seem to be saying, he’s been having a good season so far. I for one would really like to see him back at the club next season, preferably fully fit!


I hope he’s not injured as we need to sell him to the highest bidder.
Either that or start injecting him with HGH or stem cells.

Stewart Robson's therapist

The 4-3-3 that we used at Southampton may have not worked at Stamford Bridge, but in the long run I think it has potential with the right personnel. Could Wilshere return to Arsenal as one of the two advanced midfielders? You could have a good left-footer-right-footer balance if the other was Oxlade-Chamberlain or Iwobi.


I feel the main reason it didn’t work at Chelsea was a weakness on our left flank (as well as the team not being switched on defensively in general. A lot has been said about Walcott’s part in the first goal but note how our RWF is deeper than our DM and two CMs, that’s not how you’re supposed to defend!). Welbeck should have started on the left in that game. And yes I do think 4-3-3 could end up being the way to go

Make mine a Swiss miss

Didn’t like the bit where it said “seemed to take a serious jolt but carried on playing”
I suppose he can’t be taken off every time he gets a knock and from an AFC point of view we really need to know whether he take a knock. Anyway, best of luck to Jack’s ankle.


with Wilshere you can never tell how long the injury is going to last i wish him quick recovery


It’s sad the same thing keeps happening to him every season, he just can’t seem to get his fitness and game time up to a high level because of injuries. I hope it’s only a minor knock and he returns quickly.
I wonder if we’ll ever see him reach his full potential with these constant injuries.

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