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Wenger on resilience, the Ox and making fans happy

Arsene Wenger praised his side’s resilience as they overcame a stubborn Hull City courtesy of two goals by Alexis Sanchez.

There was a hint of handball as the Chile international bundled home an opener on 34 minutes after a bright start by the visitors. In stoppage time the striker made sure of the three points as he scored from the spot after Sam Clucus’ deliberate handball, punished by a red card, denied Lucas Perez a goal.

Speaking to the BBC after the game the boss touched on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s bright performance in midfield, the furore over his future and the Tigers’ improvement since Christmas.

On his side’s performance…

We were resilient, focused and organised, but a bit with the handbrake on as we were under pressure to win the game. In the end perhaps we were fortunate to get away with a positive result. You can see why they [Hull] made big results against the big teams recently.

On the game being open…

We created really clear-cut chances, quite a few in the first half and a few in the second, but just couldn’t finish the game off.

On Chamberlain playing well in the middle.

Yes, he adapts to the position tactically. Defensively he’s much more focused and he did quite well.

On the interest in his future…

Honestly, I focus on what is important to me and that’s winning football games and getting the team to perform. All the rest, I cannot influence that.

On banners urging him to stay…

I have a big respect for this country and this club. I am grateful because I’ve worked here for 20 years and that’s exceptional. My job is to make these people [the fans] happy and when I don’t do it I feel guilty. That’s why it was important for us to win.

On Hull’s performance under new boss Silva…

Hull were impressive today, physically, tactically, technically, they looked always dangerous and did really well.

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We won. I’m happy because we won. I don’t want to be negative. Bayern next. COYG


Better not to be negative whether we win or lose


There’s nothing wrong with voicing a negative opinion whether the team wins or loses.

An Ox-sized Coq

But there is something wrong with looking forward to voicing a negative opinion.


Doesn’t help though does it


I’m a Wenger fan not because I’m naive or I’m blind, but every time we don’t get a result he’s a thousand times more gutted than we are. I never question his dedication and love for this club, and for that alone, he deserves the utmost respect. Maybe after 20 years of loyal service the club is at a point where big change is needed but that’s no reason to disrespect the most successful manager in our club’s history. Big up to the Arsenal fans at the stadium today, we may not be winning the league this season, but so… Read more »


You’ve become comfortable with mediocrity. There are other losers too?! In life and football, winner’s prioritize a glass half empty approach.


Bugger off with that rubbish. Winning isn’t about just wanting it more and all the other nonesense the media say. It’s about preparation and executing your plan. If you’re really upset your team is underperforming then why don’t you educate yourself about what’s actually happening behind the scene. Arsenal have addressed the injury issue by making big changes in the medical department. To address the mental weakness we see in our players (which I feel negative unreasonable fans like yourself have a big part in) we brought in the some psychiatrist that helped the all blacks get back to winning… Read more »


Three points in the bag. Bring on Bayern


I’m pleased he publicly praised Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, well deserved.
I’m hoping he also has a private word with Mesut Invisible.


People always focus on what Mesut does wrong, never on what he does well. So yes, he can be bad until the end of his life.

Askar Arslan

As Arsenal fans I think we do the opposite in that we overplay his merits. He is a wonderful player clearly, but his style makes him susceptible to go missing in games and frankly today he didn’t play well at all.


He’s not in his best form right now to be sure, but I would say his style makes him susceptible to people THINKING he goes missing during games, when he’ll frequently come out with the most chances created, most attacking passing and highest completion rates, etc. etc. Part of what makes him dangerous to the opposition is his ability to disappear briefly – lose a mark and pop up in effective space and get in the middle of passing combinations and breakout scenarios. What I think is when Alexis is up top and Iwobi on the wing they play in… Read more »


Alexis kept drifting out the left and nobody was making runs into the middle. Hard to make killer final balls when there’s nobody in the most dangerous areas.


I agree, let’s hope keeps playing Ox in midfield, he can certainly teach Ozil a thing about commitment and work rate. For my money I would rather have Ox in the team than Ozil at the moment.


Well said

Stringer Bell

Spinner you are now the most stupid John Terry on the comments section


Looking at Ozil today the guy looks so short of confidence and that’s so wrong! My fellow Gooners, get the fuck off his back. The guy is absolutely world class, the only flaw in his game is he’s not that physical and aggressive. He prefers to play football rather than kick players. The guy visibly tried his absolute best today and he should be respected for that. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but when you’re wrongly being negative and disrespectful then you can go f*ck yourself. This team doesn’t owe you anything, if you don’t like what you’re seeing… Read more »

Iwobi's sock suspenders

It was neither a handball by Sanchez or foul by Gibbs. Both players simply wanted it more which has been proven to negate any infringement by Danny Mills and other experts last week.


The only person who would love to see Arsene hounded out of this club is Mourinho. Let’s not make that cunt happy eh. COYG


“Quite well” that’s a worrying comment. Ox was head and shoulders above everyone else again today. If he had seem decent players in front of him he could do some real damage. Wenger’s judgement is so flawed, would not surprise me to see him drop Ox and keep playing the woeful Iwobi for Bayern game.

Lord Bendtner

No matter if u want him to leave or stay, u must admit, he is always classy when he speaks. very respectful, composed, and gonna miss that sneaky smile he always has when he gives post match interviews after wins, if or when he steps down
(*I checked the dictionary and shoving Mourinho is classified under ‘class’ just for your information)

Indian Gooner

Come On Wenger! Time to pull some tricks out of your big long coat and take us all the way in the Champions League.
If you are going out. Then you might as well go out with a bang because you deserve it.
Bring on Bayern already. COYG.


He needs to find more elaborate ways of saying handbrake because it makes me angry every time he says it


windsprint training parachute?


Honestly Mr Wenger, it is not about winning one or two games and being inconsistent but about winning the league. We have been falling short of that for years. You have made many of the fans believe that 4th position and qualification for champions league are all we get achieve every year. As of as I know, the crop of players will never win the league. They need a different coach with a complete mind set to make these players belief they are champions. That is simply what is lacking. All our rivals believe they are better than us. We… Read more »


Why? Liverpool have been changing for a quarter of a century and have not won the title. How many managers have the great pretenders Spurts gone through. AVB touted as a successor to Wenger, how did he do? For the matter Brendan Rodgers and Klopp after 54 games have a similar result. Do the pundits think Liverpool or Spurs are mentally weak and make a meal out of it every week. Does Rio Ferdinand think Liverpool and Spurs are content settling for fourth? If we are in and around the mix, why are we the only ones said to settle… Read more »

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

I can live with those delicious 3points.

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

I can live with those delicious 3points. Now unto the Bavarians.


we didn’t look great today but looked a bit more fluid than recently and with all the pace now available surely we should be positive about going to Bayern and maybe even snatching an away goal, ‘cough’or 2!

chippy's chip

Just leave.


I’d rather you left and took the other fake glory hunting fans with you.

chippy's chip

40 yrs a paying attending fan so up yours gooooona. Just want value for money.

chippy's chip

Yes 3 pts all that matters but only what is expected

Fabianski Survivors Group

I’m glad to see fans have responded with banners urging Wenger to stay, people need to remember all he’s done for the club and that he wants exactly the same as us for Arsenal to do well. Abuse aimed at a man in his late 60s who is so devoted to us is a disgrace. Bring on Bayern COYG


Minus the fact Chelsea have been allowed to runaway with it (like Leicester last season without incumberance of CL), we are thick in the middle of the chasing pack. Spurs have been perennial chokers yet you don’t see the media inventing the sort of disaster scenario they are so fond off in baiting certain segments of our fan base. Liverpool lost to HULL last game and now beat Spurts so they are (yet again) the team to challenge for the tile according to the media, never mind they haven’t won it for a quarter of a CENTURY! Will see how… Read more »

Pragmatic gooner

some of the things that people say..i mean wow! 13 years of mediocrity???? until the last 3 years we worked on shoe string budget for a big club.and all that time,we somehow managed to secure top four.that was not whats “natural” or “usual” it was quite simply a huge overachievement.we lost out to chelsea,city or utd at that time.and quality wise they were much better thn us.So when people say same picture for “10/13” years..they can shove it up their arse.mostly the media who unsurprisingly got an agenda against arsenal and AW.plus the so called “true” fans who are tired… Read more »

Eugene Williams

There is no praise in beating Hull City….. You are expected to do that…… praise comes when you beat teams like Chelsea…. Arsene Wenger I’m sorry but we need a new coach with new ideas…..


Well that was pretty awful. 3 points aside.

Then again, 90 minutes spent with Clattenberg and Champion do tend to make me pissier than usual.


It was a struggle at times. I felt we were mobile and bright but we were too rushed, lacked the composure in front of goals. At times (like Iwobi’s unecessary square pass back to Ozil) we over complicated things as usual. We need to just go for the jugular because we are creating chances but failing to take them. Too anxious. Likely a result of the last two games and an eagerness to get back on track. I think when nerves settle, we will have a better and more fluid performance. On the plus side, the midfield looked much better.… Read more »

Reality Check

If you want to be critical then yes: in his comments, he’s defiant in his mind, it’s clear we have no chance of winning the league but he’s trying to gather support as it’s time for the the annual push for the CL spots. The last couple of years have shown we are better than 4th but just have that mental block like we use to have pre 2014 FA cup win, we nearly bottled it that too. So i don’t count on this team to take advantage if Chelsea and all the other top teams collapse and we are… Read more »

chando kupisa

this team needs to take a long hard look at themselves….. what nonsense man! who built that team? who bought those players? are we at real madrid where some stars are bought because the president wants them? comon man and be serious? this is the house that wenger built, and for a crying 20 years for that matter!!! absolute failure to blame it on the players that you chose yourself! thats total failure man, to fail to produce results with the house that you built from the materials that you bought! thats why he needs to go becAUSE HE HAS… Read more »

Samuel Ogungbayi

The problem with Arsenal is not the players, we have very good players , in fact many internationals.Listen to Mr. Wenger on Chamberlain ‘adapting’ to the mid field role! Chamberlain need not adapt to the role .Mr Wenger ,in 2012, who anchored the mid field against Bayern and dominated older and more experienced Bayern players?He was about scoring a goal to cap his performance when two Bayern players had to bring him down.Penalty. The player is Oxlade Chamberlain in2012 at 18years of age! This is 2017 and the Manager is talking about adapting to mid field role by Chamberlain! When… Read more »

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